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Luna, manche Leute haben einfach keine Wahl und da gilt H&M schon als teuer! Ich müsste monatelang sparen um mir ein Teil von einem anderen Markengeschäft zu kaufen!

Man hat immer eine Wahl. Viele teure Marken produzieren genauso schäbig wie Primark & Co. - das hat damit nichts zu tun!


here’s an ootd bc I feel French & cute
Jumper & Shorts- Ally
Necklace- Lovisa
Rings from my pen pal Rubie!!
Socks- Cotton On
Boots- Primark
Hat- Myer
Sunglasses- Sportsgirl

P.s sorry for the messy room lol

Ultra Street Fighter- Decapre Mask

I guess this is more of a break-down rather than tutorial, but I hope it’s helpful!

It’s the first time I’ve tried this method and I’m so happy with the results! Some things I could do better next time include a bit more shaping and to make the forehead a bit longer, but if I adjust my wig it shouldn’t matter too much.

I found a similar method online, I can’t find the link currently, but I’ll edit the description with the link later!

I was originally going to sculpt, mould and cast this mask, but the cost was too much for me at the time, so I used materials I already had that I rarely used, and bits laying about in my garage and work shed.
It pretty much started as plastic that I moulded to a cast of my face, then covered in about 2 layers of fibreglass and resin. I trimmed all the edges and rough fibreglass off, then added car body filler as it’s a bit more flexible than regular filler and much easier to sand. I pretty much sculpted and sanded the eyebrows and face shape out of the car body filler, sanded some more, then added 2 coats of rotor cast resin to add to the smoothness. Then sanded again, before priming and painting. The red visor-material I used for the eyes, were actually from some cheap, red tinted plastic hats from Primark in town. I can see perfectly clearly through them and they work pretty well!

I think for my second attempt I’ll definitely have a go at casting this.

I hope it’s okay!


OOTD 01/09/14

My cat totally photo bombed  me! =^.^=

Vest top- ASOS

Denim Jacket- Forever 21

Leggins- Next

Shoes- Primark

Hat- River Island

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Dear Psychara, what would you wear on a prom? My prom is in a few month, my style is alternative, I never wear dresses but I want to (just for the prom). Maybe you can inspire me :D ♥


Niceee, I never went to a prom, simply because it’s not that populair here in the Netherlands and the schools I went to didn’t do proms :3 I hope you have lots of fun!

I’ll post some of my fanciest outfits down below! I hope it could inspire you!

^ Dress is Petal dress by Hell Bunny, shoes were a gift so idk! Hair is by Triplesix hair designs, called krinklepuff-hairfalls!

^ Dress was from h&m, necklace from ebay!

^ Shirt by Kreepsville 666, skirt of h&m, socks from the vampirefreaks store, shoes are creepers I found cheap on! 

^ Dress was actually a gift from a fan! Brand is Gothic Lolita Punk or something. Necklace  and eyeball sticks from Kreepsville666

^ Skirt from h&m

^ Dress from Primark

^ Dress, hat and cardigan from h&m, shoes are by Demonia

^ Dress by Hell Bunny, shoes by Demonia

^ Primark dress again, cardigan also from Primark

make-up ^