primark oxford

I’m hungover enough to out and say it without really giving a fuck: Eleanor’s not even pretty, she’s just a skinny girl with long hair.

Add to that she’s willingly involved herself in this shitshow for a second time, all of the horrible things she’s said about Harry during the first go round and about Louis after their ‘break up’ and the fact that Louis always looks fucking miserable and dead in the eyes around her, she can go CHOKE.

I’m actively vengeful enough to say that I hope all of her “social media influencer” agreements get cancelled, her pointless blog gets deleted and in order to support herself, she has to spend the rest of her life working as a change room attendant for the Primark on Oxford Street, having to be polite to hoardes of customers and hanging up other people’s discarded fast-fashion and 5 or 6 times a day having to deal with teenagers asking her if she’s that bitch who deliberately tried to use Louis Tomlinson’s closet to make money.

Fuck off plain Jane, no one wants you here.

October Just One Word Book Photo Challenge Day 12: Chocolate

Nothing is better than enjoying a good book with a good snack, like chocolate. I usually like to have a drink and a snack while I’m reading. In the colder months I mostly drink hot chocolate (I’m sensing a theme here…I ❤ chocolate).

I discovered the deliciousness that is Galaxy chocolate whilst over in the UK. I got the smaller bar for £1 at Poundland in Scotland (aka one of my favourite stores across the pond for inexpensive snacks), and the bigger one at Primark on Oxford Street in London for £1.50. 

The book is Graceling which is one of my all time favourite books and has been for years. Seriously, if you like fantasy give this one a read. It’s so good.

This book photo challenge is hosted by just0nemorepage. The photography is mine.