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Rubber didn’t think she’d ever seen anything so damn funny. It wasn’t as if she knew much about the denizens of her employer’s mansion — she was one of DIO’s mercenaries who chose not to frequent the building, so the most she knew about those who did was what Steely Dan had told her — but this had to be the most ironic thing she’d seen all week. If she knew anything (and who knew, maybe she didn’t) about the man she was working for and those who joined her in the task, it was that they were far from morally upstanding

She nearly hesitated to approach the young man, and a part of her stopped to consider how many times he’d been asked this before, but it didn’t last long. It was sure to be an amusing discussion, at least. 

“So, hey, you some kinda religious dude or somethin’? Since when did your type wind up here, huh?”

I hadn’t been to confession in two years … something was keeping me away. I tried to go a few times, but things just didn’t work out, or I couldn’t motivate myself to do it, the same old excuses.

I finally went today. Tears flowed freely while I confessed, and when I was absolved I was so overwhelmed I was shaking, still crying but smiling. This is indescribable, inimitable. I have been holding so much hatred for myself deep down, so much frustration at my falling over and over. I’m gonna go do my penance - drink a cup of coffee and let the Lord love me.
But before I do, I want to tell you - if it’s been a while, if your faith is feeling weak, if you’re tired of living and making mistakes, fed up with yourself or the world - let Him forgive you, forgive yourself, forgive everyone who’s ever wronged you. Open yourself up to the peace, the grace, the joy that comes from that forgiveness. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

From Fr. Angel: Here is, again, part of a concern that an anonymous has written concerning the Catholic concept of confession. I have tried to respond to their concern.

Anonymous: I also could not stand to shame someone in a confessional in my own parish for acting on their gay urges, or having an abortion, or wanting to be a female priest, or goodness gracious, even masturbating. And I know you might not think it shaming, but expecting someone to repent from these things is shaming, even if indirectly, I think. I do not believe these things are sins and I am very, very, very firm in that.

 Fr. Angel responds: “Expecting someone to repent from these things is shaming.” I think you are using the word shame in a way that is inaccurate, and are projecting your own issues onto the Catholic concepts of sin and confession. To shame someone is not expecting someone to repent, but humiliating or degrading  them, whether or not they have sinned.

In confession, priests are not asked by the Church to degrade and humiliate people who sin. That is not what the sacrament of confession is for. Confession is about helping people to process their guilt. Then God removes that guilt with His forgiveness. The idea is that they cannot move forward in grace, unless they remove those sins which are an obstacle to grace.

What is guilt? It is the sense in people, not of being shamed, but of being held accountable. Guilt is the experience of believing we have done something objectively wrong. People feel guilt, not because the priest told them to feel guilt, but because they acknowledge with honesty that something they said, or did, caused damage in real life, and they wish to admit culpability in order to own up to it and be forgiven. The desire to be forgiven, and the condition of being forgiven, is described by many as a life changing experience. 

Now, let me turn the tables on you and ask you something. Do you think that, perhaps, your description of confession has caused me to feel some shame, or humiliation, or has caused me to feel judged? In rejecting the Catholic concept of confession because the priest “expects someone to repent,” is it possible that this is precisely what you are doing to me? ARE YOU NOT expecting me to repent, for asking others to repent? :) 

Sorry to turn the tables on you like this, but it is meant to get you to see how your definition of shame can be a subjective blame game. Or let’s express this in a different way. According to your thinking, confession makes someone feel shame for having gay urges, and this is wrong, in your view. What if someone walks in and confesses that they hate gays? Is it shaming them to say that homophobia is wrong? What if someone walks in and confesses that they bullied gay kids at school until they made them cry or even harm themselves? Is it shaming the person that confesses this, to say that bullying gay kids is wrong? What if they walk in and say that they found a gay guy and beat him to a pulp and put him in the hospital? 

Is it only wrong to expect people to repent of gay sex, abortion, supporting women’s ordination, and masturbation? On the other hand, do you find it acceptable for the clergy to tell people not to beat up and bully gays? Do you approve of the clergy telling people not to be hateful to women (misogyny)? Are you of the belief that priests should tell people not to use the “n” word and hate those who are people of color? Better yet, go the archive of your blog and look up what you have posted over and over and over. 

Then, ask yourself if you are perfectly comfortable with shaming people when it comes to your agenda of right and wrong. Do you only want to avoid confession and shame for the stuff that you, and your friends, like to do? However, if it is the stuff that you hate others doing, you are fine with them feeling shamed by your posts, your memes, your blog quotes? If you can honestly admit that this goes on, then you might consider that we all have a sense of right and wrong, and when someone does something wrong, they should repent and amend their ways. 

Yes, we all have that sense—whether liberal or conservative. The only thing that is different between the two groups is which rules they are alright with breaking, or violating. 

My closing comment is this. Jesus Christ did not just preach love. He also preached accountability. He threw around the word “repentance” with frequency. He told the adulteress to “sin no more” (John 8:11). He spoke of following the Commandments of God, including the commandment in regards to the misuse of sex. It is because of the preaching of Jesus that people of faith have an experience of guilt in their lives. 

If people come to me for confession, and talk about gay urges, having gay sex, having an abortion, wanting to be a woman priest, or masturbating, it IS NOT BECAUSE I HAVE SOUGHT them out in order to impose shame on them. Nor is confession about me “expecting them to repent.” It is GOD WHO EXPECTS us to turn away from sin, and not just the priest. 

When a person comes to me to confess, they come to confession and they tell me what they have done—not what I think they have done. If I interrupt them, they get annoyed, because they have things to get off their chest. I am not helping them if I say that they shouldn’t feel sorry for their sins. 

Plenty of gay people have come to talk to me about their guilt. At times, they have allowed themselves to be used, like a cheap toy. At other times, they have used people. Sexual urges often moves a person to go after what they want without thinking about the dignity of others. I respond to their experiences—I do not make up their confessions for them. 

The same can be said for the woman who confesses an abortion to me. She is not there to hear me say to her, “What’s the big deal? I hope you don’t think this is wrong. Do you expect me to ask you to repent? I won’t shame you like that. Can’t you just move forward and realize you needed that abortion and just be happy?”

You see, there is an objective law of right and wrong, outside of my opinions or your opinions. That woman has come to experience profound guilt in relation to the law, “Thou shalt not kill.” I didn’t make up that law, and believe me, that woman did not “make up” or invent her guilt out of thin air. She needs healing, and she seeks this out by owning up to her actions so that the Church, represented by the priest, can confer a grace of healing and absolution upon her. 

I regret, sincerely, that so many Catholics feel judged or humiliated at the thought of confessing their sins. That is not at all what Our Lord had in mind when He instituted confession on the night of the Resurrection. I can see that this sense that people are made to feel bad, might make you or others think that confession is bad. 

I just ask that you, and they, not take things so personal. It is alright to admit we are guilty of certain things, without feeling shamed or humiliated by the priest, who is not there to pass judgments on people. 

We are all sinners, and guilty of breaking the Commandments of God at one time or other. While we do not wish people to shame us about this, neither should we be satisfied with an erroneous conscience. An erroneous conscience is when someone just refuses to accept guilt over something, because it goes against what is convenient for them.

A dark spirit made a bet with an angel, saying darkness and evil would win in a battle against light and good. The angel replied, saying that a servant of light would be the last one standing. So the dark ghost goes ahead and creates a hoard of vampires, and the angel creates a pack of heavenly hounds. The werewolves, however, were wild beasts, so the angel appointed a priest to use her grace to revive people on the verge of death.


Hey everyone! So I created this meetup to celebrate the month of October and Halloween. We will be going to my Massive Fantasy Palace to hang out and play pvp, and do the usual meetup stuff. The game i set up is similar to Mafia, for those who have played it. 

The Game:

In this version, there are 2 respective teams starting off with 3 people each (Vampires and Werewolves). These 6 people are the “Elders” (3 Vampires, 2 werewolves, and a priest. The wolves and the priest are on the same team). The “rounds” are split into 5 minute blocks of night and day. Every “night” the elders of each team will decide (in a group) who they choose to either kill or turn (every round, each team is either killing someone outside of their team, or recruiting someone to join their team). The names of the people who die, and the amount of people “turned” are announced in the “morning”. When someone is “turned”, they will be whispered the name of the elder who turned them. That person will tell their elder who they wish to kill or turn, and the elders will make the final decision in their group. The catch is, each team won’t know who is on the other team. This will keep going until there is one team left.


To attend this meetup, everyone must have a “Spirit Outfit”, an outfit to indicate when you die in the game (you will only equip it after you “die” or if you donʻt wish to participate in the game). It MUST be dyed COMPLETELY white. It’s suggested that you make this into a clothing set before the meet up, so you can easily switch into it after you die. Valar Morghulis.

Pre-meetup at the Ice Tower:

  • Alric Summerthorn will take down the list of lovers. (explained below)
  • Juan Ghost arrives, kills 3 victims and turns them into vampires. (adds to friends list and creates a group)
  • Angela Angel arrives and turns 2 lovers into werewolves and 1 mortal into her priest. (adds to friends list and creates a group)
  • Juan will add all of the vampires to his friends, and Angela will add all of the wolves and her priest to her friends. (How I will keep track of teams)

Game Rules:

  • Have your friend requests on
  • Don’t remove Juan or Angela once added
  • The Elders will tell their patron their final decision before the end of night. (Either Juan or Angela)
  • If an Elder dies, he/she must choose a successor to take their place in the group.
  • A vampire cannot turn a werewolf, and a werewolf cannot turn a vampire. (If this happens, that person is “killed”)
  • After you die you MUST wear your Spirit Outfit
  • If the elders canʻt come to a decision by the end of the night, no one will die or be turned.
  • The priest can only save 1 person per round, excluding themselves.
  • The “Lovers”. You have the option to make a pair with you and your closest friend. A pair of lovers will be chosen at the start of the game to be the original werewolves, and lovers have the possibility of winning the game together, despite the possibility of being on opposing teams. But beware, if one of the lovers die, the other will join them.
  • This is a game of secrecy. Don’t announce who’s team you are on. Donʻt announce if you are the priest. Donʻt announce if you are lovers.
  • You can, however, ask your elder who else is on your team.

Meetup Rules:

  • Be polite
  • Donʻt be rude
  • No trash talking
  • Failure to follow these rules will result in an immediate ejection from the meetup.
  • No warnings


  • The last one(s) standing will receive:
  • 1 Halloween pet of their choosing
  • 3 Nightmare packs
  • 3 Harrowing packs

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!*

(Because I know there will be a lot lol)

I turned Duarte into my first Sunless Sea captain, and while he unfortunately died, I fully intend to make a Duarte 2.0 now that I understand the game.

Duarte was an ordained priest who fell from grace. He now serves as a successful spy and privateer for Fallen London, but his nightmares and ever growing paranoia hinder him.

She Keeps Me Warm [20/20]

Now you guys can listen to ’She Keeps Me Warm’. Finally, right?

Chapter 20 (Part 2)

She says I smell like safety and home
I named both of her eyes
Forever and please don’t go
I could be your morning sunrise
All the time, all the time yeah
This could be good, this could be good

Maybe she could fake faint and they could take her at the back again and let her breath and slow down Grace thought as she tried to listen to the priest drone on. Beside her, she glanced at Robert who was sporting a wide but tight-lipped smile.

That’s a terrible thing to think about. She should just get through this and not think about fainting.

But you don’t want this, do you? Grace’s eyes widened. Her mind just talked back to her. She’s losing her mind already. No, you don’t want this. You want something else or should we say someone else like someone with blue eyes and is named-

Grace shook her head slightly which Robert noticed and he grabbed her hand, his eyes asking if she’s ok. She nodded and looked towards the priest again – this time blocking out whatever was talking to her in her mind.

And I can’t change, even if I tried
Even if I wanted to
And I can’t change, even if I tried
Even if I wanted to
My love, my love, my love, my love
She keeps me warm, she keeps me warm


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Does the EVUL priest have Grace? I have people in your life. It’s a double-sided comment. He has his spies (heh), and he has a former spy, the presumed dead Mrs. Shelby as well. My bet is on Grace making her “miraculous” return next episode. Unfortunately, it seems I was wrong in whether Tommy is aware she’s alive… looking pretty damn likely he isn’t aware or is aware but he’s not in control of the situation, ie. she’s being held captive by one of the Big Bads of the season.

So, basically, Tommy’s grief in regards to whatever he believes has happened to Grace, has led him down the path of being plain ole’ stupid in some ways, colder and more dangerous in others, and a man who is once again looking to drugs and alcohol to mute out “the sound of shovels” which has become “the sound of my wife dying in my arms”. He’s a proper mess, half-functioning, back to who he was when season 1 began, worse off actually, and his mind is playing tricks on him again. The calming, balancing force of Grace being in this world (even in S2 knowing she was alive and happy was enough) has been stripped from him, and he’s left near dead at the end of this episode. Once again we’re reminded how much Tommy needs Grace, not just personally, but in a professional manner as well. He needs his partner back.

The Russian sexcapade was a way for him to manipulate Tatiana for information, and as much as it sucks because GRACE IS ALIVE, it makes complete sense. It  also has me 95% convinced that Tommy might actually think Grace is dead. I’ll talk about the other 5% below, but first… So, Grace’s picture might be in a desk, but her ‘death’ has decimated Tommy, and he’s acting as a desperate man. He’s using the duchess, but at the same time he clearly feels he has nothing to lose by sleeping with her, turning to drugs, fucking up his business and life. What has me even more convinced that Tommy isn’t aware of Grace being alive is that Tatiana was obviously using sex as her own angle. Her entire play was on the premise that Tommy was vulnerable, his wife was dead, those damn cursed sapphires, etc. Tatiana played the ‘I understand you’ card, and has now positioned herself (tried to at least) as the woman in Tommy’s life. The Russians/Tatiana either got really lucky with Grace dying when she did, or they had a hand in it, planned it, have her alive for leverage, and the entire point was to weaken tough man Tommy Shelby.

I’ll be honest, I don’t entirely like this route for explaining Grace’s fake death (don’t even try to tell me different). There are so many plot holes, so many God-like things the Russians, this priest, had to have in place to truly fake Grace’s death, and make Tommy believe it. I mean what happened to her body? Did Tommy not see her in the coffin? Who did they pay off? When did this plan come into play, and did the Italians know they were being used? It could have been the priest simply taking advantage of an opportunity when the Italians shot Grace, but Tatiana seemed to be so obviously setting it up with her talk of cursed sapphires beforehand. It seems like she was playing on his superstitions, but then does that mean the Russians paid off the gypsy clan to actually lie, and say the necklace was cursed? See, so much to explain if Tommy isn’t the one playing this out. I hope SK does a good job of it, and doesn’t just brush it off for plot.

The other 5% of me thinks Tommy could know Grace is alive, and is being held by whatever the true big bad turns out to be, the Russians, the EL, etc. He would still spin out of control, and sleeping with Tatiana for information would seem like little price to pay if it meant saving Grace’s life (also he knows Grace is smart enough to view it that way as well). Still, Tommy’s reckless, stupid behavior could risk Grace’s life even more if he’s aware she’s alive, and a whole kidnapping plot-line would feel a bit soap operaish if not done right. Yet, Tommy would be a hard man to fool, and his wording last episode with Charlie, “gone” not dead, the lack of a funeral, his odd behavior - it all suggests he might know she’s alive. He’s clearly not in control of the situation though, otherwise he would not be the wreck he was this episode.

Time will tell, ie. next episode when Grace is resurrected up in that bitch, and starts getting revenge for all the bullshit piled upon her. I believe more than ever that Grace is going to be the one who kills Tatiana (because let’s be real the crazy Duchess is gonna die), and it will basically be the ‘price’ Tatiana pays for banging Grace’s husband, tying that all up. I also think we’re seeing Tommy and the business, to an extent fall apart, even with Polly there, to show that Grace is actually the person Tommy wants/needs as his partner in the business (hearkening back to S1) which will lead to the start of next series epic Grace vs. Polly showdown. There’s only enough time to really scratch the surface this series.

So yeah, give me episode 5 and resurrect my Grace. Tommy needs her before the whole empire burns down around him.

Frozen/Sherlock Crossover “Do You Wanna Play Some Pirates”

Lyrics written by me, Grace Priest, which HUGE inspiration from this post and tumblr user here

I apologize for my voice and the quality.


Do you wanna play some pirates?

Come on let’s go and play!

I never see you anymore

Come out the door

It’s like you’ve gone away!

You used to help me with my projects

But now you don’t

I wish you would tell me why!

Do you wanna play some pirates?

It doesn’t have to have to be all pirates! (Go away Sherlock!)

Okay bye

Do you wanna play deductions?

Or play crime fighting British spies?

I think some company is overdue/I started talking to my microscopic slides(Hang in there little bacteria)

It gets a little lonely

Not having many friends

With all their boring minds (He Said She Said He Said She Said)


Please… I know you’re in there

I don’t have anywhere else to go…

They say be nice

and I’m trying to

But everyone is dumb

Just let me in!

We only have each other

It’s just you and me

Is there something wrong with us?

Do you wanna play some pirates?

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