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Trump and Staff Rethink Tactics After Stumbles
One thing has become apparent to both the president’s allies as well as his opponents: When it comes to governing, speed does not always guarantee success.
By Glenn Thrush and Maggie Haberman

So this NYT article (written by a Glenn and Maggie btw) drops quite a few bombshells:

  • The Biggest: Bannon really is pulling Trump’s strings. Bannon wrote the order putting himself on the National Security Council and had Trump sign it. Trump did so without knowing what Bannon had done
  • Bannon and Priebus (former RNC chair) are in a huge power struggle. After this disastrous 12 days, it looks like control over Trump’s ear might shift from Bannon back to Priebus for now
  • But also, Trump has not fired Bannon, even after a deceptive, bold power grab that humiliated him. This makes me think Bannon’s hold on Trump goes pretty deep. Certainly deeper than the establishment GOP
  • Btw, Trump pretty much just signs whatever executive orders. He only offers input into them after they’ve been drafted
  • Trump’s Dad’s middle name was Christ
  • Trump has no photos of his wife, kids, or other family up anywhere in the West Wing, just his father Fred Christ Trump
  • Trump is totally isolated. His adult kids are off playing DC socialite, Melania and Baron are in NYC, and he is flanked by yes men who will not (can not?) tell him when he’s screwing up, but are clearly more than happy to talk to the Press. Leaks abound. When confronted by the painful reality that people hate him, and his agenda is getting derailed by the judiciary (and the fact that people hate him), Trump is frustrated and confused.
  • Trump is vain and image-obsessed (we already knew this)

More fun tidbits from the article!

Trump is angrier about being tricked into signing Bannon onto the National Security Council than he is about the backlash to his Muslim Ban, but he still has not fired or demoted Bannon

Remember how the Trump team didn’t realize they’d be responsible for staffing the entire West Wing? Remember how they have literally no one on their team with previous governing experience? Remember the present where they bungle procedural matters, write illegal executive orders because they refuse to consult their betters, and have yet to staff various essential agencies? This is just a new, and hilarious level of pathetic:

So as fun as it is to read about how much of a trainwreck this administration is already, it’s important to remember they have always been a trainwreck. All the smart people were betting they’d self destruct before the primaries, and then certainly before the election. Trump has always been delusional. He and his team have continuously fumbled important matters, and been plainly and clearly evil. 

But still, look where they are. 

My point is, laugh, but don’t let up the pressure. And don’t forget to register to vote, make sure your friends and family register, and drag everyone you know to the polls in 2018. Anticipate large-scale voter suppression efforts. Anticipate outrage fatigue. Anticipate normalization of near daily tales of fecklessness and disastrous policy. Anticipate all of it, and make a plan to fight it now. This will be a marathon, not a sprint.

In case you missed it.  The RNC’s Christmas greeting.

Just as the three wise men did on that night, this Christmas heralds a time to celebrate the good news of a new King.

(Putting aside the obvious, they don’t even have their Bible right. They’re confusing the birth of Jesus with the Epiphany.  But also, A NEW KING? A NEW FUCKING KING?  DIDN’T WE STAGE A REVOLUTION TO GET RID OF THE LAST ONE?!)

Merry Christmas.


Reince Priebus says the RNC is still firmly behind Trump

In a conference call, Reince Priebus assured RNC committee members that, "Nothing has changed in regard with our relationship [with Trump].” Priebus went on to say he doesn’t condone Trump’s words but they’re going to continue to make sure Trump wins. This comes after the RNC pulled key support from Trump over the weekend.

Everyone in the media has to type 'StopHillary' to get WiFi at tonight's GOP debate

Here’s a fun game to play if you’re attending the Republican debate tonight: Guess the WiFi password! Although it might be a little too easy:

“We like to force the media to understand that there’s two parties at every chance we get,” RNC Chairman Reince Priebus explained to Politico.