priest in white

How to Practice Ancestral Traditions in the Diaspora.

Pray, ask, listen. 

You aren’t just like your ancestors anymore. 

You become changed by the new lands, by the new places your feet have walked on, the different dirt beneath your toes. 

So will the magic change. 

If you don’t have access to houses and temples and reputable priestesses and priests in the diaspora, listen to your bones and find what is being expressed. 

Your spirits are right here, in your breathe, in your body, in your spirit. 

You gotta listen, see what YOU can pull up. 

Don’t try to make it into what they are doing, what that white Houngan is doing, that white Taoist priest is doing, the white folks are doing.

Make it your own. Let it come from within you and your specific ancestries and the land you are living on. 

See what you and your spirits express. Maybe some of us in the Diaspora can’t find the right houses and temples and priesthoods right now, because we gotta add something new, some new spices and flavors to our collective ancestral traditions.

The rivers are still here, they aren’t going anywhere. Go pray there. Pray to the mountains. To the winds. 

You don’t stop being yellow or black or brown because you aren’t doing things exactly the way they did in the past. 


These are the One Coin Figurines that have the Bakuras as figurines! They also have 2 ‘secret’ ones per set, Yami Bakura for series 1 and Kisara for series 2.

They’re all so cute! <3


crappy sketches for double sided bookmarks. I just had the idea to make some of these. But I really don’t know if they will ever get finished :D But the sketches were fun (and are rough as they could possibly be).

Mahad - Dark Magician
Pegasus - Toon BEWD, Manga Ryu Ran and Too Summoned Skull
Yugi - Yami Yugi
Atem - Thief King Bakura
Priest Seto - Kisara and BEWD
Kaiba - Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon

if you have any suggestions what also would be cool as a double sided picture - throw it at my face :D

edit: here goes another bunch: