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BREAKING NEWS: After cancelling the planned annual Gay Pride March in Istanbul, Turkey, over so called “safety concerns,” police have now issued a threat of arrest for anyone gathering or organizing to make a statement about gay pride. This comes after Pride marchers were violently attacked by police in years past (Pictured) and dispersed with water cannons and force.  According to Al Jezerra, the parade took place peacefully for 13 years, until in 2013 and 2015, authorities cracked down.  In 2014, the Pride march was held without incident.

To the LGBTQ community of Turkey, please be careful and stay safe, please know the world is watching! Thank you for your courage, and don’t ever let them silence you! Remember that water cannons leave behind rainbows. Be proud, be strong, be brave, and never forget; It gets better!


I hosted an impromptu Pride and Prejudice tea party! Kind of went on a baking craze here with what was supposed to be just a simple movie night, but I made a bunch of things I’ve never done before so it was really fun! The raspberry jam was from a jar, but other than that I made everything by hand! Super happy with how everything turned out!


Biri de çıksın mantıklı açıklama yapsın ! Bu video'yu açsın bana kare kare anlatsın, desin ki “polis savunmasız kaldığı için yapmak zorundaydı..” Desin ki “o elinde tuttuğu rengarenk bayrak aslında bir silahtı; ateş ediyordu..” Çıkıp bana savunmasız, barış için bulunan ve su ile yere çakılan(!) şu insanı haksız çıkartın lütfen !! Yoksa ben beddua etmeden duramıyorum.. Ben sinirlenmeden duramıyorum..
Siz görmeseniz de görmek istemeseniz de onlar varlar ve hep te olucaklar!! 🌈💗💙💜💚💛
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As the U.S. celebrates equality, here’s the response Turkish police had to pride

A planned gay pride celebration in Istanbul was set upon by police forces and dispersed Sunday. The 13th LGBTI Pride Parade near Taksim was “suddenly banned by the Governorate using the month of Ramadan as the reasoning without any announcement.” Police officers dispersed the crowd with “pepper spray, plastic bullets and water cannon” — but their pride wasn’t silenced.


Turkey narrowed his eyes and glared coldly at the boy. He appeared to know a little too much to be a simple feral nation.

“Who are you?”
“Wallachia!” the boy declared with immense pride.

“Wallachia?” Turkey grimaced. This little animal of a nation was the other part of Bulgaria’s former Empire? That simply could not be.

“The one and only,” Wallachia replied with a grin, pulling out another rock from a little leather pouch tied to his belt, throwing it up in the air and catching it with expert precision.

Turkey watched him with unease.
The kid wasn’t human, which mean he probably shouldn’t take him for granted. Physically he was clearly older than Wallachia, but Turkey didn’t lower his guard just yet. Wallachia had successfully wounded him.
That was no mere feat.

an excerpt from “First. Not Last” the historical fic that @ottomanliest​ and i commissioned from the wonderful @caffinatedstory of turk and ro’s first meeting. coffee is a brilliant author and was amazing to work with! 10/10, would commission again​ ;D


28 June 2015 - Turkish riot police attacked the Istanbul Pride celebrations with water cannon, rubber bullets and pepperball guns. In 2013 during the Gezi park protests a man was killed by the Istanbul police with a water cannon in the exact way as it is used in the first gif of this set. [video]


Istanbul Pride 2015
Istanbul, Turkey | June 28, 2015

Pictures by my great friend boslukluucnokta who attended the pride, stayed there despite the police violence and managed to take some great pictures during the event. I want to thank her for these amazing pictures, as I wasn’t able to attend the pride but she was there and attended, and also took these pictures for the blog. 

I will be sharing more pictures from the event tomorrow, though I doubt they will be as colorful and joyful as these ones.

Remember folks, there is still a long way to go all around the world, love must win, discrimination must end, equality must be achieved.


Can’t you just feel the tolerance?

These are the reactions to Turkey banning the Gay Pride Parade this year (mind you most of these comments are from non-Turks). For people who don’t realize why Pride Parades are a necessity, well, here you go! As long as such attitudes are widespread (and believe me they are, thanks to religion), Gay Pride Parades are not only a necessity but a must! We will stand with the LGBT community and support them through these tough times, especially when so many in the  world view their natural sexual orientation in such ways. And some people think they are clever with their, “oh we should have straight parades” comments. Well, when you have the overwhelming majority of the population in some parts of the world making such comments and putting out laws to persecute and kill heterosexual individuals for centuries after centuries, then we’ll have our Straight Pride as well, but since that will never happen, I suggest you stop making a fool out of yourself with you pathetic homophobia.


BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Police are arresting people trying to participate in Istanbul, Turkey’s annual gay pride march. Police say they have canceled the event for ‘security,’ but this is not the case. In 2013 and 2015, police cracked down violently on Gay Pride participants, striking them with projectiles and spraying them with water cannons. For 13 years, they hosted this pride event, but now they are trying to hide gay people away and deny their rights. Do not ignore this, we have to stand with our brothers and sisters in Turkey! 

It is so sad to see the once progressive and secular state of Turkey slowly fall to Erdogen’s disgusting gang of Islamists. They can keep this up if they want hatred for Islam to grow. Islamists always demand everyone to change their ways, and they cannot even accept other people for who they are. Keep it up you Islamist thugs, the more you do this, the more hatred you create against your beliefs. The world isn’t becoming more accepting of your beliefs.