I’m bored and @kaynoxxcrafts just tagged me in this, so…….

1. Nickname: UMMmm I’ve never really had one I don’t think. My mom calls me Li-Li sometimes.

2. Gender: nonbinary

3. Star sign: gemini

4. Height: 5′4″ AND A HALF

5. Time right now: 2:34 !!!!! (pm)

6. Favorite music artist: tbh I mostly listen to musicals, but I’m also really into Beyonce, Andrew Bird, and Florence + the Machine

7. Song stuck in your head: THERE’S ANOTHER NATIONAL ANTHEM THAN THE ONE YOU SING IN THE BALLPARK – WHERE’S MY PRIIIZE (see, told you I only listen to musicals; it’s from assassins)

8. Last movie watched: Rock a Doodle. :(

9. Last tv show watched: The Get Down

10. What are you wearing right now: my favorite boots, black jeans, teal tank, & black cardigan

11. When did you create your blog: how do I know that idk

12. What kind of stuff do you post: so much. lots of fandom things (star trek, hamilton, leverage, other things??), plus dumb things like cats

13. Do you have any other blogs: There’s @centaurianinspiration, which is just things I like.

14. Do you get asks regularly: NOPE. please send .

15. Why did you choose your URL: when I started undergrad, I wanted a new name and couldn’t think of one. I had just come back from studying abroad in florence, italy, and loved harry potter, and there’s a firenze in both of those, & one of them isn’t a centaur.

16. Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff!!!

17. Pokemon team: The blue one. i haven’t played in a while.

18. Favorite color: Teal

19. Average hours of sleep: 7 to 8.

20. Lucky Number: 144

21. Favorite Character(s): Mickey Milkovich, Bucky Barnes, Nita Callahan, Moist Von Lipwig, others.

22. How many blankets do you sleep with?: one or two

23. Dream Job: something creative where I’m respected and have fun and don’t have to talk to too many people

24. Following: 254

25 Last Thing I Googled: “young wizards nita” I couldn’t remember her last name :3

Tagging: @juucbox, @sparcck, @continuants, @wordsandshadows, @osheamobile. Stole kay’s plan of tagging the last few mutuals who were in my activity.