priest boy

aggressively queer steve rogers thou

steve rogers getting in fights even before he knew what it meant when the other kids called him ‘queer’ and ‘fairy’ and getting in even more fights once he finds out.

steve stepping out with boys and girls and not giving a single flying fuck who knows it. steve hanging out with drag queens and trans women and strange fey artists in all the wrong parts of town.

steve kissing bucky like a challenge and bucky kissing him back like a victory.

bucky’s parents no longer speak to them and their apartment has more holes than walls but steve proudly introduces bucky as his fella and no one in their neighbourhood blinks because everyone’s always known about that rogers boy.

the priest gave up long ago.

steve rogers getting his face smashed in and his arm broken in a police raid and grinning at bucky through the blood. “I had them on the ropes”

steve rogers lying on his enlistment forms to hide his sickness and multiple applications but also to hide his arrest record. steve outing himself to everyone once they’ve given him the serum. philips is horrified and carter smirks and steve just sticks his chin out, stubborn as ever and really, what can they do about it now?

steve rogers kissing bucky in front of the howling commandos for the first time right before a mission “for luck”. the howlies teasing them mercilessly. bucky getting called “mrs. rogers” more than his actual name.

steve rogers waking up in the 21st century and being absolutely fucking furious that his queerness has been utterly erased from the history books. sees articles and think-pieces and documentaries and not a single one says steve rogers was queer. sees biographies discrediting the howlies accounts of steve and bucky’s relationship.

steve rogers growling all this out at the first press conference after the battle of new york, glaring at the reporters and the cameras and fury just puts his face in his hands because god, rogers was supposed to be the easy one. steve cussing out republicans and racists and homophobes. steve refusing to do official interviews but always answering random people on the street armed with nothing other than their camera phone and the guts to approach Captain America.

steve rogers embracing the word bisexual with pride. steve crying when he talks about bucky for the first time after the ice to a fifteen year old blogger in starbucks. steve rogers attending rallies and protests and die-ins and his arrest record has its first entry in seventy years.

aggressively queer steve rogers.


8 Beat Gag manga that appeared in the April 1983 issue of Ongaku Senka.

Tagging everyone in this is gonna be tough.

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Priest! Brendon tho? Like you go to your really really religious cousins house and they drag you to church and you're just fucking around in back room and then suddenly some tall as shadow casts over you and asks what the hell you're doing and you just spin and seeing Brendon standing over you with a scowl.

okay I’ve discussed priest!brendon with my friends and we’ve decided it’s by far the most fucked up au because we make it so fucking dirty that god is going to smit us and send us for hell for making something so religious so sexual

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riding 25 yo priest brendon in church and he's got his hands on your hips and he's gasping because he's never felt something so good and he whispers "This is so so wrong" and you roll your hips and his hands tighten on you and his head tips back as his mouth falls open on a breathy moan

i love everything about this something about corrupting him and him knowing it’s wring but it feels so good just does something to me

I realized I haven’t drawn Tar-Mairon in forever and that’s a crime.