primalheart  asked:

Join me, Athena (au or otherwise matter not)

In the twenty first century, she binds her hair in a chignon, wears fitted YSL suits, and her heels are sharp enough to pierce a man’s throat.

Nanotechnology, virtual reality, space, bioweapons; imprinted into the mind of every great thinker of this age is her name. Carve out their brain and you can count the shape of her in every nerve, shot through every strand of thought.

She is the ink in a text book, an intangible idea captured like a fly in amber, a whisper that puts a shine in childrens’ eyes. Pallas Athene smiles, extends a hand, and an entire generation follows.

primalheart  asked:

Storm. Thunder. Marble. <3

storms: you on only listen to one song for the rest of your life, or only see one person for the rest of your life. which and why?

I choose one person. My “essential” playlist goes on for days.

thunder: what’s one thing you would never do for one million dollars?

What everyone else does for a million dollars all of the time, I guess? Like I would never ignore the suffering of others so that I could make a profit. I wouldn’t destroy the world and everyone on it so that I could be a bit more comfortable in the time I have left.

marble: what is the most important thing to you in your life right now?

Staying safe, protecting the people I love.

The other day primalheart asked me how many tarot/oracle decks I currently owned, and I had no idea. So I thought I’d make a list…

* Brian Froud Faeries Oracle - minus one or three cards
* Deviant Moon
* Zombie Tarot
* Shadowscapes
* La Tarot does Femmes Erotiques
* Prisma Visions !
* DA:I tarot deck
* Tarot of the Silicon Dawn
* Whispers from the Inkwell
* Arcana playing cards (soon)
* weird one I got from a friend that the gargoyles are ‘holding’

I guess that’s all of them?

So… 11. I have 11 decks at the moment, not counting actual playing cards. My guess of 5 was stupid. lol


For Templewitch.

Top three are the brass clamshell purse I mentioned. Middle two are of a goldtone shell accented with roses. Bottom two are of a tealight holder. That’s about as big as it opens >.>

These have never jelled with the maritime altar I have, so they are all looking for new homes.

primalheart  asked:

She who welcomes the seeker of the unknown. With eyes that see beyond sight, who plucks the strings of future and hears their melodies. All who follow her, follow the way of knowledge, of intuition, of truth. At her table sit they who have found sanctuary in themselves. In her temples the songs of weak being strong, of the dark being home, of magic being all. Before her wrath there is but cinders and ash. And in her love all that glimmers with promise.

*_______________________________* TUMBLR MAMA ;O; 

you and aunt templewitch spoil me