pride and punishment

Imagine that, when Loki is being brought to the Avengers Tower to carry out his punishment, he spends his time reading Midgardian literature like Shakespeare and Jane Austen. All the Avengers tease him because of that. 

When a new girl joins the Avengers, many of them want to impress her and win her affections, but she’s not interested in any of them. One day she sees Loki reading “Pride and Prejudice” and they start talking. She is surprised that Loki is into romantic literature and Loki is surprised that it impressed her. After that none of the Avengers teased Loki about his choice in books anymore.


favorite supernatural quotes (lucifer, swan song)

a  wrestling match inside your noggin… i like the idea. just you and me, one round, no tricks. you win, you jump in the hole. i win… well, then i win. what do you say, sam? a fiddle of gold against your soul says i’m better than you.

in light of that one interview i just want this scene
  • corrupted jasper writhing on the ground or s/t: we all get what we deserve, I deserved for this to happen
  • garnet, sitting placidly cross-legged on her shoulder: the hilarious thing is that's completely true but not for any of the reasons you think
March 2nd, 1979: Bellatrix & Severus (Pride and Punishment)

It was hours after he’d sat down for a glass of Bourbon that he finally decided to set off for the Lestrange’s. Though the night was still early, just a bit past what he normally considered dinner time, he felt a bit foolish preparing to set out to seek Bellatrix completely unannounced. What did the Death Eater do when she wasn’t completing a task of Voldemort’s? Would she and Rodolphus be settling into a nice well-rounded meal as he knocked on their door? Severus suspected not. Honestly, he couldn’t see the two being that sort of married couple, even as human as they were. He supposed they did need to eat, though.

It was truly a redundant thing to ponder over and though the alcohol he’d put into his system had been hours ago, it was still quietly muddling his senses. He was coming out of it, though. The headache was proof enough of that. Severus was tempted to take a Potion for it but mildly hoped that it would later prove as a distraction should Bellatrix agree to take care of his—issue—right there on the spot.

He’d debated sending an owl. He’d even gotten out parchment, ink, and quill to scrawl out his request. After dotting the page with Bellatrix’s name, it occurred to him that no matter how he phrased it, he could only imagine the laugh that would follow as she read it. She was bound to  have a reaction of the sort regardless but something about his pride wasn’t about to allow him to etch out a plea for his punishment. ‘Dearest Bellatrix, would you be so generous as to deal with me as the Dark Lord would see fit for my incompetence as a Death Eater?’


Not to mention the risk of interception, though it was the least of his worries. If Severus was to go about this seriously, it would be directly and most importantly, immediately. The sooner he would get it over with, the better.

He again wondered for the umpteenth time that night how he came to this point in his life.

Pulling on a jacket, his shoes already snug on his feet, Severus glanced around his place once as he pondered what sort of state he’d be returning in. He quietly turned on the spot and Apparated out.

Moments later had him standing out by where he knew Bellatrix’s home to be. His nerves were jittering and he mentally scolded himself for feeling so spineless. He attempted to reacquaint himself with logic, telling himself that the sooner he approached that door to knock, the sooner it would be done and over with.

It was hardly optimism. Severus’s feet carried him forward, humiliation already settling thickly over him.

Get it over with.

Severus raised a hand to rasp thrice on the door before stepping back and crossing his arms in front of him, quietly waiting. He was determined to see this through with. He’d suffered worse things in life. Embarrassing blows to his pride by Potter. The fear of coming face to face with a werewolf. Being nearly murdered by Sirius Black and having Potter feign heroics by pulling him back out. Losing the only person that knew of his parents’ impertinence of each other and neglect for him. The one person he felt he could ever love.

He shook himself violently, jolting himself from the memories that threatened to consume him as they often did after indulging in liquor. He raised an eyebrow before knocking on the door once again. Maybe Bellatrix could torture his past woes out of him. Render him a vegetable that no longer felt a bleeding thing.

Ah, Severus thought with mild humor. There was that old optimism, after all.