Little Devil

So i was originally going to mod a light pink version of the snow suit, but after seeing how everyone and their dog was making pink snow suits, i went with a darker version… Red and black, and the little popo has glowing yellow eyes.. i changed his face abit, and i defined the lines around the popo pattern on her top.. idk.. i think it’s adorable. 

so this is my cute, dark little devil mod  for the snow suit.. idk if i’ll post it tho.. 


A “classical” Priest PoV run. 2nd.


Cotton Candy Mod By Kittieology

Last Mod I’ll be making today.. figured i needed a cute little colorful version of this outfit, and i think the stripped pants are totally cute >.< tell me what you guys think! <3 

  • Download the GPK File Here
  • Download into: Mod Folder only, never alter original game files. location provided below.
  • Credit is appreciated but not required.
  • Find other mods by Kittieology Here  or Look them up on my blog Here

GPK File Destination:Tera/Cllient/S1Game/CookedPC/Art_Data/Packages/CH/_PC(or Other Mod folder)


Here you go. :) bombasticpro

It is like ‘Templar Priest’ concept. haha
I’m glad templars can get married in the original game. lol!
I hope bombasticpro and you guys like this.  

I still have a lot of awesome requests from tumblr people.
See you soon with another artworks. o.,o/


+I’m sorry. I had to retouch this. I am still not 100% sure on this though. What is wrong with me!!! TAT
Thank you for like and reblog the previous one.