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I want gay Pride and Prejudice. Like both snarky male Elias Bennet whose mother is desperate to marry off because he’s the only son with a gazillion sisters and if he doesn’t have any children the money goes to their cousin and grumpy female Ms. Darcy who is rich and desireable and really hates dancing at parties.

Jane Austen, Pride & Prejudice, & Doctor Who

Why are there so many references to Jane Austen during Clara’s involvement with the Twelfth Doctor in Series 8 and 9. I think, on a subliminal level, Jane Austen’s stories mirror the relationship between Clara and the Doctor – especially Pride & Prejudice.

Look at the Doctor as Fitzwilliam Darcy. He’s the male protagonist that has recently moved to the area. He’s a tall, older, handsome, extremely intelligent gentleman, but he lacks the amiable social graces that come naturally to his friends. This inability to easily relate to others makes a poor impression on strangers. It also falsely colors him as having an overly prideful, rude and arrogant personality that is unconcerned with those around him. Those that are able to see past his aloof decorum appreciate and care for him deeply because they understand how difficult it is for him to relate to people.

Now, look at Clara Oswald as Elizabeth Bennet. She’s in her twenties and is seen as an extremely intelligent, vibrant, flippant, charming, and witty woman who is also extremely beautiful. Almost everything is seen in the plot from her point of view. (Much like New Who, it is through the companions that we view and understand the Doctor and his adventures.) Her only drawback is that she has a tendency to make snap judgments based on first impressions. 

Both characters in Austen’s book bare a strong resemblance to Clara & the Twelfth Doctor. 

Now, look at Clara’s reaction to the Doctor during Deep Breath and through most of Series 8. She had a difficult time relating to him after he changed. In many ways, Clara had to overcome her own unfair, preconceived notions of the Doctor’s appearance and behavior as the Doctor was attempting to reassess what kind of man he had become.

Both couples have difficulty communicating their feelings for each other. Elizabeth and Clara are both fairly straightforward women: they put their heart on their sleeve and they hold nothing back. The Doctor and Darcy, in contrast, are far more reserved. It’s awkward for them to admit to their feelings. But they do reveal how they feel about the women in their life in small ways. It’s only during times of extreme duress that they blatantly expose how truly passionate they are. 

Through the course of Pride & Prejudice – as well as Series 8 of Doctor Who – both main characters learn to trust and better understand one another. When Elizabeth truly “sees” Darcy for who he really is, she is able to better understand and fall in love with the him. The same can be said for Clara. All of Series 8 is Clara trying to see through the socially withdrawn, emotionally jagged shell that surrounds the Twelfth Doctor and into the man that she has such strong feelings for. At the end of Austen’s story, both characters are able to overcome their emotional obstacles and are able to fall in love with each other. And by Last Christmas, the Doctor and Clara are able to run away together into the Tardis to continue their adventures.

This is why in Series 9 of Doctor Who we see such a change in the Twelfth Doctor in terms of his reactions to Clara. Last Christmas was for Clara & the Doctor what the ending of Pride & Prejudice is for Darcy and Elizabeth. They have developed a new level of trust that has broadened their emotional horizons and has caused both of them to achieve a level of intimacy and comfort that they both relish. 

Now, we can look back on previous moments from the past two series and the simplest of utterances and reactions have more significance:

The only difference between Darcy & Elizabeth’s and the Doctor & Clara’s relationship is their endings. (At least this is the case unless we see Clara reunite with the Twelfth Doctor in the future.) In Pride & Prejudice, the characters are able to have a “happily ever after”. The beautiful and tragic element of the Doctor & Clara’s relationship is that they maintained a courtly love that never reaches the next level of intimacy. 

Sorry about the long post. I have a tendency to explore my thought processes in far more detail that I sometimes need to. It’s a good exercise that keeps the little grey cells sharp! If you guys have any thoughts on my comparison, please drop me a message. I’d love to hear from you!

anonymous asked:

with all the respect in the world ... how is that pride and prejudice revamp gay if Elizabeth/Elias is male and Darcy is female? it's still a m/f couple, just with the characters' genders swapped

Those are two different stories. One with male Elizabeth, one with female Darcy.