prima ponders

sinner’s orgy

[listen] What you are about to hear vaguely describes a podcast in eight or more songs. A Kakos Industries playlist. art by videntefernandez

01. despicable me-pharrell williams 02. america’s suitehearts-fall out boy 03. smile for the paparazzi-cobra starship 04. glory and gore-lorde 05. skulls-bastille 06. don’t mess with me-temposhark 07. being bad feels pretty good-does it offend you, yeah? 08. caesar-i blame coco 09. money-mindless self indulgence 10. dead!-my chemical romance 11. monsters-matchbook romance 12. supermassive black hole-muse 13. devil do-holly golightly and the brokeoffs 14. i can’t decide-scissor sisters 15. when you’re evil-voltarie

corin deeth headcannon

• young guy of greek decent, smooth olive skin, dark eyes, and young features
• slick black hair just long enough to pass his shoulders
• really slender and about 5'7 in height
• really metrosexual and likes to wear rings, including a large onyx stone ring that use to be his grandfather’s
• normally has a metal claw piece on his index finger so his pointing is more intimidating
• likes to paint and file his nails regularly
• wears a lot of button ups, suit jackets, vests, and sunglasses
• total nerd


[listen] you want a revelation, you wanna get it right
but it’s a conversation, I just can’t have tonight. a kinda edgy, kinda sad Ava Ire playlist.

01. abraham’s daughter-arcade fire 02. eyes on fire-blue foundation 03. run-daughter 04. no light, no light-florence + the machine  05. this is twice now-lydia 06. fire-delta rae 07. sick muse-metric 08. gooey-glass animals 09. illuminated-hurts 10. bloodstream-stateless 11. too heavy a burden-the tiny

let’s eat

[listen]  Randomly thought up compilation of songs for my headcannon of humanized Chica from the Five Night’s at Freddy’s franchise. I got some ideas from humanizations, particularly the one from happyds whose I used with permission for the cover. Pretty much nothing but kinda cutesey/arrogant/horror-esque songs.

1. Kids-Sleigh Bells 2. Cannibal-Ke$ha 3. Flesh-Simon Curtis 4. Living Dead-Marina and the Diamonds 5. 100%-Angelspit 6. Hospital-The Used 7. When I am Queen-Jack Off Jill 8. Mobscene-Mairlyn Manson 9. Gimme More-Machine Supremacy 10. Monster-Mikky Ekko 11. Undisclosed Desires-Muse 12. Help I’m Alive-Metric 13. Biting Down-Lorde