23 Gifts For Kids Who Rock Natural Hair

For the Beyonce lover. This T-shirt comes in toddler and youth sizes. Buy here for $16.

An activity and coloring book from the Happy Hair Shop. Buy here for $9.95.

When your squad is rocking. Buy here for $21.

Pick from one of three handmade dolls or score all three for $125. Buy here for $44.95 each.

Check out illustrator CuteandCoily’s Society 6 shop for dozens of natural-hair-themed products like this mini art print. Buy here for $18.

The Kurly Kid Toolbox includes a silk sleep bonnet, a pack of GaBBy bowsdesigned not to slide out of hair, a smoothing boar brush, a detangling comb, a book entitled “I Love Me” by and an “I Love My Hair” T-shirt.
Buy here for $79.99.

How adorable is this tiny Solange shirt? It reads “Don’t Touch My Hair” and comes in 10 different colors and a onesie version. Buy here for $20.94.

A self-love book for boys. “Cool Cuts” is a sequel to “Happy Hair,” a call-and-response book aimed at girls. Buy here for $14.95.

An alphabet lesson for the ages. Buy here for $25.50.

Illustrator Coilyandcute draws a bevvy of adorable black kids and families on her natural hair illustration blog, like this Beyonce-inspired print. Buy here for $18, or get it framed for $31.50.

Because kids should be able to see people who look like them doing amazing things. Buy here for $15.

My Life As“ dolls come in not just a range of professions but a range of diverse ethnicities. The 18-inch doll has brushable hair that kids can play with and style. Buy here for $27.97.

This award-winning children’s book teaches black kids to love their hair and their heritage. Buy here for $6.08.

You don’t even need a full head of hair to have natural pride. Buy here for $20. 

The LeenGreenBean Etsy shop has an array of adorable crocheted natural hair dolls, including this rainbow version. They’re made to order, so you can get this doll in any colors you choose. Buy here for $60.

It’s never too early for a positive message. Buy here for $29.99.

Blame it on the ‘fro. Buy here for $20.95.

Naturally Perfect’s beautiful natural hair dolls are all currently on backorder, but in the meantime you can get this “book of affirmations for every naturally perfect girl.” Buy here for $6.99.

By Global Couture, this ruffle-hem T will make your curly girl feel like a queen. Buy here for $28.99.

This positive message T-shirt comes in toddler, youth sizes, and an infant romper. Buy here for $12.

There are lots of books about celebrating natural hair, but this one has the distinction of being written by none other than bell hooks and illustrated by Chris Raschka who wrote “Yo! Yes?Buy here for $5.92.

Kinky Chicks has a wide selection of natural-hair-inspired apparel for men, women and kids. Buy here for $20.95.

The power of the puffs! Buy here for $22.

These are great ideas for Christmas! For children who are proud of their hair!


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