Humans are Scary (humans are weird part 1)

Ok, so just imagine that one day the crew lands on an new planet. And the usual scout and research team goes out to explore the planet.

(So this team is made out of highly skilled aliens, and two humans. One a protector and one a medic.)

So they’re going around this planet exploring things and all is good. That is, until the medic wanders off because he found a whole field of a rare herb. He geeks out and starts photographing it and collecting as much as will fit in his bag.

Awhile later the protector see’s that the medic is not with the rest of the group any more, so he starts yelling out his name. The aliens catch on and they start to search for him also, one even tried to read his heat signature.

But when they hear him yell “Im over here guys, don’t worry” proceeded by a scream, they hear the protector yell his name. He bolts towards the source of the noise, speed the aliens have never seen a human accomplish.

The aliens catch up to the protector, just to see a sabertooth like creature across the field from the medic. The protector instantly yells out the medics name and runs in between the two, pulling out his knife from it’s holder.

For a second, the sabertooth backs up, confused. Quickly regaining it’s confidence the beast growls at the pair, showing off it’s sharp teeth in the process. The protector haunches his back slightly and snarls at him. He moves his lips back to show off his canine teeth, then let out a deep, primal sound.

The sabertooth growled again and swiped at the human, who dodged towards it, letting out another deep snarl towards the creature as he lunged towards its face and grabbed onto one of the massive fangs using as leverage before he plunged a dagger into the sabers eye.

The beast flailed around swiping at the human. The protector held his grip on the fang and dug the knife deeper into the socket. Finnaly The protector was flung off, the beast, along with his knife, fleeing into the deep forrests.

The human got up and stared into the darkness still haunched over in a defensive stance. He was staring to bruise on his face where he was flung off. Blood covering his hands, face covered with fear, sweat and tears.

The aliens just stare at the human in terror, that creature 3 times his size, had just ran away in FEAR of its LIFE!? Against a small human with no claws of its own? With preditory teeth that would barely make a dent in the its flesh?

The protector finally let his stance leave him, falling to his knees. The medic ran over to the protector, sliding his way into the others arms. The medic was saying something to the protector, something the translators could not understand.

The aliens learned something new about humans that day:

Never harm a humans mate.

So… Yeah.

I got a little carried away with the tattoos, and she has more that I’d like to add. I’m thinking about making her more Frostwolfy and tribal. And fel, tattoos are addictive!

Anyway, here’s a nice, updated portrait of Threska. <3

Threska is an original character inspired by World of Warcraft and belongs to me.

You may reblog this post, but do not claim the work as your own, alter, or otherwise distribute this art without written permission from me.