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I can sense much awkwardness lingering in the air.

*At the sound of this comment, Victor jerks upward and looks behind him. At first, one hand simply covers the screen of his laptop, but as it becomes apparent that Cozma could only be talking to him, he quickly shuts the computer. His eyes narrow and his lips curl downward, but his face flushes in a way that’s clearly embarrassment rather than anger.*

Were you fuckin’ reading over my shoulder, brah?!

*His trademark last word cants upward in pitch.*

pridnestrovye replied to your post:pridnestrovye replied to your post:Dance I can…

It wasn’t as if he meant to startle the poor man, he was merely curious. Though Cozma couldn’t help but to chuckle and rub the back of his own neck. “Just caught a glimpse of the last few sentences, sorry. I didn’t mean to be too nosy.”

*Victor holds that scowl of his for a moment longer; when he gives it up, it’s only because he’s not really able to maintain it any longer through that mortified blushing. He exhales sharply, then hunches over a little.*

It’s just stupid shit, but dude, why’d you even…

*Mutter mutter.*