Pokéball Pride Collection by dajo42

1. Ace Trainer (Asexual)

2. Aro-Dactyl (Aromantic)

3. Non-Binacle (Non-binary)

4. Genderqwilfish (Genderqueer)

5. Bikachu (Bisexual)

6. PokéPan (Pansexual)

7. Polywrath (Polysexual)

8. Demibird (Demisexual/Demiromantic)

9. Intersex Plateau (Intersex)

10. Gengarfluid (Genderfluid)

11. Ditto Used TRANSform (Transgender)

12. Pride Rainball (Gay/Lesbian)

Available in lots of products- but the phone cases are the best ones I think~~


LGBTQ* Pride Flags You Should Know

#1: LGBTQ* Pride (**first flag in 1978 with 8 colors represented Lesbian/Gay culture)

#2: Bisexual Pride

#3: Pansexual Pride

#4: Asexual/Ace Pride

#5: Genderqueer Pride (click HERE for more information)

#6: Intersex Pride

#7: Trans* Pride

#8: Lipstick Lesbian Pride

#9: Bear Pride (click HERE for more information)

#10: Leather Pride


hey friends!
you’ll probably remember when I made this post last year about my mom’s pride beanies… but now, she’s making pride scarves as well!! you can buy them in a set or individually!! 

in the photos are pictured gay/lesbian, asexual, bisexual, pansexual, genderqueer, and transgender, but my mom will do flags for ANY SEXUALITY OR GENDER! If you’d like a certain flag that isn’t listed here or on her shop, just send her a message! 

during this month (May), SHIPPING IS FREE so that you can get your pride wear before June, which is pride month!!

here is the link to her etsy shop!!

*NOTE: if you are in a place where you aren’t safe because of the way you identify your sexuality or gender, my mom will make sure to take precautions with your package. just make sure to let her know when you place the order!

(also a special thank you to my cute friends sarah, jasper, quill, lynx, and nick for modelling)

anonymous asked:

So I was explaining the flags for the various sexualities to my very straight, rather ignorant friend and she said (this is a literal copy and paste): "I want a flag...If other sexualities can support and announce themselves shouldn't heterosexuals be able to too ?" How do I tactfully respond to this

step 1: get a box.

step 2: fill that box with bees.

step 3: vigorously shake the box.

step 4: hand the box to your friend, telling them that you have placed your own design for what could potentially be the “heterosexual flag” inside of the box.

… no, but seriously, your friend is showing a serious lack of acknowledgment regarding their privilege. straight people don’t need a flag, because they are represented EVERYWHERE. we constantly acknowledge heterosexuality, to the extent that straightness is the assumed “default” sexuality. wearing a little .:~*straight flag*~:. pin, for example, would be pointless, because everyone already assumes you’re straight (and cis).

straight “pride” is everywhere, because people aren’t oppressed for being straight… pride flags are symbolic. they designate pride in the aspects of one’s identity that are subjected to violence and hatred—“pride” is about refusing to be ashamed of your identity, despite the voices telling you that you should be.