pride cc

pride is a five letter word that can be the hardest to swallow
accepting yourself is so much of a struggle
it can be ever harder when you have no lead to follow
no one to turn to, no guidance; nothing but trouble
so you became what you ever had; you took the opportunity
you became someone others could look up to
you never meant to be an icon within this community
but thank god you did, because we’d be so lost without you
you taught us that coming out is just one climax of your your story arc
you showed us the beauty of pride and all of its wonders
you may have felt lost in the dark
but you were such a light to others.
—  Having Pride ❤️💛💚💙💜  @thatsthat24
(cc, 2017)
  • Mom: Exactly how tired are you?
  • Me: I just misread 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets' as 'Harry Potter and the Cucumber of Secrets,' so that's about where I am right now.