pride psa

bringing this back because i always, always hear some snide shitweasel make a comment at my local Pride events:


  • do not
  • no seriously, don’t be that asshole
  • one or more of them could be trans
  • one or more of them could be bi
  • one or more of them could be pan
  • one or more of them could be ace
  • fuck’s sake they could gay or lesbian or straight why are you policing people’s relationships how do you know
  • they are there to support their friends/family/colleagues/community

This was me at Capital Pride last year. I was walking around dressed as Xena, posing for photos and giving hugs, when I noticed these religious zealots with their microphones and signs spewing their messages of hatred. I always ignore them, but I noticed they were making some people in the crowd visibly upset. A few people were even crying. I couldn’t stand by and let that happen. I hopped over his little chained off section and stood next to him. He immediately turned and began yelling at me and telling the crowd I was going to hell. So I just kept smiling and making funny faces. He eventually gave up yelling to me and about me and tried to go back to taunting people. But no one was taking him seriously with me standing there posing. I’m sure they will be there again this year….and so will I. :-)

"Why is there no Straight Pride, when there's a gay one?"

Okay one, it’s not “gay” pride. It’s LGBT pride. Without Trans women, there’d be no pride. Because it’s not all about rainbows and glitter and drag queens and “pride”. It’s about standing in a world that tells you you should not exist, you are wrong, you are an abomination and saying, “you are alright”. It is about remembering the lives lost every day to hate crime, the ones ruined every day from assaults. It is about saying, "we will not be silent. We will not have our rights debated or stripped away and take it lying down. We will not go back to a past where our very existence was illegal”. It is about knowing the fight is not over, not for all of us. It is saying, “we will be with you and you will never be alone” to confused and scared kids, to ones who have nobody left because their own family, threw them out, disgusted by them, as if they were an old candy wrapper, into a garbage. It is about remembering and acknowledging that people have died for our rights, and respecting them.

It is about saying, “go ahead, throw your sticks and throw your stones.” To the ones who let hate and bitterness fuel them. It is saying, "we started riots with our hands and stones because we were tired of being treated as if we were scum beneath your shoe.”

It is not about pride. It has never just been, about “pride”. It is about putting on a smile and a brave face for a day or two, and knowing that our fight is not over yet.

So let me know, when you get anything other than just some eye rolls, maybe a few jokes and laughs for being straight. You do not need a pride.

And saying that you do, or that it’s “not fair”? It just goes to further show just why WE do.


This street art in Belfast made me insanely happy that it has survived almost a year without being tagged over (it was by the same people that tagged “love your queer kids” aka my Tumblr header) I took my Tumblr header photograph at Last Year’s Belfast Pride and yesterday I walked around Belfast, with @geography-the-jack-of-all-trades and found all of this… It’s survived a year and it made my heart so so happy… I cannot wait for this year’s Pride.

Bring the noise. And bring the paint.
Queers Revolt.