Demonstrators Block Pride Parade In Protest Of Philando Castile Verdict
March organizers are urged to help "combat state violence."

NYPD cop Michael Hance the ‘twerk cop’ passed away

Police Officer Michael Hance represented the best of the Finest for seventeen years. Sadly he passed away from 9/11 related cancer and left behind his family, including his girlfriend and two loving children. Although not a member of GOAL NY or the LGBTQ Community, he certainly brought a smile to all of our faces when he danced.

We as members and friends of GOAL are starting this fundraiser for his two daughters to be presented at the GOAL Pride Celebration on June 21, 2017. Further information will be posted to @goalny social media.

virgen fj :  9/11 related cancer = asbestos from world trade center.

Dan Whyte

R.I.P officer Michael Hance I’m glad to have a video of you on my page being happy.