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top 5 period drama kisses RANKED

5. ELISE MACKENNA & RICHARD COLLIER (somewhere in time 1980) this kiss is so so SO sweet but also lusty like elise is gasping when he is just stroking her face???? which he does by the way for like 5 minutes like at the end of the kiss they get interrupted im like that wouldnt’ve happened if u didnt spend 8 years staring at her before u KISSED HER but like when they go for it they rly go for it !!!!!! young superman is fine tbh 

4. JANE EYRE & EDWARD ROCHESTER’S DREAM KISS (jane eyre 2011) i may or may not have had this same exact fantasy before like legit saaammeee jane. this kiss is raw like get him fantasy!jane!!!!! i love the drama of like snow covered rochester too they are such an angsty fave couple and this kiss is so angsty (bc its not REAL) wow i love them 

3. BATHSHEBA EVERDENE & GABRIEL OAK (far from the madding crowd 2015) 

linking to 2 gifsets of this kiss bc i couldnt find a clip of it online god the internet has FAILED me but anyway this kiss is pure and beautiful and [film student voice] the ciNEMATOGRAPHY like having them kiss in golden light… that is the shit i do LIKE also gabriel is so ffucking hot and i cant believe it took them the whole movie to get together but this kiss made it WORTH IT !!!!!!!!!!!! 


this gets half a spot because technically its not even a kiss but it is an ALMOST KISS and lbr has more passion even tho they didnt even kiss than most MOVIES HAVE PERIOD!!!! also if they did kiss at this moment it would be #1 like no other movie kiss would have a chanCE so it needs to be represented. fuck im shivering rewatching this vid for the 80000th time … wHEN LIZZIE’S EYES GO TO DARCY’S LIPS…. THAT IS THE MOMENT OF MY DEATH 


THIS KISS !!!! the OPERA PLAYING !!! GEORGE WALKING THRU THE FIELD !! ICONIC !!! i love this period drama movie kiss bc its so out of the blue (just like in the books) and lucy is just like wut but george is like ‘i gotta kiss this girl… noW’ and he does and its beautiful…. also bonus points for at the end of the movie where he is macking on her neck hella hard 


this kiss is the most TENDER, PASSIONATE, PURE EXPRESSION OF LOVE I HAVE EVER WITNESSED WITH MY OWN TWO EYES. highkey when i saw this the first time i gASPED and like my heart was beating fast and like fucking fuck !!!! literally he looks at her with SO ! MUCH ! LOVE ! and like kisses her … .so … slowly… like leans in … his thumb on her cheek….. so gently……………. but so passionately ………. i fucking scream this kiss is the reason im a romantic i want richard armitage to come kiss me like this what the FCK delete my entire life THIS KISS IS EVERYTHING IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“I used a hand-held camera in this scene, so that it becomes all about the actors, that you move with the actors. lf they want to go somewhere, you follow them. So much of filming becomes about the camera and the technical aspects. And one of the good things about hand-held is that it empowers the actors.”

(Joe Wright, Director)


Pride and Prejudice - Rain Scene (2/1)
Mr. Darcy:
Miss Elizabeth. I have struggled in vain and I can bear it no longer. These past months have been a torment. I came to Rosings with the single object of seeing you… I had to see you. I have fought against my better judgment, my family’s expectations, the inferiority of your birth by rank and circumstance. All these things I am willing to put aside and ask you to end my agony
Elizabeth Bennet: And those are the words of a gentleman. From the first moment I met you, your arrogance and conceit, your selfish disdain for the feelings of others made me realize that you were the last man in the world I could ever be prevailed upon to marry.

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Top 6 scenes in Pride & Prejudice (2005) 😏✌🏽


1. The Rain Scene. like the way they look at each other and the Tension is too much for my little heart 

2.  The Hand Flex it is Iconic

3. Eliza and Darcy’s Dance 

4. “And of course, she must improve her mind by extensive reading” *eliza closes book* their whole back and forth during that whole scene was GREAT

5. Eliza visiting Pemberley

6. And of course the final scene. “you have bewitched me body and soul” *CUE SOBBING GIFS*

I guess I can’t put it off any longer...

From @stephimarie317: If reylo were to be officially cannon in ep 8 how do you think it would play out??

So, I haven’t actually personally answered this yet. I think i’ve been avoiding it slightly haha =)

For me, it comes down to two specific factors of Episode VIII:

  1. Whether or not the Force Bond now exists
  2. How long it takes for Rey and Kylo to meet face-to-face again

If there’s one thing that I know with near absolute certainty, it’s that Kylo is already obsessed with Rey. As she continues on her journey and learns to hone and strengthen her abilities, he will only become more obsessed with her. We know obsession is something he’s already really good at, and I think some of this can be attributed to his natural personality. Growing up as someone who didn’t get the attention they needed, it’s easy for Kylo to develop drastic and obsessive tendencies towards things or people. These obsessive traits can also be attributed to how Snoke cultivated Ben over the years, pushing his mind towards the idea of a single end-goal so that he would be a powerful weapon for the Dark Side.

I know a lot of people are rooting for trilogy-consistency with a 2nd movie kiss, but I’m wary to jump on that train. However, it’s definitely not because I don’t see consistencies between the relationships in the previous movies, but there are other factors at play.

Anakin’s first dialogue in AOTC is literally him talking about how he hasn’t seen Padme in 10 years, yet he’s thought of her every single day since they parted. *cough* OBSESSIVE *cough*. Kylo is more like Vader than he probably realizes when it comes to obsessing about a girl. However, though Anakin feels Padme has forgotten him completely upon their reunion, we know that’s not true, she’s just playing her part as the Senator who is 5 years his senior. But regardless, they were always on the same side. They didn’t engage in a life or death battle with glowy sticks of death within the first days of meeting each other back on Tatooine. There was never a predetermined reason why they wouldn’t “work” unless you see the age difference as a problem. For reference here, Anakin is 19 and Padme is 24.

With Han and Leia, their love felt much more human, less foreordained or intended like Anakin and Padme’s. There is a definite Romeo and Juliet feel to the Anidala relationship, something planned by the deities if you will, hence their love theme being called “Across the Stars.” But Han and Leia fell in love much closer to how you or I fall in love (unless the Gods planned your love, which in that case, I’m hella jealous, and also, can they set me up?). They met, they bumped elbows, they flirted, they denied, they surged forward, they backed away, they simply fell in love the way people fall in love: messily. This is also why their relationship feels so “real” in VII. A separated family, parents that still love each other, but just can’t “deal with life together”, is an incredibly familiar concept to many of us. I can’t think of many marriages that ended with one half suddenly turning down a starkly different path and planning on ruling an entire galaxy, but I can think of a few dozen relationships I know of where things just didn’t “work out”, but there was still love between them.

Now, I would say that a potential Reylo relationship feels like it would be more “destined” than organic. Much of this comes from both people having a connection to the Force, but also because obviously, they aren’t rooting for the same side from Day 1. Something other than their own personal interests is going to have to draw them together. Han and Leia, though they went about it in different ways, always fought for the same thing, the destruction of the Empire/First Order. For Anidala, though it eventually ended up in a different place, when they fell in love, Anakin and Padme were both fighting on the same side of the war, the side for liberty and peace. Rey and Kylo are clearly on opposite sides here from the moment they meet, and the battle of glowy sticks of death solidifies this in case there were any doubts.

So. How do I think things will play out in VII? Again, it depends on the two factors I listed above: Whether there’s already a Force Bond, and how long it takes until they physically see each other again. If the Force Bond already exists, that pushes the potential MUCH higher to see a big relationship development. The biggest thing that stands in the way of their potential relationship now is the fact that Rey still truly does believe Kylo to be little more than a monster. Being able to step away from the heat of battle, but still retain the connection between them and ponder it, allows the opportunity for her to better recognize and understand his internal conflicts.

I think when Rey really sees Kylo’s struggle against the light, and not just the Vader-worshipping darkness within him, she’s going to be troubled. Not troubled in the way that she’s disturbed by him, but troubled that she is feeling pity towards this man, towards this “monster”. I think if Rey is also able to sense Snoke’s presence in Kylo’s mind, it will have a profound impact on how she sees them both. Right now, she has no reason to believe that Kylo isn’t the evil mastermind of everything bad in the galaxy. But when she sees how Kylo is being manipulated by an oppressive power, one that can’t be fought if you want to survive, she will relate to that based on her experiences fighting for life on Jakku.

So yeah, Force Bond? Big part of the puzzle.

The other part of the equation is when their next physical meetup is going to be. If it takes until halfway through the movie before they’re in the same place, like it did in VII, I would not expect to see more than very subtle hints of a change in Rey’s feelings by the end of VIII. However, if their face-to-face interaction plays an important part in the first few sequences of the film, the chances are much greater for more mutual feelings by the end. As far as kisses go? I don’t see a 100% mutual decision from both sides like we saw in the Anidala kiss, or even kinda in the Han/Leia kiss. What I find MUCH more likely is one of them (probs Kylo) to initiate something, get overwhelmed, freak out, have it sorta happen, sorta not, and then they split up again for a while, getting a chance to mull it over obsessively. The closest movie scene I can call to mind that demonstrates this is the rain scene in Pride and Prejudice. Take a look-see.

Someone before (I’m SO SORRY I can’t remember who it was) talked about how the feelings of fear and anger and attraction are all pretty much the same biologically, cause your body really only has a gas pedal and a brake, so getting caught up in the heat of an argument can easily push you towards actions that are typically based on attraction.

THIS is how I see it happening. They’re both still fighting each other, fighting for what they believe in, but they can no longer claims that they are true opposites. The harder they try to push away from each other, the more they will see in common with one another. 

Kylo is obsessed and knows it, yes, but to actually be in love? Love is weakness and false! His family taught him that! He will convince himself that he’s obsessed with the girl for her power, not for “her”. He will be lying to himself.

Rey will fight the feelings of pity and concern. A monster such as himself doesn’t deserve them from her. She will be horrified of his obsession, but cannot deny there is a certain interest, though perhaps a sick interest, to suddenly having attention from someone with such power. After being literally invisible and meaningless to those around her for her entire life, that change is undeniable, even if it is unwanted. She will discover that though outside appearances would say Kylo isn’t worth saving, her life as a scavenger has taught her to see the potential of that deemed “worthless”, and she will fight as hard for that as she did for the portions that kept her alive for 19 years. She will tell herself that she is only interested in him to sway his power back to good, not that she’s actually interested in “him”. She will be lying to herself.

I predict they both end VIII in severe internal conflict about one another. If we get a kiss before it ends, woot, but I’m not counting on it. If we do get a Reylo kiss at all in this trilogy, I expect it will be in IX. Rey has a long way to go before she sees Kylo as more than the person that stabbed the only father figure she ever knew, and slashed through the back of the only friend she ever made. It’s not impossible, and I could write 264 more pages on why I love it and want it so much, but it can’t be rushed. I’d much rather wait patiently to see it work out, than rush through it and see it fail.

Apologies that this ended up being about 1000 words longer than I intended.

My bad.

Thanks for the meta suggestion @stephimarie317 =)

he is lightning, causing a brief flash of shock and spontaneity with just three fateful words

she is thunder, hurling a cacophony of words that shake the two of them apart


o shit that scene in pride and prejudice when its raining and lizzie and mr. darcy are under those pillar things and they’re fighting like o my god 


okay no this may be the best scene in any movie ever^_^. 

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The rain scene in Pride and Prejudice 2005 was literally the best romantic scene i've ever watched in any movie, and there was NOT even physical contact! The atmosphere, the fight, the passion. It was just amazing.

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It was stupid romantic. The tension! The passion! Without even touching! The idea that something so real was so close within reach and then…


A real, almost physical blow. 

And you know, it’s the WAY they told it that made it so romantic. It was a rejection. How does a rejection become so romantic? 

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Oh,it still reminds me of the Bellarke scene in Hakeldama. He rejects her proposition, and they are so close to something within reach when they touch, their thumbs caressing each other’s wrists and then…

bam. The handcuffs. What a loss. Same sort of idea although not quite the same situation. Same sort of proposal read as an insult. Same sort of rejection listing the others’ failures. Same sort of horrible finality. Set in the apocalypse, not Regency England.

Except it ain’t final is it?! No it’s not. It’s just the beginning, really. 

I hijack my own Pride and Prejudice convo and bring it back to Bellarke. I am not sorry. Muahahaha

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What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: I love the 2005 Pride and Prejudice even though there are many things about it that don’t make much sense like Darcy walking to meet Lizzie in the early morning when neither of them are dressed appropriately or that awful ending scene that I know wasn’t originally part of it outside America. But I can’t help myself, because I do love it and think the music is beautiful and the costumes are interesting and it somehow manages to streamline the book into two hours which is really helpful when you don’t have 5 hours to watch the one with Colin Firth. Plus, it manages to treat the characters as more human than that one. And also there’s that scene in the rain.

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What do you think that will happen with Bellarke in the next episode? The hug looks soo intimate and special and there is a "We need each other". Also the glance after the rain (supposedly) is noteworthy.

Hi anon! 

I think at some point in 13, their idealogical conflict about the grounders is going to come to a head and I think that’s going to open the flood gates to them getting into any number of the issues between them they really need to deal with. I think we’ve had two episodes of extreme in sync teamwork between them to remind us of how good they are together, but also set the stage to look at the ways they don’t work so they can work through them and come out the other side with a stronger partnership and relationship in general.

I can totally see Clarke laying out her vision for their plan, something like finding Luna, making an alliance, persuading her to take the commander chip and securing some kind of future for the hundred and anyone else they can free from the CoL, political allies, etc etc. The same kind of thing she was trying to do in Polis, so they can turn their attention to taking down Alie (because they don’t know yet that the Polis and CoL plots have already merged) (and also that Luna is already part of the CoL plot because I still believe Emori is Luna dammit and the delinquents are going to have a rude awakening when they arrive in the boat people’s territory and find out that there’s no magic solution waiting for them and it’s on their shoulders to not only save the sky people, but the grounders).

Whoops, tangented. Okay so, Clarke’s like ‘we need to politically align with the grounders’ and I think Bellamy is just going to flat out say no or at least, I kind of hope he does? I think it’s really important for their dynamic for him to strongly oppose her because that hasn’t really happened since season one and I think all of the Clarke leads/Bellamy follows stuff in Nevermore was setting up something like this. I think it’s important to drive home to Clarke what Niylah was saying, that sometimes she basically steamrolls people in her mission to do what she knows is right and I think it’s important for Bellamy to remember that he isn’t just a follower (that he’s actually at his absolute worst when he tries to just be a follower) and that he does have insight and value when he exerts himself. I could very much see a reprise of their argument in 3x05 but flipped around and instead of leaving off with the two of them at cross purposes, them figuring out a compromise and a plan together and gaining a better understanding of each other and what they mean to each other. 

I think the hug is going to be at the end of all of this because SUPER AGREE that is one intimate and emotion-ridden hug and I’d be really pissed if it happened before they’d worked some of their shit out. I’ve been loving the fuck out of all the co-leader Bellarke in the last two episodes, but I really really really need them to start talking about all of the things they need to talk about.

I have no idea how to read the rain scene, but it’s existence is ruining my life and my brain keeps mashing it up with the rain scene in the 2005 Pride & Prejudice and I’m running away with fanfic speculation that Clarke looks so surprised and Bellamy looks so tragically defiant because he just said something about his super platonic feelings for her and she didn’t see it coming at all. But that is definitely not going to happen. Absolutely not. Shut up brain stop torturing me.