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If you dont mind me asking what are the main themes or ideas you relate to all the aspects? Even if you dont stay cool fren.

Well here’s some

Stars, planets, nebulae, galaxies
Frogs, gemstones

Clocks, steampunk, historical, statues
Ancient, hourglasses, medieval, numbers
Sand, victorian, worn instruments

Libraries, rainbows, the sun, light bulbs
Candles, parchment, dice, cards

Black, starless night skies, deep seas,
Darkness, thick fog
Emptiness, shadows, dark cloaks, mystery

Fire, tarot, mirrors, masks, puppets
Glass, paintings

Brain scans, neural pathways, blue robots
Gentle snow, utopia

Angels, gold, halos, white light, marble

Volcanoes, raging storms, embers, ash
Corruption, riots, cataclysm, inferno
Fear, paranoia, primal

Flowers, trees, forest, nature, exotic
Ancient greek, luxury, overgrowth
Cozy villages

Lich, death, decay, necromancy
Deep winter,
Graveyards, gloom, dread, desolation

The sky, clouds, the open ocean, adventure, travelers, ships, exploration

Protests, friendship bracelets, blood magic
Dense cities, strings, festivals

  • They are both tipsy, tired, yearning for the press of a human body against their own; they have been at Dolokhov’s house, sipping wine from one bottle, for the past two hours, and Anatole’s need for suspension finally shattered like glass as they both retired to the study for drinks for just the two of them, out of the public eye.
  • It is almost natural when Anatole takes Dolokhov’s face in his hands and looks at him, long and hard and with the same passion that has gotten him this far in life. The primal drive. His lips are slightly parted and his eyes are both glazed and blown wide; he is divine.
  • Anatole kisses him messily, and as though it is the last thing he will ever do.
  • He throws himself into Dolokhov, whose holds Anatole's waist instinctually and without hesitation, and backs them up against the wooden desk.
  • (Dolokhov refuses to let the pretty boy have this moment of victory; he twirls them around and hoists Anatole up onto the table, which leaves him gasping, his fingers curling into the thin fabric of Dolokhov’s shirt. it is the most beautiful kind of success.)
  • Anatole's hands are working faster than his brain, he pushes the vest off of Dolokhov’s shoulders, tugs his button-down from his pants, and struggles to undo the belt. Dolokhov pauses Anatole’s flurried movements and cradles his face, one palm along the curve of his jaw and the other digging into his thigh. Anatole stops. Anatole breathes.

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PROPERTIES OF A PYRAMID:  In metaphysical science, it is well known that the Pyramid is an energy generator.  It harnesses Cosmic Energy or Universal LifeForce Energy (Qi) which is our primal life force.  It is believed that one can harness this Life Force Energy for the purpose of achieving excellent health, a balanced state of mind and spiritual harmony.  The elements added to the Orgone Pyramid are believed to help amplify its natural effects.The shape of a true pyramid’s base must be wider than the height.

GOLD:  Gold has healing properties.  It works on the physical, mental and spiritual planes.  It is believed to benefit the nervous system and improve the ability of the nerves to transmit information in the most efficient manner. It helps with digestion, circulation, hormonal and chemical imbalances, degenerative diseases and helps the brain work more efficiently.  Gold is ruled by the sun a masculine planet and therefore imparts a more assertive energy to crystals and minerals that are mounted in it.  To those who use minerals, metals and crystals for healing, gold symbolizes the purity of spirit.

QUARTZ CRYSTAL:  Quartz is a power stone, it has been called the Universal Crystal.  Clear quartz formed into spheres has been used as crystal balls to predict the future since the middle ages.  Quartz enhances energy by absorbing, storing, amplifying, balancing, focusing and transmitting.  It also enhances thought which is a form of energy.  It is believed to be beneficial for manifesting, healing, meditation, protection and channeling.  The Power Stone, quartz, protects one by countering negative energy and is very useful on the third eye chakra for clarity of psychic vision.

BLUE APATITE:  This bold beautiful blue stone is the stone of inspiration.   It inspires one to overcome and outgrow problems while it dissipates  mental clutter and confusion.  It aids in the resolution of difficult situations and encourages uplifting and positive outlooks.  Apatite is known to stimulate lucid dreaming and astral travel.

COPPER:  Emotional Healing:  According to healers, Copper can stimulate the flow of energy and hence move psychic energies thereby helping the wearer overcome lethargic tendencies resulting in a more vitalized person with amplified thoughts. It is also believed that copper contributes to powers of communication, channeling, cleansing, purification increasing self-esteem and freeing the wearer of mental burdens.  Beginning in the 1970s in the United States, copper used as a healing agent began to increase. People who believe in its power, see it as a very powerful assistant with arthritic and rheumatic diseases, but also look to it for its healing properties in improving the circulation of blood, increasing energy, detoxification, reducing inflammation, stabilizing metabolism and improving oxygen use.

He who begets something which is alive must dive down into the primeval depths in which the forces of life dwell. And when he rises to the surface, there is a gleam of madness in his eyes because in those depths lives cheek by jowl with life. The primal mystery is itself mad - the matrix of the duality and the unity of disunity.
—  Walter F. Otto, “Dionysos: Myth and Cult”
  • “kitty is as bound to the phoenix in her own way as logan is”
  • “with kitty the basic idea was that while she dated lots of people when she was an adolescent, the primal love of her life has always been rachel. with me that goes across the board.”

bless chris claremont

because this totally has never been done before: my take on the turtles’ biological mother, and if she became a mutant.

I think they’d meet in a spirit quest-like scenario, where the turtles keep seeing the same person in their dreams, and for some reason they feel familiar with her. eventually they track her down, and discover she’s their biological mother who got mutated.

and then they bond but cue angst when it’s like “whoops turtles abandon their children in the wild lmao bye nerds” and she leaves, or something idk i was watching an animal show about nature’s worst parents when i was inspired to design her.

Rosalba is a caring, kind person, but she has a hard time letting go of her primal nature, as she’s been a primal turtle her whole life, and therefore cannot assimilate into the human society her sons have. While she cares about them, and lets them call her mama and mom and so on, she doesn’t believe she is really their true parent, since she didn’t raise them.

Mayan Star Glyphs [keywords]
  • Learn your Maya Day Sign here:
  • http: //
  • Imix: primordial mother, source of life, primal truth and nourishment, roots of creation
  • Ik: winds of inspiration, co-creator of reality, spirit truth, fertilizing cosmic force
  • Abkal: mystery, abyss, womb, journey into self, dreamtime, stillness, darkness
  • Kan: seed of manifestation, opening, solar plexus, creation of will
  • Chicchan: kundalini serpent, instinct, purification, sacred flame igniting
  • Cimi: surrender, transmutation, release, death
  • Manik: completion, gateway, priest/priestess, dance, divination
  • Lamat: harmony, starseed, expanded love, gateway to fith dimension, star crossed relationships
  • Muluc: lunar wisdom, divine guidance, self rememberance, cosmic communication
  • Oc: breakthrough, new beginnings, companions of destiny, spiritual strength, guardians and guides
  • Chuen: innocence, divine child, trickster, artistry, humor, spontaneous
  • Eb: abundance, harvest, gratitude, open vessel, emptiness, electromagnetic tuning
  • Ben: angelic messenger, mysterious journey, new directions, time/space traveler
  • Ix: jaguar, shaman, magic, imitation, alignment with divine will, heart intuition
  • Men: commitment, compassionate service, global consciousness, dreams and visions, planetary mind
  • Cib: grace, trust, following inner guidance, galactic conduit, cosmic consciousness, mystic transmission
  • Caban: synergy, galactic alignment, earth keeper, fluid world resonance, shield, plant and herb wisdom, crystal healing, earth force
  • Etznab: timelessness, spiritual warriorship, sword of truth, facing shadow, hall of mirrors
  • Cauac: final surrender, purification, activation of the light being, ecstasy of freedom, lightening path
  • Ahau: Union, wholeness, cosmic consciousness, solar mastery, limitless bliss, unconditional love
CNCAU ch.1

Fire, an old and primal element that brought life and death in equal measure. Elliot sat on a sandy, night stained shore facing an open fire and the droll of the tide before him, battling the sounds of crackling flames. He stared deeply into this bright fire, so warm and gentle yet violent and passionate. He then reached into the pocket of his dark jacket and pulled out a lighter, creating a smaller flame with just a simple motion of his thumb. There was some humor to be found in this and he smirked at the tiny fire before blowing it out and returning the small device to his pocket.

Warmth and light, he wondered if this was what a father figure would be like. It was in this thought that a certain figure came to mind and he felt a little foolish. As he sat there, his eyes drifted lower and into his upturned palm, then another glow appeared on his face, another light that shone back in his dark eyes. How different it was from what blazed mere feet from him yet how alike it was to he himself.

“Fancy trick you got there.”

Elliot jerked at the sudden intrusion, turning where he sat to find an older woman dressed in a suit standing several feet away from him. He lowered his hand, his palm empty, as he breathed a sigh, his nerves settling yet his expression remaining neutral, “You startled me.” He said.

The woman gave an apologetic smile, “Sorry about that.” She motioned to the camp fire, “May I join you?”

This was far too deliberate, Elliot noticed yet he complied. “Help yourself,” he said, turning back to the fire, “Pull up some sand.”

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anonymous asked:

Okay, I'm not a anti, more like neutral? I don't know, but Mon-El is slowly growing on me... Some people said he looked surprised with the slapping and that implied that meant he wasn't abused. But first of all thats bad to say and second, he wasn't surprise. So what are your thoughts about it? And his jokes... They kind of piss me off so I was wondering you could shed some light about it. I really want to understand... And what you think about Rhea and Lena?

Oh hi babe, how are you?

So, this response might be long but maybe it will help you understand him a little bit. I’m not trying to change your mind about the character because you’re entitled to your opinion, but since you asked I’m going to answer truthfully.

1) He didn’t looked surprise

I saw what you are talking about it and I know someone who was triggered by that ridiculous assumption. For someone who’s under that situation, there are a lot of factors that change the response about it. He was talking about setting his people free, about the changes he wanted to make and she greets him with a slap in the face. He wasn’t expecting that. There’s not a manual book in which we categorize what the reaction to abuse is. There’s something called individuality that plays a huge game in it. If you say someone should be surprise to be abuse… Well… You are lessening the issue. 

But the truth is. He didn’t even flinched. He didn’t fought back, reacted, he didn’t looked surprise at all. In psychology we call that conditioning. Is like a little mouse… He does what you want him to and get’s rewarded with water, he doesn’t, he get’s punished with the lack of water. This is how behavior works and why is to easy to apply. Behavior can be molded, altered depending on the environment needs. This comes from how much you were put under certain reinforcements/punishments. The more you reinforce someone’s behavior, the better are the chances of the person doing as you wish.

This is what Rhea probably did with him, which explains why he didn’t flinch. He was conditioned already. Do the math and it adds up. This is one of the main reasons both women and men stay in abusive relationships, because their self steam is lessened and because they are conditioned to believe that is normal/understandable.

People say there’s no actual evidence of abuse. But the scene of the dangling magnet. I don’t know if you paid attention, but if you haven’t, that wasn’t the story of a loving mother, it was the story of a mother that would neglect her son left and right. He had no one, his father was too self-centered, his mother is the embodiment of one of the Melanie’s Klein’s categorizations of parenting (and not a good one). He didn’t had a brother, sister, family, no one to look up too. And in all honesty, Mon-El could have reached a psychosis state considering Lacan, Melanie Klein and Bills thoughts about this in particular. 

2) Jokes

This is in particular something interesting. As you may be aware we all have mechanisms of defense that our ego uses to stay stable. There are the phobic ones - such as regression, projection, and others that I can’t translate to English without losing the essence and meaning -. And there are the formatives - such as sublimation, integration and other ones. 

Consider a barrier between ego and id (primal force, life drive). The id wants intense and complete pleasure (nirvana), the ego can’t allow that so that’s why said barrier is that, to prevent the life drive to go out all at once since that one can be very… Destructive. But, sometimes this barrier isn’t strong enough and things go out in form of dreams, chistes and Freudian’s slip (ato falho). Mon-El fits in the second category. He’s the kind of person that needs to build up his defenses so he uses jokes to do so.

Haven’t you met someone that always seem to be so effusive and happy? That one person who’s always joking around and playing? This is that person’s persona acting. This what he does, he deflects from what causes him harm in a attempt to light up the mood but ends up ruining everything. People with social anxiety tend to do that or just block themselves out. And he doesn’t have the first notion of filters, he’s honesty on what he says. (More like a child who’s persona is still building itself), but he also hides with one. The jokes are a way to devoid people outside from seeing hurt and pain, I know because I do it all the time.

3) Rhea and Lena

I think the authors are pushing Lena way to much. Is like they want to force her until she breaks. And she will if things carry on this way. I’m not saying that in a cryptic way I’m saying because there’s only much one can take.

She lost the man she used to love, her friend isn’t who she think she is, Rhea is manipulating her, Lex is locked away. How much can they put on her shoulders without her giving in? Hell, even Barry did!

Is like Bruce would say, either you die a hero or live long enough to see yourself becoming a villain. 

She will feel betrayed once again. First by her mother, second by Rhea and by Kara, who is indeed keeping a huge secret from her. Lena has been in a breaking point, if they keep pushing she will break. Everyone does eventually, doesn’t matter how good you convice yourself from being, you will give in sooner or later.

So this might end up as a disaster, really. It has ever chance to be that way and I’ll honestly not be anyway please with it.