um. teen stenbrough. going to pride? my fav hc.

  • Its the summer after they graduate highschool
  • They take the train up to NYC for the huge pride parade
  • Bill falls asleep in Stan’s lap on the way up
  • They stay with Eddie & Richie in their apartment 
  • The next day they get fucking decked out in pride gear
  • Stan has a rainbow flag on one cheek and the trans flag on the other
  • He wraps himself in a pride flag and paints his nails while Bev comes up to do his makeup rainbow colors
  • Bill puts gems on his face in the bi colors
  • His shirt says “Fuck gender roles”
  • He has a flower crown that has the bi colors
  • They get to pride and holy shit
  • They finally feel like they really belong somewhere
  • They can finally kiss and be in love in public unlike when they lived in Derry
  • And boy do they take advantage of the fact that they can kiss in public.
  • They get all kinds of random pride free shit
  • They come back every year because they had never had a better time

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last summer i went to a pride parade and i met a beautiful human girl there who was getting sunburnt because she forgot her sunscreen so i offered her my umbrella, we’ve been dating ever since

SO CUTE!!!!!

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Today was pride parade in my city, I didnt want to go but my friends insisted me. Now the party is over I'm thinking, I never wanted to be "proud" of being trans and bi, I just want to be respected, I dont think we need a huge parade with sparkles, we need laws and getting almost naked and dancing in the streets is not how we are going to have them (also pride parade is supposed to be a protest, not a public drag show)

I agree with a lot of this.

The signs as things I hate about my next-door neighbour

Aries: just randomly vanished one day after calling 911. The police couldn’t find any signs of struggle, once they were let in. Was around like normal two days later, and I have no idea what happened.

Taurus: slid a threatening note under the door when upset at me.

Gemini: changes mind about “needing help” some time between calling 911, and when emergency services arrives. This happens, at a minimum, a few times per month.

Cancer: got into an argument with someone at 1 in the morning. I could hear the argument.

Leo: has cats. Will not let me pet the cats.

Virgo: wears a garish amount of rainbow for anything other than a Pride parade.

Libra: quotes regulations at people, instead of just asking them to not do the thing.

Scorpio: might have been involved in a failed plot to get me evicted.

Sagittarius: claims to be hated by most people in the building because of not being normal, yet hates me because I’m not normal.

Capricorn: complained about me banging on the wall late at night. I did not bang on the wall, and my room isn’t adjacent to that apartment anyways.

Aquarius: has a very ugly hairstyle.

Pisces: called the Humane Society because a neighbour’s cat was eating grass.

cishets going to pride in support of their lgbt friends/family:

cishets going to pride to be politically active and do things like register voters:

cishets going to pride because they were invited by an lgbt person:

cishets going to pride because “gay people know how to party”:

cishets going to pride because they treat lgbt culture like a zoo to gawk at:

cishets participating in pride because it gets them good guy points:


For pride month I made Steven Universe pride posters!
Me and my friends are going to use them as signs for Tel Aviv Pride Parade on Friday, but feel free to use them as you wish, with proper credit!!!*

I think this show is very important in terms of queer representation and the methods of explaining queer experience. That is why I made these. I want to raise awareness in my country and queer community of this show and its messages. 

* Please don’t claim to have made them and if you repost: link to my Tumblr: or Instagram @BL1ND_G1NG3R


Our first Pride Parade was so much fun!

Thanks to the LGBTQ Employee group here at Wizards of the Coast, our first time participating in the Seattle Pride Parade was a big success. We had beautiful signs, fun shirts, a few magical costumed characters, and treats like rainbow candy and pins to giveaway. The best part was having the opportunity to meet with fans, and share our love for our amazing community.
Thousands march to support LGBTQ visibility in Japan
Spotted: Japan's first officially-recognised same-sex couple.
By Victoria Ho

A colourful procession of rainbow flag-waving supporters marched in downtown Tokyo on Sunday during one of its annual LGBTQ pride parades.

According to local reports, about 5000 people marched the 3km parade route for Tokyo Rainbow Pride, which took them through through the iconic Shibuya Station crossing intersection.

In November last year, two women made history by obtaining a government certificate officially recognising their union.

But Hiroko Masuhara and Koyuki Higashi’s certificate isn’t legally binding, so spousal rights such as hospital visitations are regarded more as suggestions rather than enforceable by law.

Despite small steps inching toward more equal treatment, LGBTQ issues remain largely underground in Japan’s conservative community.