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Hey homies! This is the end of chapter 4! Me and Blue are really thankful for all of you, thanks for your likes, reblogs, and follows! we love you a lot! Unfortunately, school is a little bit intense right now. We are going to take a hiatus, and will return APRIL 21st! After the hiatus we will be updating a lot, as we will also be attending VANCAF this year!!! Thanks for being patient!

R A V E N C L A W | A E S T H E T I C

Aesthetic #3

I do not own these images x collage made by me


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Newish rwby team. Well, they’ve always existed but I’ve snipped, shaped and edited them into what you see before you. AXYL, pronounced “azure”, is a 3rd year team, pre-timeskip, at Haven, all alluding to the 4 guardian beasts.Still working out the kinks to Phuong and Qing’s weapons.

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