primark heels

What a sad world we live in that girls gladly go on YouTube showing off their Michael Kors replica handbags. That is so tragic. A regular bag from Kors won’t cost you more than 250£ or so…

Lord have mercy on their basic souls.

I know for us sugar baby looking good is important. Some of us don’t have the money to be dressed head to toe in Saint Laurent or Celine….especially if we are saving our allowance or spending it on bills. If you want to buy some replica Jimmy Choo shoes or Prada bag to look more polished and prestige, I’m all for it! Or mix and match clothes and accessories from chain stores like Zara, Bershka, Mango, H&M or F21 that are affordable and always got a bombass sale section.

But don’t be walking into a POT date with a 25£ replica bag that’s plastic, worn out heels from Primark, and your trench coat missing its belt.

I want to see my sugar sisters looking the always!


Hello everyone!! I know these are massively late and I’m sorry for not being around much, things have been crazy busy for me with my new contract.

Anyway, these photos are from my 27th Birthday night out in October.

Went to Heaven in London as a joint birthday celebration with another one of my girls who’s birthday lies close to mine. :) it was an amazing night out despite the fact that my heel broke (BRAND NEW FROM DEBENHAMS!!) after 45 minutes of wear.

Funniest thing though.. When it happened in the tube station a LOVELY girl, came over to me. Who none of us knew and said ‘I live 10 minutes away, what size are you? I’ll leave my bag with you as proof that I will come back’.

20 minutes later she came back with a Primark bag of heels for me to KEEP lol. My size and everything.

Proof that there is hope for humanity. Thank you random girl who saved my night! :)

Anyway, it was a lovely night out and I can’t wait to do Heaven again.


What is this?! TWO outfits in a week? *faints*

So today the husband and I went to the mother in law’s for dinner, god it was delicious! pro-tip: marry a Jewish person, their mother will make you chicken soup when you’re sick :D

Hubby got me this beautiful top for christmas and I picked up the jacket to go with it in the boxing day sales, it’s so so warm and cosy.

  • Top: New Look
  • Jacket: Matalan
  • Jeans: Matalan
  • Heels: Primark