priest queen

Broken In The Belfry

Hope in a tourniquet
There’s still blood in the chalice
A crooked crucifix
Over hearts that hang in the balance
Hand over fist
You were my Last Supper
Halfway to a shudder
A midnight kiss
Flirting with the abyss
Everything that pulls me under
We’re nothing but creatures of habit
Lost in the mist
The arrogance of a paladin
The soreness of the wrist
Carrying the regality of a regent
Yet with none of it’s brilliant radiance
That lingering light ceases to exist
So hard not to feel empty
When the bells no longer toll
Left broken in the belfry
Slept without a soul
This chasm holds a phantom
A ghost without a home
You are the anchor that sank them
You were all that tarnished gold
Only a fool would play the pawn
Only a pawn would play the priest
Only the priest would love the queen
Only the queen would fuck the king
And only a king would think he’s God
As a voyeur from these cloisters
The wine tastes just fine
Even if it feels so wrong
Sinners taint saints
Thieves in the night offer no faint reprieve
Despite the brief respite
These wounds have no exit
This sanctuary still seized
So there’s nothing that you can tell me
That can console this tortured soul
For I was left broken in the belfry
With bells that no longer toll