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Just a dump post showing off what I’ve been working on the last few months! One day maybe I will be able to finish way more projects that I start, but this is looking pretty good to me! :)

(A few of these things are available on this Etsy shop I run with my friends, in case y’all are interested; anything not on the Etsy, you can message me about, if it’s something you wish to own.)

Pride || Teenlock

It was a sunny day, rare in London for such an early time in the year, but amazingly fitting to the atmosphere that filled the busy field. Men, women and all those in between walked alone, hand in hand, with groups of friends, and all bore grins etched onto their lips.

The green grass sparkled and the teen found it to be littered with glitter and confetti as he walked across it. He was in awe of what was going on, everything surrounding him, but tread carefully and stuck to the sidelines. If he had been given permission to be here, he might be less cautious about being seen, however his parents had harsh disproval for the event, and everything it stood for, and so John Watson sat in the grass under the shade of a tree. Alone, lost only to his thoughts as he wondered if he could ever show his true self.

He’d known he had attraction to both Men and Women for over a year now, but after his sister was kicked out for her drunk habits and girlfriend, he dared not speak of it to his parents. If he had to leave home now he would have no clue where to go.

With a sigh he pulled at the grass beside his knee where he sat crossed legged, and watched once more the bustling crowd of people all joyous and caring.

Pride [2014] Starters

“…And now I’m in a gay bar.” 

“Every woman is a Lesbian at heart.” 

“Esther Rantzen isn’t a lesbian.”

“Listen, we don’t mind the gays.” 

“Don’t you dare be bringing people from North Wales down here!”

“God, I miss disco!”

“They’re sending a policeman!”

“That’s the number for the gay switchboard - you never know, they might need it one day!”

“I’ve never met a lesbian before.”

“What are you, ten?” 

“Good. I just haven’t spoken 1950s in a while.” 

“Oh, Right. Because you’re so bloody irresistible, is that it, ______?”

“Listen to me, I’ve seen you dancing round my backyard with no clothes on since you were this high.”

“Police harassment, dear. I could set it to music.”

“______! Put that down immediately!”

“They called us perverts.”

“No! No, no, no, I am in no way suggesting that Sting, or indeed any other member of The Police, is a pervert.”

“Where are my lesbians?” 

“Dead right.”

“We want to see everything - even the rubber scene!”

“To find out you had a friend you never knew existed, well, that’s the best feeling in the world. So, thank you.”

“Victory to the minors.” 

“Six gays and a dyke.” 

possible connections; boyfriend/girlfriend, best friend, coworker, pride member

Caleb was preparing himself for a visit with the twins- being a father was hard, especially when it was of four kids with three different mothers. He had various scheduled visits with all of them, and this week the twins were coming to stay with him while their mother was helping her sister with her first child. He’d never had his kids for quiet so long, so he was sort of worried about how he’d keep the two seven year olds occupied- which was why he’d enlisted the help of the other. “So… do you think I can handle them for a week? Or are you staying here to help out? Because I’m pretty sure I sort of need the help.”

Assassin's creed sentence starters
  • “Such pride…it will destroy you child.”
  • “ I don’t believe you “
  • “You flatter yourself.”
  • “ We work in the dark to serve the light. “
  • “Why did you do it? All of it?”
  • “Where would a pirate hide his treasure?”
  • ““Blood is thicker than water, and I know (name)will be by my side”.
  • “What do you mean, they’re family?”
  • “ Good partnerships are hard to come by.”
  • “We stand together!”
  • “Let’s get out of here before the guards arrive..”
  • “‘Don’t allow personal feelings to compromise the mission.’ What a mistake.”
  • “A true master of stealth can blend into any environment.”
  • "For every mission, there is a right way and a wrong way. Barging thoughtlessly into combat is, more often than not, the latter.”
  • “Oh my god…what have i done?”
  • “Ah, another exciting night home for (name).”
  • “They’re dangerous objects,”
  • “Have you got a better plan?”
  • “Should my skills fail me, or ambition lead me astray do not seek retribution or revenge in my memory, but fight to continue the search for truth.”
  • “You would not believe the things I have seen, (name)”
  • “And what exactly will you be doing, might I ask?”
  • “Enjoy your studies. I’ll be out killing Templars.”
  • “I’m no criminal. I just do as I please.”
  • “Toss me my brass knuckles and point me to a good brawl.“
  • “What are you doing here?”
  • “ This decision is yours alone to make. Only do so quickly.”
  • "Because no one else will”
  • “Life is not a fairy tale and there are no happy endings”
  • “What`s true and what IS, aren’t always the same" 
  • “Alright, what do you need me to do?”
  • “Free-run your way through this little obstacle course.”


Happy pride month everyone!! <3 (Got some flowers for my lovely girlfriend~)

  • ‘’I have something to tell you…’’
  • ‘‘So do you like girls!? Or boys!? Or both!? Or none!? Either way I’m so happy for ya!!’‘
  • ‘‘Me too! We can be ___ Together!
  • ‘‘So? I still love you no matter what!’‘
  • ‘‘They made fun of you for liking the same gender?’‘
  • ‘‘I’m so glad you said that..Because I like you..’‘
  • ‘‘I don’t want to get noticed by boys! I wanna get noticed by girls!’‘
  • ‘‘I don’t want to get noticed by girls! I wanna get noticed by boys!’

“This is the best Diagon Alley has ever looked,” Scorpius said. He turned to the person next to him, “Can you finish putting this on my face?” he offered them a brush and glitter. “Oh, and after this, you never saw me here.”