Allowing Undernovela to be self-indulgent for the mun basically means I can make it as shippy as I so desire.

In its conclusion, Undernovela has become 90% gay with only like 3 straight pairings, if we include the dog couple and the main love triangle. and thats about it. everything else is super not het.

that’s not usually the case in telenovelas. but. im okay with it. 


This card is basically supposed to be a joke card about how me and my SO met.

We were both forum trolls on the Tichondrius server in WoW, he: an Undead Warlock, and I a Draenei Priest. And now, 6.5 years later, I thought this would be a hilarious way to commemorate our weirdness.

This is a neutral spell card, so any class can use it.
I imagine this as a Tavern Brawl kind of card, whos point is to irritate and frustrate both parties, hence the low mana cost, while lots of particle effect pink hearts kind of randomly sprout and cause even more annoyance.

Happy Valentines Day everyone!