primark cardigan

ocha-no-jikan  asked:

Dear Psychara, what would you wear on a prom? My prom is in a few month, my style is alternative, I never wear dresses but I want to (just for the prom). Maybe you can inspire me :D ♥


Niceee, I never went to a prom, simply because it’s not that populair here in the Netherlands and the schools I went to didn’t do proms :3 I hope you have lots of fun!

I’ll post some of my fanciest outfits down below! I hope it could inspire you!

^ Dress is Petal dress by Hell Bunny, shoes were a gift so idk! Hair is by Triplesix hair designs, called krinklepuff-hairfalls!

^ Dress was from h&m, necklace from ebay!

^ Shirt by Kreepsville 666, skirt of h&m, socks from the vampirefreaks store, shoes are creepers I found cheap on! 

^ Dress was actually a gift from a fan! Brand is Gothic Lolita Punk or something. Necklace  and eyeball sticks from Kreepsville666

^ Skirt from h&m

^ Dress from Primark

^ Dress, hat and cardigan from h&m, shoes are by Demonia

^ Dress by Hell Bunny, shoes by Demonia

^ Primark dress again, cardigan also from Primark

make-up ^


OOTD FROM 24/09/14

Dress- New Look

Cardigan- Primark

Shoes- New Look

Necklace- Primark

Bracelets- Primark

Watch- Michael Kors


OOTD 20/09/14 


Cardigan- Primark

Shoes- ASOS

Necklace, Bracelets- Primark

Watch- Michael Kors