•• Keeping Up with the Joneses [[2016]]

•• Free State of Jones [[2016]]

•• Whiskey Tango Foxtrot [[2016]]

•• Fifty Shades of Black [[2016]]

•• God’s Not Dead 2 [[2016]]

•• Nine Lives [[2016]]

•• Pride and Prejudice and Zombies [[2016]]

•• The Infiltrator [[2016]]

•• Swiss Army Man [[2016]]

•• Independence Day: Resurgence [[2016]]

Incorrect "Pride and Prejudice" quote
  • [Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy have been arguing; Colonel Fitzwilliam approaches them]
  • Elizabeth Bennet: Oh, thank goodness it's you. [pointing to Mr. Darcy] Will you please remove him from my sight?
  • Colonel Fitzwilliam: [to Mr. Darcy] What have you done to her?
  • Mr. Darcy: Me? It's *her*!
  • Elizabeth Bennet: HA! [leaves]
  • Colonel Fitzwilliam: [chuckling under his breath] An unspoken attraction!
  • Mr. Darcy: *Attraction*?! To Miss Elizabeth Bennet?! Have you lost your mind?!
  • Colonel Fitzwilliam: I was only asking a simple question...
  • Mr. Darcy: Attraction... Ridiculous!

There is a very, very common idea that Darcy’s interference with Jane and Bingley was in fact some Freudian displacement of his own anxiety over Elizabeth—he was using Bingley as a proxy, convincing himself to turn away by convincing Bingley.

This is … perfectly possible. I am not a fan of the psychoanalytical approach (at all), but displacement is at least an actual thing. He could be!


(You had to know this was coming.)

We’re never told that this is true. And we are told about a factor slightly compromising Darcy’s judgment with Bingley—his hopes of Bingley marrying his own sister. That’s not Freudian. It’s just outright conflict of interest.

Yet the displacement theory gets repeated as some sort of objective truth of the novel. I don’t just mean “repeated on Tumblr.” I see it here, I saw it in older fandoms, on lists, in interviews, in respected lit-crit. Everywhere. 

And there is not one shred of evidence that it’s the case. It is never stated to be true, never discussed, never implied, never anything. 

anonymous asked:

Okay, I know you are busy and have other things in mind, but have you ever considered a kagehina pride and prejudice au. Where we see our very prideful, but socially awkward Kageyama and a very argumentative Hinata from the concrete (you cuz social status and all). And everytime they see each other they just end up bickering and all. I would like to see some ideas with your awesome writing style.

I’m laughing so hard

because this is me you are talking to, and so of course, yes, i absolutely have considered a P&P AU, in the most accidental of circumstances (more info on that…. eventually). 

The best part is that it would be like…. DUMB Pride and Prejudice, because Elizabeth and Darcy are both intelligent af and then… then there’s KageHina…

(Suga for Jane and Daichi for Bingley? Hmm…)

I’m a self proclaimed book lover who hasn’t read most of what are considered the “classics”

So, I’m making my way through them now. I just finished Pride & Prejudice, which I didn’t love too much.

Your guys opinions really matter to me so please send me your favorite and your least favorite classic book so I know what to expect when I read them! Please don’t leave me hanging, I really want to hear everyone’s thoughts :)

anonymous asked:

hello! I love your blog and just wanted to let you know that I recently visited the place (Chatsworth House) where Pride and Prejudice (2005) was filmed and if you ever get the chance to visit I really recommend it!! (I took a selfie with the bust of Darcy)

Holy moly. I am SO jealous. My boyfriend and I were talking about when we visit Europe after we’ve been married for a couple years and I pulled out my bookmarked folder full of links & maps for all the Pride & Prejudice locations :) I am so excited!! That sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing :)

I saw a post similar to this a while ago, but I was thinking about it today. 

There should be a modern adaption of Pride and Prejudice where Darcy is a poor man or born from a born family and dragged himself up into college or a professional field. Who is proud because he deserves it. Who doesn’t want to accept help from his new rich friend Bingley. Who had to dump out his savings to save Georgiana from Wichkam. Who would do anything for Georgiana because she’s all he really has left, really.

Nothing would actually really change. It would be interesting. 

So, I read episode 10 will have a big disclosure. Here are some cracky speculations:

Victor to Yuuri:

“Actually, I am your brother”

“Actually, Macacchin is not my biological child”

“Actually, this is a wig T.T”

Yuuri to Victor:

“Actually, I knew it was a wig”

“Actually, my real idol  is Messi”

Yurio to the world:

“Actually, Pride and Prejudice is the coolest book I was ever forced to read”

Chris to the wold:

“Actually I´m a researcher working with the psychological department from my university in our investigation to discover just how uncomrfortable a large number of peolpe can get by just one person´s actions in less than 2.30 minutes. It´s going well, thank you”

I don’t have a problem what are you talking about, lol. I need more shelf space. But here’s the squad. I started collecting in October 2015.

Doctor Who:

Ten, Rose, Nine, Jack Harkness, and TARDIS


Captain America, Thor, Black Widow


Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak

Buffy The Vampire Slayer:

Buffy, Willow, Spike

I also have Buffy and Spike funko reAction figures.

Harry Potter:

Harry, Ron, Hermione, Harry in plaid, Sirius, Hogwarts Express


HT Exclusive glittery dress Ariel, pocket pop Ariel, Belle, Tinkerbell, Olaf, Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel (with tiny Pascal), Pocahontas, Gus in Glass Slipper and Mickey Mouse,

Star Wars: 

Han and Leia

Pirates of The Caribbean:

Elizabeth Swann and Jack Sparrow

Once Upon A Time: 

Dark Hook, Hook, Emma, Rumple, Regina, Snow, Charming

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (Aka closest I could get to OG P&P funkos):

Darcy, Elizabeth and Jane



ALSO Lorelai, Rory and Sookie are coming in January, I preordered them.

Honorable mentions of fandom things that aren’t funko:

Emma’s Bug, Hook magnet, Ouat Elsa magnet, Disney princess cup & spoon, Frozen cup and spoon, Timmy or Tommy from Animal Crossing, Jack Sparrow action figure, the 7 og disney princess figurines form like the early 2000s that I got in disney world,  funko mystery minis that are oddly unsettling because they have mouths and actual defined pupils Elsa, Merida, Tiana and Belle, and little tiny figurines of mickey mouse, pluto, jessica rabbit, governor Swann, Pintel, and Tia Dalma, also, a random stuffed unicorn. 

I really like my bookshelf okay.