FT Island 「Singles」January 2013 Issue Interview

“FT Island’s Path”

They grew up beat by both heated praise and misunderstandings. But now, they have solved their biggest question. They only need to walk down their own path. Just like the way the five of them have already been doing; smiling and fighting together.  

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One by one, five young men entered the studio and fought their way to say hello to their friend, the photographer. Then they exchanged their first-ever greetings with the editor and the stylist as if they had already met. While waiting for their turn to get their hair and make-up done, FT Island members sat around playing a guitar.

FT Island’s guitarist, Jonghun, had brought the guitar. Without stopping, Jonghun played a song after another. The rest of the members listened, said a few words, and got a chance to play a tune of their own. It all looked as a natural part of their daily life for these band members, who debuted as teenagers almost six years ago.

From the moment they first appeared with an unfamiliar title of an idol band, escalating scandals and doubts haunted FT Island.  At times, the members would explain themselves and express their frustrations on air.

The scandals mostly pointed to the same direction: a band should be composing and writing their own songs but FT Island wasn’t doing so. To the general public, FT Island was a mere idol group brought together by an entertainment agency.

“We’ve talked a lot about the public’s perception of us as an idol band,” said Hongki. “It’s now time to share the songs that we’ve wrote. We are always writing and composing songs.”

Just like Hongki said, FT Island was waiting for the right moment. 

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All five members were disappointed that they still have not released their own track as the title song in Korea. It was the same case with their official album, ‘Five Treasure Box,’ released in September. The album featured several songs composed and written by the members. But they still say, they wish they could’ve done more.

“The album includes songs by us but we can’t take credit for it entirely,” said bassist and vocalist, Jaejin. “That’s why we can’t help but to feel disappointed.”

On a televised music program, FT Island members said they are going to go down the middle path between an idol and a band. It may be an ambiguous expression. But it is an answer that FT Island came up with after a long time.

“We aren’t trying to hide in the middle. We no longer care about being criticized or not. The time for that is now over. We didn’t like the word ‘idol,’ and wanted to become something different overtime. But an image doesn’t change easily. There were benefits to being an idol so we can’t simply deny it. That’s why we are trying to find the middle ground between an idol and a band. Fans who first liked us for our looks could come to our concert and like our music better.”

Because the general public did not always give the preferred response, FT Island suffered from heartaches for a long time. But the result of their diligence is shown in Japan.

In Japan last year, FT Island released its first official album, ‘Five Treasure Island.’ About 37,000 copies got sold and the album topped the Weekly Oricon Album Chart. It was the first time in Oricon history for a foreign male artist to take the number one spot on the weekly chart with a debut album. In addition, the album sales record is especially meaningful because it reflects the number of royal fans.

In Korea this year, FT Island members also got to perform their own songs several times.

“I felt so happy because I got to register copyrights for the first time,” said drummer Minhwan. “It was just for one or two songs but at least I can let people know that I’m making music.” Until now, the youngest had been quietly listening to the older members. But his innocence soon turns into seriousness. “Just like other bands, we would like to work together on an album for anywhere between 3 months to a year. But it’s difficult to even get 3 months. And that’s really disappointing because we want to play and perfect our own tracks.”

While talking about music, the members listened closely to each other, responded actively and offered their two cents. They had said that they get along well but their conversations show that they have discussed many things with each other over the years. If Minhwan fails to finish his thoughts, Jaejin was right next to him to help. And even if Seunghyun cut off Hongki from speaking, everyone let Seunghyun finish talking.

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Even though they don’t work in an office, FT Island members have been out in the real world for six years. And to them, a band can be seen as their small society. How are these young five men staying so organized?

“I think when it’s just us, we can fight or make mistakes. But when we are outside, we should do well,” said leader Jonghun without hesitating. “But our younger members are such introverts that they always do as I say. Even when they have things to tell me, they keep it to themselves until later or beat around the bush. If they tried, they could easily be telling me what to do.”

Jonghun seemed to criticize the younger members but he first emphasized their ability to do well on their own and follow his guide

“I met the older members when I was in elementary school,” said Minhwan. “They all feel like a family now and more so because I don’t have any brothers.” The youngest seemed to have finished figuring out the older members long time ago. “When I see them fool around, even I think they are still babies. But when they are serious, they are really serious and can be trusted.”

Jaejin is the middle child among the five of them. And since the members started living separately six months ago, he’s been leading Seunghyun and Minhwan.

“When we got to live on separate floors, Jaejin opposed the move. But I think he’s enjoying the split the most now.”

Hongki said teasingly and Jaejin did not deny it.

“Life is beautiful,” said Jaejin. “I don’t want to be the tail. I want to be the head.”

Even when the five of them lived together, Jaejin acted as the bridge between the older members and the younger members, and worked hard to make communications smoother. Seunghyun calls Jaejin the most understanding of the older brothers.

Towards the end of the interview when the subject changes into episodes that happen at home, FT Island members get louder than ever. They try to speak first, get too excited and laugh out loud. The five young men who have talked about their future have disappeared. Five raucous teenagers have replaced them.

FT Island may appear as full-grown adults. But they are still growing.

Standing firmly on their friendship that they’ve built from years of happiness, sadness, arguments and conversations, FT Island will be expanding their grounds. Even if they can’t see the change right away, they will be patiently walking. ♥

Credit: article written by Go Hyun Kyung @Singles + translated & edited by DJ.Pri (@ChocopieK)  + magazine scans by fprit @music-hong

[Pri-Log] FT Island Gets In Minor Crash

UPDATE 4:: Hongki’s tweet after Music Core.

I’m sorry…I was a little embarrassing to watch today, right? I’m sorry…I really didn’t like myself either but I couldn’t help it for the future…See you later at the autograph session”

UPDATE 3:: FT Island performed “I wish” on MBC Music Core. Lee Hongki lip-synced tonight. It was his first time lip-syncing since the one 8 a.m. recording for M!Countdown during ‘Love Love Love’ days. He had also admitted he is bad at it. I also noticed he hardly moved his body. He looked stiff. My poor baby!!!!!!  TT_TT I’m going to cry myself to sleep. 

A Japanese Primadonna said she saw Hongki this morning. She said he kept touching his back walking around. FT Island performs on MBC Music Core at 4:00 p.m. KST today. 

Hongki came on stage at the Im Jin Gak concert and told fans about the accident. He said they had to go to the police station and write up a report.

During the performance, fans say Hongki’s voice was slightly gone and occasionally patted his back.

On September 21st, approximately 10:38 p.m. KST, Lee Hongki tweeted the following message: 

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“Did you wait a long time at Im Jin Gak? I’m sorry. Please get home safe. Primadonnas, don’t forget to call your parents!! So crazy…”

Based on accounts by Primadonnas in Korea and online, this is what I know.

At 8:00 p.m., FT Island was scheduled to perform at the National DMZ Film Festival Concert. En route, however, the band’s vehicle got involved in a minor crash. Witnesses say another vehicle had ran into FT Island’s van. 

At least one report says the driver responsible was driving under the influence. 

FT Island members had to go to the near-by hospital for a check up, and ended up being late to the concert. 

An FNC staff said all of the members are fine, and that we should not worry.

It’s a blessing that they weren’t hurt.

I am absolutely moved by Hongki’s care for his fans even during all that chaos. I pray that none of the members will suffer from any aftermaths, and hope they get a good night rest. 

Everyone please pray that all of the Five Treasure boys aren’t left with any pain or damage when they wake up tomorrow morning. We don’t know how hard they were hit, but their muscles have likely felt the shock.


Plus, a reminder to myself:  I LOVE YOU MY BABY HONGKI and the rest four treasures <3 

** This note will be updated as more information becomes available. 

- DJ Pri 

[Pri-Log] FTISLAND 'Thanks To:' It's Game Time

FTISLAND is coming back in November with a new album that could turn the tides. It may take the band to the next step of accomplishing their musical dream, or blur the significance of their Autumn comeback.

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On September 23rd, 2013, FTISLAND released mini-album ‘THANKS TO.’ It was the band’s first Korean album in a year, and most importantly, their very first self-titled album in Korea.

“It’s our gift to everyone who have supported us for the past 6 years,” said vocalist Hongki in various interviews. Hongki had contributed to half of the album by composing and writing two of the four tracks, including the title song ‘Memory.’

“‘Memory’ is about a goodbye but it has a melody and style that I like…Before I made ‘Memory,’ my favorite self-written song was ‘Black Chocolate,’ because it turned out exactly the way I had imagined it. But I think ‘Memory’ is pretty close to that.” – Lee Hongki on Starcast 

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For Hongki, releasing ‘Memory’ as the title song was a breakthrough moment. Since FTISLAND’s debut, he was merely seen as the band’s voice and face. He was the last member expected to actually write his own music. However, through ‘Black Chocolate’ and ‘Orange Sky’ included in their latest Japanese album ‘Rated-FT,’ Hongki has proven that he is not just a celebrity; he is a musician.

So how can the album be just a gift? It’s an alarm that alerts the K-POP industry of FTISLAND’s musical capabilities; It’s a traffic light that signals FTISLAND is ready to race as a band; It’s a degree that separates them from Idol groups. The album ‘Five Treasure Box’ may played the same role, but that was more of a reminder of FTISLAND’s success in Japan and a preview of the band’s next move.

The next move came but only lasted for two weeks. There were no variety show appearances, multiple radio interviews, and no LIVE opportunities on musical programs like ‘Sketchbook.’ Some of them could’ve happened, if FTISLAND wasn’t juggling with Zepp tour schedule in Japan at the same time.

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Credit: @OfficialFPrit

The insane schedule undoubtedly burdened the members. But the task of listening to ‘THANKS TO’ also fell upon the public. Whether a fan or not, the circumstances forced people to actually search for FTISLAND.

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For example, FTISLAND made one radio appearance during the 2-week promotion period. They were on ‘Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School,’  a prime-time talk show that caters to the older generation. It was an ideal opportunity for FTISLAND to discuss their music, instead of pulling the usual Idol tricks. But at the same time, it cut out more than half of their usual audience members. Most of them probably never even heard of the program itself.

In a fast-paced K-POP world, the audience should not be making any efforts. In fact, why should they when the mass media is continuously flashing updates? Therefore, no one should really be surprised that ‘Memory’ was in the top 10 only on its release day and ‘THANKS TO’ sold fewer copies than ‘Five Treasure Box.’ And yet, FNC Entertainment is plotting to use the most natural outcome against FTISLAND and fans.

External image

“My song is in the next album again. But it’s not the title song.”
Credit: _woorngki_/yilamjai

According to a fan account from ‘FTHX’ concert held on September 28th, Hongki told Primadonnas that their own song may not be the title song again. He also said Jaejin already has a song written that would make a great title song.

We know Hongki doesn’t hold anything back. And if there is a problem with FNC, he asks us for help. This time, he is reaching out to fans to protect FTISLAND’s music.

“The music that we want to do, the music that we want, and the music that is ours” was the theme of ‘FTHX’ concert. According to various reports, the concert started out with strong rock sounds and previous Korean hits including ‘Love Sick,’ and ‘I wish’ were performed close to the end. It’s almost as if FTISLAND had ordered the songs from their favorites to least favorites (aka. We don’t want to do this anymore). Their favorites included 11 songs that were released in Japan. The members had re-written the lyrics in Korean to share with Korean fans.

“I want to re-write these songs in Korean and release them. I want to release them as digital singles instead of CD and hope fans enjoy them. If you want to hear, call FNC. It could happen.” – Lee Hongki on Hankook Ilbo

Trust Hongki on this one. FNC is more than capable of releasing re-written Japanese songs in Korea.

It’s still difficult to understand why FTISLAND released their very first self-titled album in Korea at the end of September only to promote it for 2 weeks, and then scheduled another comeback for November. Regardless of the reason, however, the members seem to be using the opportunity to call 911.

To contact FNC:
Phone: 02) 517 - 5428 ext. 2 (planning/production team)

Just in case your e-mail gets unread, please write the main purpose of the e-mail as the title.
Ex: I want FT ISLAND self-titled song as title song 

Also international Primadonnas, let’s not worry about writing e-mails in Korean. English is a tool that many Korean Primadonnas don’t have. As a universal language, it can be powerful. It also lets FNC know right away that the entire world is watching them. 

‘Thanks To’ FT ISLAND, we are now certain that FTISLAND is ready to compete in a music market as a real band. And perhaps, the members are also dreaming of a day to accomplishing that dream ‘thanks to’ Primadonna.

DJ.Pri ;; Twitter @chocopieK

[Pri-Log] 20150331 Self-Confidence Level UP UP UP FTISLAND on ‘SUKIRA’

Who is the most handsome member in FTISLAND?

Ask that question to FTISLAND members themselves and you’d hear a response that sounds like JASDFKAJDK!!!!

I only started with a “J” because Jonghun spoke out the fastest when asked to say hello starting with the most handsome member.

External image

On March 31st, 2015, FTISLAND members joined DJ. Ryeowook on “89.1 KBS COOL FM Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio.” This was their first appearance on SUKIRA since the November of 2013. But it seems like the older they get, the more self-confident they become.

External image

RW: Please say hello starting with the most handsome member****

JH & JJ: Hello, I’m Jaejin..Choi Jonghun

I personally heard Jaejin first but Ryeowook ruled Jonghun as the winner.


HK: Jaejin should go last

JJ: Hongki!

HK: Hello, I’m Lee Hongki

MH: Hello, I’m Minhwan on drums

SH: I’ll let Jaejin go first

JJ: No, no. That’s meaningless

SH: I’m guitarist Seunghyun

JJ: I was going to go first but my mic kept falling


JJ: Hello, I’m FTISLAND’s Jaejin

External image

*** WARM UP 

Prior to talking about specific topics, DJ. Ryeowook and FTISLAND explained the main purpose of this SUKIRA segment: to go back to the beginning and test how much Primadonnas really know about the members (aka. invite lucky (Korean) Pris for a chance to speak to the members on the phone). It will run as an over-the-phone quiz tournament. In each round, FTISLAND members will ask questions they came up with to two fans. The first fans to answer two questions correctly will advance to the next round until they determined the final winner. It also ended up as a popularity contest as Ryeowook asked every caller who her favorite FTISLAND member was.

RW: This is from a listener: “I’ve liked Jaejin for 8 years. I like everyone else too”

HK: What a waste of time

JJ: I don’t think you are in a position to say that

FTISLAND members also got a mission. Ryeowook asked each of them to text a celebrity friend “can we meet up at midnight tonight?” The first member to get a reply wins Ddeokbokki!

SH: Can I add “it’s urgent. Please?”

Seunghyun must’ve urgently wanted Ddeokbokki. Unfortunately though, our magnae guitarist didn’t get his urgent wish granted. ㅠㅠ

JJ: I got a reply!

HK: From who?

JJ: From our company…

HK: Leave out the company

JJ: Why?

HK: Leave it out

SH: It’s written here in a tiny font that we can’t do our company people

JJ: Don’t lie

SH: I’m serious

External image

Ryeowook declared Jaejin the winner for getting response from FNC actor Kwak Donghyun. Hongki complained that his friends think Hongki is pulling pranks for April Fools’ Day. Jonghun got a reply from Jung Jooyong with a hint of rejection, “just the two of us? Why? keke.” Minhwan said he texted Teen Top’s L.Joe but got no reply. Seunghyun said he texted Block B’s Park Kyung and thinks Kyung is drunk.

But then a game changer!

Hongki became the true winner when he got a text back from Park Shinhye who enthusiastically replied “of course, we can.” Jaejin gladly volunteered to pass on the honor and said he’ll treat Donghyun to Ddeokbbokki later instead. Aww~


RW: You’ve been casted as the lead in a web-drama. Congratulations! I heard you’ve been working hard to practice your lines

JH: Yes, but it got delayed because of our album promotions. We’ll start shooting early May

RW: Isn’t acting hard?

JH: Yes, it’s hard. I’m under a lot of pressure because it’s my first drama and I’m the lead. I’m currently living in tension

SH: You look very relaxed

External image

RW: What do you think about Jonghun’s acting, Seunghyun?

SH: He doesn’t practice his lines in front of us. He practices when we aren’t around

JH: Why would I practice in front of everyone? I’m not a kid

SH: But Hongki does

HK: Does what?

SH: Practice

HK: I do?

SH: You didn’t know?

HK: You are saying I practice in front of you kids?

SH: You do like pushups

HK: Is that practicing?

SH: As an example

JJ: Can you just let it go?

HK: He’s not making any sense

0_0 WHOAAA Hongki is getting all feisty. Is this the effect of Dragon Ball Shouting?

External image

Fortunately, Ryeowook to the rescue.

RW: Isn’t it hard to memorize your lines?

JH: It’s so hard. I’m afraid I’m going to forget all of them when I’m in front of a camera

RW: Hongki is the sunbae when it comes to acting. Any advice on how to memorize the lines?

HK: I memorize them right before I shoot. I just skim through the scripts the day before and understand the story. And then memorize my lines the next morning while getting my makeup done. If I memorize them the day before, I forget all of them

JJ: You have a good short-term memory

MH: But if you forget them, does that mean you have to memorize them all over again?

HK: I never forgot

RW: Jaejin also did musicals

JJ: Yes

RW: How do you memorize?

JJ: Once I memorize them, they stay in my head for a long time

RW: You are memorizing them accurately

JJ: Yes, but it takes really long time. So it’s hard

SH: You are so good at memorizing

JJ: When I memorize them from the beginning, I don’t memorize them all at once. I have to do them in parts and start from the beginning to move onto the next part

SH: He’s a trying style

JJ: It’s useless

Speaking of talents, Ryeowook asked Jonghun to draw something for SUKIRA.

External image

So Jonghun drew one.

External image

He drew two…

External image



RW: Now, he’s the owner of refreshing vocal. Dragon Ball Shouting’s Lee Hongki! I heard you are really into studying English lately

HK: Yes, we recently performed in Europe and I fell in love with their culture. So I decided I should learn English

RW: Please say something in English. Our SUKIRA is a global showHK: But there is problem. I was studying a little but because of our sudden comeback, now I can’t study at all

JJ: Just a little bit of what you know

RW: Just say hello


Good job baby. It’s PERFECT. BD

External image

Ryewook then read a fan’s question asking how FTISLAND came up with their latest saying “yes, yes, yes.” Jaejin said he came up with it while playing around with Spanish. Hongki said it started when they were ordering “one cheeseburger, one pizza, come on.”

RW: It must be because you guys go overseas often

HK: No, Jaejin is just really good at pretending

Yes, yes, yes~


RW: What do you like the most about radio?JW: An ability to focus? I think it’s good emotionally because you are just listening. I think it’s good to listen to what other people are sayingRW Seunghyun says you disappear every night like shadow

JJ: What is he talking about?

SH: Shadow is Lee Jaejin and Lee Jaejin is shadow. He also composed a song titled ‘Shadow’ in the album. If you listen to the lyrics, it’s like trying to posses someone who doesn’t want you. I think it reflects what Jaejin does at night

RW: What do you do at night?

SH: Trying hard to win her heart

JJ: I play game at night

HK: What game?

JJ: That…League of…

HK: Love game?

JJ: I like love game

RW: Meanwhile, Minhwan isn’t saying a word

SH: He just said something to me now. He said that was a bad joke

Alright. This only applies to Primadonnas WHO ARE NOT in their TEENS ( Hello? do you guys even exist?? Are you human?? LOLOL Sorry the idea just seems crazy and amazing at the same time). Here is a remark from Minhwan to make us feel older than we really are.

MH: The youngest member in Red Velvet said she is in third year at middle school. She is 8 years younger than me

Minhwan debuted when he was in third year at middle school. Which means that Red Velvet child and I are…erm…OTL

External image


RW: I heard you are learning DJing lately

MH: I’ve been mainly doing band music since I was young. So I wanted to do something different and started it as a hobby

RW: I think you got more handsome

SH: He got fat

MH: I gained a lot of weight. Don’t I look chubby?

RW: I think you look more handsome

JH: Doesn’t he look similar to Lee Hweejae’s son Seo-un?

MH: The producers and writers were just talking about that

RW: Are you building muscles?

MH: No, I just ate a lot


SH: I don’t really have the best body. Jonghun does. I started building muscles because I’m so skinny

RW: How often do you exercise?

SH: About 2 hours everyday

RW: Really?

SH: Yes. I used to be 59kg and now I’m up to 67kg. I lost some again. I have to work hard

HALLELUYAH Seunghyun! He is finally getting closer to a normal human weight for his height!! But danggit boys… I’m running to the gym after I’m done with this Pri-Log. >__<


Jaejin cried that his mustache is growing faster than ever. Ryeowook asked if he still gets waxed. Jaejin said he is too scared to go back because it’s extremely painful. Hongki was surprised to learn Ryeowook actually has lots of facial hair. I’m surprised too.. O_O

External image


JH: It’s called Pray. It means prayer for those in cold reality. It has very powerful band sound

Ddekbokkie time!

External image

I’ve said this over and over again for years. Personally, there are 3 moments when I love Hongki the most because he looks totally awesome or absolutely adorable.

1. When he is singing LIVE
2. When he is wearing a hat
3. When he is eating 

External image

아놔 정말 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Seriously so freaking cute… You know how moms say they feel full just by looking at their child eat? I think I understand what they mean whenever I see Hongki eat. XD Those cheeks are sooo adorable!!!! My baby bunny with purple hair >__< chuuu~~

RW: How come Minhwan and Seunghyun didn’t eat?

MH: We did but fans told me to stop eating because I’ll get fat

HK: Don’t lie. You two plan on going out to eat after the radio

MH: How do you know?

HK: That’s all you two talked about in the van

MH: We are going to go eat grilled clam


After eating, FTISLAND finally started their quiz tournament with fans. The first two callers introduced themselves as Baby and Primadonna. Baby was all over Jaejin saying how she even loves his facial hair and made him get all excited. Primadonna had a really gentle voice and didn’t get to answer any of the questions. A twist! It turned Baby was AOA’s Jimin and Primadonna was AOA’s Choa.

JJ: Did I just get excited over Jimin’s voice??

Here is a summary of FTISLAND facts that were asked and answered.

Q1. Who is FTISLAND’s leader?

- Jonghun

Q2. What is the title song of their new album?


Q3. What’s the name of Jaejin’s older sister?


Q4. What’s Hongki’s current nail color?


Q5. What’s the first 7 syllables from this album’s title song PRAY?

- 또 다른 현실 속에 (In another reality)

Q6. What’s the title of the movie Seunghyun appeared in?


Q7. When is FTISLAND’s debut date?

- June 7th, 2007

Q8. Name FTISLAND members from the oldest to youngest


Q9. Which FTISLAND member has blood type A?


Q10. Name FTISLAND’s 3 hit songs


Q11. Name FTISLAND members from the tallest to shortest according to profile height


External image


Listener Q: How does it feel to be promoting an album that’s like your child?

JJ: I feel like I can do anything. Just like our rookie days. Since we made this album, we think we can do anything if we work hard

Listener Q: What does Primadonna mean to FTISLAND?

MH: Primadonna is like our friend and some people think they are our girlfriend. I personally I think they are my companion who we can agree on musically

Listener Q: Do you have plans for a national tour?

HK: Not yet

In closing, Hongki noted that the TV system has changed a lot since their last comeback. They now have to pre-record early in the morning. He said that’s hard for him because he can’t sing well during the day. But he is trying his best and taking care of himself to make good music and good album for fans. He also wished for bands to come alive in the Korean music industry.

I #PRAY for #FTISLAND Forever

                                                       - DJ. Pri

Cr. KBS SUKIRA + DJ. Pri ;; Twitter @CHOCOPIEK

[Pri-Log] 150327 FTISLAND On Jang Dongmin, Lady Jane’s 2 o'Clock

1 year and 4 months.

In today’s rapidly changing entertainment world, that’s an awfully long time for an artist to take a break. For FTISLAND, however, that’s how long they had to wait to release a new album in Korea, which also is their first-ever 100% self-composed album.


HK: Our company wouldn’t release our album

Hongki said he was kidding.

On March 27th, 2015, FTISLAND made their first radio appearance to promote their 5th official album ‘I Will’ on Jang Dongmin & Lady Jane’s 2 o’clock.”

External image

*** Introduction 

As expected of any radio program, the two DJs introduced FTISLAND with a grand introduction: 

DM: Gone for 1 year and 4 months. That’s way too long of a break 

LJ: No, they weren’t taking a break. They were sharpening a knife. The result of the year and 4 months: ‘Pray!’ 

DM: What’s that?

LJ: #1 on China’s main MV chart and the start of a rock wave

DM: Did they sharpen the knife really well?

LJ: - Knife Sharpening Noise-

Apparently, Hongki was supposed to make the noise with her but he said he forgot because he panicked. Sorry!

LJ: For them, Korea is too small. They swept the entire continent of Asia with a rock wave. They are 9-year veterans, ancestors of K-Pop, FTISLAND. Welcome!

As expected of 9-year veterans, FTISLAND returned the favor with a simple hello:

HK: Hello, it’s been a while. I’m vocal Hongki

JJ: Hello, I’m bass Jaejin

SH: Hello, I’m guitarist Song Seunghyun

MH: Hello, I’m drummer Minhwan

JH: Hello, I’m Choi Jonghun

These guys are just so cool! But don’t think it will stay that way. As soon as they learned Red Velvet members had set in their chairs not too long ago, they started jumping up and down screaming. Oh, our boys will forever be boys. But Mr. Jonghun, the Red Velvet member who set in your chair is…17-years-old. #I’m_Just_Saying

External image

LJ: Hey, you guys are male idols too, no?

HK: We don’t want to be idols 

LJ: Don’t get so serious! 

HK: We hate being idols

LJ: Please don’t get so serious

DM: Why did it take so long to come back?

HK: Our company wouldn’t release our album

LJ: Why are you so serious? He’s angry

JJ: He must have something on his mind

HK: No, the truth is we had many different things going on. I shot a drama, went on a tour…

DM: You guys were mostly in Japan

HK: We went to Japan and also went on a world tour and Asia tour

SH: We went to Europe, Mexico

MH: And US

LJ: I heard you guys are hot overseas

DM: They were in the US too. I know exactly where they were

HK: Because we kept meeting in the game world

DM: They even logged on from the US! I asked Minhwan to play with me and he said, “we are in the US right now. We are eating after the concert. I’ll be right back”

LJ: They were even playing it on their laptops in the waiting room

DM: We were in the same group

*** League Of Legends 

Welcome to “Jang Dongmin’s 2 O’Clock Game Chat” with some of the most famous LOL players, FTISLAND! And among the five members, the biggest addict seems to be Minhwan. 

External image

Minhwan was apparently too busy playing LOL to contribute anything to FTISLAND’s new album.

LJ: They composed all of the songs in ‘I will’

DM: Who did the most?

HK: Jonghun wrote 4…3?

JJ: No, Jonghun did 6?

JH: No, I wrote 4

HK: Jaejin wrote 4, I wrote 2 and the Intro. It has a total of 11 songs

DM: What did Minhwan and Seunghyun do?

SH: We wrote some lyrics and watched

HK: They recorded

SH: Providing an objective perspective is also important. We gave our thoughts, played our instruments…

LJ: That’s what you already do

SH: Of course

LJ: Good job, good job

DM: They did everything including a level-up

LJ: Then who wrote the title song ‘Pray?’

JJ: This is our leader, Jonghun’s

JH: I composed it and me, Hongki, Jaejin and Seunghyun wrote the lyrics

SH: No Minhwan

HK: Minhwan did nothing. He played the game all day with Dongmin

LJ: Even when all of the members were taking part

DM: You could’ve still encouraged him to do something

SH: What happened was, when we were recording it, just the four of us were in the studio because Minhwan recorded his drumming and left. So we couldn’t help it

MH: I wasn’t there

LJ: That’s too bad

SH: If Minhwan wanted to, we could’ve exchanged e-mails and included him

JJ: He had no intention

LJ: Normally, you would wait for others after you get done with recording

MH: I had another schedule

HK: Schedule by butt. You went online to play!

MH: I had a competition, so I had to go

JJ: It’s important

DM: He had to go

External image

It’s okay Minhwan. You go rock that Fiora. We still love you ^^

*** Road To Success

A viewer asked FTISLAND to make hearts for her on camera. FTISLAND refused (yes, this happened because they aren’t used to this anymore) and then Seunghyun asked where the cameras were. So instead of making hearts, they exchanged hello with fans outside the studio. Jang Dongmin compared the volume level to 10,000 fans. FTISLAND POWER WHOOT!

The boys, however, didn’t get to enjoy this kind of fame from the start. Jang Dongmin recalled on FTISLAND’s pre-debut days in Japan. Even though they were super popular in Korea, the members put on street performances in Japan with cardboard box as their stage. They also had to deal with frequent earthquakes that shook their dorm. But as Jang Dongmin noted, those experiences became a vital foundation for FTISLAND to become who they are today and the release of ‘I Will.’

LJ: The album is named as one of the music recommended by professional musicians. How does that make you feel?

HK: Many people say rock returned to Korea after a long time. So we were really happy to hear that. Some people even critiqued every single song in the album. But what made me even happier was hearing from fans of Korean bands that we are finally doing rock. They used to always criticize us. But so many Yoon Dohyun Band and Seo Taeji fans complimented us so I was very happy

SH: They said we are finally doing a band-like music

DM: Jonghun, you wrote the most songs in the album. How do you feel?

JH: Well… (in the most stuck up way possible)

DM: Even the fans outside are looking away!

JH: We finally saw the pay-off. We always wrote songs in Japan but now, we are finally getting recognized for our music in Korea as well. I’m happy

LJ: You guys have always been working on your music but not many people knew about it because the general public tend to focus on visual and idol images. But many people are starting to recognize it now so I think other bands will feel proud of you too

DM: Minhwan, be honest. You didn’t want this album to succeed, did you? Since you didn’t do anything

MH: Ok, I was goofing off when other members were working on this but before our comeback, I practiced for our teaser MV

HK: Minhwan did everything for that starting with planning

MH: I’m working hard in various other fields, including LOL

*** Title Song: ‘PRAY’

LJ: Before coming here, Hongki sang this LIVE on a music show. How was it?

HK: I nearly died

LJ: Why?

HK: This is hard rock and we don’t play pre-recorded track. We only play parts with doubling. It was also my first time singing it. I nearly died

JH: Let’s bring it down a half key

HK: No, that’ll hurt my pride. And I can’t really sing well in the daylight. I sing it better at night

MH: We came back from Japan just yesterday too. Hongki didn’t get any sleep

DM: What did you do in Japan?

HK: We did LIVE

DM: And visited an adult store, right?

HK: We didn’t

JH: Dongmin must think Japan only has adult stores

DM: I’m sorry. I meant to say hair shop

JH: Adult hair shop

Lady Jane then read some comments from fans complimenting ‘Pray.’ One fan said, “Hongki, do you remember when you said you won’t let us feel embarrassed? Thank you for keeping that promise.”

DM: What does that mean?

HK: There are many fans who waited for us for a long time. They saw ahead to our future and waited to hear our music. I was so thankful to them. There are many groups these days. But because they protect us and support us, I said we won’t let feel ashamed

DM: So they can boast about you guys?

HK: Yes. So they can confidently share our music with others

Fan since day 1? Don’t forget about me! LOL 

This brings back a recent conversation I had with one of my best friends. We’ve been Primadonnas since day 1 because we both saw the potential and believed that FTISLAND will become a true rock band.

External image

Thank you FTISLAND for making every moment of the past 9 years so precious!! 

LJ: What does this mean? This listener is asking about Dragon Ball shouting

HK: I did it today at the recording

LJ: Why is it Dragon Ball?

HK: It’s like when they are summoning up energy in Dragon Ball

MH: Rather than shouting, this is more like squalling

HK: Yes, it’s not shouting. I’m squalling because I’m in pain

*** K-Pop Planet & Serious Psycho Jaejin

Since we are on a KBS radio show, we can’t ignore Jaejin’s performance on ‘K-Pop Planet.’ Jaejin said he doesn’t know what to do because some people are criticizing it for being too much like a documentary.

LJ: But when you are talking about music, you have to be serious

HK: Jaejin is the most serious of all of us and a psycho

JJ: Why would you say that? Why am I a psycho?

HK: Jaejin acts psychotic around us but once the camera comes on, he hides it

SH: I was recently on ‘K-Pop Planet’ and he talked about music seriously. He was a really serious psycho

External image

LJ: One of the producers just said she agrees

HK: You have to really show that to the viewers

SH: It’s really attractive

JJ: I can only do what’s acceptable on air

The DJs also made a quick mention of FNC Kingdom Concert happening in May. Apparently, there are still many tickets left so FTISLAND encouraged the DJs to give them away to listeners. The family concert is also expected to kick off FTISLAND’s solo concerts in Korea and neighboring concerts. While the promotional activities for ‘I Will’ is scheduled to last for 4 months, it looks like there won’t be any break for FTISLAND. ㅠㅠ

*** FTISLAND ‘I Will’ Track Review (Minus ‘PRAY’)

001. Black Chocolate

DM: Who’s song is this?

HK: Mine

DM: What’s the title?

HK: ‘Black Chocolate’

JH: Cacao 100%

LD: An extremely bitter chocolate

HK: Originally, it was ‘Dark Chocolate.’ But people can eat that. But black chocolate is so bitter that not many people can eat it. It’s about love that’s as bitter as that

LD: You’ve had your fair share of bitter love

HK: I’ve had many share of all kinds of love

LJ: Please boast about your song

HK: For LIVE, we rearrange this song. So when you make up your mind about this song based on the mp3, when you hear it LIVE, you’ll go “WOW”

LJ: So it sounds different?

HK: No, it has a similar style but you’ll hear something that you can only hear it LIVE

JJ: It sounds more powerful when performed LIVE

LJ: I’m curious

DM: Hongki, did you compose and write the lyrics?

HK: Yes

DM: Amazing. I feel proud

HK: Thank you

Alright, DJ Pri’s confession time. Ever since ‘Black Chocolate’ first came out, I made fun of Hongki for making up a word. But now that he said this…I’m the stupid one. v_v Something called black chocolate actually exists?? OMG I’m sorry Hongki!!! ㅠㅠㅠ But thank you again for giving me the chance to hear ‘Black Chocolate’ LIVE. It was AMAZING!!!

External image


002. BPM 69

LJ: Who’s song is this?

JJ: Me, the Serious Psycho. While making the album, we wanted to show more of rock sound. But we didn’t want to throw away everything we’ve done so far. So this song is like our usual ballad but with new elements. If you listen to the beginning, you’ll catch that it feels a little like rock. 

DM: What’s the title?

JJ: ‘BPM 69’

LJ: What does that mean?

JJ: The beats per minute are 69

LJ: Why is it set at 69?

HK: It was a coincidence but in a way, it’s noise marketing

JJ: I wanted to try it

DM: We’ll leave it up to your imagination

SH: He’s seriously a psycho

003. Do You Know Why?

LJ: Tell us about the next song

JJ: I composed it and Hongki wrote the lyrics. Firstly, the song is melodic rock ballad like the ones I often wrote. I struggled with writing the lyrics but Hongki interpreted it really well

HK: There was a time when I witnessed Serious Psycho’s extremely selfish love

JJ: When did I do that?

HK: The song is about Jaejin’s very selfish love and a bad guy. He says “you are so boring. No matter how nice you are to me, I’m bored of you being nice. Have we felt anything like love?” It’s Jaejin’s very selfish love

External image

DM: What’s wrong with him?

HK: He’s feeling it right now

LJ: Is he a clay? He’s like a sculpture

DM: What do you think?

SH: Whenever he has that facial expression, he is acknowledging it

JJ: It’s really about Hongki but he kept telling everyone that it’s my story

LJ: Have you told a girl that she is boring?

JJ: I haven’t

LJ: Do you cross your heart and hope to die?

JJ: I don’t say things like that

LJ: You probably said it in your head

JJ: I could’ve

DM: Then what do you say to a girl when you break up?

JJ: Just, let’s break up

– Lady Jane started playing Jaejin’s girlfriend and Seunghyun kept butting in on behalf of Jaejin –

LJ: Why?

SH: Because I’m a Serious Psycho

JJ: I’m not sure

LJ: Why? If you don’t know why, who does?

SH: I have to go level-up

JJ: I don’t know what I said at the time

HK: He told us that he got bored of her

JJ: I didn’t think you’d say it for real

004. Hey Girl

JH: This song’s lyrics give you the most goosebumps in the entire album

LJ: Why?

JH: Because it’s bright and like I miss you. It’s cheesy

LJ: Shouldn’t you be feeling like this at your age?

JH: Yes, so we did write the lyrics that fit our age group. Other songs are a bit rebellious and about bad love. But this one fits the love for us in the mid-20s

DM: The title is ‘Hey Girl’

LJ: I love its melody and everything

JH: Girls tend like like melodies like this one

LJ: But you are saying its cheesey

DM: Jonghun and Hongki are the same age, right? How old are you this year?

HK: 26

LJ: They aren’t even that old

HK: But my birthday is early so my friends are 27

LJ: Trying to act older

HK: I tell people I’m 26 of course

LJ: When I was 26, Hongki was 20

DM: You were in high school at the time?

HK: Yes

DM: Really?

MH: I was in middle school

LJ: Wow, the time flies

HK: The song is also about our feelings for our fans

JH: It’s almost a fan song

LJ: Fans would love this

005. To The Light

LJ: Who’s song is this one?

SH: Serious Psycho’s

LJ: This is really nice

DM: Good job. Tell us about the song

JJ: I was upset because I got framed earlier. But now, I feel good

LJ: Why do you feel different every second?

SH: Don’t say that. He’ll get upset again. Please be careful

LJ: I’m sorry

JJ: We actually made our album about a year ago but the release date kept being pushed back. So after waiting, we first released this song in Japan. We brought it back to Korea because we really wanted to perform it here. I really wanted to bring it here because it has a style that we never tried in Korea

DJ: It’s a mysterious style

JJ: So we brought it. And personally, I wrote it when I was having hard time so overall, the lyrics are about feeling stuck and walking towards the light

DM: To the right?

HK: It’s light

JJ: ‘Right’ means correct

DM: Can you just write songs in Korean?

Hey guys, ‘right’ also means a direction LOL #I’m_Just_Saying

External image


LJ: It’s about finding hope

DM: Why did you feel stuck at the time?

JJ: I was confused about my identity

DM: About your gender identity?

JJ: No! I mean as a band. Since we play instruments, we thought all we had to do was play them. But we also had to act and do other stuff even though we just wanted to do music. So we had lot of concerns

DM: Experiencing other things can help you. Just make sure you are loyal to your role as a band

006. Time To

LJ: I like this running style

HK: It’s like an old American rock style

DM: Who’s song is it?

HK: Serious Psycho

LJ: It’s my style

JJ: Like Hongki said, I listen to alot of American rock. I made this because wanted to try something fresh and rough. It sounds good when we perform it LIVE, but I have some regrets about it as mp3

DM: When you perform this, you guys will jump all over the place and stuff

FT: Of course

DM: A band’s charm is to have many songs for LIVE performance

007. Shadow

External image

LJ: Tell us about the next song

SH: It’s called ‘Shadow.’ If you read the lyrics, they say “don’t avoid me.” It’s creepy

DM: Is it Seunghyun’s song?

SH: It’s not my song

HK: It’s Serious Psycho’s song

LJ: Again?

JJ: I’m turning into a really weird person

SH: I think this song matches Jaejin the most. Jaejin is like shadow. He sneaks up next to you to get the work done and then disappears

HK: He is like a shadow

SH: He stays to your left and then suddenly appears from the right

LJ: What’s wrong with you?

JJ: I’m not sure

SH: You get tired of love songs. So he even wrote the lyrics in a unique way

HK: We sing about love a lot but they all have different genre

LJ: I think you guys all avoided a typical love story

External image

DM: Minhwan, do you have a girlfriend right now?

MH: Do you think I do or don’t?

DM: What’s wrong with him?

JJ: In the past, he would freeze

DM: This must be a quiz show

MH: Even if I have one, I want to say that I don’t. If I don’t, I’ll say I don’t. I want to do that for her

HK: So you have one

LJ: What if she wants you to tell people?

MH: Then I will. I think the fans will prefer that. I don’t want to hide anything 

DM: Everyone out there are saying no. They don’t want you to reveal it

MH: Then I won’t

DM: Why do you misunderstand people? Your fans don’t even want you to date 

HK: They say that but they’ll marry someone else anyways

TIME OUT LEE HONGKIi!! I never oppose you dating anyone. I rather you do and be honest about it since that’s helping you write amazing songs. BUT, if I get a chance, I’ll totally marry you. #I’m_Just_Saying LOLOL 

008. Please

LJ: Who wants to tell us about this song?

MH: Should I?

DM: The person without a girlfriend do it

MH: This song is by Jonghun. Jonghun had a girl he loved in the past. This is the 3rd song that he wrote about her

HK: It’s the 4th

MH: The 4th song

JJ: It’s a series. We are in season 4

LJ: Jonghun is a romantist

DM: Doesn’t this mean you are the psycho?

External image

MH: Among our recent Japanese songs, there’s ‘Last Love Song.’ We thought that was the last song about her. But Jonghun said this is the last one

JJ: It’s just the aftereffects

HK: You are being stupid

DM: Is your next song going to be like “Stalker?” You must’ve really loved her

JH: The song is about “I’m still looking for you but I can’t reach her”


009. Light

HK: This is a very hopeful song. I thought of it while drinking with our members

LJ: So it’s meaningful 

HK: For the lyrics, I asked our fans for words related to light and mixed in their answers

DM: So you made it with fans

HK: But only I get paid for copyrights

*** Lee Hongki VS Han Sungho

External image

FNC Entertainment CEO Han’s stupidity on ‘Radio Star’ is still a hot issue. So of course Jang Dongmin will bring it up as well.

In closing, Jang Dongmin asked Hongki if he had anything to say to CEO Han. Hongki said he doesn’t really have complaints and he is thankful of him. Hongki said he talks about many things with the CEO. 

The recent topic of discussion:

Does the dream or the result come first?

HK: I always want to say the dream comes first. But lately, I feel like the CEO has a slightly different agenda. I wonder if he is too focused on the reality. So I want to tell him that “we came to this company to entrust with you our dream, not the reality.”

It’s been 9 years for FTISLAND to hold onto their dream and walk towards the light. 

It’s been 9 years for FTISLAND to see themselves as a rock band and strived to fulfil the expectations.

It’s been 9 years for PRIMADONNAS to believe in FTISLAND and wait for their true music.

It’s already been 9 years. 

So what’s another 5 years? Or even 10, as long as our hearts stay the same?

I #PRAY for #FTISLAND Forever

                                                                                                – DJ. Pri

Source: KBS 2 o’clock + DJ. Pri ;; Twitter @ChocopieK

[Pri-Log] 121130 FT Island Fortune Ranking

MBC ‘All the K-Pop’ contacted several famous fortunetellers stationed across subway line number 2 to find out FT Island members’ individual fortune. Those fortunetellers answered only by looking at FT Island members’ pictures and ranked which member would be most successful solo.

External image

 “As a solo singer?”

 “A solo singer, a solo actor…basically who could have become a bigger star away from FT Island.”

Boom: “Seunghyun, have you ever thought of yourself as too good for FT Island?”

External image

 “I think each and every one of us is really talented. We can act, we are all handsome.”

 “Seunghyun, what are you going to do if you come out solo?”

SH: “I’ve got plenty to do. I can do variety shows, dramas, whatever.”

Boom: “Do you have a driver’s license?”

 “Yes, I can also drive.”

Boom: “So you can become a chauffeur too.”

Which FT Island member would be most successful solo?

External image

#5: Lee Jaejin
Jaejin is smart. He’s clever and realistic. 
He’s born with a jewel of fortune. He’s got prince-syndrome.
He lives off of himself.
He has prince-syndrome, so he can’t do rough tasks.
If he opens up his own business, he’ll end up running it.
He’ll become #1 starting at age 44. Things are going to be better for him during mid-age.
He’s got a lot of girls in his life.
He’s got a closet full of girls. All he has to do is take them out.

External image

Boom: “Wow, other members actually screamed. And Jaejin was sitting all straight but then he started leaning over.”

JM: “Hongki, which part was really correct about Jaejin?”

HK: “First, that he is really smart and realistic. That’s 100% true. And that he has a lot of girls. That’s true too. Plus, someone said he shouldn’t open up his own business. Jaejin has no interest in business. He does have prince-syndrome.”

External image

#4: Song Seung Hyun
Seunghyun is blessed with luck in business and wealth. 
He has the talent, skills and value to market himself alone.
He doesn’t need to worry about money.
He can’t stay in one place too along. He’s bound to go all over the world.
He’ll live well even abroad. If FT Island get to succeed abroad, that’s because of Seunghyun’s fortune.

JH: “Seunghyun recently starred in a musical and that was a huge in Japan.”

SH: “
Yes, I ended it successfully…I don’t believe this kind of stuff but I did go see a fortuneteller with Minhwan once. That time, I was told that I had blessings from Heaven.”

Boom: “They say you are going to be wealthy. Do you have enough yet?”

SH: “I think I’ll start making money soon. I’m still working on them.”

External image

#3: Choi Jong Hun
Jonghun won’t run out of money but he should take better care of it for the future.
He won’t run out of luck for wealth but he needs to be careful how he uses it.
He appears to be active but he tends to let things stack inside of him.
He has a poker face and uses that to hide his ambition.
He has a quick intuition, strong foresightedness, and can make decisions in an instant.
He has the most luck with girls.

Boom: “What do you think?”

External image

JH: “I’m a little satisfied. I actually have a business I’m secretly planning.”

Boom: “Give that to Jaejin.”

JM: “So that leaves Minhwan and Hongki.”

Boom: “I’m impressed that Minhwan still hasn’t been called. I wonder what kind of fate he was born with.”

External image

#2. Lee Hongki

Hongki won’t be sinking low on this path. He’ll hit it big.
If he goes solo, he’ll only go up and never go down.
He has the tendency to be confident and competitive wherever he goes.
He is his own law. He is stubborn and doesn’t listen to anyone.
This guy carries a sword. If a man carries a sword, he has a strong mind.
If Hongki hadn’t become a celebrity, he wouldn’t have had any luck until he was 51.
Before then, he’s screwed unless he became a teacher or something.

External image

#1. Choi Min Hwan
It says Minhwan will take two things: music and acting.
He doesn’t just take one thing but combines two or three.
He has the talent to make other people’s talents into his. He’s very smart.
He’s intelligent. But if he ever doesn’t like someone, it’s going to be very difficult to change his mind.
He has a kind heart. So he is very good to people who are good to him. But he tries to  get back at those who aren’t kind to him.

Mir: “How is it, Minhwan? Are those true?”

 “Hongki’s fate was pretty up there too.”

External image

 “Mine was 100% correct. I have a strong mind, I try not to lose, I have to do what I want, and I don’t know what else I would’ve done if I wasn’t here.”

 “You would’ve been screwed.”

 “I’m glad they said I won’t fall down.”

 “But Minhwan beat Hongki. Many of them said you are really smart.”

 “He is so smart.”

 “And you quickly learn other people’s skills.”

 “And ultimately, you don’t just show one thing but two or three things at the same time.”

 “I think I know what that means. Drum, magic and martial arts. Those are what he is doing lately.”

 “Do you want to act?”

 “I want to if I get a chance.”

External image

Combine that with his expertise in chicken…Choi Minhwan is the BEST MAN!

Source: MBC All The K-Pop @youtube DJ.Pri 

[Pri-Log] 121008 FT Island on MBC Starry Night

* This broadcast was audio only*

It took less than a fraction of a second for them to steal my heart six years ago. And they still haven’t given it back to me. In fact, they are getting better at playing with it.

How dare you??!! 

Yet, these guys aren’t even showing a hint of apology. In fact, this is what I get in return.

JH: “Hey, don’t be hurt because of me! Don’t!”

Erm…crazy much?

JH: “This is just me yelling.”

HK: “Don’t you think about…er, what?”

JJ: “What’s wrong with you people?”

HK: “Don’t you think about rejecting me. I’m probably the best out of all the guys you’ll meet.”

JJ: “Don’t you make eye contact with another guy. Don’t ask why. I just don’t like it.”

MH: “Are you interested in me? You must like a handsome guy.”

SH: “Hey you, don’t get sick. I don’t want to see you whining.”

They all suck at this. But are we even surprised? They are FT Island, joining lovely Younha on the set of her radio show MBC ‘Younha’s Starry Night.’ 

External image

** Hello To Best Friend FT Island

YH: “Hello, FT Island. How have you all been? I missed you.”

HK: - says something inaudible and something terribly informal - 

YH: “Excuse me, Hongki?”

HK: “There’s no formal language in America…”

JJ: “Hey Hongki, how have you been?”

HK: “I’ve been well.”

YH: “Hongki can do whatever because he is my senior. You were a child actor. ‘Magic Kid Matsuri.’”

YH: “What’s new with you guys? Have you been traveling between Korea and Japan?”

HK: “No, not recently.”

YH: “You were in Korea?”

HK: “Yes, we were promoting our album and the song with Jaejin’s heart, ‘I wish.’”

YH: “Did Jaejin write the lyrics for it?

HK: “No, but it’s about Jaejin’s experience.”

YH: “Something happened, right?”

SH: “Of course. There were love and goodbye.”

JJ: “Hey, can you not force it?”

YH: “But this is normal for your age. And Primadonnas are very understanding about that.”

Younha said FT Island last appeared on her radio show back in February. So this visit comes after 10 months.  Minhwan had a different calculation.

External image

MH: “It’s after 8 months.”

HK: “Wouldn’t the producers know better than you Minhwan?”

MH: “Hasn’t it been 8 months? They say 8 months is correct.”

JH: “This makes us not best friends.”

Totally owned.

YH: “So you’ve been going on other radio shows during that 8 months and made ‘Starry Night’ your last stop.”

HK: “That makes us feel sad if you say it like that.”

YH: “I’m sad.”

HK: “But we don’t make the schedule.”

YH: “Of course. But I’m glad to have you all here. I heard you all wanted to come on ‘Starry Night.’”

YH: “Seunghyun acted out a love scene with me for ‘Younha & Younger guy.’”

SH: “Yes. It was so much fun.”

HK: “It looked awkward to me.”

SH: “It was. But it was my first time.”

YH: “I didn’t have any chance to get close with Seunghyun.”

HK: “Seunghyun thinks he’s close with you.”

YH: “We are, we are. I’m close with everyone in FT Island but I don’t think I’ve had a lot of chance to talk to Seunghyun.”

HK: “Make this your chance.”

 “Yes, since we’ll see each other every day through Friday.”

** Five Treasure Box

External image

 “There’s so much to talk about your fourth official album. It’s the first one in three years. This must feel special for you all.”

HK: “Yes but, as you know, we’ve only released official albums when we first debuted. That was so hard on us. And even for mini-album, FNC likes to fill each album with as many songs as possible for the value-sake at least. Even our mini-album has 8 songs. This official album has even more but…”

YH: “I see. I’m looking at your album right now…”

External image

 “Excuse me, Ms. DJ! I’m talking but you are being loud Jaejin looking at album jackets.”

YH: “When were we being loud? We were quiet.”

YH: “FT Island have always presented packed albums. Even jackets for this album are packed. How many are there?”

FT Island: “We don’t know. Maybe 18…”

YH: “Each of you are in your own room, I mean, your box. It’s a box, right?”

HK: “The box is our room.”

YH: “Ah, Five Treasure Box”

JH: “You can post those pictures up in your room.”

YH: “Ah, I see. And the pictures are so pretty.”

FT Island: “Yeah.”

YH: “What does Five Treasure Box mean?”

SH: “Five Treasure Box means, Jaejin will explain.”

YH: “Did Jaejin make this? Was it your idea, Jaejin?”

JJ: “No, I didn’t. Our team name is FT Island. And this album has many songs that were written and composed by us. Almost 70% of them are ours. So the album has a lot of individual styles that each of us wants to show. We wanted to show that through our individual rooms.”

YH: “Ah, Hongki wrote lyrics for several songs too.”

HK: “Yes, I think I have a talent with writing lyrics.”

YH: “’Life,’ ‘Compass,’ and ‘Stay with me.’ Where did you get your inspirations? A lot must have happened while you had your time off.”

HK: “Love, goodbye, meeting…something like that.”

SH: “He’s so good at writing them.”

YH: “Yeah, I know. I was so surprised reading these. I didn’t know Hongki had this in him.”

HK: “It was fun. But it’s also really hard when nothing comes out. Writing for ‘Compass’ was quick. It took me maybe 10 or 15 minutes. ‘Stay with me’ took me three days.”

YH: “September isn’t so long ago. You aren’t talking about last month, right?”

HK: “No.”

YH: “Really?”

HK: “Seriously, no.”

YH: “Then September of which year?”

 “I don’t know.”

External image

YH: “Choi Jonghun also composed. And Jaejin composed and wrote ‘Paper Plane.’ Jaejin, what kind of a song is it?”

JJ: “Paper plane.”

YH: “I asked what kind of a song it is.”

JJ: “It’s a song with a slight twist. When you first hear it, you may wonder what it’s about. But it’s a song with hope. Paper plane is weak. It can break in winds but it’s saying lets fly again.”

YH: “Almost all of these songs are by members. Seunghyuna and Minhwan composed ‘Wanna Go.’ This album must feel really special to you guys.”

HK: “Yes. So instead of promoting our title song on radio shows or T.V. shows, we ask people to love our album.”

YH: “Yes, it’s difficult for featured songs to shine lately. But I’m sure FT Island fans will really love this album.”

** Title Song: ‘I wish’

External image

 “The lyrics is about a guy who never really loved anyone until he meets this one girl and falls completely head over heels.”

HK: “This story is similar to Jaejin’s.”

 “Why do you keep do this to me?”

HK: “When Jaejin first debuted, he never had a girlfriend. But then, just like the lyrics, how should I say this? Someone punched holes into his eyes.”

 “You mean my eyes opened.”

HK: “Yes, his eyes got opened to love. But then afterwards, his eyes kept opening.”

YH: “And they get bigger.”

MH: “He even sleeps with his eyes opened.”

JH: “What, he does?”

JJ: “Are you sure?”

MH: “No.”

YH: “Aw Jaejin, what happened to you? But Jaejin is really friendly.”

JH: “Yes, and that’s why he can be dangerous.”

HK: “He approaches you nicely but then turns around cold.”

YH: “He’s like a big brother who takes good care of you.”

JH: “That’s right.”

HK: “But you aren’t dating him.”

YH: “Right.”

HK: “That’s why he’s nice.”

YH: “Ah, so he turns bad to his girlfriend. This is ironic. But the song is about falling in love with just one girl. How are you guys with love in real life? I feel like Jonghun would do this.”

JH: “I fall but I don’t dedicate myself entirely. I do that slowly. “

YH: “So you dedicate yourself as you realize she is the one?”

JH: “Yes.”

MH: “But the lyrics say the guy never looked at any other girls. That’s not Jonghun at all.”

 “I look at them all. Everyone is a surprise.”

HK: “That’s kind of like me.”

JJ: “Yes, that’s Hongki.”

HK: “But I have different way of looking than these guys.”

 “But Jonghun has something in his eyes that attracts girls.”

And just like that, we skip Hongki. 

External image

 “Yes, Jonghun has that. He had it since he was young.”

 “Someone who watched us on stage actually said Jonghun has gotten sexy.”

YH: “But Jonghun has always been sexy. He was sexy when I first met him too. “

HK: “Yeah, his looks and personality are like…”

YH: “ When he is holding his guitar, it drives me crazy.”

 “It’s good for a guitarist to be sexy.”

YH: “Yes, of…of course. Why am I stuttering today?”

** Other Activities

YH: “Hongki, you are in a movie. What kind of a movie is it?

HK: “It’s called ‘Our,’ no, ‘Phoenix.’ That’s the temporary title. It’s like a human drama about a hospice. It’s comic but also sad.”

YH: “Hospice sounds like a scary place to me. What’s your role?”

HK: “I’m the main character. At first, I’m a snobby celebrity. But then I cause a trouble and go to hospice to volunteer. And it’s about what happens there. There’s not much about my job as a celebrity.”

JH: “Okay, enough. You can promote it later.”

YH: “Jonghun controls Hongki.”

 “Just like a leader should.”

YH: “Seunghyun was in a musical, ‘Jack the Ripper.’”

External image

SH: “Yes, I wrapped it up recently.”

YH: “Good job.”

SH: “Thank you.”

YH: “How was it? The storyline is a bit psychotic.”

SH: “Yes.”

HK: “But he is.”

YH: “He doesn’t look like it.”

SH: “It was really hard at first because the role wasn’t for my age. But because I was young, I could show off young acting.”

JJ: “He really did well. We went to see him. And it’s not easy for us to compliment our member but he did a good job.”

HK: “Jaejin, then can you compare your character ‘Dong Seok’ from ‘Sonagi’ to Seunghyun…”

JJ: “Without question, I did better. He’s no competition.”

MH: “This must be how he is when he’s dating.”

YH: “It feels weird.”

JJ: “It feels very quiet and weird.”

FT Island introduced their gift for listeners. Five lucky listeners who text messages to the station will get FT Island 3-set: autographed album, Polaroid photo, and gift card for sneakers. 

Younhwa pointed out how much Minhwan improved with reading scripts. Before, it would take him at least 10 minutes just to find his part.

Jaejin introduced the title song with the usual “it’s a song with a twist” description.

- ‘I wish’ by FT island -

** FT Island’s Teamwork

YH: “Each of you have a really different charm from each other. Do you get along?”

HK: “I think we wouldn’t have gotten along if we were similar.”

YH: “But this way you guys can compliment each other.”

 “Yeah, we are so different. As you can see, I’m really different from the rest four. Jaejin is different.”

YH: “Isn’t Jaejin the normal one?”

MH: “He looks normal, right? But there’s the twist.”

 “People who look normal are the most scary ones.”

YH: “Really? What’s up with Jaejin?”

HK: “Seunghyun is super innocent as of now. He’s really pure. And Minhwan seems kind of stupid.  Jonghun is just really good at stuff.”

External image

JH: “I’m fully ripened.”

YH: “Isn’t Jonghun like the dad in the group?”

HK: “No, he’s not.”

JH: “I’m not, Hongki?”

 “He’s the mom.”

 “I’m the mom.”

HK: “He cooks.”

JH: “Ah, I cook.”

 “You cook for them?”

 “But he doesn’t clean!”

YH: “If he cooks, shouldn’t other members clean?”

HK: “But he cooks like fried eggs.”

JJ: “No, he makes stuff looking up recipes.”

HK: “Yeah, that’s how we get chicken breast.”

** Sense Talk
External image

Younha asks a question and counts to three. Then the members should name the member that fits the question at the same time.

HK: “We like this kind of games.”

YH: “It’s kind of like an image game.”

JJ: “I’m getting nervous.”

YH: “This could divide up the group.”

Q 1: Who experienced break up most recently?

FT Island: Jaejin!!!

JJ: “Hongki! Hongki!”

YH: “Who is it Jaejin? Why didn’t you tell me?”

JJ: “I’ll tell you later.”

YH: “Let’s talk later.”

Q 2: Who looked the most depressed after a break up?

FT Island: Jonghun!!!

YH: “Really?”

HK: “He’s the worst.”

JJ: “It can’t get any worse.”

YH: “But he seems like he won’t even bleed a drop when poked by a needle.”

JJ: “Right? But he’ll spray blood.”

 “I spray water.”

YH: “I thought I knew you.”

Q 2: Who is most messy?

MH: Seunghyun!

He was the only one who yelled out and he felt awkward. ㅡㅡ;; 

HK: “This one is hard because we live two and three.”

JJ: “But I pick Seunghyun. He tends to put his clothes wherever.”

YH: “Just like he is shedding?”

Q 3: Who has the most girl contacts on his cell phone?

SH: “
This one is for sure. Shall we go to the right?”

YH: “One, two, three!”

FT Island: 

JJ: “Hey, this honestly isn’t me.”

HK: “This is Jonghun.”

YH: “I think Jaejin will have a lot of girl contacts.”

JH: “Don’t picture me that way.”

 “Jaejin’s gets updated the most often.”

 JJ: “That’s because I have a lot of friends lately.”

YH: “I think you would too. But many of them are girls, right? What kind of friends are they?”

YH: “And Jonghun, do you exchange numbers often too?”

JH: “I don’t easily but it ends up being easy.”

FT Island: “What does that mean?”

JH: “I mean I don’t ask but…”

YH: “You don’t ask for numbers but everyone else asks for yours. So in conclusion, I’m so freaking popular.”

JJ: “Everyone asks for it.”

HK: “I think he asks himself.”

YH: “Thinking about it, I think I asked him for his number too.”

Q: Which member cries the most often?

FT Island: Minhwan

YH: “Ah, Minhwan.”

- Minhwan starts sobbing -

YH: “The youngest always cries the most easily.”

Q: Who acts the most differently on and off camera?

HK: Jaejin and Minhwan.

YH: “Really? Erm…really? Jaejin, what are you really?”

JJ: “This is what I think lately. They all picked me as the target. Everywhere they go, they always just talk about me.”

HK: “No, we don’t. You have to admit this one is you.”

JJ: “How am I different? I just don’t show much on camera. I’m not popular!”

HK: “You are good with showing of personal talents at home but you don’t do them on air.”

JJ: “Those I really can’t do on camera.”

HK: “But you are so good at them.”

JJ: “I’m shy.”

HK: “Show us something.”

JJ: “Show what?”

HK: “K-Will imitation.”

JJ: “I need my throat to be in a good condition to do that. I’ll do it later.”

Q: Who changes the most in front of a girl?

FT Island: Jonghun

JH: Hongki

JJ: “It is Hongki.”

HK: “Why me? Why me?”

JJ: “Don’t pretend you don’t.”

HK: “Hey, that’s not it. It’s different between a girl I like and just any girl.”

JJ: “But you have a lot of those.”

YH: “I see. I don’t feel too good about being any girl.”

It’s time to talk about all this.

** Jaejin’s Breakup

External image

YH: “Jaejin, are you okay?”

JJ: “I actually didn’t get to go out with her for that long. We ended up saying goodbye just when I finally thought I was going to like her. We didn’t have enough trust for each other and concluded we weren’t happy. But then Hongki ended up talking about it on air the very next day. He kept teasing it like Jaejin likes iced latte. So I just said it.”

HK: “It was ranked number 1 on the most searched topic online. Didn’t you see it? ‘Lee Jaejin breakup?’”

YH: “Wait, that Lee Jaejin was this Lee Jaejin?”

JJ: “Yes, that was me.”

YH: “I see. Jaejin, you’ll definitely meet a better person soon.”


YH: “And you talk about it so confidently. Your fans must be upset.”

JJ: “But it wasn’t so bad.”

YH: “Because you weren’t really deep into the relationship, right?

JJ: “Right. It ended just when I was about to give my heart. So that was fortunate.”

YH: “You’ll meet a better person soon. The way I see it, there are many good girls around Jaejin.”

HK: “Are you sure?”

YH: “Yes, there are many good girls around him, including me.”

** Jonghun: the very definition of “sad”

External image

JH: “I’ll say it first. I get lonely easily. So there is a huge difference between when I’m single and when I’m not. I think I really spend each day pitifully.”

YH: “What are you like when you have a girlfriend and when you don’t?”

JH: “When I have one…”

 “His posture straightens.”

YH: “When he has someone?”

HK: “But when he doesn’t, he gets all…I can’t explain this in words.”

YH: “He slouches and puts his head down.”

 “And he often says he’s lonely.”

YH: “So when he does have a girlfriend…”

 “He always smiles.”

YH: “Is he the type to be with her all the time?”

HK: “Yes, almost.”

JJ:  “He calls her often too.”

YH: “So whenever he doesn’t have schedule. Even when he is tired…”

HK: “No. He doesn’t meet her when he is tired. He is good at taking care of himself.”

YH: “Wow. That must be hard.”

YH: “Jonghun, what did you do when you felt most pitiful?”

JH: “I just went somewhere nice with fresh air. And I just think by myself.”

HK: “And he comes home drunk.”

JH: “The saddest thing to do is to drink wine alone while watching TV.”

YH: “That’s not too bad.”

HK: “What Jonghun said is correct. He drinks wine at home watching Infinite Challenge or something. He doesn’t even laugh. He just keeps drinking. So I ask him what he’s doing and he lets out a sign. And then once he gets drunk, he hugs me and cries that he’s lonely. He’s like ‘Hongki~’”


JH: “Let’s move on.”

YH: “But every one of you picked Jonghun without hesitation. He must’ve been really pitiful.”

** Messy Member

We skip this question because the explanation is boring.
No, really. That’s what Younha and FT Island said. I’m just translating. ^^V

** Jaejin’s Many “Girlfriends”

This is a recent thing.

JJ: “It’s weird. I used to like staying home alone but then I started to follow the older ones.”

HK: “Can you take out the part about following us.”

JJ: “But that’s how it started. Hongki introduces me to many good people. So then I realized it’s pointless to stay in. So I go out and hang out with people.”

HK: “Isn’t 91-line the reason?”

JJ: “Right. I meet friends of my own age. There are many celebrities among them too. So I get to meet a lot of new people.”

YH: “Who are your close friends?”

JJ: “I recently went to a birthday party with Nicole and Key. They are my closest friends.”

YH: “Did just three of you have a party?”

JJ: “No, a lot of people came.”

YH: “Okay. Jaejin, you are really well known for your good relationship with people. He’s really nice to them.”

JJ: “Thank you.”

YH: “Jonghun also has many girl contacts.”

JH: “I have girls and guys.”

JJ: “Hongki has a lot of guy contacts.”

YH: “Hongki is so out-going.”

HK: “Yeah, I’m really close with guys. I honestly don’t have many girl contacts.”
YH: “I think you would.”

 “I want to know but I get too shy to ask. And even when I manage to ask, they get shy too and miss out on the chance.”

YH: “I really want to hang out with Hongki but he’s always with guys. So that’s awkward for me. But I’m sure he’ll meet a good girl soon.”

** Crybaby Minhwan

External image

YH: “What were you so sad about?”

MH: “I don’t think I cry that much.”

HK: “Yes, you do.”

JJ: “I think Minhwan is really pure.”

HK: “I’m really jealous of Minhwan’s sensitivity towards feelings. He can express his emotions with his eyes. I’m so jealous of that. I got xerophtalmia so I can’t cry.”

YH: “But you still act well.”

HK: “It’s hard when I act a crying scene.”

YH: “What do you think about this Minhwan?”

MH: “There is only one reason I cry. It’s because of members.”

JJ: “That’s right.”

MH: “I get so upset over one thing they say.”

 “You cry because you get upset? I thought you were gonna say you cry because you are moved.”

HK: “We only tell him off because he keeps saying the same thing over and over again.”

YH: “What does he say?”

HK: “Whenever he gets drunk, he always says the same thing.”

YH: “Minhwan really wanted to drink when he was young. And now he finally can. How is it Minhwan?”

MH: “It’s okay.”

JJ: “Nice.”

YH: “Do you think you can let out your true feelings when you drink?”

MH: “I’m such an introvert. So when I drink, my personality comes out. One time, I got so caught up on one thing so I kept repeating that over and over.”

YH: “What did you say?”

MH: “It was about work. We were talking about what we all think, and I guess I had something I’ve been keeping to myself for a long time. So I kept saying that over and over.”

HK: “This is what Minhwan said. ‘I’ll only play drums and make our team go forward. I think that’s the right thing to do. I don’t want to follow the trend of trying out different genres.’ Even when we tried to explain it to him, he cut us off and repeated the entire thing from the beginning.”

JJ: “He was like ‘I’m satisfied with just being in FT Island.’”

HK: “Even CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa gave up trying to convince him.”

JJ: “The older members tried to make Minhwan understand. But I just ended up yelling at him and that’s why he cried. And then we went to put Minhwan to bed and gave him a hug.”

HK: “We told him, ‘good night and you know we love you, right?’ And then he just started bawling.”

JJ: “It was so adorable!”

YH: “Aw Minhwan. But they say drum is the most important part of a band. They call it the gold drum.”

JJ: “Gold drum?”

YH: “They say gold drum and silver bass. Minhwan, your role is very important. So we wish you the best.”

** Back to the guy on the hot seat lately: Jaejin

Jaejin got called out again as the member who acts differently on camera from when he’s off camera.

JJ: “I know what members are talking about. I’m shy on camera but I’m actually very active. For example, when we go to a club, I have the most fun.”

JH: “Jaejin is really the mood maker.”

JJ: “But when I’m on camera, I don’t know. It’s scary.”

YH: “Jaejin definitely has that feeling of a host.”

JH: “Really?”

YH: “I don’t mean that host. I mean host as in guest and host.”

JH: “I was so shocked that you suddenly went that way.”

YH: “People! I don’t mean the job host. I mean the difference between guest and host. When I meet Jaejin, he tends to decide the mood. He leads conversations and changes topics.”

JJ: “Yes, this turned out good.”

YH: “I think he’ll do a really good job if he DJs or MCs with close friends.”

** Hongki Changes In Front of Girls

JH: “Hongki acts really shy in front of girls.”

YH: “Isn’t that cute?”

JH: “It’s cute. And some girls fall for that.”

YH: “He fools around a lot and plays tricks on girls.”

JH: “Girls always like that.”

 “I don’t.”

HK: “I shouldn’t play tricks on you.”

YH: “I’m kidding.”

: “Okay, so this is the end of our sense talk. Did you think you guys were honest?”

FT Island: “We were very honest.”

JH: “We are always a bomb.”

JJ: “But if I think about it, when we met 8 months ago, I remember you had a really hard time with us because we were so loud. But this time, we are quiet…”

YH: “We’ve grown older since then. We are getting quieter.”

HK: “I have to save my throat.”

- Jaejin cracks up -

 “Are you laughing t me?”

 “Okay, okay. Hongki is so cute whatever he does. So cute!”

Hongki introduces ‘Stay with me.’ He wrote the lyrics based on his experience. He thought he was doing his best for girl but that was too much for her.

- ‘Stay with me’ by FT Island - 

** FT Island’s Dream

External image

YH: “FT Island say their dream is to conquer the world. How far are you willing to go?”

JH: “We really want to literally conquer the world. And last year, we went to perform in LA with CNBLUE.”

MH: “That was this year.”

JH: “It was this year. We’ve had this fear about America but after we went there and got positive response, we’ve started to plan….”

HK: “We just want to be indie.”

JH: “It doesn’t matter if we succeed or not. We aren’t doing it to make money.”

HK: “We want to do it just like when we first went to Japan. We want to start from the beginning in America. It was so hard in Japan at first but now we want to do it again in America.”

JH: “I think we’ll live a different life.”

YH: “I think it’ll be fun. And since you guys are so close, you will be able to overcome any challenges.”

External image

- FT Island sigh -

YH: “Why are you all sighing?”

YH: “Working abroad is good but Korean fans are so glad to see you back. This would make it hard for you to leave.”

HK: “Of course.”

MH: “Our promotion ends soon.”

HK: “Our fans always cheer for us with their heart. And we can see that they are trying to make us stand out. We are so thankful.”

YH: “FT Island and fans have a very special relationship. Do you have anything to say to Primadonnas?”

HK: “We got to win #1 for ‘I wish’ mostly because of our fans. They are always waiting for us, cheering for us, worrying about us. And when Jaejin’s break up news got out…”

JJ: “Can you stop talking about this?”

 “Even those who didn’t know will know now.”

JJ: “Can you please stop talking about this?”

External image

HK: “Even then, they really comforted Jaejin. So they are always on our side no matter what happens. They are our babies, our fools. We are always so thankful. I always tell them no matter what country we are in, including Korea, let’s be together until we die. I wish we really do that.”

Somebody grab me a box of Kleenex, please!  My baby! TT_TT<3 OMG I’ve already had my heart set on with these five treasures for almost 6 years now. So bring on 6 more years, or even 60, 600 years. Till death do us apart!! FT Island & Primadonna Forever!

YH: “It took three years for you come out with this official album. Will we have to wait another three years to see the next official album?”

JH: “Yes.”

YH: “Really?”

HK: “No.”

JJ: “We’ll try to come out with one soon.”

 “We don’t want to do a mini-album. We just want to work hard on another official album.”

YH: “That’s the beauty of FT Island.”

External image

The beauty of FT Island: HongHun moment with Jonghun drunk off wine. Just saying.

DJ. Pri Out!

P.S. Younha also signed off after promising FT Island to meet up for an after-party. BD

Source: MBC Younha’s Starry Night + DJ. Pri  

[Pri-Log] 120924 FT Island on SBS FM Jung Sun Hee’s Night Like Tonight

It’s officially Fall.

The way one of my friends puts it, “it’s the season that feels crisp and refreshing but could disappear any minute; the season that captures you inside a comfortable yet a mysterious feeling.” Perhaps this is why Fall always makes me crave for something warm to hold between my hands.

Just in time, FT Island is here with their cup of vanilla latte.

External image

On September 24th, FT Island sat down with radio DJ Jung Sun Hee on SBS Power FM ‘Jung Sun Hee’s Night Like Tonight.’ It was their first radio appearance since releasing their fourth official album ‘Five Treasure Island.’ And to celebrate the occasion, the members passed out vanilla latte to the entire program staff.

** Hello, FT Island!

The special corner with FT Island opened up as a visual radio, fully displaying Hongki dancing to Orange Caramel’s ‘lipstick.’ Hongki said primetime is his favorite time of the day.

DJ Jung Sun Hee asked the members to take turn and say hello to the camera.

External image

JH: “Camera should be pointing at us.”

JSH: “You have to position yourself in front of it. We are not automatic.”

JH: “Hello, I’m the Fall starter Choi Jonghun.”

JJ: “I’m Jaejin, suffering with the change of season allergy.”

HK: “Hello, I’m actor Lee Hongki recently filming a movie.”

“Actor Lee!”

MH: “Hello, I’m handsome guy Choi Minhwan.”

JSH: “He didn’t even hesitate to call himself handsome.”

SH: “Hello, I’m a guitarist and a rising musical star Song Seunghyun.”

JJ: “Are you sure?”

SH: “I actually finished ‘Jack The Ripper’ recently with a huge success.”

- Everyone claps –

JSH: “Hongki, what movie are you shooting?”

HK: “The title is temporary but it’s called ‘Our Heaven.’ We began filming for it today.”

JSH: “Who do you work with?”

HK: “I work with Ma Dong Seok, Im Won Hee and Baek Jin Hee.”

JSH: “Ah, isn’t Baek Jin Hee pretty?”

HK: “ Yes, she is.”

Then Hongki began describing what the movie is about, but couldn’t do it for long. Jonghun cut him off almost immediately, telling him to promote his movie another time.

** Ask FT Island!

As always, radio listers/viewers can send questions to guests either via text message or Goereala message board. Hongki suggested an all-out confession session.

HK: “Let’s talk everything about Lee Jaejin.”

JJ: “Why me?”

HK: “Because I’m Lee Jae Jin.”

JSH: “But Jaejin is suffering from an allergy right now.”

JJ: “Yeah, I’m not well right now. Can’t you spare me?”

JSH: “Are we going to talk about rash?

HK: “Then let’s go with Choi Minhwan.”


JSH: “Is Minhwan’s nickname ‘Minari?’ How adorable! And it’s edible.”

*Minari: dropwrort

JSH: “Minari is so pure and you cannot eat Maewoontang (spicy seafood soup) without that scent.”

** Five Treasure Box

External image

JSH: Your official fourth album is out!

FT Island: Yeah!

You killed all the ranking charts in a week since comeback!

FT Island: Wow!

JSH: This shows how much we’ve been thirsting for FT Island.

FT Island: Thank you.

JSH: How long has it been since you last released an album?

MH: It’s been three years for an official album. 

JSH: Let’s see. Five Treasure Box. The moment I open up the box, here comes the treasure.

- Takes out Minhwan’s photo.

JSH: “Minhwan appeared first. Minhwan, you’ve grown a lot.”

MH: “Did I?”

JSH: “When I first met you, you were a teenager. How old are you now?”

MH: “I’m 21.”

JSH: “OMG. I first saw you when you were 16.”

MH: “Yes.”

HK: “Wow, you remember exactly.”

JSH: “I was like how old are you, kid? Ah, I’ve been living too long.”

HK: “No, you have to live for a long, long time.”

JSH: “Thanks. Thanks for your Mid-Autumn Festival wish.”

A question came in from a viewer about their recent car crash. Are they okay?

HK: “We got into a minor accident on our way to a music program. It wasn’t serious but there was some after-effect. But I don’t think that’s going to affect our schedules.”

JSH: “Does the back of your neck feel stiff or anything?”

HK: “You know how you just feel stiff?”

JSH: “You really have to take good care of that after-effect.”

HK: “But we don’t have to go to the hospital or anything.”

JSH: “I’m worried but since you began promoting your album, please get your energy from your fans.”

This is DJ Jung Sun Hee’s first meeting with FT Island in a year. They last met during a corner called “Put it up.” After a year, Hongki had a question for Sun Hee.

Q: Did the show time change?

JSH: “We saw each other just last year, at this time.”

HK: “No, we didn’t. It wasn’t at this time.”

MH: “I think we did…”

JSH: “You came to pre-record.”

HK: “Didn’t we do that during the day?”

JSH: “You did it at night.”

HK: “No, that’s not what I remember.”

JSH: “What do you know about me?”

HK: “No, it really wasn’t at this time.”

JSH: “Fine. It’s not so if FT Island doesn’t say so.”

Despite a long period of absence, FT Island’s recent comeback has been proving successfully. Their album ‘Five Treasure Box’ has been topping various music charts. For that, FT Island thanked their fans.

Hongki also admitted they did not top the music charts. So by “all kill” in the show, we mean “almost kill.” Other than that, Hongki recommends everyone to buy the album.

JSH: “The true love lies with the album.”

HK: “Yes.”

JSH: “We are losing a sense of keeping in this culture of digitally saving. CD is about keeping.”

So let’s begin with the album. Why is it named ‘Five Treasure Box?’

“We are called Five Treasure Island. And this time, we named the album Five Treasure Box because it has many of our own works.”

JSH: “So it has real treasures.”

HK: “Yes. We showed our own rooms in the album and included our own works. It’s our first Korean album with the most of our own tracks. That’s why the album is extra-special to us.”

JSH: “You also have some experience now. It’s been 6 years since you debut. So you can now express your feelings in a song. You must feel proud.”

HK: “Of course.”

JSH: “But don’t you also feel nervous? Because you want it to be successful as much as you wish for?”

JJ: “Of course. Always.”

JSH: “So this is a meaningful album with all of the members taking part in composing and writing lyrics. And it’s also a very high quality album, in which any of the songs can become a title song. Is this referring to the individual tracks you each wrote?”

JJ: “That can be so because they our song. But I really like it. It’s feels so good to share the song we wrote and perform it. In a way, our fans are part of the mass public too. So even though there are some negative comments, we are satisfied with our music. And we want to show more positive sides like this. So we are very satisfied.”

JSH: “You each have your own genre and style. But in the end, you are all aboard one island called FT Island. So you guys are just moving forward together.”

** Inkigayo Performance

External image

DJ Jung Sun Hee said she had not seen their Inkigayo stage. But apparently, she’s been getting feedbacks that describe FT Island’s performance as “overripe.”

HK: “We’ve been getting similar response from staff members too. They tell us to stop putting on a show. But that’s not what we are doing.”

JJ: “Hongki puts on a show for sure.”

JSH: “We know Hongki has been a showman since debut.”

JJ: “He puts on a show with his shoulders.”

JSH: “That’s only possible at an with flexible muscles.”

Okay, back to this topic of being so called “overripe.”

JSH: “How does it feel now to stand on stage compared to when you first debuted?”

HK: “When we perform live at a concert, other members get stressed out because they have to perform live. But for music program comeback stages, I’m the one on the spot because we can’t perform live. For that, I was really nervous back then. But now, I’m like ‘Ok. Let’s do it.’ And I start to want more too, thinking this song is better as live. The more I do, it gets better. I get relaxed…”

JSH: “Wait a minute. This is turning into Hongki’s self-promotion. It’s difficult but he does it well.”

HK: “No, I meant to say it’s difficult.”

JSH: “Your self-confidence is overripe. Just don’t rot.”

We cannot miss Hongki’s sexy shoulder dance while singing ‘I wish.’ But as Hongki revealed, other members also have individual choreography they act on stage. For Jaejin, it’s all about the half-closed, half-opened eyes. For Seunghyun, it’s how he holds his guitar pick between his lips. Apparently he and Jonghun argue over holding the pick between the lips or between teeth. Jonghun seem to prefer the latter. Minhwan, on the other hand, does nothing.

** FT Island’s Secrets

It’s nearing a decade mark since FT Island members first met and began living with each other. And because they met when they were young, members say they rarely hide things from eachother. But if one of them does keep secrets, that’d be Jonghun.

JH: “It’s because I’m the only child.”

JSH: “What does that mean?”

JH: “I don’t know how to express myself and I tend to want to keep secrets.”

JSH: “Why did you change your phone number?”

Side story: Jonghun had asked Jung Sun Hee to send him funny videos via text message. So she did. But after she sent six, she says Jonghun disappeared from the chatroom. He does have a lot of secrets.

- Music Break: FT Island’s “I wish.” - 

Question from a viewer: Talented FT Island, am I imagining to think that we are getting “overripe” too?

HK: “No, our fans are getting ‘overripe’ as well. You can tell at our concert. They really have fun. Because concert is our stage, we say whatever we want. And our fans like that more too.”

JSH: “Pretend this is a concert.”

HK: “No way.”

JJ: “At our autograph sessions, our fans, at first, were so nervous like ‘It’s so nice to finally meet you. I missed you.’ But now, they are like, ‘nuna is here.’ They are so relaxed.”

JSH: “In their imagination, they are dating you.”

** Talk Topic: Unforgettable Love Song

External image

Hongki’s Song: “Don’t love” By FT Island

HK: “This song is from our second album. I recorded song when we were in Japan. “

JSH: “You loved there too.”

HK: “No, I was in love before but then we broke up. And then I got to record this song in Japan. But the lyrics felt so close to heart. So I finished recording this song in just two takes. Our CEO was so impressed. But I was so caught up in my emotion, I ended up crying after the song. But if you ask me to sing this now, I can’t. It’s so hard. I have no idea how I recorded it back then.”

 “Why did you break up?”

HK: “We had some timing issue, and the distance.”

JSH: “Hongki, what kind of a boyfriend are you?”

HK: “I used to be the devoted type. But now, I’m a…”

MH: “He’s a bad guy.”

HK: “I’m not!”

MH: “He’s really bad.”

“I just like everything up to my standards. I know this is selfish but I don’t know why I’m like that.”

JSH: “It could be because you are used to being loved.”

HK: “So I’m trying hard to fix that.”

JSH: “You don’t think you can be the devoted guy again?”

HK: “I want to be.”

“What kind of a girl do you think would change you back?”

HK: “Song Hye Gyo.”

JH: “Even she won’t do. He tends to be devoted at first but then it ends up being the other way.”

JSH: “There are DNAs like that. There are genes who keep giving in love, and there are those who only receive.”

JH: “They say we are getting all fancy on the outside. Hongki is like that with love.”

JSH: “Hongki’s love is just for looks. This reminds me of a song title. Well, thanks to everyone, it looks like Hongki’s next love will be difficult.”

Jonghun’s Song: “Maybe It Was Love” By Kim Hyung Joong

JH: “It’s not really a song with memories…”

JSH: “Then pick a different song,”

JH: “We were listening to songs together in our car, and this song played. And everyone was like ‘ah!’ to the song.”

JJ: “This song is the best.”

JH: “We all got emotional.”

External image

JSH: “I’m sorry. This is supposed to be Jonghun’s song but Jaejin is really feeling it. He’s even singing along to it.”

JH: “This is an old song. And it’s one of those classics you would sing to your girlfriend at a noraebang.”

JSH: “Did you ever sing a confession song?”

JH: “Yes, I did.”

JSH: “When?”

JH: “I think I was in middle school. But I couldn’t sing well…”

JSH: “How about during high school?”

JH: “I haven’t sang often since middle school.”

JSH: “
When was your last love?”

JH: “About a year ago.”

JSH: “Was it a crush? Or was it a mutually agreed love?”

JH: “It began as a mutually agreed love but ended without an agreement.”

JSH: “Omg, an abandoned love.”

JH: “They say there’s no end to love. But I hit that dead end. So I went through that pain and have a bruise on my heart.”

JSH: “We are having this serious conversation right now but Jaejin looks like he was the one dating Jonghun.”

JSH: “What kind of a boyfriend are you, Jonghun?”

JH: “I’m a sensitive style.”

JJ: “The way I see it, Jonghun is similar to Hongki. They both get so into it and then cool off at one point. But Jonghun feels guilty about it.”

HK: “Jaejin, you are really putting me on the spot.”

JSH: “No, no. We all have our own style.”

HK: “The worst of us is Jaejin.”

External image

Jaejin’s Song: “It’s Love” By Mose.

JJ: “This is not really about my past relationships. But it’s the first song I ever sang to someone called my girlfriend.”

JSH: “When was it?”

JJ: “I was in 6th grade.”

JSH: “I’m getting so sick of idols’ love. When will we ever stop going all the way back to elementary and middle school to talk about first love?”

HK: “When was your last love?”

JJ: “That was recent.”

JSH: “That’s more like it.”

JJ: “This was the first song I ever sang to someone called my girlfriend. So it still has that nervousness of first time.”

JSH: “What about an ‘overripe’ feeling?”

JJ: “That was recent.”

JSH: “When? How long ago?”

JJ: “It was several months ago. I actually talked about that often in interviews and stuff. So many fans ask me if I’m okay. I’m perfectly fine. It was a short love, but I’m really fine.”

JSH: “Even now, I’m getting text messages asking if you are okay. And they are telling me not to feed you latte.”

HK: “That’s why I’m drinking latte.”

JSH: “Is this related to latte somehow?”

HK: “Likely.”

JH: “It’s not like Jaejin has a lot of experience with love. So he can forget it easily and move on.”

HK: “I don’t think Jaejin had that really serious love yet.”

JJ: “I had that for my first love.”

HK: “But not since then. The moment it’s about to get deep, he gets dumped or runs away.”

JSH: “You are a chicken when it comes to love.”

JJ: “Excuse me…”

JSH: “Members are not helping here. Keep it come, and all of FT Island members may never date someone.”

Conclusion: Jaejin is a chicken. 

JSH: “What kind of a girl would give you courage?”

JJ: “…”

JSH: “Chicken.”

JJ: “I have no thought on it.”

HK: “When we are in dressing rooms, we see girl groups and talk about how pretty they are. But Jaejin just looks at them and goes, ‘they are all pretty.’”

JSH: “That’s what you say when you are 45.”

JJ: “I’m honestly indifferent.”

External image

Minhwan’s Song: “Because I don’t Know How To Love” By FT Island

MH: “I like this song because I think the lyrics are for an older girl. It doesn’t say it’s to nuna but that’s how I feel.”

Meanwhile, Hongki is singing along to the song. And Jonghun tells him to shut up. Shut down #2!

MH: “When I was in high school, I was in a relationship that I was confident to call it love. We met for a long time.”

JSH: “Was she a nuna?”

MH: “Yes.”

JSH: “How much older?”

MH: “Five years.”

JSH: “Wait, if you were a high school sophomore then…she was 23?”

MH: “Yeah, about that. And I really like this song because the lyrics match my situation so well. Because I was so young, I couldn’t do anything for her. So I always felt so sorry.”

“He really didn’t know what to do. Even I had to send her messages for him.”

MH: “I really liked her but I didn’t know how to tell her that.”

JJ: “Out of all of us, Minhwan is the only one who experience that true and deep love. I’m so jealous.”

HK: “But that was the last time so far.”

JSH: “It doesn’t happen often for your heart to beat like that. So you must still miss it.”

MH: “I do. I miss her.”

JH: “Minhwan is lucky. He ended it under an agreement.”

JSH: “Why must Minhwan’s beautiful love story be tagged with Jonghun’s tragic tale. An agreed good bye vs. a non-agreed good bye.”

A shocking confession from Minhwan: he dated a girl five years older than him when he was in high school. And we thought Hongki was the one obsessed with older girls. -_-;;

JSH: “Jonghun, how is your broken heart?”

JH: “I think it’ll stay with me for a long time. But I think that’s a good thing.”

JSH: “Is a third person involved in your non-agreed break up?”

JH: “No.”

Seunghyun’s Song: “Bad Woman” By FT Island

SH: “I didn’t pick this song because I’m calling her bad or anything. But I recently went through a heartbreaking experience too. It was a one-sided love. I really liked her. She liked me too but she ended up liking two guys.”

JSH: “Was it two people including you?”

SH: “Yes. And while I was away, the other guy ended up getting to her first.”

JSH: “Are you crying?”

SH: “No, I’m just tired. It’s late.“


SH: “Anyways, I think I matured since then. I really had a tough time dealing with it. It was my first time ever feeling something like that. I talked about it a lot with members. But I think the way I look at girls changed since then, and became more serious about love. I want to be in a deep relationship like I’d be with her forever.”


SH: “Maybe not forever.”

JSH: “His eyes look so serious.”

HK: “Seunghyun is the type to be really sincere to a girl. He really like that nervous feeling but he always fails.”

JSH: “That happens to girls too. Love is so weird.”

External image

DJ Jung Sun Hee said fans are reacting “thoughtfully” to FT Island’s love story. They acknowledge that musicians need to experience love too. But the point here is, it must be an experience. As in, something of a past. The present is unacceptable.

Hongki, on the other hand, thinks fans want to hear even more about their love life.

Lee Hongki, the only person you are allowed to love is…me.

DJ Pri, OUT!

Source: SBS FM Jung Sun Hee’s ‘Night Like Tonight' DJ. Pri

[Pri-Log] 20131127 FTISLAND on SBS Power FM 'Love Game'

The youngest member who debuted at age 16 is now 22~ 

He has become a young man.  Those once shiny eyes now slightly feel sexy.
It’s been 7 years since debut.
Their heights, age, emotions and musical sense have all grown up.
We are here with FTISLAND!  

On November 27th, 2011, FTISLAND joined DJ Park Sohyun for SBS Power FM radio ‘Love Game.’ It was the group’s first radio appearance for ‘The Mood’ promotion and first appearance since September. Maybe this was why they jumped a gun and said hello over music (their mic was off).


PSH: We are meeting with FTISLAND. Welcome~
FT: Hello!
PSH: It’s so good to see you. I’m about to cry because it’s been such a long time
SH: You can if you want
PSH: Can I really?
PSH: Take a look at our BORA camera and introduce yourselves starting with the most handsome member…
JJ: Hello, I’m FTISLAND Lee Jaejn

External image

PSH: Do other members admit it?
JJ: Of course they do
JH: We just let him be
PSH: The best visual Jaejin said hello first. Let’s do the rest in order

External image

HK: Hello, I’m Hongki
MH: Hello, I’m drummer Choi Minhwan
PSH: Oh Minhwan, you really grew up. Even your voice has become a man
HK: I think the introduction was incorrect
PSH: Why?
HK: It says our heights, age, emotions and musical sense. We didn’t get taller
PSH: Wouldn’t one of you have grown up at least a cm or two?

SH: I got taller
PSH: See? Please care about other members
SH: But our heights are all similar
PSH: We met when you were all teenagers. So one of you had to have grown. And as for music, all of the songs you’ve wrote are more mature and grown up.

PSH: It’s Jonghun’s turn. Do it cutely
JH: Hello, I’m piano playing Jonghun
SH: Hello, I’m guitarist Seunghyun

SH: I’ve always wanted to speak like an actor on radio
PSH: We’ll let you do it one more time. Do it long. Actors always speak slowly

- Cue Actor Seunghyun -

External image

SH: Hello everyone. I’m guitarist Seunghyun. Nice to meet you

>_____________< ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

PSH: Earlier Jonghun said he plays the piano. This is our first time seeing him play the piano on TV

JH: It’s my first time on TV
PSH: You’ve always played the guitar. What changed this time?
JH: I’ve played piano at our concerts but not on TV
PSH: So it’s not awkward for you, right?
JH: No, it’s something I’ve always been doing
PSH: What do fans think?
JH: They tell me not to play the guitar. They think piano is better

Really? Ok, Primadonnas. Vote!

External image

MH: But Jonghun works out a lot so it looks like he’s gonna attack the piano. His shoulders are so broad
HK: Our stylists are annoyed because his clothes don’t fit him
SH: They got so broad. I don’t know when it’ll stop

PSH: You could’ve shown off those muscles in the album. Why didn’t you do it?
JH: Because it’s winter
JH: I have my exercising routine. In the fall anc winter, I don’t work out. But in spring and summer, I do
PSH: So for now, we can only imagine your muscles…

External image

PSH: We have to talk about the MV. How was filming?
HK: We just shot our group scene and got out
PSH: Was Jonghun the main act?
FT: Yes
PSH: You guys didn’t wait for him?
HK: He shot his scenes first in the morning. And because I had lip synching parts, Jonghun shot his, I shot mine, we did our group scenes and we were done

SH: Jaejin, Minhwan and I waited for a long time

PSH: What did you do while waiting?
SH: We slept

PSH: But I think your skin got better and you all got so handsome
FT: Thank you
HK: Because we didn’t have to come out on air a whole lot, our skin doesn’t need to rot and we can take care of it too
PSH: Yes, because it’s hard to work while lacking sleep

***Cheongdamdong 111***

External image

- Do you see Hongki’s face? Why Are We Even Talking About This?-

PSH: I was surprised to learn that ‘Madly’ is written by CEO Han Seungho
FT: Yes
PSH: We normally don’t talk about the CEO on air but he got famous through ‘Cheongdamdong 111.’ He did power play with Hongki over his car. Who do you think wins most of the time? 50/50?
MH: Yes, I think so
HK: I think this is how it works. If I bring something up face to face, I get what I want. But if it’s something we are in the back, the CEO controls everything
PSH: So you have to say what you want at his face

PSH: Is there anything that Hongki helped you to get?
JH: Birthday presents. It was Minhwan’s birthday few weeks ago…
PSH: Yes, some fans were asking what Minhwan got for his birthday
JH: We just got cash and ate at a fancy restaurant
HK: We could’ve done more
PSH: Why?
HK: We didn’t really use that money effectively. Jonghun just took us to a really expensive place… We could’ve done something more fun with that money
PSH: He just used it all in one place?
HK: He’s all about the show

PSH: ‘I saw Hongki at a hospital. It was obvious what was wrong his him.’
MH: What were you doing?
HK: I probably couldn’t even walk properly. I get a boil on my butt often
JH: You didn’t have to tell…
HK: I’m going to open up first and then expose others
PSH: But I don’t think Hongki can expose others today because you are under spotlight today

PSH: I’m best friends with Song Eunee and she’s your company family. How is she?
HK: She’s the best
PSH: But on TV, she always talks about CNBLUE Minhyuk
HK: He’s her favorite
PSH: She never talks about FTISLAND. What do you think about that?
JJ: Whatever
SH: I thought she was cool but I’m disappointed
PSH: How is she nice to you?
HK: She’s good to all of us. She emcees our evens and stuff so we are thankful. Only Minhyuk is her absolute favorite
PSH: She always said Minhyuk is her favorite from the beginning
HK: She likes the long ones
MH: The ones with long legs
PSH: You have long legs too
HK: What? Who?
PSH: Minhwan has long legs
MH: I’m the shortest guy in FNC
PSH: But you look tall
HK: Because he’s always sitting
PSH: Who invited Hongki here?

PSH: We have many individual questions today. This one wants to know what members did for Minhwan’s birthday
MH: Seunghyun had a musical in Japan on my birthday and Hongki had to go to an award ceremony. We wee all separated. So we kind of skipped it
PSH: Then what do you want as a gift?
MH: We’ve been living together for a long time now that we just eat and drink together to celebrate
PSH: Hongki, what would you have done for Minhwan’s birthday if you guys didn’t spend all that money at a restaurant?

HK: If we were to eat, we’d have eaten Korean food. And then go for tea at a café or go to a nice bar to enjoy cocktail or wine with the members. But we were too focused on eating. So the ending was too plain
PSH: Whose birthday is next?
FT: Jaejin
PSH: Then you can do that for Jaejin’s birthday
HK: But it’s in the middle of our promotion
SH: We’ll just eat cake in the waiting room

***Who Picks On Jaejin?***

PSH: Another fan asks, ‘Jaejin, why are you getting skinnier? Is something picking on you? Tell me who so I can scold him’
JH: It’s Hongki
HK: It’s not me
PSH: Jaejin, point at someone

JJ: Honestly, our members don’t do me harm
PSH: They shouldn’t
JJ: Hongki used to by unveiling my relationship status on air. But lately, he’s been quiet
PSH: He finally grew up
JJ: No, it’s because he’s tired
PSH: Why?
JJ: His throat is stressed because of singing too much
PSH: Can’t you just sing an easier song?
HK: It’s not just the song. On the first day of our comeback, I counted how many times I sang and got about 15. We got one at midnight and had recording the next morning at 7. So we slept at a motel and stuff so it was hard to take care of my condition

***Who Will Be A Better DJ?***

HK: Me
MH: I think Hongki because he has more experience
JH: Hongki and Jaejin
HK: Other members can’t enunciate
SH: I can
HK: Except for Senghyun
PSH: So this means Minhwan and Jonghun can’t
JH: We can’t. The Choi families have issues
SH: Wow, this is Jonghun’s first time admitting it
JH: It’s the only way to keep others quiet
SH: You were so cool
PSH: He knows how it works. Even if you can’t enunciate, we need a sensible person like you to be a DJ
HK: He found his sense after 7 years
JJ: Finally

***Track Talk***

PSH: Did you think your song should be the title song?
FT: Not this time
PSH: Then did you think it’ll just get buried?
JH: What do you mean get buried?
HK: I had a clear goal for my song. It’s for fun. It’s for LIVE
PSH: It has a club feel to it
HK: Disco
SH: I think it’ll be fun to perform Hongki’s song LIVE
PSH: So you made it with a goal
HK: I always have a goal

Track no.1: I Can’t Have You

PSH: Let’s hear the first song. The title is same as that by Bank, ‘I Can’t Have You.’ It’s by Jonghun
HK: It’s been a while since I liked a song by Jonghun
JH: If you listen to the lyrics, its my last message. All of my lyrics have been about one person and this should be my last word for her
PSH: You are being a bit clingy
JH: Yes but now I’m saying, since I can’t have you anyway, just leave
HK: What if she comes back?
SH: Then he’ll write a song ‘But, again’

External image

HK: ‘Again and again’
PSH: Those songs could come on the next album but for now, it’s the last song

Track no.2: The Way Into You

PSH: We have to talk about Jaejin’s song. This feels very different. It’s relaxing
JJ: I wrote this after other songs were done. I was wondering what kind of a song I should write for the album. It already had a ballad and so I decided to write a relaxing song. It’s a song you can listen to while driving
PSH: If we can call Jonghun’s song masculine, Jaejin’s song is for girls
JJ: Thank you

PSH: When do you usually write songs?
JH: I usually do it at night and dawn
JJ: When I’m writing a bright song, I do it during the day. And for darker songs, I do it at dawn
PSH: What about this one?
JJ: I think I did it at 4 or 5 in the evening
JH: I did mine after midnight

After talking about their tracks, the conversation returned to the members’ beauty secrets. Hongki said he eats vitamins and Omega 3 every morning, while Minhwan is bad at keeping track of what he should eat.

And then a mother sent in a message that her 7-year-old daughter loves FTISLAND and asked them to say ‘I love you.’ Jaejin said it in a super thick voice while Seunghyun did the cutesy version.
Another fan mentioned this month’s ESP Guitar catalogue featured Jonghun, Senghyun and Jaejin, and wondered if the members got them for free.

MH: The ESP is a famous guitar brand. From Japan, they asked us to be the endorser…

External image

HK: I don’t know how we are seen here in Korea but in Japan, we are a respected band. I think this question had an agenda. We’ll do our best with music.

Another fan apologized to Hongki for getting drunk and acting mean while playing pool. Hongki said he understands and apologized in advance in case he gets drunk and loses it too.

***Jonghun’s Room***

JJ: You can’t touch Jonghun’s room.
PSH: Because its too clean?
JJ: It has its own theme and its own place. It has a dehumidifier running everyday and a rocking chair
HK: He keeps it pretty even though he lives alone. He always has scented candles burning
SH: It started fire once
PSH: Why? Did you knock it over?
JH: I think it was a cheap candle. It didn’t have a plate on the bottom so it melted and spread. So it started fire
HK: I was in Japan when they called me about it
SH: The sprinklers went off
MH: Our house became a pool
HK: So we had to pay the owner for damage and I couldn’t understand why we had to divide up the cost
JH: I’d rather not talk about this
HK: After that, he quit scented candles for a while
SH: He started again after a year
PSH: What’s your favorite scent?
JH: Lavender

Other fan accounts included seeing FTISLAND at a PC room on a Sunday. The members were obviously playing LOL, and Hongki said he uses the game to promote his songs to gamers.

***Christmas Plans***

MH: We don’t know if we’ll be in Japan on Christmas
HK: I said I’m definitely staying in Korea on Christmas
PSH: Is there a reason for you to stay in Korea on Christmas?
HK: I think I’ll be busy
JH: Why?
HK: I think I’ll be busy by myself
JH: Why?
HK: Because I have to do something
JH: What?
HK: I really am doing something after we are done promoting
PSH: Drama, right?
HK: Yes, I’m not like the rest of you
PSH: I think when Hongki is filming drama on Christmas, other members will be having a party

***The Inheritors***

PSH: Hongki sang an OST for ‘The Inheritors.’ Did you see the drama?
FT: Yes, we are watching it
PSH: Which role do you think you will play well?
HK: I like Kim Woobin’s character
PSH: What about the rest of you?
JJ: I can’t act…I want all of them but I don’t think I can pull it off
PSH: Do you have a favorite line by Kim Woobin?
HK: No
PSH: Hey transfer…?
HK: I can’t say those things. Jaejin is good at them
JJ: Woobin does things like ‘ha~” And then he kicks and goes ‘why are you sleeping at a place like this? Makes me want to protect you.’ He’s so cool
PSH: Anyone else?
MH: I don’t think there is a role for me
PSH: I think Choi Jinhyuk’s role is cool too. Wouldn’t that suit Seunghyun?
SH: I don’t watch the drama
JH: I don’t watch it either because it makes me jealous
HK: Even though I sang an OST for that, I hope my drama does well too
PSH: What’s your character?
HK: I’m a second-generation rich guy. I’m a young CEO. I’m someone very cold and never dated a girl
JH: That’s exactly the opposite of you
HK: But I am good at changing my image and playing whatever role I get. I’ll show you
JJ: Wow, can we look forward to it?
HK: I don’t know about that…

***The End***

PSH: This was your first time back here in a long time. How was it?
HK: Are we done?
SH: It ended so quickly
HK: Every time we do a radio, the ending is always weird
JH: Next time, please call us at 6 instead of 7
PSH: So you can be here for 2 hours?
HK: Jonghun can be your permanent guests
JH: If it’s with you, I’ll think about it
PSH: Will you really?
HK: He will. He’s free
JH: If an opportunity comes
PSH: We can make that opportunity
HK: One of the staff members here really like Jonghun. Get him!
PSH: But earlier you said Hongki and Jaejin will do well as DJs while you won’t. Will doing this everyday be ok?
HK: You can help him and he has to do anything he can right now

JJ: This was our first LIVE appearance since our comeback. It was fun and the time went by so quickly. We’ll do our best with promotions. Thank you
HK: We’ll work hard with our album and the thing I’m working on, I don’t know when the news article will come out but I hope you look forward to it. Now I think my dream is starting to narrow down to one path. I just want to make good music and keep going. Oh, we are out of time
FT: Good bye~

Source: Love Game On Youku + DJ. ;; Twitter @ChocopieK

[Pri-Log] 121008 FT Island On '2 O'Clock'

J** dubs 2 p.m. the hottest time of the day. So that time in the afternoon shall be spent with the hottest band in the world: FT Island.

On October 8th 2012, FT island stopped by the studio of KBS COOL FM  ‘Hong Jin Kyung’s 2 o’clock.’ (a.k.a Hongsi). DJ Hong Jin Kyung, however, was away on a vacation, and singer Lyn took over the DJ seat. 

External image

** FT Island, Say Hello To Hongsi

JH: “Hello, Hongsi family members. I’m guitarist Jonghun. It’s nice to meet you.”

MH: “Hi, I’m drummer Choi Minhwan.”

HK: “My nickname in elementary school was ‘Hongsi.’ Hello, I’m Lee Hongki.”

JJ: “I’m bassist Jaejin, hello.”

SH: “I’m guitarist Seunghyun.”

The last time FT Island appeared on the show, they took part in ‘absolute inspiration quiz,’ and aced it right away. So Hongki got to flick the show’s producer on the forehead. Apparently, he enjoyed it a little too much.

HK: “Flicking somebody on the forehead is the only joy in my life. And I got the great honor of doing so on the producer. He has a really big forehead. It’s perfect to give it a flick.”

Lyn: “But our producer ended up bleeding in the forehead. He even said there’s a video of it.”

Yes, there is. Check it out!


HK: “He did get a little bump.”

Lyn: “So there are rumors that he gets his fist ready whenever he sees Hongki.”

I can only imagine why… BD

** ‘Five Treasure Box’ 

Lyn: “Back in the day, I only found you guys young and impressive. But now you all feel like men. So I don’t know what I should do in this small room. But anyways, please tell us about your new album.”

SH: “Our new album is called ‘Five Treasure Box’ and here is Jaejin with more.”

This happens every time and Jaejin gets fooled every time. LOL

JJ: “It’s our official album. It has 10 songs. It’s our first official album in 2-3 years. It also has many of our own works. So in a way, the album has our confidence but also some regret. Everyone, please check it out.”

Lyn: “So cool. I think it’s so cool how you guys are all in your early 20s but are already writing songs.”

** Lonely~ Lonely~

Credit: Pinkoholik @tumblr 

 “Hongki’s shoulder dance performance has gone viral. And his profile looks so pretty when he’s standing to his side. You can’t look prettier than a girl. Did you practice the move or was it impulsive?”

HK: “It was impulsive. As you know, we don’t have dance choreography. But to just compete with singing, so many artists these days have strong performances. So we really needed something that’ll stand out, and I wanted something for ‘lonely, lonely’ part when we were shooting the MV. At first, we were just fooling around but then…”

Lyn: “Then it became your choreography.”

HK: “At first, our company told me not to do it. But I did it anyway, and many people like it.”

Lyn: “It’s cute. And everybody looks so cool on stage too.”

** TVXQ & FT Island

Lyn: “TVXQ named FT Island as impressive juniors.” 

FT Island: “Thank you.”

Lyn: “You guys beat out all those countless SM artists. How do you feel?”

HK: “We really like those two. Whenever we meet, we talk a lot about music. They really like rock music too. And also, we have much performance experience as they do. So they always tell us we are getting good experience.”

Lyn: “I think it’s a blessing to have a mentor like that. Then how about a group FT Island finds…”

 “Korean girl groups.”

Lyn: “Girl groups…”

HK: “All of them.”

Lyn: “All of them.”

- ‘I Wish’ by FT Island -

** FT Island’s Love Story

Lyn: “Many musicians say if you want to write a good song or perform well, you must fall in love. FT Island members are good at both writing songs and performing. Are you in love?”

HK: “I want to~~~”

JJ: “No wonder Hongki is so good at singing lately…”

SH: “It’s thanks to his experience, right?”

HK: “But you know…I’m lonely lately.”

FT Island: “We don’t.”

HK: “When I don’t have a girlfriend, I tell you. When I do, I just cough.”

- Seunghyun coughed for Hongki -

HK: “Seunghyun, you must be seeing someone.”

SH: “Me?”

 – Coughs -

SH: “I’m the opposite.”

External image

Lyn: “You guys may not be dating right now, but you all have dated, right?” 

FT Island: “Yes.”

Lyn: “Being honest is a trend lately.”

HK: “We talked about this way too much on air.”

Lyn: “Your company must not like that.”

FT Island:
 “Our company gave up on us. Even our fans gave up too.”

HK: “Jaejin even had a news article out about him.”

JJ: “I got bunch of those.”

Lyn: “What did they say? Breakup?”

 “Yes, because I revealed my breakup story. “

HK: “Our fans weren’t even angry about it. They actually comforted Jaejin. And you know what they said to me? ‘Hongki, we are fine with you dating. Just don’t get dumped.’ They are so cool.”

Lyn: “Here is a question just in case you guys are hiding something. In the new album, you took part in composing and writing five songs. Is that right?”

FT Island: “Yes.”

Lyn: “Do you all agree that your personal experiences naturally affect your music?”

JH: “I agree but that’s not for the music. It’s for the lyrics.”

Lyn: “So you are saying melody doesn’t matter.”

JH: “I don’t think it does for me. I think it’s more for the lyrics.”

Lyn: “Why? I think of sad melody when I’m feeling down.”

HK: “I do too.”

JH: “But Hongki and you are vocalists. So the only way we can express our feelings is through lyrics.”

HK: “I personally really like the melody Jonghun hums when he’s drunk. But he always forgets it when he wakes up the next day.”

JH: “But that’s alcohol’s job.”

MH: “Just record it next time.”

Lyn: “You can record it with your cell phone. Let’s hear that alcohol-inspired tune.”

 “So I read through all the lyrics reflecting on each word…”

FT Island: “What a lie.”

Lyn: “I’m sorry. And I made a surprising discovery. While the songs by Jonghun, Jaejin, Minhwan and Seunghyun talk about dreams and hopes, the ones by Hongki like ‘Stay With Me’ and ‘Compass’ are about love. He must have a lot of experience with love.”

MH: “There must be a reason…”

JH: “Hongki did date when he wrote those lyrics.”

HK: “The lyrics for both songs are really based on my experience. For ‘Stay with me,’ I thought I was really in love but it turned out I was the only one feeling that way. And for ‘Compass,’ it’s about an unfortunate goodbye.”

Lyn: “Why are all the titles in English?”

HK: “The Korean title for ‘Compass’ is ‘That Road.’”

Lyn: “This must be for international fans.”

JH: “Title does not matter.”

Lyn: “I see.”

HK: “It’s the content that matters.”

Lyn: “Girls tend to catch Spring while guys catch Fall.”

*Catching/feeling a season means people easily get emotional and feel lonely during that particular season. In Korean guys’ case, they apparently get especially lonely in the Fall.

External image

HK: “I do catch Fall, I catch it, I feel it 100%, I really do, I do so easily.”

Lyn: “He really must be feeling it to say it like that.”

HK: “I really do.”

Lyn: “How? Give us an example.”

HK: “Well, there are a lot of taxis, right? I catch Fall like catching a cab.”

Lyn: “That was so poetic. What about the rest of you?”

JH: “I like being alone. When I catch Fall, I end up being by myself. Are you calling me a liar? I really want to be alone.”

 “I get really lonely. But I just listen to a lot of emotional songs so I can enjoy that feeling. “

Lyn: “So you experience hitting the rock bottom and then climbing back up.”

 “And then he makes a mistake.”

 “What kind of a mistake?”

We’ll leave that up to your imagination. ㄱ_ㄱ hehehehehe

Lyn: “What about you, Seunghyun?”

SH: “I go for a drive. I really want to travel…”

HK: “Go for a drive with who?”

SH: “What?”

HK: “With who?”

SH: - Coughs - 

Lyn: “But you have to be careful driving. What about you, Jaejin?”

JJ: “Fall skies are so pretty, right? So I just look up at the sky. I think I like looking at sceneries.”

HK: “But Jaejin doesn’t have the time to think about those things lately.”

Lyn: “Why not?”

HK: “Because he still has a wound in his heart.”

JJ: “Hey, I don’t have such thing.”

Lyn: “Wow, a strong man!”

JJ: “I’m a cool guy.”

Lyn: “Yeah, but saying that you don’t have a wound isn’t all that sexy. Because wouldn’t missing her a little and feeling a little hurt be the mannered thing to do?”

SH: “That’s how I am.”

Lyn: “If any of you have anything to say to your ex-girlfriend, you can leave a voice message.”

HK: “Go ahead, Jaejin.”

JJ: “I got nothing to say.”

 “So cool.”

SH: “Then tell her you got nothing to say.”

JJ: “What?”

HK: “Just say hi. Go!”

JJ: “Do I really do this? Erm…"

External image

JJ: “Hey, how are you doing? Weather has gotten chilly lately, so be careful not to catch cold. And let’s see each other again later. Ok.”

 “I’ll leave a message too.”

HK: “OMG why???”

JH: “Please bring up the music.”

JJ: “This is so random.”

External image

 “I don’t know how you are doing but I do hear about you time to time. We didn’t mutually agree to break up. I’m still sad about that. I have a big bruise on my heart. I imagine it’s the same for you too. And I hope we get to catch up later. I have no regrets. Be well.”

MH: “You said you don’t have regrets.”

 “I don’t. I just told her to be well.”

Lyn: “But he said it so cool. I think if I was his girlfriend, I’d feel sad.”

JH: “I am sad.”

HK: “Jonghun was really sad before. He’s just finally starting to get back on his feet. You should’ve heard him on air. He was like, ‘we didn’t agree to break up. I am so heartbroken.’”

Lyn: “As everyone falls in and out of love, I hope FT Island only get to enjoy love as beautiful as a flower.”

- ‘One Word’ By FT Island - 


This song was featured on 2008 SBS drama ‘On Air,’ starring Kim Hanuel and late Park Yong Ha.

 “We’ve just heard ‘One Word’ by FT Island. This is a really old song but it’s still nice.”

JH: “It’s been a while for us too.”

SH: “The song reminds me of when Jonghun sang it on radio. I want to hear it again today.”

JH: “Are you insane? Let’s skip that.”

Lyn: “Just sing a little bit.”

JH: “No.”

Lyn: “Oh, come on.”

JH: “The one word I cannot say….erm, what?”

FT Island: “One, two, one, two, three four…”

JH: “The one word I cannot say…”

- Click To Listen To Jonghun’s FAIL - 

MH: “OMG, his face turned so red.”

HK: “I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so red.”

Lyn: “But if Jonghun can sing well…”

JH: “That’d be a foul.”

JJ: “He called it a foul himself! Wow!”

Ok, moving on.

** FT Island’s Top 3 Autumn Songs

FT Island members personally selected three songs to help you get through this lonely season. 

Song #1: ‘Paradise’ by PSY


 “This is by today’s hottest star PSY. Who picked this one?”

JH: “I did.”

Lyn: “Why?”

JH: “This is the first song I listen to when it’s Fall. It brings back a lot of memories from my childhood. And I listened to it often when I was walking around alone.”

JJ: “The days when he felt lost.”

JH: “This was always in my mp3 player. Mp3 players back then had small memory space so I had only one song in mine. And that was ‘Paradise’ by PSY. If you listen to the lyrics…”

HK: “You want to go on a trip.”

Lyn: “And you want to be in love.”

JH: “Yes…but if you listen to the lyrics, this is about regret. It’s about a break up but remembering the days. If you listen to this song when feeling down, it can sound offensive. But when you listen to it when you are happy, it’s a good song. I like it a lot.”

Song 2: ‘You Are To Me, I’m To You’ by Scene of Riding Bicycle


Lyn: “I think pretty much everyone knows this song. Who picked this one?”

SH: “Mr. Seunghyun did.”

HK: “Mr. Seunghyun?”

 “Seunghyun did.”

Lyn: “Okay. This song was featured in movie ‘Classic.’ Why did you pick this song?”

SH: “At first, I didn’t know this song was in ‘Classic.’ But this was the first song I practiced on a classic guitar when I was a trainee. It was Fall back then too. So this song came to my mind.”

Lyn: “Isn’t the song so beautiful?”

SH: “Yes, I really like it. Like you want to ride a bicycle…”

HK: “Ride a bicycle with who?”

SH: -Cough-

Song 3: ‘Bubibu’ by A Pink


“It’s good just to hear your name. It’s good just to hear your voice…”

JH: “It is really nice just to hear their voice.”

JJ: “Right? Doesn’t it cheer you up?”

HK: “I want to feel like the moment when it’s good just to hear the voice.”

Lyn: “This is A Pink’s song. Who picked this one?”

JJ: “I did.”


JJ: “What do you mean? Why?”

Lyn: “Jaejin, who is your favorite A pink member?”

JJ: “Actually, Minhwan really liked Bomi.”

Lyn: “Why are you bringing Minhwan into this?”

 “That story is really famous. But now I’m trying to steal her.”

HK: “Jaejin used to be all about Chorong.”

SH: “Love is for you to take.”

Lyn: “Can you suddenly switch to Bomi from Chorong?”

JJ: “It’s because I’m catching Fall.”

HK: “He’s a reed.”

JJ: “What did you say?”

HK: “You are a reed.”

*Reed shakes side to side easily on a windy day

Lyn: “Does Chorong or Bomi know about this?”

 “Not at all.”

Lyn: “So it’s just you guys fighting for them.”

SH: “We are at war.”

HK: “This is how all guys look at girl groups.”

 Lyn: “Do you have a song you want to hear out of these three?”

HK: “Scene of riding bicycle.”

Lyn: “Ok, we’ll listen to Scene of riding bicycle’s ‘You are to me, I’m to you.’”

- ‘You are to me, I’m to you’ by Scene of Riding Bicycle - 

** Q & A with FT Island

Q 1. FT Island vs. CNBLUE

External image

Lyn: “Sometimes, you get compared to CNBLUE because you are under the same company. Do you feel pressured by that?”

MH: “Many people don’t even know we are under the same company. But we are really close. We run into each other a lot. We are friendly rivals. We are really good friends and we talk about music a lot together. But sometimes when we see them practicing, we notice something that we also want to try out.”

Lyn: “So it is a friendly rivalry.”

MH: “Yes.”

Lyn: “What are some of the differences between CNBLUE and FT Island?”

 “We have five members.”

JJ: “What a big difference.”

HK: “When we perform, my hands are free so I can pretty be much all over the stage. But CNBLUE can’t be as active because Yonghwa also plays the guitar.”
Lyn: “Many idols recently get into acting. Even CNBLUE members are getting a lot of attention through it. Does FT Island want to turn into an acting idol as well?”

JH: “First, we should be good at it.”

 “That’s a good point.”

JH: “We’ve thought through this.”

HK: “I was an actor.”

Lyn: “That’s right.”

SH: “Minhwan was an actor too.”

MH: “Why would you bring that up?”

SH: “Don’t hide it.”

Lyn: “Don’t argue.”

SH: “He appeared in a commercial too.”

Lyn: “Why are you turning red, Minhwan?”

JH: “It’s only Minhwan and me who are turning red.”

- Minhwan and Jonghun were sitting next to each other opposite from the rest three - 

 “It must run in the Choi family.”

Lyn: “I think all five FT island members will look good acting because you guys are so handsome. But Jonghun is right. You have to be do well.”

Lyn: “Hongki, you are shooting a movie lately.”

HK: “Yes, it’s temporarily called ‘Phoenix.’ It’s about a hospice. It’s a funny but also heart warning movie.”

Q2. In Korea vs. Abroad

Lyn: “You guys went to Thailand recently, right?”

HK: “Yes.”

Lyn: “You guys must be so busy shooting a movie, performing…”

HK: “Being an MC.”

Lyn: “Being an MC. So it’s not an exaggeration to say you guys are spreading all over the world. What are some of the differences between working in Korea and working abroad?”

HK: “In Korea, we are under a tight schedule. But abroad, it’s more relaxed.”

Lyn: “What else?”

SH: “The language.”

Lyn: “But many fans know Korean.”

FT Island: “Yes.”

HK: “Simple words.”

MH: “Even if they don’t, Hongki keeps talking in Korean.”

HK: “I’m teaching them.”

MH: “Yes, he teaches them.”

Lyn: “What a patriot.”

 “Yeah, I tell them. I thought them Korean when we performed in America last time too.”

 “Good job.”

HK: “I was like play is ‘nolja,’ and you is ‘neo.’”

Lyn: “You did the right thing. Korean is very unique and fun for many people to follow along.”

Q3. Recent Difficulties

 “Each day is tiring.”

JJ: “Nice.”

 “When we compare ourselves to other idols, we feel our faces are a bit yellow.”

HK: “We are yellow, work-out…”

Lyn: “Why?”

HK: “Because there are so many fresh faces lately.”

Lyn: “That’s not true. You know I worked with Mighty Mouth lately. When I saw other artists rehearsing in waiting rooms. I thought FT Island looked the prettiest.”

FT Island: “Yeah right~”

Lyn: “I guess that’s how I feel.”

Q4. Any recent problems with members?

SH: “I don’t think we have any recently.”

HK: “I do have something I’m upset about when we are on music programs.”

Lyn: “Like eating at different times?”

HK: “No. As you know, I have to sing live. But other members technically can’t. So they sleep in waiting room like there’s no tomorrow. I can’t sleep in case my throat clogs up. But they sleep until they are dead. And they say they are tired.”  

JH: “Hongki, when you played game like there’s no tomorrow, we practiced like there’s no tomorrow.”

FT Island: “Whoa~”

HK: “So you guys practice for concerts. I practice while playing game too. I can multi-task and remember the lyrics.”

Lyn: “You are all so good about your individual task. But I guess Hongki thought that was unfair.”

HK: “But like I said, when we have concerts, they are the ones who have to work hard, and when we are promoting, I’m work the hardest.”

MH: “There are times for hardships.”

Lyn: “Minhwan is so mature. He was nodding as he said that.”

HK: “But I do have a difficulty I want to talk about.”

Lyn: “What is it?”

HK: “I have an unusually narrow vocal cord. It’s really tiny. So whenever I go to hospital, doctor always tells me that it’s really difficult for me to sing for a long time with my vocal cord. He says the benefit of my vocal cord is that I can easily hit high notes. But at the same time, if I sing too much, the vocal cord gets easily damaged. So it’s difficult for me to carry on a tight schedule in Korea.”

Lyn: “Fans should get you everything that’s good for your throat.”

HK: “I eat them.”

Lyn: “I actually got a lot of candies from the hospital. They are good for the throat. But I forgot them today. I’m sorry. I’ll give them to you later.”

Q5.  Dear FNC…

 “We actually had a meeting with our company president while we were in Thailand. It was very…”

MH: “I listened to him very carefully.”

HK: “Did you listen?”

MH: “Yes.”

HK: “I told him everything I wanted to say.”

External image

 “Really? I only listened to him. But anyways, what I want to ask the company is for them to give us some time to relax, give us vacation, and do things easily.”

SH: “I think Minhwan is right because for people to work hard, they need a break too.”

 “You are always on break.”

SH: “We want to go on a trip and…”

JJ: “Who will you go on a trip with?”

SH: - Cough -

Lyn: “Taking a break and coming back with better music is also a way to thank your fans.”

 “And there’s that experience you can only get from traveling.”

SH: “That’s what I mean.”

Lyn: “Other than just falling in and out love, you should look at bigger things in the bigger world. Nature is one thing but you should also go to concerts abroad.”

HK: “This is exactly what we told the company.”

Lyn: “Yes Mr. President, all this is what really helps them grow. Please help them and we’d appreciate it if you get them flight tickets.”

FT Island: “Korea’s best singer is Lyn!”

Lyn: “Thank you. I’ll work hard.”

- ‘Compass (That road) by FT Island -


Source: Hong Jin Kyung’s 2 O’ Clock + 푸른하늘사랑 @Music-Hong (video) + DJ. Pri     

++ Special thanks to Brownie for helping me ^^

External image

[Pri-Log] 121110 Lee Hongki 'Do Dream(s)' Music

An idol meets an idol.

On October 24th 2012, FT Island’s Lee Hongki joined Joo Hyun Mi on the set of KBS ‘Do Dream.’ The episode aired on November 10th.  

External image

Joo Hyun Mi named Lee Hongki her soul mate. Last year, Hongki performed her hit ‘Shin Sa Dong That Person’ on Immortal Song 2 and took home the first prize. 

“Hongki is exceptionally talented with feeling and presenting an emotion,” said Joo Hyun Mi. “And even though he is young, he can also interpret a song like no one else.” 

Yet an emotional song like this one isn’t what Hongki wants to sing.

“I think my musical identity is becoming unclear,” began Hongki.

External image

 “I’m in a band, and I have a musical style that I want to do. But because we have to consider the general public in Korea, I am performing a sound and melody that’s different from the ones I want to do. I think it’s going to get really difficult to do the music I want later. I want to change my image little by little, but I think I need to do more research on that.”

Hongki also said FT Island’s current music isn’t the genre of his dreams. 

“I really like wild punk rock,” he said. “Right now, I want to find the middle between an idol and a band but that’s really challenging.”
So where is FNC in all this? For a young artist in contract with a management, his company should be helping to take off the load….right?

 “We’ve talked about this with our company several times. But at that time, we didn’t write our own music in Korea unlike in Japan. Our CEO in Japan works on our songs with us even though they are incomplete. He really tries to make our music work. But in Korea, we didn’t have the time or the opportunity to do that. So even though we are working both in Korea and Japan, we are doing very different kind of music in each country.”

External image

In a recent interview with Economics Today, FNC CEO Han Sung Ho talked about FT Island’s past, present and future. “Unlike other artists, FT Island favor independence,” said CEO Han. “And so we let the members produce their own concerts and such.”

Sure, but what about musical freedom?

External image

Again, and again, FT Island members described their fourth official Korean album, ‘Five Treasure Box,’ in one word: compromise. In exchange of including seven of their own tracks, the members had to give up their say on the title song. In Korean music scene that is defined by broadcast media instead of concerts, the title song often becomes the artist’s first impression. So why can’t FT Island decide on the kind of first impression they want to give to the public on their own? Why should they have to separately ask their fans to buy the album just to promote their self-written songs?

Joo Hyun Mi added her thoughts on the difference between Korean and Japanese music market. “In Japan, they wait until artists slowly but fully develop to their full potential,” she said. “And both the company and the fans stick together with their artists for a long time. But in Korea, the idol system is moving in a speedy pace. Even topping the charts for several weeks is staying around too long.”

Unfortunately, FT Island primarily belongs to that fast-paced idol-dominated Korean music scene. But there is a key difference that should make them an exception to the general rule: FT Island is a band.

A dancing group may look completely different from their previous promotions with just few changes: dance choreography, song style and physical appearances. But a band depends on its members’ musical skills. They could play the same song over and over, but an improvement in individual skills and their ability to collaborate can make the world of a difference. That same song could sound completely different and new the second time. So to allow that, shouldn’t time and patience given to FT Island even I Korea as well?

MCs Kim Yong Man and Kim C had an advice for Hongki: make your own music and leak it online.


 “We haven’t leaked our music,” said Hongki. “But we shot the back of Minhwan drumming and uploaded that on Youtube. Minhwan really wanted to prove that he wasn’t just pretending to play the drums on stage but had to cover his face because it’d be embarrassing to reveal he’s FT Island.”

If anyone finds this video, please share! Apparently, it doesn’t have that many comments underneath it. LOL

MC No Hong Cheol offered himself as an example to answer Hongki’s concern.

“I’m a really strong character,” he said. “The question is whether I want to keep going as a strong character or tone it down and become a comfortable character that appeals to the general public. But you can’t suddenly go from one to the other. You have to do it cleverly. You have to add something different to yourself little by little.”

“Even if you can’t have your ways with your album, just keep up what you’ve been doing so far. Out of 10 songs, do 7 songs for the general public and include 3 of your own. Take it slowly.”

“It’s taken you a long time even to get to where you are now. If you keep that up, then you’ll be able to fulfill your dream.”

Praise to you No Hong Cheol!

Instead of all the hurts and stress coming from establishing an identity, we hope Hongki and the rest of FT Island members find the strength to keep on trying and working hard. Meanwhile, our job as Primadonnas is to accept the reality: nothing is going to happen overnight. But no matter how long it takes, whether that’s 5 years or 10 years, we’ll be staying by our artists’ side with love, confidence and most importantly, faith.

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Source: KBS ‘Do Dream’ (video/capture @Music-Hong) DJ.Pri

[Pri-Log] 131203 FTISLAND Disses Seunghyun On 'Old School'

FTISLAND’s Song Seunghyun Exposed!

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On December 3rd, 2013, four of the five FTISLAND returned to Kim Changryul’s Old School for a classy music talk ‘Music’s Dignity.’

JJ: Hello, I’m bassist Jaejin. Nice to meet you!

JH: Hello, I’m guitarist Jonghun

Wait, he didn’t introduce himself a pianist this time. What’s up?

HK: Hello, I’m Hongki

MH: Hi, I’m drummer Minhwan

Seunghyun was absent because he was at a rehearsal for musical ‘The Three Musketeers.’ This meant, it’s time to talk behind his back!

KCR: How dare he be absent when he knows about the consequences. To celebrate, let’s say whatever we want about him

JH: Hongki has a plenty to say

HK: It’s not that I have a plenty to say. But every time he comes back from the musical rehearsal, he talks about how much compliments he got

MH: He shows off a lot

HK: But from what I can tell, he didn’t improve at all. His acting his awkward and his singing isn’t any better. So every time he talks about how he got better, I cringe. But I just don’t say anything

KCR: So Seunghyun says he’s gotten so much better and his posture has become more natural, but you all don’t think the same

MH: The last time we saw Seunghyun’s musical was a year ago. So I think there has to be some difference

KCR: Yes, he has to have changed somewhat. Jonghun, what do you think about Seunghyun?

JH: I’m not really interested in him

JJ: This is the best

KCR: This is the scariest: the lack of interest! What about you, Jaejin?

JJ: This is crazy

KCR: Jaejin, you won’t be absent, would you?

JJ: I’m going to be here everyday. I think I have to. But I think Seunghyun will do well. I’ll see how well he does and if he doesn’t do well, I’ll criticize him then

KCR: At least Jaejin protects Seunghyun

HK: That’s because Jaejin was also in a musical

JJ: Yes, I was…

HK: We’ve got plenty of things to say about him when he’s not here. I’ll come on by myself

JJ: I’m going to come on with him

KCR: Hongki, you do some solo activities

HK: Yes, I do

KCR: You sang an OST for ‘The Inheritors’ 

HK: Yes, I sang ‘I’m Saying.’ I’ll also be shooting a drama and a variety show

KCR: Don’t you ears itch? (Because someone is talking about him)

HK: No, because I do all the talking

JH: We are always on edge because he meets a lot of people

KCR: I can see that

JJ: Yeah, we never know if he will say anything stupid

HK: When Hongki goes out for a meal with other staff members, I join them sometimes too. They already know so much about me

KCR: Because he shares so much about everyone 

FTISLAND’s Seunghyun dissing did not stop here. Later in the show, Kim Changryul told the audience that they could still post questions for Seunghyun and the members will either pass them along or answer for him. Hongki volunteered to tell it all!

***The Mood***

KCR: Let’s talk a little about your new mini album. The title song is ‘Madly.’ What kind of a song is it?

HK: Jin!

JJ: In Korea, we are best known for ballads but in Japan, we do better with rock sounds. But this time, we are continuing what we’ve been doing in Korea and came back with a ballad

KCR: Your last album had strong rock elements. But now, you are back to a ballad

JJ: Yes, and it’s winter time too

HK: It’s so cold lately. I feel lonely

JH: I think it’s good that we can do both a strong rock and an emotional ballad because we are a band

KCR: You also individually are studying music and writing songs. So I think we can look forward to what’s next

HK: You can, you can

KCR: We’ll listen to a song first. Who will introduce FTISLAND’s ‘Madly?’

HK: Minari~

MH: I’m bad at this so Jaejin should do it. I ‘m really bad at it

KCR: Just try. You just have say “Here’s ‘Madly’ by FTISLAND”

MH: I’ll try. Here’s FTISLAND’s new song. It’s a really good song that goes well with the season. We’ll be back after listening to ‘Madly’

<<FTISLAND – ‘Madly’>>

KCR: The song is really good

FT: Thank you

KCR: It’s perfect for the season

***Cheongdamdong 111***

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KCR: I saw that you are in a new reality program with CNBLUE, AOA and other staff members. And you come out as rivals with CNBLUE. Does this pressure you?

HK: It’s no pressure but it’s just so so. We are in a wrong team

KCR: Why?

HK: They took band trainees while we have two actors and two vocals. So it’s hard to teach them anything

KCR: You can teach them singing

HK: Singing is fine but what about the two actors?

KCR: Learn acting

JJ: Teach what you learn!

KCR: Hongki, you are good at acting

HK: I’m out of shape

KCR: Why? Your life is acting…Wait, what?

KCR: But it’s not completely real, right?

HK: It’s not. It’s almost real but kind of like a drama. It took some of the actual events and produced them like a drama

KCR: AOA was on here recently and they shot that. They were so cute

HK:  Many guys are interested in AOA lately

KCR: Especially her in that recent drama

HK: Seolhyun

KCR: Yes, she was so cute in her drama. Is there an AOA member who you think is talented?

MH: I don’t know about talented but Seolhyun is really pretty. So I watch her with a fatherly smile

KCR: I do that too

MH: Yeah, she’s so pretty

KCR: What about you, Jonghun?

JH: I like them all

KCR: Wow, you are a man

JH: I just like that we are in the same company

KCR: You must be getting closer with them through this reality show

JH: I think so

HK: Not me. I’m still shy

KCR: Why?

HK: I make friends with guys easily but it’s hard to do with girls

KCR: What about you, Jaejin?

JJ: We rarely talked until now

KCR: You didn’t really have a chance to see them, did you?

JJ: No, we really didn’t. But now we got to talk human to human. So I guess we’ll get a bit closer now

KCR: I hope you become friends and do things together. They do a lot of unit works. Minhwan can sing a duet with Seolhyun

MH: I want to but the height difference…she’s really tall

***Hongki’s Nail Art***

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KCR: A question for Hongki: did you get an award for nail art in Japan?

HK: Yes, I did

KCR: Congratulations 

HK: I was the first foreigner to win it

KCR: You are shining in fields other than singing. Isn’t this the first time for a singer?

MH: Yes, it’s the first for nail art

KCR: What was the award for?

HK: It’s called Nail Queen and it’s a huge award show in Japan. It brings in more than 800 reporters. And as the first foreigner, I got an award in Man’s Nail category

KCR: Did other members go too?

MH: I couldn’t go

JJ: We don’t do nail art

KCR: You guys can’t stand other person succeeding

KCR: So Hongki does nail art well. What about you Minhwan.? Do you have any other talents?

MH: I don’t have any

JJ: He’s good at eating

HK: And being cheap

KCR: Why are you so good at dissing each other? Hongki is good at dissing too

MH: I did musicals last year and still trying many different things to figure out what’s right for me

KCR: What about you, Jonghun?

JH: I go around and go fishing

KCR: Oh, fishing. You mentioned that last time

JH: I like the mountains and I like the air

KCR: You are very nature friendly

JH: Yes, so I recently started golf too

KCR: That’s good. What about you, Jaejin?

External image

JJ: I really wish Minhwan go on a eating show. Everytime I see him eat, I get hungry even if I had just eaten

HK: Have you heard about the popular Internet show, America TV?

KCR: The eating show?

HK: We really wanted to do that. Like us playing games or Minhwan eating

KCR: That sounds fun

HK: We like that better than the media coverage

KCR: Why don’t you propose it to your company?

HK: We did and got rejected

KCR: There’s nothing closed about FTISLAND. You are a very open team and friendly. So I think it’ll be fun to see you do that

HK: Let’s do it today

MH: Today?

Let’s get back to dissing Seunghyun.

Question: Does Seunghyun wash himself? There are words that he doesn’t in winter

MH: He does wash himself. But if we all have a drink, he can’t wake up the next day. So he ends up going out without washing himself because he was sleeping

HK: He smells like a lonely man

MH: H knows this. So he takes shower before going to bed instead. After we get home from drinking, he takes shower, sleeps and then goes out the next day

KCR: Isn’t that fine?

MH: He does wash himself but doesn’t get really clean

KCR: What’s up with smelling like a lonely man?

HK: He must have a bad liver. He can’t detoxicate himself

KCR: I asked you earlier what else you are all good at. What other things is Seunghyun good at?

MH: Seunghyun? He’s good at fooling around and jumping on you…

HK: He’s not really good at anything

KCR: Man, I’m in trouble if I’m in FTISLAND. But I think you can all say this because you guys are that close

Question: Jonghun, is your shoulder ok?

JH: I hurt my shorter while shooting a show

KCR: How?

HK: He was on a sports program

KCR: Yes, Dream Team

JH: I threw myself to press the button and hurt my shoulder. I have a bad shoulder to begin with so I just got back from a physical therapy too

KCR: It’s harder to deal with injuries in the winter

HK: Yes, we are worried

KCR: It’s time to listen to a song. Since we talked about Jonghun’s shoulder, let’s play his song. Please introduce it for us

JH: You don’t need anything else. Just listen to the lyrics

KCR: Here’s FTISLAND’s ‘I Can’t Have You’

<<FTISLAND – ‘I Can’t Have You’>>

<<Commercial Break>>

KCR: I’ve asked the four FTISLAND members to tell us about Seunghyun, and it looks like Seunghyun has been listen to us

KCR: This is what he wrote: Ah Hongki…seriously. This is why I can’t miss radio. A lonely man smell? You always say that. And Choi Minhwan, I heard you

JH: He must have texted

HK: Seunghyun, it doesn’t matter what you say. You know why? Because you aren’t here

KCR: Since Seunghyun is listening to us, let’s say something nice about him

JJ: Yes, let’s make this right

HK: Is there something nice to say about him?

JJ: Compliment his height

HK: He is tall

KCR: Really? That must be nice

HK: But he’s shorter than you

KCR: Isn’t he? Yayy, I beat FTISLAND on something

Question: Since you left us alone for the past 6 Christmas, let’s do something for this one

: You guys didn’t do anything with fans on Christmas for the past 6 years?

HK:  We did something. We had a Christmas concert in Daegoo one year

KCR: What are you doing for this Christmas?

MH: We have a family concert in Japan at the end of the year. So we have to get ready for that

KCR: So no schedule in Korea?

HK: I have a drama

KCR: Didn’t you guys just have a tour in Japan?

HK: We did

KCR: You had a concert in Korea and then again in Japan. But again?

HK: It’s a family concert

KCR: So it’s with everyone at FNC? How fun! There must be a lot of different things you can do

HK: Yeah, but we don’t have time to prepare anything together. I’m worried that it’ll be lame

KCR: You don’t have do a lot. You should leave it to other members.

HK: We should re-arrange songs and practice collaborations. But we just don’t have the time to get together

MH: I think having just two weeks would’ve been enough

KCR: I’m sure it’ll be great

Question: Jaejin, please rap free style

<< Jaejin Raps >>

HK: What is this? You could’ve done it in Korean

JJ: This is hard.  I think rappers are the best

KCR: I like you for doing it so casually

JJ: Let’s move on

Message: I got my college application result but I’m on the waiting list. So I’ve been feeling down for the past 3 hours. What do you do when you are feeling down?

HK: What does it mean to be on the waiting list?

KCR: It means you aren’t accepted but get a waiting number

MH: How does that work?

KCR: If someone accepted decides to not go to that school, then the first person on the waiting list gets to go instead

MH: So she still has a chance to get in?

KCR: It depends on her waiting number

Of course FTISLAND would not know this. They’ve never actually applied for college ㅡㅡ;;

KCR: What do you do when you are feeling down?

HK: I eat or go meet friends

JH: I think I eat too. I eat, punch and break things. I go play golf

JJ: I go outside, walk around, eat and go shopping

HK: I get nervous whenever Jaejin goes out

KCR: Why?

HK: Because he doesn’t come home

Hongki, do you want me to share what you did yesterday?

KCR: Did he not come home yesterday?

HK: No, I live with my parents

JJ: And yet he didn’t go home


MH: I call my mom or friends. I relieve stress by talking about it

KCR: So you must not call the members

MH: I do sometimes

KCR: Really? They help you?

JJ: He never calls us

KCR: What does Seunghyun do?

FT: What does he do? He’s usually with Minhwan. They are a combo

KCR: He must be on the phone with Minhwan

MH: We meet and go for a drink

KCR: If you look at it, FTISLAND is an idol. But you guys talk so freely about drinking. Why are you like this?

HK: We didn’t have much to hide from debut because so many people unveiled our past. So if we had covered things up, that would’ve gotten negative reaction

HK: And we don’t get into trouble

JH: We never got into trouble

JJ: We are so good at self-control

KCR: You guys get together often, don’t you?

HK: We meet everyday

KCR: Is there anything other than music you talk about?

HK: We talk about girls

Question: If you could go on a trip right now, will you go alone or together?

FT: We’ll go together

KCR: What was the best trip you had together?

FT: None

JH: They don’t remember this but when we were in Pataya, I rode a boat by myself. I think that was the best for me

HK: I had so many lizards in my room

KCR: If you had a week or two, where do you want to go?

MH: We had planned to go to Europe but now, we aren’t sure because of Hongki’s drama and stuff

KCR: Are you thinking about backpacking?

HK: Yes

KCR: That’s all an experience and can help you write music

HK: Jonghun will take his guitar

KCR: You can perform on the streets

MH: Or we can just buy one there

KCR: Jaejin, introduce your song

JJ: It’s a very smooth and flowing song. Please listen to ‘The Way Into You’

<<FTISLAND – ‘The Way Into You’>>

 KCR: This is like a pop song

JJ: Thank you

KCR: To write a song, you should get together and listen to music together

HK: We just visit each other’s studio. We share songs when they are almost done. So then, we can say it’s good or bad

KCR: So must give each other musical advice

JJ: Of course

HK: In Jonghun’s case, he calls me to record guide for him

JH: That’s because I can’t sing

HK: Besides that, the song needs to sound as good as possible if we want to get it confirmed

KCR: Have you give your song to a different group?

MH: Not yet

KCR: Who would like to give it to?

HK: I want it to be mine

JJ: We have to give it to a band. I once gave it to our former member Wonbin in Japan

Wonbn~~~ T_______________T<3

Back to the topic of traveling, a fan suggested FTISLAND should go on ‘Rule Of The Jungle’ instead of going to Europe. Hongki and Jaejin said no thanks while Minhwan and Jonghun said they want to. But they have a scheduling conflict since they need to be free for at least 2 weeks.

The following question asked how far back FTISLAND would want to go if they can go back to the past. All four of them said they want to go back to their trainee days.

MH: I want to rewrite history

KCR: But with the current members?

MH: Yes

KCR: If you go back to your trainee days, what do you want to work on?

MH: I think I’ll have more fun

KCR: Didn’t you have enough fun?

MH: No, I just started having some fun

HK: I want to polish my basic skills. Because we were more about ensemble, I didn’t get to practice alone a lot

JH: I want to study writing music more

JJ: I wish I had written more songs

Question::You all look so tired lately. How much sleep do you get?

FT: We slept a lot yesterday

KCR: Once you release an album, how much sleep do you usually get?

HK: If we are really busy, 3 to 4 hours

MH: Sometimes just one hour

KCR: How else do you keep your strength?

HK: I eat Vitamins and Omega

JH: I eat Jinseng

KCR: Because you are at the age to worry about your health

Question: What should we look forward to in the next album?

HK: I think our next album will have the music that we really want

You are still on trial and error process

HK: Yes, but next year we could have both of what we want and what the company wants

MH: Nothing has been decided yet

HK: Sounds fun, right?

A fan asked FTISLAND members to show aegyo. FTISLAND refused because they are no longer cute and fresh.

HK: We are still young but because we’ve been part of the real world for a long time, we aged..

MH: We feel like flat coke

KCR: What’s your average age? 23?

JJ: We are still young

KCR: Minhwan, when did you first start music?

MH: I was in 6th grade

HK: I was in middle school

JH: I was in first grade

JJ: I was in middle school

KCR: When did you want to become a musician?

MH: I think the same time when I started the drums

KCR: That was early. Why didn’t you have fun then?

MH: Why didn’t I?

HK: Minhwan never understood me and Jonghun playing

MH: At that time, I thought it was no time for fun. I thought it was time to work hard. But now, I’ve realized back then was the time for fun and now is the time to work hard

***Good Bye***

KCR: Who wants to introduce our last song?

HK: The last song is my song. It’s called ‘Siren’ and it’s a fun that you can just bounce to

<<FTISLAND – ‘Siren’>>

Source: Old School + DJ.Pri ;; Twitter @ChocopieK

[Pri-Log] 120925 FT Island on MBC Shim Shim Ta Pa

“Hey, sexy lady~!”

The entire world may be going crazy over PSY’s “Gangnam Style” right now. But no crazy dance move, as in nothing, drives Primadonnas wild like that by FT Island. Super Junior’s Shindong seems to know this so well.

On the episode of MBC Shindong’s Shim Shim Ta Pa aired on September 25th, he introduced FT Island members one by one, by making them come into the studio…one by one.

SD: "First, we title him the handsome guitarist and call him FT Island’s leader Hoonie. Here comes FT Island’s flower boy, skilled guitarist and composer, Choi Jong Hun!

Jonghun made a handsome and yet awkward entrance. He was holding a water bottle, making Shindong wonder if we were going to see a water show. Then he suddenly "answered” his cell phone. After finally seating down infront of a working microphone, Jonghun said it was for his business.

SD: "Next, they say this guy looks the sexist when he is singing his heart out with a pretty face and a husky voice. Here’s a guy who is both cute and sexy, Lee Hong Ki!

Do I need to say anything? Hongki is simply perfect…until he sudenly turned into a monkey.
SD: "Everyone, this guy has gone crazy.”

Yes. But he’s still adorable!

SD: "Next, we knew something was up about the look in his eyes. Then he said it himself. he recently went through a breakup. So here’s a guy who has been born again as FT Island’s ‘call man,' Lee Jae Jin!

Lonely? Jaejin walked in gulping down liquid. Shindong called it soju but we all saw it’s water, right? …Right?

SD: "Moving on, a guy with a lovely babyface and wild chest hair. A guy with two-faced charms, Choi Min Hwan!”

Minhwan walked in but the music stopped. So Shindong asked Minhwan to rewind the situation. Minhwan got out and came back in.

– Rewind 5 seconds –

SD: Choi Min Hwan!

Minhwan entered with a bright smile and began sniffing on his finger. We wonder what he was doing with his hands earlier…

SD: "Finally, he is FT Island’s smile angel and proud magnae. Here comes unpredictable 4D flower boy, Song Seung Hyun!

Seunghyun showed off his handsome face and said hello with four fingers. He then…became a monkey. Earlier on SBS Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time, Seunghyun had said he wants to be just like Hongki, except for personal stuff. I have doubts about this.

External image

SD: "We have all five of you. Everyone, please say hello.”

Hongki began introducing himself as FT Island’s vocalist. But Shindong quickly stopped him.

SD: "I meant everyone.“

FT Island: "Hello, we’re FT Island!”

SD: "You all must be really sleepy.“

Shindong started reading off greeting messages from fans. One of them called on Jaejin and told him to cheer up. 

JJ: "I’m fine.”

Shindong skipped over individual introduction because for one, who doesnt know who is who in FT Island? And second, there’s no time for it. The latter probably is the real reason.

** Album Introduction

FT Island have released their fourth official album, titled 'Five Treasure Box.' 

SD: "Who is the best English speaker?”

Seunghyun said Jaejin. But Hongki spoke out loudly.

HK: "Five Treasure Box.“

SD: "I asked, who is good at English. Please only do what I ask.”

JJ: "Five Treasure Box.“

SD: "Who named it?”

HK: "Our company.“

SD: "Of course. That’s what they are there for.”

HK: "We brought you a present.“

SD: "Thank you. It’s autographed. It says, 'Bro, we’ve released our first official album in 3 years. Crank it up. There are many songs that we wrote and composed.’”

We’ll be checking in with those songs later. If a track is played for more than 30 seconds, FT Island members get paid for copyrights.

SD: “We need to hear album introduction. Who is in charge of this?”

FT Island: “Jaejin.”

 “Okay, then let’s switch things up today. It’s all yours Seunghyun.”

SH: “Our album is named Five Treasure Island…”

SD: “No, not like that.”

Rap Time!!

Here’s what they “said,” not rapped:

SH: Alright, yeah. Most incredible baby. 
       Our album, ‘I wish,’ Five Treasure Box.
       Five of us put our most precious items inside the box, from track #6 to #10 is ours.
       I’m so sad. I wanna cry. I wanted our song to be the title song.
       But the song ‘I wish’ is so good.
       Perfect vocalist Lee Hongki’s voice, and five perfect instruments…
       How long do I have to rap for?

JJ:  Erm…did he say Jesus Chris?

HK: “Wow, you suck.”

SD: “Hongk’s turn?”

HK: “No, I’m bad at it too.”

FT Island: Hongki!

HK: “Omg, really.”

JJ: “He’s getting ready. He’s getting ready.”

FT Island: One, two, three, four!

HK: Hongki is recently filming a movie.
        The title is still temporary, but it’s called Our, what is it, our heaven?
        But…this is hard!!!

FT Island: Jonghun! Jonghun! Jonghun!

JH: Let me introduce you to our album tracks.
       Track #1 ‘Our Wish,’ Track #2 ‘ Your Words,’ Track #3…what was it?
        ‘U,’ Track #5 ‘Let you go,’ uh…I don’t know.

FT Island: Minhwan! Minhwan! Minhwan! Minhwan! Minhwan!

MH: First official album in 3 years, I’m so happy.

- Minhwan’s hand dance-

Conclusion: FT Island should NEVER EVER rap. ^^V

External image

 “Your own track didn’t become the title song. That must be disappointing. “

HK: “I’ll express that feeling with a rap.”

SH: “That’d be a slight diss.”

SD: “Who did you diss just now?”

– FT Island’s ‘I wish’ –
Hongki’s tiara style headband stands out in this song. Hongki calls himself the statue of liberty. 

In a message, a fan said how much she loves Hongki’s shoulder dance at ‘lonely, lonely’ part. Then another message noted Jaejin is good at shoulder dance too. So Shindong asked Hongki to sing the part and have Jaejin show off his dance moves.

The first time, Jaejin missed the timing. The second time, Hongki forgot the lyrics. The third time, Jaejin finally got it.

Trumpets sounded off at this point, announcing the lucky winners of Shim Shim Ta Pa event. All of the people whose message got read off on air until this point would receive a gift from the show. Congratulations!

** Jaejin’s Breakup Confession

SD: “Why did you do it?”

 “I didn’t mean to tell anyone, but Hongki ended up hinting it on air. So I ended up just saying it.”

SD: “So why don’t you reveal his secrets too?”

JJ: “It’s too big. It’s too strong. There are too many and they are just really bad…”

HK: “You can’t frame me like this.”

JJ: “Why? Why do you say I’m framing you?”

HK: “This is a trap. I’m honestly…”

JJ: “No, it’s because your level of popularity is different from mine. So you’d get really hurt, while I just…”

SD: “Ah, so the person involved is also part of Hongki’s circle…”

HK: “No, this is a misunderstanding.”

SD: “I wish it was you~!”

HK: “No, this is a big misunderstanding and a trap.”

SD: “A misunderstanding…a misunderstand…is it a five-member girl group?”

Here’s Shindong’s logic. The Korean word for misunderstanding is Oh-hae. Also in Korean, ‘Oh’ is a word for number five, which led him to five-member girl group. KO Hongki!

SD: “Speaking of which, AOA’s Hyejeong appeared in your MV. And Jaejin was holding her hand so tightly. “

 “Is this credible information?”

SD: “Yes, how did it feel?”

JJ: “…”

SD: “Hey,”

JJ: “Ah, it’s been so long since I held a girl’s hand.”

HK: “Has it really been that long, Jaejin? Really?”

JJ: “I’m sorry.”

SD: “I didn’t say anything. They are the ones saying it. I don’t know anything.”

So let’s end it here.

SD: “Minhwan is an honest fellow. Last time, he picked APink’s Bomi as his favorite hoobae. It’s been 6 months since then. Did you have a change of heart?”

MH: “She is not active lately.”

SD: “You dumped her already.”

MH: “No, AOA debuted so I’m cheering for them.”

SD: “Who do you like the most from AOA?”

MH: “I like Hyejeong.”

SD: “But you lost her to Jaejin.”

MH: “But we each have a scene with her. I got to stand in front of her face to face. It’s been a long time since I’ve done that with a girl. So it felt good.”

 “Hyejeong is really tall. She’s 170 cm.”

SD: “So did you have to stand on something?”

MH: “No, she didn’t wear any shoes. But I had a shoe lift.”

SD: “Is Hyejeong that much taller than Minhwan?”

MH: “Yes, a little.”

External image

Wait, wait, wait. Minhwan’s onlne profile says Minhwan’s height is 173 cm. Yet he said Hyejeong, whose height is 170 cm, is slightly taller than him. So how tall is Minhwan??!! And if Hongki is calling a girl at 170 cm “really tall,” how tall is he? T_T<3

** Promotion Quiz Time

Enough with Shindong talking about FT Island album. Instead, he’s letting FT Island do the job on their own, but under a condition: they must correctly answer quiz questions. Whoever gets the question right will be able to play the song of his choice and talk about it on air. The song will play for 30 seconds, which means “cha-ching” for that member’s wallet. $_$

SD: “This only applies to the person who answers the question correctly. So if one person gets three questions right, we’ll play the same song three times.”

HK: “Let’s go for it. I actually wrote lyrics for three of the songs. Why not play them all?”

SD: “Each of you have at least one song, right?”

FT Island: “Yes.”

Here are the rules: There will be a total of three questions. Each question is about an FT Island member. The questions come from three FT Island members. For each question, the rest of the members, who did not make the question, have to say the correct answer within 60 seconds. If someone does, that member will get to promote his song of choice. If no one gets the question right, whoever came up with the question will get to promote his song of choice.

Question 1 is from Jaejin.

Q: If I could become another FT Island member for a day, I would want to be (    ) because I’m jealous of his (      ).

HK: “Song Seunghyun! And his height.”


JH: “Hongki. Hongki. Wait, I’m Jonghun.”


MH: “Hongki’s voice.”


SH: “Hongki’s vocal skills.”


HK: “Jonghun’s voice.”


SD: “You got the person wrong.”

HK: “Minhwan’s innocence.”


HK: “Minhwan’s way to love.”


SH: “What was the question?”

MH: “Minhwan’s strength.”


HK: “Minhwan’s face.”


HK: “Minhwan’s nose.”


HK: “Minhwan’s eyes without double eyelids.”

- Time’s Up -

SD: “I was going to accept any similar answers but there was not even that. The answer is ‘Choi Minhwan because he’s healthy, eats well and is a crybaby. I want his relaxed mind.’ In other words, he is thoughtless.”

Jaejin’s Song Of Choice: Paper Plane

Shindong thought it was “Paper Plan.” XD

MH: “Jaejin composed and wrote this.”

SD: “I’m embarrassed.”

JJ: “I composed and wrote this song. It’s a song with hope. If you listen to the guitar in the beginning, you may think it’s a sad song. But it’s a hopeful song so I hope everyone listens carefully to the lyrics.”

SD: “Is this because of your break up?”

JJ: “No, this is about the world.”

SD: “That’s how the world appears after a break up. You look for hope.”

MH: “Right.”

 “So let me ask you this. Did you write the song after your breakup or while you were dating?”

JJ: “I wrote it well before that.”

SD: “Ah, when you were dating a different girl?”

JJ: “No, these songs are from Japan.”

SD: “A Japanese girlfriend?”

- Song Plays -

Question 2 is about Seunghyun from Jonghun.

Q: Which girl group member did Seunghyun recently think was super pretty?

MH: “f(x) Krystal.”


HK: “Spica Narae.”


JJ: “Kara’s Goo Hara.”


HK: “Kara’s Han Seungyeon.”


MH: “SNSD Taeyeon.”


 “Rania’s Jinyoung.”


SD:  “You have 10 seconds left. Ah, what’s up with this architecture…?”

HK: “Miss A’s Suzy.”


SD: “How on earth did you get it right? Hongki, you are correct.”

Shindong ended up giving away a really easy hint. Suzy recently starred in movie ‘Architecture 101.’

Hongki’s Song Of Choice: Stay With Me

HK: “A composer came up with the music and I wrote the lyrics to it. This song has a wild side to it.”

SD: “’You are too dark, you are too cold.’ It’s saying something bad happened.”

HK: “Yes, it’s that. It’s about an one-sided love. I felt she loved me too but my love was a burden to her.”

SD: “Who is she?”

HK: “My real experience was worse than this.”

SD: “Five girls?”


 “I picked this song because I wanted to take the blame alone, since members wrote other songs.”

- Song plays -

Last question is from Jonghun.

Q: The most stubborn FT Island member is (    ) and I hated him the most when he (   ).

HK: “Let’s do it this way. You guys give me the correct member first, and then we’ll talk about the reason.”

MH: “Seunghyun.”


MH: “When he left his underwear in the bathroom.”


JJ: “When he is being annoying?”


SD: “How did you…? Jonghun, Jaejin nailed it.”

JH: “He did.”

SD: “The answer is rather long but you were right on. What did you say?”

JJ: “When he is being annoying.”

 “’When he’s being unnecessarily and annoyingly silly, and picks the wrong time for everything. When he makes me jump when I’m feeling down.’ Seunghyun, why are you like this?”

SH: “I’m just cheering them up.”

SD: “What’s up with underwear in the bathroom?”

HK: “That’s something I yelled at Seunghyun about.”

SD: “Why?”

HK: “This was when Seunghyun first came to live with us. I personally hate anyone leaving his underwear in the bathroom. So no one does that among us but he always left his underwear inside. Then one day, when we were getting dressed, I saw he was wearing a really familiar underwear. I thought it was mine so I asked. He said he just found it at home. This means I can’t ever wear that one again!”

SD: “Why are you keep trying to share underwears?”

SH: “I talked about exactly 4 years ago on Shim Shim Ta Pa.”

SD: “Yes, you did. Do you still do that?”

SH: “No, I don’t.”

JJ: “You still leave it in the bathroom.”

SH: “Sometimes. I think I do it because I miss it.”

SD: “But why do you leave it in the bathroom? Do you leave your laundry in the bathroom?

 “I forget about it. When I’m in there to take a shower, I take them off at the door and throw them into the sink. Then I forget to bring it back out after. But when there’s three of them at once, I put them away.”

SD: “Does that mean those stay there like that for at least 3 days? No one put them away? Wow, you guys are stubborn.”

The final song promotion opportunity went to Jaejin. He said he felt sorry so wanted to know if he could give someone else a chance. Shindong said he can promote another member’s song.

 “Ok. Then I’ll do one that doesn’t involve Hongki.”


The little ones definitely have grown a lot. They are getting at Hongki without any sense of hesitation and fear. What happens at home? That…we’ll never know. 

 “This one was composed by Minhwan and Seunghyun.”

HK: “And you are gonna say you wrote the lyrics for it.”

JJ: “Of course. It’s really fun and we can enjoy it with our fans.”

SD: “The lyrics feel like they are about you guys, is that correct?”

JJ: “Yes.”

- Wanna Go (Neverending World Song) - 

SD: “The song not made by Hongki. We let it play for a long time. How was it, Hongki?”

HK: “It’s whatever.”

Shinddong read some more complimentary fan comments about the song. Then one fan expressed her worry for Jonghun, who scored nothing during the game. She became the show’s lucky gift winner. Jonghun is a lucky charm.

SD: “Jonghun, show us your guns. They are like Sean Lee’s.”

* Sean Lee is a celebrity body trainer. 

SH: “But what’s that black thing underneath his arms?”

JH: “Seunghyun, shut up.”

HK: “Urgh, Seunghyun really has no answer.”

JH: “Do you wanna die?”

JJ: “Wow, that’s fresh!”

SD: “I was about to joke Jonghun was gonna beat up Seunghyun but this is worse.”

For those who didn’t catch it, Seunghyun was trying to point out Jonghun’s underarm hair. Do you think that was appropriate and necessary? Or should Jonghun really beat him up? Discuss! BD

** FT Island’s Service Time

It’s time for something that no idol guest can ever avoid on a late night radio show. They have to say thank you to those fans staying up late just to listen to them. AKA: keep them up all night by driving them crazy. And for us, an ear-candy to keep it on re-play again and again.

Part 1: Seranade


SD: “Let’s do this one by one. All you have to do is sing a short serenade for your fans. So get ready and we’ll start with Hongki.”

HK: “I can’t remember the title but is it ‘Sunflower’ by Park Sang Min?”

SD: “Yes, that’s correct.”

* Hongki’s Serenade: “Sunflower” By Park Sang Min.

HK: I love you, I love you. When I erase all the words in this world, I’m only left with these words even though it’s too late. I’m sorry, I’m sorry; because I couldn’t cherish you more; because I kept you inside my impoverished heart.

Hongki kind of forgot the lyrics towards the end but still managed to finish it. Then Shindong ended up connecting the song to  ‘Let it be’ by the Beatles. In Korean, this is called ‘꺽기’ (ggukki). You basically keep connecting different songs. It’s one of the fun trends among young people. 

SD: “Next is Jonghun.”

JH: “You want me to sing?”

SD: “Just sing a serenade.”

JH: “What kind of a situation is this…”

Jonghun always says he’s not good at singing so he rarely does. A fan generously suggested Jonghun should show off his 6 packs instead. But Jonghun said he’d rather sing. Why does this guy keep avoiding a chance to show off his 6 packs? He already took it all off on twitter. 

External image

* Jonghun’s Seranade:
 “Thank Goodness” By S.Papa

JH: Smile you fool. Don’t you know? Our memories together…

Then he forgot the lyrics.

SD: “Wow, you sing well. Please keep playing your guitar.”

JH: “Why do you make us sing?”

SD: “It’s a way to say thank you to your fans who are staying up late just to see you on radio.”

* Minhwan’s Serenade: “Love Expression” By Flower

MH: Darling, oh my darling. When I hold you in my arms, I want to share a sweet love.

SD: “Cute!”

* Jaejin’s Serenade: “Maybe It Was Love” By Kim Hyung Joong

JJ: Maybe it was love, maybe I like you. Every day, I can only think of you.

SD: Why does it sound so sad?

JJ: “Why?”

SD: “A fan is saying you sound like you’ve had a lot of practice.”

JJ: “It’s my favorite song.”

SD: “She’s asking, who is she?”

JJ: “She is no one.”

JH: “Meanwhile, Seunghyun is searching online.”

JJ: “He’s on that fruit page.”

SD: “Seunghyun, a fruit? You can’t be playing a game while we are on air.”

Seunghyun’s Seranade: “Be My Girlfriend” By FT Island

SH: I have plenty to show you, but how can I begin? I just want to hurry without a reason. Even though it’s clumsy, will you accept my heart?

Forgetful Seunghyun. He seriously had to look up lyrics to one of their own songs. What’s more…that’s his part. 

FT Island’s Serenade: “Proposal” By Noel

FT Island: You don’t have you cry. Please don’t cry. Lift up your head, try smile now. I’ll make you smile. I’ll only give you happiness. I’ll always be by your side. Forever. Don’t be afraid. Everything is going to be alright.

FT Island totally own this song as a group. And they sound like they sing it quite often together. So I’m wondering, do they sing this song when they are drunk together too? OMG…XD

External image

Part 2: Personal Talents

 “Why do you all suck at personal talents?”

JH: “We know!”

SD: “So let’s make one together.”

HK: “I actually have something I’m working on lately.”

 “Hongki, you can’t start.”

SD: “Should we do him last?”

MH: “Urgh T_T”

SD: “Okay Hongki, what are you going to do?

HK: “I can’t really do it because my throat hurts.”

 “What’s up with your throat? Are you that busy lately?”

 “I’m super busy.”

SD: “You have stuff tomorrow too. Oh, and you are filming a movie. Tell us about that.”

So Hongki began his usual scripted movie promotion. It’s temporarily titled ‘Our Heaven.’ It stars Im won Hee, Ma Dong Suk and Baek Jin Hee. Hongki said Baek Jin Hee texted him to say she’s tuning into Shim Shim Ta Pa at the moment. Shindong joked that she should go to bed. Then in a serious note, suggested all of the movie stars should come out on Shim Shim Ta Pa and give complete spoilers. No need to see the movie in theaters then.

SD: “Okay, now show us your personal talent. What are you practicing lately?”

HK: “Yoo Hyun Sang’s ‘up in the sky.’ But I don’t think I can do it well because of my throat.”


For Seunghyun and Minhwan, a fan asked them to do a hot stove and a cave man. So that’s what they did.

Jaejin did a line from a Gag Concert segment.

And now to the king of personal talents, FT Island’s leader Choi Jonghun!

Jonghun’s talent 1: customized motorcycle engine noise

Jonghun’s talent 2: Pelvis dance

And then he ran out of ideas.

SD: “Shall we go with revealing his 6 pack?”

JH: “No, no.”

SD: “Then what about naming your ex-celebrity girlfriends?”

JH: “OMG, can you not?”

SD: “We only have 2 minutes until we have to play a song.”

So Hongki did another one in place of Jonghun. Hongki imitated Madame Jung, a character from Gag Concert. 

** Time To Say Good Bye

SD: “How was today?”

JJ: “It was so much fun.”

SD: “How was it for you Jonghun?”

 “It was the worst. I don’t think I can sleep. I think I’ll have a nightmare.”

SD: “We’ll end the show with a song recommended by Jonghun.”

 “I pick ‘Compass (That road)’ by FT Island.”

SD: “Who made this song?”

JH: “Our magnaes composed it.”

HK: “And the lyrics?”

JH: “Hongki wrote the lyrics.”

SD: “Jonghun didn’t do much for the album.”

JH: “We played my songs else where.”

SD: “Does it play on a drama?”

HK: “No, we promoted it a lot.”

JJ: “We’ve said the titles often.”

- FT Island’s Compass (That Road) - 

If Shindong’s final words were on twitter, I’d be RTing that million times.

“Please do well tomorrow, please do well the day after, and please do well forever.”

Of course they will.


Source: MBC Shindong’s Shim Shim Ta Pa + Hooooong19189 (Youtube) + Jonghun Twitter + DJ Pri

[Pri-Log] 121024 Lee Hongki & Lee Jaejin On KBS ‘Vitamin’

Anger & rage.

An uncontrolled explosion of negative emotions can drive a person to perform unimaginable actions. According to South Korea’s police report, a total of 396,156 criminals were taken into custody in 2011, and 45.8% of the cases were due to anger. Experts say an inability to control one’s emotions cannot only hurt the person himself but others as well.

“Vitamin” spoke with Professor Kim Byung Soo with psychiatry department at Ahsan Hospital in Seoul. He said there are three situations that most often cause outrage. 

Reason 1: When you feel that your self-pride has gotten insulted

Reason 2: When you feel that your personal property has been invaded

Reason 3:  When you feel some things are not right (include social and political dissatisfactions)

So now we find out, how angry is FT Island.

External image

On October 24th 2012, FT Island members Lee Hongki and Lee Jaejin joined the guest panel on KBS ‘Vitamin.’ First, they were asked to write down how many times a week they feel angry. Hongki and Jaejin wrote ‘0.’

External image

HK: “We were out of space. There’s supposed to be 1 in front of 0.”


** Anger Situations

The MCs, Kim Yong Man and Jung Eun Ah,  revealed which guest expressed his/her outrage with the given subject.

Q1: I take my anger out on a home appliance

Hongki guessed that would’ve been Bae Yeon Jung.

HK: “Because it’s home appliance.”

KYM: “You are saying her washing machine won’t work when she is doing laundry, and so she’d take her anger out on the machine?”

HK: “Yes.”

BYJ: “Why would I take it out on the washing machine? Do you have any idea how expensive that is! I’ve never done that.”

The result was Kim Sung Soo, who said he threw his cell phone out of anger once. But it ended up smashing his television. That was his first and last time he’s ever done such a thing.

Q2: I got depressed because of anger

The result was Bae Yeon Jung after closing down her business in the U.S.  

Q3: I eat when I get angry

External image

The result was Hongki, although nobody guessed.

HK: “No one called my name.”

“I didn’t even imagine that it’d be you.”

HK: “Ah, really?”

BYJ: “A pretty person like you doesn’t do that.”

KYM: “That’s because you have to worry about gaining weight when you take out your stress by eating. So we only guessed Kim Bo Sung or Kim Dong Sung.”

HK: “I take my stress out by eating a lot. When it comes to eating, you know there’s eating a lot of food and drinking a lot of alcohol. But I eat everything when I get stressed out. I also get stressed out over food.”

KYM: “Why?”

HK: “I always have to eat breakfast. A meal is really important to me. I can’t work properly when I don’t have energy. But we have a busy schedule and sometimes we have to skip a meal because of lack of time. But I can’t do that. I have to eat no matter what it takes.”

KYM: “That’s the right thing to do.”

HK: “I just tell them in the fact that I won’t go to schedule. I tell them I’m going to eat now so managers take care of it.”

KYM: “Doesn’t that help other members?”

JJ: “Yes, it does.”

“We like this, which makes it hard for our manager. So that stresses me out. But when I really get stressed out, I ask the members to go out and eat with me.”

JEA: “What do you guys usually eat?”

HK: “Meat, Korean food..”

JEA: “You spread them out and just eat whatever.”


BYJ: “They are all working to eat.”

HK: “Eel, pig skin…”

KYM: “Yes, when you are really angry, having those spread out in front of you cheer you up.”

JEA: “Something sizzling with lot of grease.”

“Yes, I like things that pop. Like when pork bellies pop up.”

KYM: “The meat explodes instead of your anger.”

HK: “When pigskin pops.”

KYM: “You are amazing.”

JEA: “I’m sure a lot of people eat when they get angry.”

Q4: I fainted because I was so angry

The result was Kim Dong Sung over 2002 Winter Olympics incident with Apolo Ohno

Q5: I threw out a punch because I was angry

The obvious answer was Kim Bo Sung, who said he punches the wall.

Q6: I took my anger out on dinner table

The result was Orange Caramel’s Nana, who said she got angry while eating because her mom wouldn’t stop scolding her. Nana slammed her palms on the table and that ended up turning over dishes. She got so shocked that she just walked out of her house.

External image

“I don’t understand why people flip over the dinner table when they are angry.”

HK: “When you get stressed out, you should eat.

Q7: I walked for 6 hours when I got angry

This was K-Will, who couldn’t scream because of his throat. So he went for a walk instead for 6 hours.

** Dangerous Ranking

#1 spot goes to the person who can’t easily control his/her emotions while #7 spot goes to someone who has a good sense of self-control.

On October 2nd, the ‘Vitamin’ guests paid a visit to a hospital for a checkup. All guests were set to go through four tests: check list, picture test, therapy session and FMRI test.

But before taking the test, they all had to swear to undergo tests honestly and even if the results come out negatively, they will not get angry.

External image

‘Vitamin’ divided the guests into three groups according to the way they deal with stress: exercising, screaming, and talking. Hongki belonged to the third category. He said he meets people who can talk about his troubles.


External image

And as for the ranking, Hongki guessed Kim Bo Sung would rank #1.

Back in the studio, Kim Dong Sung pointed Hongki and Nana may be in the danger category. He said idols could be too young to properly deal with their busy life.

First to be revealed was K-Will at #6.

Then Nana was named for #5. Experts said she lacks some self-confidence and feels nervous.

“So I’m going to talk about myself on purpose.”

KYM: “That’s good! Hongki, what do you think about Nana? Isn’t she pretty?”

HK: “Yes.”

External image


KYM: “I think she’s the total opposite of you. He talks about himself too much.”

HK: “I have to talk about myself.”

“Jaejin, doesn’t Hongki talk about himself too much?”

JJ: “He does way too much.”

HK: “You have to. That’s how you get better at it.”

#4: Kim Sung Soo

#3: Kim Bo Sung DANGER

#2: Lee Hongki!!! DANGER

KYM: “And Hongki thought he’d be #7.”

External image

“Why am I #2?”

KYM: “We all want to know why. Jaejin, can you understand this?”

External image

“This is definite.”

Doctor: “Hongki scored high on hidden aggressiveness. And one surprising result was he scored the highest out of 7 of you on the level of nervousness. He scored 25 points. I think he has a lot of worry about his future from his current position and status. But you are already successful, so you should take other people’s success as your sense of joy. That’ll help loosen up your competitiveness.”

Kim Yong Man was going to ask Jaejin a question but then Hongki raised his hand.

KYM: “What’s up Hongki?”

HK: “Could you please say on air a vacation is needed? Please say not having one could lead some mental problems.”

JJ: “A week will do.”

KYM: “Wouldn’t taking some time off help?”

Doctor: “Ah…of course….”

External image

HK & JJ: “YES!!”

“When a person is put under too much stress, his sense of aggressiveness goes up, and that brings down a sense of control and lead to problems. So it’s recommended to give a break to our idols.”

Then it came down to between Bae Yeon Jung and Kim Dong Sung for the #1 Anger King spot. The dangerous title went to Kim Dong Sung.

Source: KBS Vitamin + DJ.Pri 


[Pri-Log] 121204 FT Island & Primadonna Help Children In Cote d'Ivoire

External image

FT Island and Primadonnas are bringing smiles to hundreds of children in Cote d'Ivoire.

On December 4th, Hunger Saver reported that it received about 120 books and a computer from FT Island and fans. Hunger Saver is a non-profit global organization that helps children-in-need all over the world. In Cote d'Ivoire, volunteers take care of those orphaned and displaced by on-going civil war in the country.

Earlier this year, Hunger Saver re-located its children’s center to the capital city. It’s former home was demolished because its location was deemed dangerous. 

Upon hearing the news, FT Island and Primadonna members contributed books and a computer. 
With those, Hunger Saver plans on building a library. 

In thank you, the organizers presented FT Island with hand-written cards and pictures from children. 
“Many children who lost their home and family because of the civil war are finding hope through books,” they said.

Hunger Saver takes care of about 600 children in Cote d'Ivoire. 

Source: Sports Seoul Hunger Saver + DJ.

[Pri-Log] FT Island Tops Korean Album Sales

FT Island is topping album sales in Korea with their latest music bundle, 'Five Treasure Box.’

According to Gaon Chart, 818 copies were sold on the first day of its release. Then on September 14th, another 7,884 copies were sold. That makes the total of 2,208 copies sold in just five days. ‘Five Treasure Island’ is currently no.1 on national album sales chart. 

External image

FT Island’s newest album is known to deliver FT Island’s own musical style. Including the title song, 'I wish,' it has a total of 10 songs. And out of those 10, 7 are composed and written by FT Island members. One by one, FT Island has been performing some of those tracks on major music programs since making a comeback on the 13th. 

Their latest performed track was 'That Road (Compass)' on MBC Show! Music Core on the 15th. The song is composed by Choi Minhwan and Song Seunghyun with lyrics written by Lee Hongki. In fact, Minhwan and Seunghyun composed it when they were sophomores in high school.

Prior to their Music Core appearance, FT Island performed Lee Jaejin’s self-composed and written title, 'Paper Plane’ on KBS Music Bank.

External image

“This was the first time we ever performed the song that I wrote and composed in Korea butI think there will be more opportunities for us in the future,” said Jaejin after stepping down from the stage. “I was nervous but we did well. I am so happy." 

FT Island had started off their first round of comeback performances on Mnet M!Countdown, where they presented 'Let it go,’ composed and written by Choi Jonghun.They are expected to perform Jonghun’s another work, 'Life,' on the 16th on SBS Inkigayo.

Source: Newsen + Sports Hankook + DJ Pri