Bisexuals are important too.

I don’t understand how people are so against bisexuals. There’s no picking sides, we like both genders end of. We don’t cheat and if we do it’s because we’re a shitty person - it has nothing to do with our sexuality. Also because we like both genders doesn’t mean that we all like theesomes, that’s just a stereotype. Plus stop arguing with us by saying it’s for attention, it’s not. We are the “B” in LGBT. We are apart of LGBT community, so stop excluding us.

Shit Slytherins Say: #29

Clever as the devil, and twice as pretty.


popethebarber: Transformation time today for the home girl @ashlynharris24 ! She was feelin’ extra Britney today, ya feel me!

Fourteen years old and you don’t understand why you can’t stop thinking of the girl in your English class. at first you think maybe it’s jealousy but no, you’ve felt jealousy before and that was cold, this feeling is warm, this feeling is apple pie on thanksgiving, this feeling keeps you up at night imagining scenarios where, inexplicably, she notices you.

fifteen and understanding now that boys aren’t the only ones you want to kiss and wondering if maybe you should keep this secret close, keep it hidden, bury it down beneath all the crushes you pretend to have just so know one knows that really, it’s still the girl in your English class who you’re thinking about when you brush your teeth, or sip coffee on Sunday mornings.

sixteen years old and sitting in study hall when your friend says “oh but he’s bi, you know. You don’t want to kiss him.” and all the air in your lungs is gone and you can’t even bring yourself to acknowledge what she said because

you’re bi too and you didn’t know it was a crime or
something to be avoided
like some type of poison lives on your tongue and if anyone kisses you they’re only gonna taste bitterness

loving girls and boys doesn’t mean you deserve a death penalty I’m sorry for the bruises this world will leave on you please don’t let it take away any of your heart

please don’t let them take away any of your love.

—  The way she looks is beautiful and I’m so in love– lily rain