priest mode

Dumb Donato + the Clowns crack headcanons because I’m happy and I miss my Crew:

Roma refers to Donato as Ojii-chan both when talking about him and too his face. Donato refers to her as that insolent little brat. Out of love. 

Nico is totally gonna ask Donato if Amon is single and available and Donato is gonna slap him so hard his jaw is gonna dislocate. This is only gonna make Nico more interested, though.

Donato critiques Uta’s mask designs. Like Yagamata. He has obnoxiously strong opinions on what masks should and shouldn’t look like. He does, however, very much approve of what Uta did with Kaneki’s. 

While inside Cochlea, Donato will sometimes ask the ghouls there about their ghoul personas and thus their masks. He keeps tabs on Uta this way. Every once in a while, he’ll poke around for information on the others, too.

While Roma was in Cochlea, the higher ups in the prison knew they were both Clowns and let them talk together expressly with the hopes they’d spill things about the others. This was a far too obvious scheme for either of them. But Roma enjoyed her time with Ojiichan immensely. They pulled so many pranks on investigators just by coordinating the information they would share that they were eventually barred from being allowed out at the same time.

Donato totally lied to Amon about the prison break. He chose to remain in his cell because here he has an ear to the CCG. They seem to trust him, those fools. Plus, he knows Roma is getting out, and he’s given her a bunch of info to share.

Donato goes into Priest-mode on Itori’s outfits. No self-respecting woman would dress like that. It’s unseemly. He quotes scripture at her. Itori laughs. She gets smacked on the head. Hard.

No one knows how serious Donato is about the religion thing. 

Donato was the one Uta was playing chess with. 

It was a game of correspondence chess, which Donato plays in his head.

Sometimes, Donato and Uta have theological or philosophical debates. They had these via the same method of correspondence as the chess. Probably Souta/Furuta.

I’ll leave all the headcanons for what Donato thought/thinks about Furuta to Ishida for now. I’m desperately excited to see how this plays out.