I’ve been having a hard time with trying to be me and be out lately. Because for the most part I’m in the closet, and it’s all really really difficult for me to interact socially anymore. So, I listened to The Greatest  over and over and over and made this to feel better, I guess.

beta humanzied trolls in pride attire.

Aradia: Bisexual.

Tavros: Gay.

Sollux: Damn dirty Heterosexual.

Karkat: Pansexual.

Nepeta: Lesbian transgirl.

Kanaya: Lesbian.

Terezi: Panromantic, demisexual agender.

Vriska: Polyamourus bisexual.

Equius: Pansexual demiboy.

Gamzee: Gay.

Eridan: Panromantic asexual.

Feferi: Bisexual.