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This started out as a whole post about how Mashima’s manga is extremely myopic and self-centered when it comes to presentations of family and friendship and nakama. I was going to pull out a bunch of examples, starting with Cobra and including Sting, Natsu vs. Sting and Rogue, and Juvia. But the Cobra part got way too long, so….enjoy this Cobra post detailing how Cobra exemplifies those values a lot better than Fairy Tail and no one seems to notice.


Now, I adored Cobra during the Nirvana arc. He was easily the most anti-villainous of the villains–sure, he was loyal to Brain, was trying to bring about the end of peace in Fiore, and was a smartass who liked to play around with his opponents and taunt them before he killed them. But he was also laid back, easygoing, could laugh at a joke in the middle of a fight, and didn’t tend to attack unless he was ordered. Alongside Angel, while he is a massive dick, it is also immediately apparent from introduction that Cobra is not a monster and has others that he values–Angel has Gemini, Cobra has Cubellios. 

But what really seals the deal for me, and makes me think that whatever his goals, Cobra is a decent dude–not just and lawful, but moral–is the end of his fight with Natsu. After he gets back up, ears sore from Natsu’s roar, he holds Natsu down and prepares to kill him, claiming it to be “for the honor of the Six Demons!” Cobra has pride in being a member of his guild and isn’t about to let this loudmouth dragonslayer tarnish it. And a second later, Brain shoots him in the back/shoulder, taking him out for good.  And Cobra’s reaction breaks my heart. 

Brain? ….Why? Are you mad?

He cannot understand why Brain just did that (and, taking logic into account, neither can I, but roll with me here for a sec). Not ‘angry’ mad. He literally thinks Brain must have gone insane to have done what he just did. He never for a second suspected Brain might attack him. Which is saying a lot for Brain, considering Cobra can hear thoughts.

See, his hearing wasn’t gone. He can still hear people’s minds, as evidenced a second later when Brain blatantly and gloatingly thinks about how useless Cobra is and how he should be gotten rid of. The only explanation is that Brain is capable of hiding his thoughts from Cobra–and did so for a long time, otherwise this wouldn’t exactly have come as a shock to Cobra.

Cobra’s last words before he releases his prayer (probably out of spite, if it were me) is to cry and call Brain a traitor. Clearly, this was the last thing he expected. A reminder: this arc was coming straight off the heels of the Fantasia arc, where Laxus went borderline nuts and pretty much turned on everyone around him. We just saw what is ostensibly one of the good guys do what Brain is doing now (putting down someone close to him for being weak) and Cobra’s reaction is just as emotional as the ones we saw at Fantasia. His ass just got betrayed and it hurt.

And, when he comes back for the Key of the Starry Skies arc, it’s apparent he’s undergone the rare negative character development. That is to say, he developed into a more dangerous, more emotional, and overall negative person–not that his character arc suffered.

His snake–friend, closest friend, pet, someone that’s never even thought about hurting him and is with him by choice, not by alliance–is gone. And while he retains a camaraderie with people like Angel, Midnight, and Racer, you can tell all of his enthusiasm is gone. His voice is so dead, so dry, so monotone.

Which….actually really saddens me. Cobra went from the person who was probably the most easily applicable to turn face to the one person short of Midnight who was furthest from it. That hurts. But it also shows how fucked up a person can get when you destroy their bond with you and take away the things that are important to them.

You fucked up a perfectly good character, Brain. Look at him. He’s got anxiety.

Of course, it’s he’s not too far gone. Kinana does come back to him, although I wish she hadn’t. He comes quietly, does his thing at the Dragon King Festival, and slyly makes sure Doranbolt will have to come back for more without messing with his memories.

And then it all comes crashing down. Cobra secures the Seis’ freedoms, gets his revenge on Brain, and then…Jellal.

Look, I will begrudgingly put aside for now the fact that Jellal cannot possibly be strong enough to take on the Seis single-handedly. Right now we’re focusing on character, and how exactly do you think Cobra felt when this went down? Jellal just took Cobra’s ideals and spat on them. Their freedom is a lie. Their idea of family is wrong. Jellal will show you true nakama and freedom–by beating your ass to a pulp. The freedom and companionship the Seis forged together while they were free from Jellal’s reign of terror has to be corrected.

Now, not only is Jellal their former slavemaster and the guy who terrorized their childhoods, but I will remind everyone of just what kind of “family” Crime Sorciere comprised of aside from him: a woman who coldly murdered a little girl’s parents, then raised that little girl as her mother in their place. Crime Sorciere’s family is sick. But at least Ultear gave an impression of actual repentence. I still wonder what Cobra thought of her–no doubt he could hear what was happening when he was temporarily freed for the Dragon King Festival. I also have to wonder what Cobra was thinking given that Meredy did nothing to support her former allies and instead just screamed “Jellaaaaal!” nonstop while he worked his pimp hand. No support at all.

And this pisses me off more than it would had I not already gone into just how Cobra felt about being part of the Oracion Seis. Because there is no more Oracion Seis anymore. No one calls them that–it’s Crime Sorciere now, and don’t you forget it. They have true nakama now, bitches.

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Hi Ally! First of all I really like your FT New Gen characters and I think your art is amazing! I was wondering if you could tell us a little more about Gale and Nova? I just get the feeling that we know so much more about all the others than we do these two. I really like them (though in Nova's case I may be biased because of my love for Miraxus) and I would love to know more about them.

That’s true because I’m taking my time to develop these characters one by one/pair by pair and it hasn’t reached Nova and Gale yet but here’re some facts about their characters!

Nova Dreyar

Sassy and powerful, she is known as the lady boss of the new gens next to teen!Asuka. She can be as intimidating as both Mira and Laxus and takes pride of maintaining the powerful reputation of the guild. She’s closest with Asuka, Reiki and Gale and keeps an eye out on Rin and Nash, the more destructive members.

She falls for Reiki eventually and it becomes glaringly obvious when her behaviour changes drastically around him. She turns from prideful to gently bashful and it freaks everyone out LOL. Like Reiki, she understands how stressful it is to follow the expectations the public set for her because of how popularly powerful her parents are.

She trains herself intensively to the point of exhaustion often but stopped recently when Laxus and Mira intervened to convince her that she didn’t have to live up to anyone’s expectations at all.

Gale Redfox

He used to be a lot weaker and timid and constantly got bullied before he got into bad company and turned into a rebel who uses his powers for pranking people and destroying public property. 

He started working out and honing his powers to prove people wrong but the more trouble he got into, the more Gajeel got worried and stepped in to pull him back to fight out each other’s frustrations. Gajeel told him about his Phantom Lord days and how he didn’t want his son falling into his footsteps.

He returns to the guild to make amendments after that and learns tattoo art in his free time. (He has a secret hobby for painting and feels like Levy’s script magic is the prettiest art there is. Also, he’s really good at singing (unlike Gajeel PAHA) and secretly has lessons with Mira backstage.)

GaVa relationship

Nova used to make fun of him a lot and pressures him to become more powerful to prove her wrong. Their feisty relationship soon makes him unknowingly fall for her and her mental strength which boosts him on to become more powerful to win her heart, even when he knew that she fell for Reiki. 

After Reiki breaks the news that Nash and him have been secretly dating, Nova breaks down and reveals her frailty when it came to matters of the heart. Gale comforts her and confesses his feelings, saying that he loved her the sassy, prideful, vulgar and hot headed way she was which she represses in Reiki’s presence, along with her good kinder heart with she shows in more milder ways.

These are what I have for now and I haven’t came up with what abilities they’ll have and I might change some things along the way but I hope you like it!! ^o^

Skritt appreciation post

They send you shinies and love when you help them!

They’re so thankful when you help them, and that just gives me the warm fuzzies since they say thank you in about ten different ways.

And they give you advice! Look at this great advice. Look at it. 


Guild Pride Cursors

The code and steps to upload these to your tumblr theme are below.

Copy and paste this code:

</script> <style> body, a, a:hover {cursor:url(IMAGE URL HERE), auto }</style>

1) Open your customize page in a new tab (
2) Click “Edit HTML”
3) Paste the code above at the very top of your HTML (like shown)

4) Choose one of the above images and copy its url (right click the cursor, and select “copy image address”)
5) Paste the url where it says “IMG URL HERE” in parentheses
6) Click “Update Preview”
7) If you like the cursor then click “Save”

And voila you’ve got yourself an awesome new Fairy Tail cursor!

The Pride Colored Themed Cursors are below the read more…ENJOY! Please provide credit when in use :D

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Really random, angsty question, but when would you say the Dragon Slayers are at their most dangerous/most frightening?

Hm…well, all of the Slayers are shown to be fiercely protective of those they deem their friends and family, so I would say that for all of them, the point at which they are most dangerous is when they feel their precious people are threatened.  Individually…

Wendy is most dangerous when she is focused on healing people, especially when in the middle of a battlefield.  She becomes incredibly focused on the patient to the point of which anybody who approaches is deemed a further threat to their safety.  She unconsciously whips up a barrier of wind that is powerful enough to cut through skin so she remains uninterrupted.  

Laxus is most dangerous when the Guild is threatened.  His pride, his worth, his life’s work, and everything he has ever strove for lies in the Guild, so threatening or insulting it, is threatening and insulting him.  He nearly lost the Guild once due to his arrogance, and he will be damned if he ever lets that same ego be the downfall of the Guild-he will crush whatever the threat is before it evolves to the point of which it becomes difficult to do so, unlike Laxus pre-Fantasia.

Natsu is most frightening when his value system is tarnished.  The concept of friendship and family is very important to him, and his values can be boiled down to that, because that is all he has ever known.  When he sees people abandoning family, backstabbing friends, using people for their own good, he sees red, because everything he has ever believed in is being spat on before his own eyes.

Gajeel is more difficult to pinpoint because of the fact that he is an intimidating individual as is, but he is most deadly when he’s been given express orders that coincide with his beliefs.  Gajeel operates on a system of direct orders handed down to him, but they never really matched with his personal beliefs (like in Phantom Lord).  Because the only time Makarov ever issues orders to him is when the Guild needs protecting, the dual combination of ‘orders’ and his own will backing that makes him a formidable opponent.

Sting is probably at his worst when the Guild is threatened, because, much like Laxus, the Guild is his life’s work, but for Sting, it’s because he needs to protect what he essentially built from the ground up.  The Sabertooth from Jiemma’s time and the Sabertooth from Sting’s time are completely different, and he will be damned before he lets this new safe haven be broken to bits and all his friend’s hopes with it.

Rogue is deadliest when Sting is threatened.  Sting is one of the number one reasons, besides Frosch, that he didn’t go completely insane post the Dragon Festival, and is also the one person alive that has always had his back.  Sting has always accepted Rogue, regardless of his faults, and for that, he is Rogue’s most precious person.  When Frosch is threatened, however, Rogue is just as bad because he is basically Fro’s father.

Cobra is deadliest when he is genuinely determined to attain something, be it the assurance of the safety of a friend, or an object for a mission.  He has been shown to utilize any excuse to achieve something in his benefit (the Infinity Clock, for example, was more or less a ruse for him to find Kinana, though Midnight wasn’t all too aware of the ulterior motive behind his compliance to the second world takeover attempt), and, as such, makes an extremely deadly opponent-one with no care for his own safety so long as the end result is in his favour.

Thanks for the ask, anon!

The signs as Erza Scarlet quotes
  • Aries: "It is always sad to part with those whom you love but your companions will help you bear that sadness."
  • Taurus: "Being alive… Is a sign of strength!"
  • Gemini: "My companions make my heart strong. If I'm fighting for those I love, I care not what happens to this body."
  • Cancer: "It's just one day... If lives were lost today... then today, lives were born. How important each and every day is... depends on how important you feel it is to you. Right?"
  • Leo: "Cobra ... You said that you are strong because you lost everything, doesn't it? But this isn't true strength! People become stronger when they have something to protect! If you have a true friend, that friend will support you! But you only think about yourself! Do you think you could actually hear the voice of this friend?! Don't you feel shame when you think of your friend?! Feelings by friends do not drag you down."
  • Virgo: "But what's important isn't the Magic, it's the heart of the wielder who uses it."
  • Libra: "As long as you laugh at people's suffering, your goal will always out of reach. If you never want to be defeated, you must first learn your own weakness, and always be kind"
  • Scorpio: “We don't die for our friends, we live for our friends"
  • Sagittarius: "This life was entrusted to me by Simon... by grandpa Rob... and my comrades... Relinquishing my life so easily would be a slap in the face to all of them."
  • Capricorn: "All I need is the power to be able to protect my comrades. So long as I can have the strength to do that, I don't care if I'm weaker than everyone in the world."
  • Aquarius: "We live with pride in our guild's name. This seal we've carved into ourselves isn't merely decoration. It's the proof of our bonds as a family. Binding our fates together we put our lives on the line. Anyone that steps on that holy vow... Be they evil or good, I will cut them down."
  • Pisces: "No matter what you try to steal from me... the light that lights my path cannot be stolen by anyone. Even if I cannot see, even if I cannot hear, there is a light within me. The path I have walked alongside my friends will light my tomorrow. I have nothing to fear!"

I recorded the entire event, and I made this video to remember it. Thank you so much to Katrina Seryu for making this possible and to all the Anet devs who marched with us. Special thanks to every single person who marched with us today! I love you all! <3

(Don’t worry, only the first few seconds are blurry. I wanted to capture the sea of names XD) Featuring @eviru @tyriansaladbar @lewn-atic @eldritchseacrab @citriplays

Hi guys !

As many of you probably know this is pride month, and with the recent events in Orlando I really felt the need to do a v.2 of my guild-wars-2-lgbtq-flag. So here it is. I’m very happy how it came out, I use my characters, that have all a story, and as they are all part of me, they’re all gay af !

This is a big message of love sent to everyone, and also a big thank you to Guild Wars 2′s staffs for adding to their game lgbtq characters ! (I still want more gay couples !)

With a lot of love, have an awesome day and happy pride month ;)