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I wanted to do something Nyotalia related for this important event so…here we are! Their sexuality/romantic orientations - and also their gender- are only my personal headcanons for them, so please remember this little cute fact thank you.  Hope you like this little set.

Art: Himaruya | Edit: Mine.

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Harry did say "Happy pride" during WWA on Pride day in Italy. Not sure if that counts as a word or if it's also symbolism. He also tweeted "despite the company outside I believe in equal rights for everyone. I think God loves all. Thank you for coming to the show though." when the Westboro Baptist Church was protesting 1D. Half an hour later he tweeted "God 8 a sandwich". During that concert was when he said "are you ready for a good equal time?" Just didn't see this on your post.

Thanks for your ask.  I did discuss the Westboro Baptist Church example.The point of my post was that, apart from those two examples I gave, Harry has not publicly used the words ‘gay’ ‘bisexual’ ‘lesbian’ or ‘queer’.  He has not used language that discusses sexuality directly (and in the Rolling Stone interview didn’t even use the word ‘sexuality’ in a sentence that was crying out for it).  Instead he uses proxies and symbols like pride and equality.  He does use language but it’s a very indirect language - which is most blatant to me in the Finland OTRA concert. 


Interviewer “You’re a real Abruzzese if you can eat more than 30 arrosticini

Ignazio “I… I… I’m Abruzzese then!!



Ve~This game was really scary Dx But I ate some gelato and petted some cats so I’m okay now! =v= Still, grazie to everyone for following and talking to me! 


Welp here it is. The 400 follower video. *runs away and hides*. It’s painstakingly embarrassing just the terrible accent and improv and gAH. Also I would recommend having annotations on as I’m a quiet person and mixed with the accent and game sound it can get a bit hard to hear ^^“”“. But seriously thank you all so much!! I’ve reached over 500 followers now and just aksljdflkjaslkdjf wHAT *internal freaking out*. I hope you’ll enjoy the future of this blog! Ciao!))