primark jeans

“Smiley miley” name that movie?

Last two days I’ve been on training for my new job and I’m actually really enjoying it! Don’t get me wrong I’m so ready to have next week off so I can just chill, but things are looking up.

Pink top - Evans
Silver cardigan - Primark
Jeans - new look
Scarf - H&M
Apple Watch - series 2
Vans - asos

OOTD. I’m sick and already home from school but I still love today’s outfit. All things are new :)
The jacket is from Forever21
Blouse from Primark
Ripped Black Jeans from Primark
- all bought in London
Shoes did I buy in Hamburg in a shoe shop which name I can’t remember but you get chucks everywhere haha
No hate for my nails ok 😂
I’m gonna sleep now, sick af and yeah good night haha