Humans are Scary (humans are weird part 1)

Ok, so just imagine that one day the crew lands on an new planet. And the usual scout and research team goes out to explore the planet.
(So this team is made out of highly skilled aliens, and two humans. One a protector and one a medic.)
So they’re going around this planet exploring things and all is good. That is, until the medic wanders off because he found a whole field of a rare herb.
Awhile later the protector see’s that the medic is not with the rest of the group any more, so he starts yelling out his name. The aliens catch on and they start to yell his name too, one even tried to read his heat signature.
But then they hear him yell “Im over here guys, don’t worry” proceeded by a scream. And the aliens freak out because “oh my gosh I’ve never seen a human run that fast”
The aliens catch up to the protector, just to see a huge sabertooth like creature across the field from the medic. The protector instantly yells out the medics name and runs in between the sabertooth and him.
The sabertooth backs up, confused. But then it starts to growl at the pair, showing its sharp teeth in the process. The protector haunches his back slightly and snarls at him. He moves his lips back to show off his canine teeth, then let out a deep, primal sound.
The sabertooth growled again and swiped at the human, who dodged and took a step foreword, letting out another deep snarl towards the creature. The protector lunged foreword and grabbed onto one of the massive fangs using as leverage before he plunged a dagger into the sabers eye.
The creature flailed around and ran back into the bush. The human got up ad stared into the darkness waiting for it to come back.
The aliens just stare at the human in terror because, “humans aren’t suppose to be like that.”
The protector finally let his defensive stance go after staring into the bush. He knelt down to the medic and hugged him whispering little reassurances into the others ear and rubbing his back.
The aliens learned something new about humans that day:
Never mess with a humans mate.