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Instead of blamecalling people for not voting for Clinton please figure out why this happened

Oh, okay. Let me give it a try! I’ll keep it nice and simple for you, account-that-is-totally-real-and-sincere!

See, after the primaries, we have two candidates to choose for president. There will be other candidates running, of course, but one of these two will be the president.

This past election, we had a clear choice between a qualified but flawed woman, and a completely unqualified conman. 

Oh, but here’s where it gets sticky! A substantial number of voters didn’t get their way in the primaries, so rather than vote against putting a dangerously unqualified conman into the White House, they had their little temper tantrums. 

So I can figure out precisely why this happened. A bunch of goddamn emotional toddlers didn’t care that so much was at stake in this past presidential election, and now they get to stand around being smug and self-righteous while the adults in the room try to minimize the damage that they helped cause.

Joe Manchin of West Virginia was the only Democratic Senator to vote YES for Jeff Sessions to be confirmed as our new Attorney General.

If you live in West Virginia, please call his office to make sure he knows how pissed you are. 

His office number is  (202) 224-3954.

Also, Manchin is up for re-election in 2018. Be sure to support primary candidates running against him! 

If you want a clue to the DNC’s electoral strategy under Tom Perez’s leadership, just look at the recent special elections in Kansas and Georgia, and here’s a hint it’s not the “50 States Strategy”

In Kansas an outsider Progressive named James Thompson unexpectedly won the primary vs a centrist candidate and was supported by Our Revolution, the group that formed out of Bernie Sanders’s campaign. In the General, it seemed hopeless as the district he was running in deep red Kansas.

He finished only 6 points behind the Republican in a district Trump won by +27 and he had literally zero funding

In Georgia a centrist corporate Democrat named John Ossoff and the DNC and DCCC drenched him in money and he might actually win.

Just wait, the DNC is going to turn around and say that progressives don’t win and people want centrists so that’s how they’ll “RESIST.”

Just wait. It’s going to happen.


I remember watching this and falling madly in love with this candidate.  It was before I could even vote.  And watching this back, 6 and a half years later, I can’t help but believe that we’re going to see the same thing a year and a half from now.




These are so crucial in our upcoming presidential election.

Candidates such as Bernie Sanders are losing by the smallest percentage due to lack of younger voter turn out.

PLEASE don’t let the older generations choose our next president. It’s OUR FUTURE to decide upon, not necessarily theirs.

Reblog to spread awareness, also tag your state and who you plan on voting for.

Thanks loves, and happy voting.

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What's up with "campaign books" (things like Trump's 'Crippled America' or Clinton/Kaine's 'Stronger Together')? When did it become mandatory that even primary candidates publish a bland,generic book? How do these books even sell well?

The official campaign books put out by the candidates have been happening for decades. It’s a way to encapsulate a candidate’s message and expand on their policies or platforms while also highlighting the biographical information that they are trying to push during their campaign. They are never good, almost always fully ghostwritten, never revealing (they’re specifically written to not be controversial), and they don’t sell particularly well in bookstores. But what does happen is the campaigns themselves frequently buy a shitload of the books and sell them at events or on their websites. Campaigns also love “rewarding” supporters with the books (especially signed copies), but you can be sure that there are boxes and boxes of campaign books sitting in offices or storage units of people involved with those campaigns.

By the way, it’s not just the eventual nominees who publish campaign books now anymore. During the 2016 cycle pretty much all of the major party candidates released a campaign book. And they were all pretty terrible. They’re usually just extended stump speeches in campaign form. Some campaign books are even collections of past writings and speeches repurposed for the Presidential elections.

It can even be said that campaign books have been around since pretty much the beginning of modern Presidential campaigns. They weren’t usually published under the name of the candidates themselves (it was considered unseemly to openly campaign for the Presidency throughout most of our country’s history), but they were unfailingly packed with boring biographical info on a party’s Presidential and Vice Presidential nominees, as well as the platform that the ticket was running on that year. Instead of the candidates “writing” the books they tended to be written by high-profile supporters and then pushed by the candidate’s political party. Some of those authors of campaign books were very high-profile writers. William Dean Howells wrote the campaign book for Rutherford B. Hayes (he was married to Hayes’s cousin). Ben-Hur author Lew Wallace was co-author of the campaign biography of Benjamin Harrison and his running mate Levi P. Morton. And perhaps the most famous campaign biography was written about one of our most obscure Presidents, Franklin Pierce, in 1852. The author of The Life of General Franklin Pierce was Pierce’s best friend and one of the most significant figures in the history of American literature – Nathaniel Hawthorne.

So, the campaign biography is certainly not a new trend. We can even consider the (often vicious) pamphlets written by some of the Founding Fathers and their loyal supporters as a form of the genre. In one way or another, it’s been a part of Presidential history for as long as Presidential elections have been contested.

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It makes no sense to suggest primarying the Democrats in the context of the nuclear option being utilized. The Dems did what they had to do, the GOP just had the numbers to overrule it. Having different Dems in wouldn’t have changed anything

More appealing primary candidates that aren’t just corporate shills mean a greater number of seats for progressives in Congress.

But I didn’t write that specifically about the nuclear option vote. I was writing it watching CSPAN and listening to Democrats (and Republicans) speak. the Dems just stand for nothing as a party. I mean yes, we can lay out general policy positions, but they fundamentally don’t get it. Perez running against Ellison (and winning) for chair proved they don’t get it. As a collective, they are incredibly centrist, and unwilling to actually challenge the systems in place that led them to their weak and useless position now.

There is a reason Sanders’s likeability is off the charts. You’d think they’d want to follow that. We will not win in 2018 if all we have is “we’re not those guys.”


Bernie has won New Hampshire, Colorado, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Vermont, Kansas, and Nebraska.

Hillary has won Iowa, Nevada, South Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Louisiana. 

It is important to remember that the majority of Clinton’s wins are also southern, conservative states. The further we get into the primaries, the more liberal states will be voting for Sanders.

Saying this, please, please, please go out and vote. Bernie is beginning to win multiple states that Hillary was predicted to win, so do not let that discourage you. 


March 6th: Maine 

March 8th: Michigan, Mississippi

March 15th: Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio

March 22nd: Arizona, Idaho, Utah

March 26th: Alaska, Hawaii, Washington

April 5th: Wisconsin 

April 9th: Wyoming

April 19th: New York

April 26th: Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island

May 7th: Guam

May 10th: West Virginia

May 17th: Kentucky, Oregon

June 3rd: Indiana

June 4th: US Virgin Islands 

June 5th: Puerto Rico

June 7th: California,  Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota

June 14th: District of Columbia 

 Also an important reminder: Super Delegates are not chosen officially until the end of the primaries, so do not let those numbers fool you. 

Remember, these are only the dates for the democratic primaries. If you are voting for a democrat, please make sure you are registered as a democrat if your state requires you to be so.

No matter who you are voting for, get out there and make a difference.


Evidence of liquid water on Enceladus and possible ongoing Hydrothermal activity place Enceladus as one of the primary candidates for finding extraterrestrial life within our solar system. This short film represents the future mission concept of Enceladus sample return collecting organic materials embedded in icy particles. Without having to land on the surface the spacecraft will fly-through plumes ejecting from the south polar regions of Enceladus.

Producer: Yuki Tazaki
Director: Tyler Bowers
3D Artists: Takuma Sasaki, Kenji Tanaka, Yusuke Mizuno
Sound Design: Tomohiro Nagasaki

Scientific Supervisor: Kosuke Fujishima (ELSI)
Curator: Arina Tsukada

No, seriously, we gotta get it through our heads that the Trump issue won’t solve itself. Only true hope is 2018, flip the House and then Dems/progressive independents can be the ones in charge of the investigations. Huge huge uphill battle with the gerrymandering, requires intensive grassroots push and the likely primarying of more moderate candidates.

Don’t forget 2017 local elections. Check your deadlines. (literally just google “2017 election deadlines [your state]” and set up calendar reminders or something).

SNK 90

My Predictions

Well, SNK Chapter 90 is shaping up to be a pretty mighty, because it concludes Return to Shiganshina arc.This volume has “dungeon theme” and focus on flashbacks with Eren Kruger. I suspect that the key event will happen and real saga of the titan shifters continues at a greater pace than ever. I can’t predict what might happen but it’s worth a shot.

  • The Proper Burial (a few pages), possibly we will see Hitch Deliss
  • The conversation will surely reach a stalemate. Armin will talk about Annie’s status and Eren will refuse to go into detail about Fritz family
  • We will see important and final fragment about Grisha’s past
  • If Mikasa has another headache then the others will notice her bandage. I don’t know how long we can wait. Maybe it’s time to start developing Mikasa’s line. Isayama should prepare the ground for thiiiis theme.

The KEY event - This chapter will revealed spy/spies who working for Marley/East government. In this regard, we will see a dialogue that all preparations for attack are in their final stages. I think Zackley may be spy because he said this provocative phrase. He needs to know about Eldians’ potential power to counterattack.

He knows something…probably but not necessarily.

I think Isayama might surprise us. And spy could be guy like Peaure (Billy) or someone else. But Zackley and Pixis are still the primary candidates for this role.


  • Annie will come back and kill them all

If we come together we can live in a nation where everyone, no matter their race, their gender identity, their sexual orientation, their religion, or their disability, can live in a nation and realize what America is actually about, equality for all.
—  Bernie Sanders tonight in Charleston South Carolina