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I’ve split the supporting cast in two: the ones who are based in the United States, and the ones in Europe.


  • Brandon Connelly as Rafe Cresta (OC)
  • Grey Damon as Rory Hawthorne
  • Brenton Thwaites as Vick Hawthorne
  • Viviana Serna as Leevy
  • Rebecca Hazlewood as Lakshmi (OC)
  • Alfie Allen as Alfie Cartwright (OC)
  • Ben Robson as Kalf (OC)

Still missing:

  • Posy Hawthorne
  • Bristel (my fancast is Robert Jefferson Hall, but I can’t find HQ photos of him in a modern setting)

There are a few more, but these are the main ones. If you have suggestions, I’d love to hear them!
My Prory fanfiction!

Prim and Rory. Shipping ever since May 2011 and even further back. It’s the best ship in the Hunger Games. I’m really happy with what I’ve written and it just flows so well out of me. So, go read it! Leave some reviews for me. Constructive criticism really helps, so please do. I tried to stay as canon as possible without my book beside me, and I’m almost positive I got some quotes wrong. Don’t kill me. 

Contains strong Galeniss FEELS and obviously heavy Prory

Prim snuggled into Rory’s chest, lacing their fingers.

Outside, both teenagers could hear the adults racing around, preparing for the on going battle.

Primrose had an awful feeling about this latest plan. The children are too young, she thought, Even I’m too young… She sighed.

“You okay?” Rory whispered.

“Fine, I just can’t sleep.”

“Well, I guess that can be expected, what with all that’s going to happen tomorrow…”

“Will you sing to me?”

“Sing? Prim, you know I don’t sing… can’t sing…”

She flipped over to face him, “Please? It would make me feel better." It will make me forget about all these worries, She added in her head.

The boy sighed, "Oh, alright, what would you like to hear?”

Photo submitted by: ehitay.

“Da da da daa! Da da da da duaaa!” Rory heard a girl’s voice singing loudly from down the hall.

He slamed his book down and stood up, rolling his eyes, "She's probably drunk, but I needa study,“ he muttered under his breath. Rory headed down the hall.

The bathroom door was open just a crack. Peeking inside, he spied a blonde doing her hair and makeup. She was singing like nobody was around, probably because she thought that was the truth.

Rory grinned, cracking the door open, "What are you doing putting makeup on at one in the morning?”

The girl spun around, "Oh, I…“

Rory cut her off, "Wow… I, uh… didn’t even… dang, Prim… you look gorgeous…”