prim and rory

The signs as pairings I ship or shipped :

Sagittarius : Wolfstar (Harry Potter)
Capricorn : Malec (Shadowhunters)
Gemini : Dransy (Harry Potter)
Cancer : Everlark (Hunger Games)
Scorpio : Belladolphus (Harry Potter)
Pisces : Prory (Hunger Games.For those who don’t know it’s Prim/Rory, Gale’s brother)
Leo : Sizzy (Shadowhunters, The Mortal Instrumensts)
Aries : Haleb (Pretty Little Liars)
Libra : Christina/Will (Divergent)
Virgo : Spoby (Pretty Little Liars)
Taurus : Ron/chicken (Harry Potter.Please, don’t kill me, AHAHAHAHAH)
Aquarius : Druna (Draco/Luna.Harry Potter)

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The first chapter of Cheese Buns and Bad Puns

Peeta quickly closed his computer when Annie walked into the room.

She snorted as she opened the fridge. “Porn in the middle of the kitchen, baby brother? How brazen! I thought only Finnick did that.” She took out a block of cheese and started cutting off slices.

He opened the computer slowly once more. “No, I’m watching something else and I wasn’t in the mood for any of Finnick’s lewd commentary.” He typed in his password at the home screen. “And I’m older than you, so stop calling me baby brother.”

“By two months.” She finished making her snack and sat down beside him. “So what is the great Katniss of slings-and-arrows up to today?”

“Blindfolded target practice. It’s a viewer challenge. Katniss is going first.”

On the small screen a slight brunette woman dressed in a forest green t-shirt and a pair of hip-hugger jeans stood aiming her shot while a woman with blonde hair teased to the heavens stood behind with a bit of cloth. Her name was Effie, if Peeta remembered correctly. She was in another one of Katniss’s videos assisting her with holding things or handing off extra arrows.

“Okay.” Katniss said.

The other woman tied the bandana around her head and the archer took her shot. It went wide and the arrow imbedded itself in a tree.

You can read the first chapter on FFN or AO3.

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Author: @slytherinfromtheseam

Rating: M (because c’mon – how can you have Everlark without the M)

A/N: My first drabble! Eeeek, Excited! Please find me on AO3 and FFN under SlytherinFromtheSeam.

I haven’t heard from him in almost two months. I’m not exactly sure where he is. He wouldn’t, or couldn’t, tell me where he was going when he left. I’m really not even sure if he knew where he was going.

It’s nights like tonight that I worry the most. The house is eerily quiet. So, I’m awake at 3am, lying in our bed. When this happens, I try to replay my favorite moments over and over to try and get back to sleep. I flip through the pictures on my phone, one of us at Prim’s wedding to Rory. Peeta looked so goddamn handsome in his tuxedo. Then, after he took me against the door of the coat room, we snuck back out to the reception like nothing happened. Another one of us at the cabin by the lake, when we would stay up late and wake up early and take naps throughout the day. We loved being up there, laying in the hammock on the porch during the hottest parts of the day. Swimming in the lake at sunset, making love during the middle of the night on the boat dock.

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My Prory fanfiction!

Prim and Rory. Shipping ever since May 2011 and even further back. It’s the best ship in the Hunger Games. I’m really happy with what I’ve written and it just flows so well out of me. So, go read it! Leave some reviews for me. Constructive criticism really helps, so please do. I tried to stay as canon as possible without my book beside me, and I’m almost positive I got some quotes wrong. Don’t kill me. 

Contains strong Galeniss FEELS and obviously heavy Prory