pride week

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CAP GUESS WHAT!!! THE HEARING TO GET MY NAME CHANGED IS LESS THAT A MONTH AWAY AND I'M SUPER EXCITED!!! (And it's the day after I get back from pride and the week after I graduate from high school which makes it even better!!!)



DAY 7: pride

Okay so for finish this amazing week I decided to make some trans positivity for wlw and woc!!!!!!

Also I drew her in my headcanon cause i see her as bi!!!

Also some icons I decided to make!!! Flower pride! lesbian-ply-pan-bi and trans in order! FEEL FREE TO USE THEM <3333 (credits are apreciated!)

This was a lovely week! thanks @queenmarco for make it <3!!!!

Do not disregard a trans guys identity if he has long hair.
Do not disregard a trans guys identity if he is pre T or does not want to take T at all.
Do not disregard a trans guys identity if he likes “female clothes”, or if he loves heels or even likes drag.
Do not disregard a trans guy identity if he wants to keep his birth name, even if it’s considered feminine.
Do not disregard a trans guys identity if he hasn’t had surgery of any sort and isn’t interested in having any.
Do not disregard a trans guys identity NO MATTER WHAT. Because he damn well knows who he is and you’re not in the place to stand infront of his happiness.

Support trans guys no matter who they are.

Me: hey str8 ppl, selling rainbow things, saying “fabulous”, and wearing glitter doesn’t mean you’re an LGBT+ advocate :)

Str8 ppl: We can’t do anything right!!!

Me: That’s not true! You can attend marches, protests, sign petitions, lobby Government, actively change ur language from being cissexist and homophobic, stop perpetuating stereotypes, educate urself on microaggressions, combat heteronormative language and beliefs, say something when u hear micro aggressions or otherwise LGBTphobic comments, teach ur children acceptance, or even just donate to LGBT causes. Wearing a rainbow doesn’t help anyone and doesn’t make anyone an advocate - action which creates change does!

Str8 ppl:

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  • Person: hi how r u ;)
  • Alexander Hamilton: gotta go😩👍🏼😏🔥gotta get the job done✍🏼️🔥👏🏼😤🙌🏼gotta start a new nation💪🏼✨🌎👌🏼❤️gotta meet my son😩😍👌🏼👪

“I’m not gay.

I mean, I don’t think I am, but I don’t think I’m straight, either.

I don’t know what I am. I think I might be nothing.”

“Oh. Well, that’s okay.”


“Yeah, of course.”

I absolutely loved this scene in the recent season of Bojack. And I just can’t wait to see what comes next for Todd!