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Ali buys Ashlyn a ukulele just because she thinks it's cute but Ashlyn actually spends a lot of time practicing it because she wants to learn all of Ali's favorite songs

    Ali was on her way home from practice when she heard her phone ding with an incoming text message. Once she was stopped at a stoplight, she looked at her phone and saw a picture that Alex Morgan had sent her. It was a white ukulele and the bridge was carved into the shape of a shark. Alex’s attached message told Ali how much it was and where she could get it.

    Instead of heading straight home like she originally planned, Ali texted Ashlyn and told her that she would be a little late getting home. Ali brought up the website of the music store that Alex had sent her and called the number on the front page. She told the man on the other end of the phone that she was on her way to pick up the shark ukulele and to hold onto it for her.

Ali couldn’t wait to get to the store. Ashlyn wasn’t really musical but there was no way that she couldn’t buy her the shark ukulele even if it did just sit around as a decoration. After a few frustrating minutes of battling traffic, Ali had pulled up to the unfamiliar music store. Luckily, she had showered and changed right after practice so se didn’t have to walk into the store still covered in grass and sweat.

She made her way to the front desk and got the attention of the young man at the counter. “Hi, I just called about the shark ukulele.”

“Oh, yes!” The man pulled a small box from under the counter and put it on the counter in front of Ali. “I went ahead and grabbed it from the back for you. You can open the box if you want to make sure it’s exactly what you want.”

Ali lifted the cardboard cover and inside the box was a small ukulele and sure enough, the bridge was the shape of a shark. Exactly what she was looking for. She smiled and told the man, “It’s perfect.”

“Great, would you like me to grab a case for it?”

Ali hadn’t thought about getting anything other than the instrument. “I’m going to be honest and say that I have no clue what I need for this. I’m actually getting it as a present for my girlfriend.”

The man nodded in understanding. “Well, I would recommend getting a case and maybe a stand or a wall mount so that she can hang it up.”

Ali told the man that she would buy the items that he thought would be best. He rang all the items up and handed the ukulele, now in it’s case and the wall mount over to Ali and smiled. “I hope your girlfriend enjoys her present.”

“Thank you for your help. I’m sure she’ll love it.”

Ali carefully laid the items in the passenger seat of her car and made her way back to the house. She was excited to give the ukulele to Ashlyn. Even though Ashlyn didn’t play ukulele, she would surely appreciate the little shark.

    When Ali finally made her way into the house, she called out for Ashlyn. “Hey, Ash!”

    “Coming Al!” Ali heard Ashlyn’s footsteps coming her way. “Hey, took you long enough.” Ashlyn said as she wrapped her arms around Ali in a hug.

    When they let go of each other, Ali stretched out her arms to show Ashlyn what she was holding. “Yes, I’m late but I think you’ll be fine with it when you see what I got you.”

    Ashlyn opened the case and let out a little gasp. “Shark ukulele!”

    Ali laughed at her childlike excitement. “I know you don’t play, but Alex showed me the picture and I couldn’t resist. It seemed like it would be perfect for you.”

    Ashlyn set the ukulele down on the couch next to her and picked Ali up in a hug and spun her around. “It’s so awesome Ali! I love it. Thank you.”

    It had been a week since Ashlyn had gotten her ukulele but because of her busy schedule, she hadn’t had any time to try and play it. For the next few days, Ali had practice in the morning and Ashlyn had practice in the afternoon so Ashlyn took the opportunity to use some of her time alone as time to learn a few songs on her ukulele. It didn’t take her long to get the hang of it.

    Ashlyn was sitting cross legged on the middle of her and Ali’s bed with her laptop in front of her and her ukulele resting on her lap.

Normally, Ashlyn kept a close eye on the time. She didn’t want Ali to hear her play until she could make it all the way through a song but Ashlyn had gotten carried away today. She was learning how to play Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis. It was her and Ali’s song and she wanted it to be perfect so she could sing it to Ali.

    What Ashlyn didn’t know was that Ali was leaning against the doorframe of their bedroom, listening to Ashlyn sing for almost five minutes now. Ali found it adorable how every little mistake caused Ashlyn to start over. She was doing everything in her power to make it perfect.

    After making a few adjustments Ashlyn began to play again.

    Wise men say, only fools rush in. But I can’t help falling in love with you. Shall I stay? Would it be a sin? If I can’t help falling in love with you. Like a river flows, surely to the sea…

    Ashlyn’s singing was cut off when she heard a sniffle come from behind her. She turned around to see Ali leaning against the door with tears on her cheeks. Before Ashlyn could say anything, Ali had walked over and sat next to her on the bed and whispered, “That’s our song.”

    Ashlyn smiled and blushed. “Yeah… I was hoping to learn it so I could sing it to you. But it’s not very good yet. I keep messing up.” Ashlyn looked down at her hands that were still holding the ukulele.

    Ali closed her laptop and set it on the nightstand so she could move to sit in front of Ashlyn. Ali put her hands on either side of Ashlyn’s face so she would look up at her. “What I heard was beautiful, Ashlyn.” Ashlyn smiled at Ali and Ali said, “Can you play it for me. I wanna hear all of it.”

    Ashlyn took a deep breath and picked up her ukulele. It took her a few attempts to get started because she kept hitting the wrong note. Ali just smiled and gave her knee an encouraging squeeze. Eventually, Ashlyn had played the intro successfully and began to sing. Her voice wasn’t anything extraordinary but she was a better singer than most people would give her credit for. There were a few bumps throughout the song, but every time she messed up she would look at Ali with an apologetic smile and try again. A three minute song turned into a five minute song, but Ashlyn stumbled her way through it proudly.

    When she finally looked at up, Ali had a steady stream of tears running down her cheeks. “That was beautiful, baby. You did such a good job.”

    “I’m sorry I messed it up. I’ll keep practicing it though.”

    Ali leaned over and pressed a kiss to Ashlyn’s lips. “It was absolutely perfect.”

    Ashlyn smiled shyly. She knew that it probably didn’t sound very good but she loved that Ali appreciated her learning their song so much.

    “I am never going to be able to listen to another version of that song again because your version is my favorite.”

    “I’ll sing it for you whenever you want.” Ashlyn said.

    Ali took the ukulele out of Ashlyn’s hands and sat herself in her lap. “So is this what you have been doing while I have been at practice?”

    Ashlyn chuckled and said, “Yes, I was hoping I could have it down by this weekend so I could play it after we got home from our date but someone-” Ashlyn pocked Ali’s side making her laugh. “-came home early and discovered the surprise.”

    Ashlyn scooted back so that she was leaning against the headboard and Ali was leaning against her chest. She grabbed the ukulele and put it in Ashlyn’s hands. “Will you play it again?”

    This time, Ashlyn got off to a perfect start but she still had a little trouble switching chords. Ali laid her head on Ashlyn’s shoulder and closed her eyes, listening to her sing.

    Ashlyn finished the song and Ali whispered, “You’re amazing.”

    “We might have to find a new song. You’re going to be tired of hearing me practice it all the time.”

    Ali twisted around in Ashlyn’s arms and linker her hands behind her neck. “I could never get tired of hearing this.”

    The next few days, Ashlyn didn’t worry about hiding her practicing from Ali. Everytime she played the song, she got better and it never failed to make Ali cry and smile all at the same time. One morning, Ali woke up early to hear Ashlyn singing and playing her ukulele quietly. She grabbed her phone and snuck out of bed. She recorded the last half of the song secretly and sent the video to Kyle.

    I bought her a ukulele and the first thing she did was learn our song.

    Kyle responded immediately.

    Need me a man like that ;)

   Sry bro, she all mine

Tampa Pride was AMAZING! I got to ride in the Pulse car in the parade and wave to people, I finally got to perform The Greatest (which I’ve wanted to do as a Pulse tribute since it came out), I met lots of cool people, I HELD A HAIRLESS CAT, I saw lots of drag shows, I looked really cute, and there will probably be lots of pictures coming.

Things To Do After Top Surgery

- Sleep shirtless

- Go for a run with no shirt on

- Grow chest hair

- Go to the beach only in board shorts

- Buy more douchey shirts

- Skinny dipping??

- Mow lawns with my guns out as well as my amazing pecks

- Get rid of these damn tan lines

- Actually go outside to tan

- Get a massage from a girl without feeling even more stressed

- Lay in front of a fan on a hot day in nothing but boxers

- Show off my six pack that I have yet to form

- Work out my upper body even more

- Just put a shirt on in the morning and go

- Shirtless selfies

- Be dysphoria free

- Feel comfortable in my own skin


Have you ever met someone at the wrong time in your life but then the right time came around and somehow now you’ve been given the chance to finally make each other happy?

Thank you for loving me @ktorr19 ❤️

Tips From a Trans Guy

-Walk tall, confidence is the key in everything you do. As a transgender individual not everyone will take you seriously but you need to be strong.

-Shave the fuzz. A smooth face is better than a fuzzy face.

-Vests honestly work to hiding chest thingies. Bajas do as well.

-Finding pants can suck for people. Even cis guys who lift unfortunately. Levis have these amazing jeans. They’re athletic fit which helps around the hips, and thighs which is my issue.

-Acne will suck once you go on T. Wash your face twice a day with soap and water. Acne wipes will help during that time. Lemon water (drink it, or you know I’m sure you can rub it all over) also clears skin and serves other amazing purposes.

-When using the boys bathroom, do not talk, do not interact. Do your business and leave. Do not make eye contact. It’s not the same as using a bathroom with feminine individuals.

-Dating can be hard. You look younger than you really are which sometimes isn’t a good thing. People younger than you will also be all over you. Like teenagers. Do not give in! One day you won’t look like a baby (cross your fingers), that means hopefully people your own age will date you! You could also try getting a tattoo if you’re old enough so people know you’re older than 18 .-.

-Also with dating. It’s a whole lot different as a man. You’re no longer girlxgirl or girlxguy (well the last one is possible but you won’t be the girl anymore). The dynamic is so different. It might take time to get your groove back so don’t get frustrated.

-As you get older and start passing (you’ll get there!). Privileges will open up to you. Your world will change. But that doesn’t give you the right to be an asshole! You don’t need to be a feminist but remember what it’s like to be a women and how the world treated you.

-Bullying can suck, even if you have an amazing support system. I have a warning for you. Do Not Engage. They will pick fights. Yes stand up for yourself but do not stoop to their level. Stay strong and keep your head up. You’re more than them.

-You will lose friends. It sucks but your true friends who are meant to be in your life will stick by you to support you. You will have an amazing support system even if you don’t have one now. If your family isn’t supportive then you can create your own in the future.

-Last but not least, be you. Stay amazing. Stay you. You’re perfect and some day people will see that. I promise.

Last night someone gave Billie Joe Armstrong a big Bi flag to wear onstage.

It looked like the exact same flag I have hanging in my room. He wrapped it around his shoulders, sang a line or two, and then handed it back into the crowd.
Now, at first, I thought it was just a rainbow pride flag. I had seen a few pictures online of Billie wearing those at concerts and I was like “Fuck yeah!!!”
But then he turned just a little and I saw, no, that’s not a rainbow flag…that’s the pink, purple, blue of the Bi flag. The colors of the flag hanging in my room.
And my throat closed up. And my eyes welled up. And y'all, I swear I screamed the loudest scream ever in that moment.
That was me. That was my flag, on stage, in front of thousands of people. With people just like me screaming with just as much joy to see a Bi man on stage wearing a Bi flag.

I didn’t expect to be so emotional but I was. It wasnt a long moment in time. Barely a line or two. But I’ll always remember that moment where Billie wore a Bi flag in the middle of a concert and thousands of people cheered.

@ everyone who just came out: i love you

@ everyone who’s considering coming out: I love you

@ everyone who can’t ever imagine coming out: I love you

@ everyone who never wants to come out: I love you

@ everyone who’s somewhat out: I love you

@ everyone who’s entirely out: I love you

@ everyone who falls in between: I love you

Slytherin aesthetic 🐍

Black coffee, simple silver jewelry, fallen leaves in the puddle, fresh air of the woods, ember, thick fog, oversized hoodies, dusty bookshelves, dark wool coats, abounded medieval castles, cemetery sculptures, dried flowers, drizzling rain, grey clouds, old ruined books, moss, empty museums, long-distance train journeys, lonely strolls on an overcast mornings, cigarette smoke, antique stores, elegant notebooks, black ink, graphic tattoos, velvet dresses, expensive lingeries, old botanical gardens, heavy perfumes.

Be patient with someone who’s been hurt multiple times. Just because you haven’t completely melted their cold heart doesn’t mean there aren’t any cracks in the ice.
—  Words-and-Feelings

I honestly posted this in a rage of anger and frustration and hurt and didn’t plan on keeping it up on my Facebook at all, but 800+ likes, 200 supportive comments, and shit tons of messages later…not only did I not realize I even had this many friends, but friends who love and support me when my family chose not to. I am thankful and I am feeling loved.

Favorite Things To Do After Top Surgery

-Sleep shirtless
-Work out
-Build my chest muscles
-Walk around in my underwear
-Stand up straight
-Shirtless selfies
-Buying new shirts (that I wear 40% of my day)
-Tank tops and douchebag shirts
-Massage my scars
-Put lotion on my nips
-Look at myself in the mirror
-Sending shirtless selfies to friends/family
-Change in the locker room
-Show off the progress I’ve made on my body
-Hugging people
-When someone playfully hits my chest or puts their hands on it

daily reminder that gnc trans ppl exist and we arent just faking being trans !

a gnc trans boy who only likes to wear dresses and skirts and who does his makeup all the time is still a boy!

a gnc trans girl with short hair and who only wears masculine clothing and never presents feminine is still a girl!

being gender nonconforming is not a cis only experience and trans people who are gnc are still 100% trans and 100% wonderful

🌸 polysexual/polyamorous folks are not “cheaters” 🌸

🌸 polysexual/polyamorous folks deserve to be respected 🌸

🌸 if you’re polysexual/polyamorous I love you & you’re amazing 🌸



“I do not regret being who I am, being as open as I’ve been. And I am proud of myself for not apologizing for it. I don’t fit into any of the boxes that so many petty-minded little motherfuckers love to put me in, and I don’t really care.”