priest boy

The Boy Who Drew Cats by Hasegawa Takejiro

     “A farmer has many children, who are all hard-working, except for his youngest, who is small and only interested in drawing pictures of cats. He decides his son is not cut out to be a farmer, and sends him to a temple to study with a priest. The boy spends all his time drawing cats instead of studying. The priest tells him he’s better suited to being an artist and should return home. As he sends him on his way, the priest warns the boy: “Avoid large places at night. Keep to the small.” (src: WIkipedia)

My piece for Once upon a Pine zine!

“Love me a bit of Pussycat Dolls.”

“Ok, you know what? I’m going to take that all as a ‘yes Cole, we can hear you.’“

h EY so um y’all should check out my mystic messenger fic where i made all four mcs separate people, took every route and dunked em all in a blender to make this mess.

big props to my bro @buckettkun who has not written the majority of it but has been an extremely helpful editor/soundboard/shitposter and mood board keeper THX DUDE