when i was a tiny baby queer (aka a 24-year-old), i went to my first pride festival probably three months after i kicked ex-gay therapy to the curb and came out to my parents. being the people they are, my parents came with me. they weren’t really sure about this whole gay thing, but they loved me and wanted me to be safe and happy and wanted to be involved in what was important to me, so they came along. (i also think my mother still might have thought i might get drugged or murdered or beaten by a protester of which there were plenty.)

anyway i wanted a memento of my first pride, you know, and this one vendor was selling keyrings, and i liked it, so i bought one. do you remember those italian charm bracelets that were all the rage like 10-15 years ago? it was a keychain like that, and it had a rainbow rooster, a rainbow cat, and then just a rainbow, and so I bought it.

i run into my mom a couple of vendors over and she goes oh you bought something? what’d you get? so i showed her, and i was like, “I’m not sure why it’s a rooster and a cat. Seems kind of random. But I liked the rainbows.”

and my mom, who was some form of minister’s wife for most of my childhood and teenagerhood, stares at me like she thinks i’m joking.

“What?” i say.

“…it’s a cock and a pussy, Jules,” she says flatly, and that is the story of how i died at the age of 24 while attending my first pride festival.

pride psa

bringing this back because i always, always hear some snide shitweasel make a comment at my local Pride events:


  • do not
  • no seriously, don’t be that asshole
  • one or more of them could be trans
  • one or more of them could be bi
  • one or more of them could be pan
  • one or more of them could be ace
  • fuck’s sake they could gay or lesbian or straight why are you policing people’s relationships how do you know
  • they are there to support their friends/family/colleagues/community
"Why is there no Straight Pride, when there's a gay one?"

Okay one, it’s not “gay” pride. It’s LGBT pride. Without Trans women, there’d be no pride. Because it’s not all about rainbows and glitter and drag queens and “pride”. It’s about standing in a world that tells you you should not exist, you are wrong, you are an abomination and saying, “you are alright”. It is about remembering the lives lost every day to hate crime, the ones ruined every day from assaults. It is about saying, "we will not be silent. We will not have our rights debated or stripped away and take it lying down. We will not go back to a past where our very existence was illegal”. It is about knowing the fight is not over, not for all of us. It is saying, “we will be with you and you will never be alone” to confused and scared kids, to ones who have nobody left because their own family, threw them out, disgusted by them, as if they were an old candy wrapper, into a garbage. It is about remembering and acknowledging that people have died for our rights, and respecting them.

It is about saying, “go ahead, throw your sticks and throw your stones.” To the ones who let hate and bitterness fuel them. It is saying, "we started riots with our hands and stones because we were tired of being treated as if we were scum beneath your shoe.”

It is not about pride. It has never just been, about “pride”. It is about putting on a smile and a brave face for a day or two, and knowing that our fight is not over yet.

So let me know, when you get anything other than just some eye rolls, maybe a few jokes and laughs for being straight. You do not need a pride.

And saying that you do, or that it’s “not fair”? It just goes to further show just why WE do.

It’s me!!
Going to a lil baby pride fest today. I have severe anxiety over publicly expressing my sexuality for various reasons, so this took a shit ton of courage, but I’m pretty excited. Made the outfit myself, and hey I felt cute for the first time in centuries so I wanted to share.
Uhhhnxm yeah!! Gonna post this before I lose confidence and back out lol

Just finished watching Sense8 season 2 and it was the best one so far. Some of my favorite high lights:

  • Will and Riley tricking Whispers that they are in Iceland cause god i love a really good twist and when the main characters get the upper hand
  • All the Kala and Wolfgang. Just all of it. Especially Kala not liking Lila out of jealousy. 
  • Kalas outfit. I want them
  • Kala. She is amazing and an angel and she deserves everything she wants
  • Sun meeting her old bae Mun. Everyone is in love with him
  • Nomis father recognizing her as his daughter
  • Nomi being badass
  • Nomi
  • Depressed Lito in his Onesie just… hanging around the other Sense8 eating popcorn and ice cream
  • Lito being at the Pride festival 
  • Lito defending Dani, which was a great parallel to how he failed to do so last time. 
  • Wolfgangs smile when he showed up to help Lito defend Dani

But the two major things I loved with this season more than anything and why it was so much better than last season:

  • All the sensates interacting in group rather than one-on-one (Kala and Wolfgang, Riley and Will, Lito and Sun only showing up when they need their skills but rarely interacting with the others etc.) I loved every group scene and I loved seeing sensates talking that haven’t had much time together, everything from Kala and Riley having girl talk to Lito sacrificing his audition to help Sun with bartending. And not to forget the inclusion of non-sensates like Neets seeing Riley for the first time, Riley meeting Diego, Bugs being included on the secret and being a fan of Lito’s movies.