Sweet potato hash. Slice 2 pieces of bacon thinly and cook over a low flame until almost crisp, add ½ cup diced cooked sweet potato, 1 cup of chopped kale and cook until the sweet potato is browned and the kale wilted- about 4 minutes. Scramble 3 eggs in a separate pan until done to your liking. Top with ½ avocado and season with a pinch of salt. Total calories= 549. Adjust the amounts to fit your needs. #breakfast #recipe #fitness #paleo #primal @cfnyctheblackbox #crossfit

Alexander : Fist of the Father
  • Alexander : Fist of the Father
  • FFXIV: Heavensward OST

Seeking the piece of reason,
Shaping a peaceless season,
Reason to keep believing,
Waking the beast who’s sleeping.

I call this destiny,
Or caught in a trance,
And I march inside a kind of dream
No sign in advance. You see?
This motor coil we serve is taut like a spring,
Step back, two step, two step,
Two step, one two three(yeah!)

Our world’s a fantasy no more than a test,
Ever feeding off the fallacy,
Creating this mess
(Deep down) inside this bleak machine,
With all of the rest
Break free, to praise, to praise electricity!

Time turning up the volume,
Time turning on us always,
No time enough to wallow,
For turning back to where we began.

Trying to set those tested,
fragments in one direction.
Celestial noise detected,
but maybe I’m unsuspected.
Static to give; to reason.
Turning to me for defense,
Transmissions begun, completed:
Setup to breach; to reset.

It was the destiny alone in a trance,
No escaping from this waking dream,
No hope for the best. (You see?)
The motor coil we serve is naught but a spring.
Unwind, too slow, too quick, too much to believe!

Your world’s a fantasy you failed to test
Ever forging all new fallacies creating a mess
(Direct) into this bleak machine with all of the rest
Dizzy, dying, dying! Electricity!

Falling back right into the system,
Falling back on all empty ears,
When falling back right out of the system
Means falling back right into disgrace
Yes, falling back right in with the system,
Is slipping, falling back to the end,
When falling back is better and simple,
(We’re) falling back into pieces again!

Sounds to be in rhythm
Memory wiped and beaten
Narrowly beat, defeated
Radicals flowing freer
Energy slowly seepin’
Suspending all disbelief in
Synergy with our being,
Synapses fire and breathin’.


‘And you would join with this… Arbiter? This ancient force of law, in your pursuit of knowledge? For this you renounce your humanity?’
‘I do not intend to renounce my humanity. I intend to transcend it.’

- argument overheard near Arrzaneth Ossuary, Ul’dah

I enjoy the idea of someone becoming a vessel for a primal. This took a while, but it turned out pretty alright! Big Version

Real Plans: Paleo Meal Plans Made Smart, Tasty, & Easy!

Let’s face it: cooking healthy dinners on a consistent basis is tough. We all know we should do it—and we want to do it—but it’s not always easy to pull off in the real world. It takes commitment, diligence, and planning—and who has time for that? In our household, with two working parents and a couple of rambunctious kiddos, the struggle is real, people.  

Sadly, as my regular readers know, I’m terrible at meal planning. Ad hoc cooking is much more my style—which is great when I have a fully-stocked fridge and all the time in the world.

Which, unfortunately, is never.

Over the years, I’ve tried a bunch of different meal planning tools—from Paleo meal plans in cookbooks to static .PDF worksheets that I’ve grabbed online. But I found that none of ’em gave me the flexibility I need to adjust on-the-go: to swap out ingredients that I don’t (or can’t) eat, discard dishes I don’t like, or pick recipes based on the stuff I actually have in my house. In the end, these meal plans were just someone else’s rigid and unyielding idea of what I should make and eat. 

But then, a few months ago, I found Real Plans. And suddenly, meal planning has become not just doable, but easy, flexible, and life-changing. Real Plans is a crazy-awesome whole foods meal planner that’s helped us plan, make, and enjoy home-cooked Paleo meals every night—all without the stress and panic that used to accompany my desperate nightly scramble to get food on the table.

In fact, Real Plans made such a huge difference that I decided to partner with its creators, Antony and Emily Bartlett, to offer hundreds of Nom Nom Paleo recipes on Real Plans!

Okay—here’s the scoop:

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Seek out and eliminate. The processing of vegetable seed oil is extremely destructive to the structure of the oils. So damaging in fact, that the oil comes out rancid and burnt. It then has to be bleached to lighten the colour and be deodorised because it stinks. The processing also creates high levels of free radicals (damaged molecules missing an electron). Once consumed this damaged molecule can steal the electron it needs from you… damaging your cells. Great!

This stuff is best avoided unless you are running your diesel car on it.

Vegetable Oil Gone Wrong

Toxic Oil

Running your car on Vegetable Oil

Podcast Episode 10: Essential Cooking Tools

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Episode 10: Essential Cooking Tools

Stocking up your kitchen for the very first time? Or just sick and tired of your cruddy old culinary tools, like that sad-looking plastic spatula with the melted front edge? Well, it’s time to level up! 

Having the right cooking implements on hand can mean the difference between having dinner ready in a flash and being frustrated and defeated in the kitchen. In this episode we tell you all about our favorite culinary essentials. And don’t you worry your pretty little head—we won’t recommend anything crazy-expensive or any one-trick ponies that’ll clutter your countertop. We won’t even suggest any items that need to be plugged into an electrical socket. So listen in, and I’ll let you know which kitchen tools this luddite can’t live without!

Show Notes & Links for Episode 10:

What We Ate:

After returning home from our Maui vacation, one of the first things on my to-do list was to stock up our fridge and pantry. I started by heading over to Belcampo Meat Company—our local butcher shop—to stock up on meat. 

My order included short ribs, a big pork butt, pastured eggs, and lots of ground beef. Although well-raised meat can be expensive, I try to stick to stuff that costs less than ten bucks a pound. Cheap cuts and ground beef definitely help to stretch our food budget. And after splurging on a lot of restaurant meals while on vacation, we definitely scaled back this week.  

Because I was just getting back into the groove of things, I cooked a lot of garbage stir fries this week with the ground beef from Belcampo. In fact, for four days in a row, I made garbage stir fry for our garbage-loving family. Yes, I know that the name of the dish sounds grody and terrible, but the kids can attest that it’s trash-tastically delicious. Besides, isn’t it always better to under-promise with a yucky name, and then over-deliver with a yummy dinner?

Main Course:

For years, I was a kitchen gadget hoarder. If you have our cookbook or read my old Paleo Eats posts, you probably know that I often use a number of appliances and tools to get dinner ready, including an Instant Pot, a slow cooker, a food processor, a super-charged Vitamix blender, a stick blender, and even our trusty countertop toaster oven.  Sometimes, I use all of those things to prep a single meal.

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