primal treats

A Worn Pamphlet, Page 2

“Fear not the beast tribes” your leaders say. “Some of them are good!” Cry out the compassionate among you. “Killing them, it’d be wrong…” Say those in power, and yet… Time and time again, the Beast Tribes are struck out against. The Amalj’aa and Sahagin kidnap the innocent for perverse rituals, and the rest turn so easily to their primals as well… For what reason? To Delay the Empire? To fight back the Garlean incursion?

Surprisingly for many in Eorzea… No. These beast tribes do not take up the mantel against -us-… They strike out against -you-, and your leaders -ALLOW- it. The Kobolds have been mistreated, and lied to by the government of Limsa so much, they will sacrifice their own for -vengeance-. A beast tribe that easily, could have been one of the so called ‘good ones’…

The Amalj’aa and Sahagin just -loathe- all others, only a small minority turning friendly… As the Ixali are wrapped up in religious zealotry, and a desire to expand their borders and see you all turned into their -FOOD-. The Sylphs want you destroyed for -daring- to cut down a tree, and the Moogles are -useless- and see you all as errand boys or toys for their amusement.

Yet, your leaders, flounder. They pass them off as a side threat, and harass them continuously to cause them to summon primals… They are not treated as ‘people’ but as annoyances, that should be killed when it’s beneficial to -your- lands. 

So now I ask you, why let them drain your land so? Why allow them to kill -ALL- the world by draining the Aether with their primals? So long as this threat to the world remains, Garlameld will stand ready to do what’s right, and enter your lands to end them. 

So I say to you, even those whom oppose Garlean occupation… Speak unto your leaders, tell them you will not suffer these beast tribes attempts to either kill you, or to kill the planet… No.


If your leaders will not accept this harsh truth for the good of you and your lands… Than what sort of leader are they?

Got the Gordian Bureau! It has a neat little steam effect that you can turn on and off. It’s treated like primal furniture - once you remove it, it’s gone for good!