pride and prejudice: having a ball

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Also, I call bs on the "scientific accurate Darcy" with a powdered wig because: it is never mentioned for any of the males characthers?? and not one single movie/tv show had this idea? even if they must have had some kind of history expert to consult?? so??

yeah. i’m with you. i usually like amanda vickery’s opinions on austen/pride and prejudice. but i can’t agree with her on this one. everything she and the other author of the article said about darcy goes against my headcanons for him. i always thought darcy was the kind of landowner who would get his hands dirty. i don’t think he would stay locked up in his study every day and no one is going to convince me otherwise. so yeah i don’t buy this idea of a extremely pale and skinny darcy. and other thing, just bc someone doesn’t have a strong jawline and is pale and skinny, doesn’t mean they are ugly. beauty is something so subjective.
i never heard about regency men wearing powdered wigs before, but i’m no history expert. it might be true. so i’m just gonna ignore that bit of information. lol