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10 Black Shows I’d Like To See On Netflix

1. Martin

2. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

3. Moesha

4. The Parkers

5. My Wife & Kids

6. The Wayans Bros

7. Kenan and Kel

8. Smart Guy

9. One on One

10. Everybody Hates Chris


The Signs as my Favourite Women in Literature pt.3 (Air)

Gemini - Scarlett o’Hara (Gone With The Wind)
Scarlett o’Hara is a dark-haired, green-eyed Southern-beauty. She inherited her fathers stubbornness which sometimes conflicts with the decent behaviour, society expects from her. On the outside she potrays the busy, kind and strong woman but her inner self only longs for her neighbour Ashley Wilkes. A great part of the young woman’s personality is determination, which helps her achieving everything she needs and wants in life. This determination conveys itself either through arrogant and backstabbing behaviour or through the sole will to survive and hard work. She is a woman who starts at the bottom just to end up at the top and she doesn’t even need help for she is strong enough on her own. That’s why she makes a great leader and businesswoman, bulding up her father’s plantation after leaving it and achieving great success. She is almost exlusively driven by logic and she has a hard time figuring out the feelings and motivations of others and herself. She can only see what’s happening on the exterior which is why she has no problem being ruthless and not bothering with kindness or honor especially in topics of business. Nevertheless, she has a bright mind, always coming up with unique ideas and evaluating situations perfectly. The only man she can’t think of in a logical way, is her neighbour whom she admires through the whole book. In matters of feelings she turns into a childish, insecure and overthinking girl, who didn’t notice her real love when he stood right in front of her. Scarlet knows exactly who she is and she never made any excuses about ignoring social norms, being manipulative or  probably hurting a lot of people. But we see her searching for love and stability like every other woman back then. And even though she never really knew where she belonged, she developed such a brave and independent personality, that she was able to be her very own protection and stability and the one she coud rely on.

Libra - Elizabeth “Lizzie” Bennet (Pride and Prejudice)
Elizabeth is the second daughter of the family and like her sisters she acts lively, carefree and playful. Unlike her siblings she is good at seeing through people’s exterior, noticing their truest intentions. The young women is really proud of her quick wit and her ability to read people like a book. While her younger sisters are mostly interested in men, Lizzie is attracted to everything that conveys beauty, like literature and art. She can’t stand the frivolity of Lydia and Kitty and her mother who encourages both to act like they do. When she first meets Darcy, she discounts him as proud, snobbish and bad company whereas he notices her as one of the most beautiful women in the room. Elizabeth belives that she finds a lot of validations for her judgement about Darcy such as his behaviour about Wickham who she has found to be an honorable and kind man. While Darcy grows more and more attracted to her, she is drawn away from him especially when she finds out that he destroyed the relationship between her older sister Jane and his friend Bingley. Hence, Elizabeth refuses his proposal and tells him bluntly that his cold and pride behaviour prevented her from developing any feelings. As a result, Darcy writes a letter, clarifying things like his role  in the break of Jane and Bingley or his relationship to Wickham. Lizzie has to admit, that she made a mistake by judging him so hasty but she is too embarassed to apologize. Henceforth she is beginning to look at him with other eyes, slowly falling for him as he reveals a soft, protective side and becomes a man who would do anything for her. She sees her belief in true love becoming reality and shows a genuine gentleness and real affection instead of mockery and arrogance. In the end, Elizabeth remains in the reader’s head as a woman with a lot of self-respect, who isn’t afraid of honesty or using her sharp tongue. Lizzie is able to love with her whole heart, but only if her partner understands her deepest desires and respects her as his equal.

Aquarius - Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables)
Anne Shirley is extremely curious about life. She experiences every subject in its individual way and drinks in everything she senses. Anne has a vivid imagination and is an expert in telling fantastic tales about haunted forrests or ghosts. She loves to show others the beauty of life and the possibilities it has to offer. The red-haired girl has a strong sense of right and wrong as well and she posseses unswerving opinions. She romanticizes everything and operates a search for the pure and genuine. She tries to find good characteristics in every person she comes across and she wants to be and do good herself. But most of her life is taking place in her head. It’s easy for Anne to portray a completely contrary exterior to the way it looks inside of her. When you see her smiling, it’s possible that she really feels lonely and insecure. That’s why she needs friends who grant her attention and who are always there to listen to her. She even reads her books aloud to hear herself talking because she can’t stand being alone. She will give you her undivided loyalty if you’re always there for her. Anne Shirley can get pretty passionate about things and her fiery temper shows especially when you cross her. At the same time, she is one of the most friendly and kindred spirits you’ll ever have the pleasure to meet. Unfortunately, Anne has to go through mistakes and errors to learn important lessons and life can get pretty tough for her. But after all it’s just beautiful to watch this adventurous girl floating between dreams and reality and getting to know her through her crazy exploits.

Triplicity (M)

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=> Yoonseok x Reader Poly!AU

Summary: Distance is a cruel thing, and when you find yourself going astray, they are there to help remind you of just where exactly you belong.

Warnings: Explicit smut. Includes M/M smut as well. Slight angst. D/s themes.

Words: 11,191

a/n: 11k of smut. This is a new low.

“Well, what do we have here?”

Voice thick with irritation, spitefulness leaking from plush lips that supported the thin cigarette hung loosely from his teeth, a threatening gaze sized you up and left you feeling defenseless and weak under the scrutiny of coffee eyes, depths uncertain and unknown.

You weren’t exactly sure how you managed to find yourself in this predicament, hands held at the small of your back, wrists overlapping each other as a much stronger hold pinned you in place. You could feel the drumming of Hoseok’s heartbeat against your shoulder, grip tightening around your skin as you poorly attempted to gain back any control you once had, which hadn’t been very much to begin with.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

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prompt: gentle lesbian jesus

She kneels in the autumn bushes
plucking blackberries away
from thorns. sweat glistens in Her Buzzed

Hair. She sings even as Her Hands
redden with fruit & blood-
stains, & as the hymns flutter

through the landscape, the smallest rivers
open up their tired bodies
& bloom again. She walks home

with an overflowing basket
that evening thinking of the pie
She will later make. home’s lit

windows shine out like teeming
honeycombs through the crow-colored
air. pride pamphlets litter

Her Holy Kitchen Table, & dried
lavender sprigs, & sheet music
for the half-tuned piano in the corner.

(as she steps inside, she knows a newborn
child on the other side of the planet just took
its first breath, & somewhere else two

women just kissed, their shadows petaled
through the light of the church’s stained glass,
& somewhere far above the stars,

an angel stretched xir unkempt wings.)
She is still humming as She pours
water into Her Holy Tea Kettle.


Tegan’s unintentional air guitar is completely adorable. Someone give the girl a guitar! 🎸

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7 minutes in heaven drarry?

short I know buttttttttt I have a bunch of work and stuff so here ya are

The eighth years were playing truth or dare, as they so commonly did on friday afternoons. Most were already drunk and some of them barely had any clothes on at that point. Draco was very aware of the shirtless Harry that was sat right next to him as the bottle spun. Hermione had just been dared to give Ron a hickey (which she did with much enthusiasm) and the bottle landed on Harry.

“I dare you to do seven minutes in heaven with Draco.” She commanded without any hesitation. Harry blushed, not meeting Draco’s eye.

“What? Is that another sort of muggle game?” Draco questioned.

Dean Thomas snickered. “It’s where you go into a closet with someone for seven minutes and do whatever you please.” He winked. Draco felt a blush creeping up his neck. Knowing Harry, he would probably accept the dare. It didn’t surprise him when Harry stood up and beckoned for Draco to do the same. He didn’t have to do anything with him, they’d just sit there in silence until the seven minutes were up.

Or so he thought. As soon as the door closed Harry slammed him up against the wall and snogged him hard. Draco could taste the Firewhiskey on his tongue as he kissed back. He couldn’t believe it. He, Draco Malfoy, was kissing Harry Potter. He felt Harry go to unbutton his shirt, but stopped him.

“Wait.” He told Harry, pushing him off gently. Harry looked a little disappointed. “As much as I would love for this to continue, we only have about,” He checked his watch. “Three minutes and let me assure you, what you had in mind definitely takes longer than three minutes.” Harry blushed, to which Draco laughed. “You could always come by my dorm. I don’t have a roommate, so we could finish this.”

He kissed Harry again, slowly this time, before a knock came at the door. “Okay, boys. Times up.” Draco walked out first, an air of pride surrounding him. Next came Harry who was still blushing softly.

Draco never realized how predictable Harry was, but he wasn’t surprised to see him at his door later that night.

Throws sparkles in the air 

Happy Pride Month guys! HasThisBeenDone?IDon’tCare.

Really quick Bendy set for the month, the first anyway. I’m open to suggestions because I know I’m going to miss a lot of them thinking by myself. 

I dunno, I’m open to selling stickers and stuff of em on Redbuble too, if anyone wants their flag for our Inky Devil. 

[Set 2!]

and here i am, there you go again (again)

goSH and here we are at chapter 3 of drama club AU! part 1 and part 2 are linked as follows!! i just wanna thank you all again for loving drama club AU and any feedback/thoughts/questions are very much appreciated and craved!! warning there might be a Cliffhanger in this chapter (depending on what you consider a cliffhanger)


“Okay, so I’ve locked my room to make sure we don’t go in there,” Jake declares, with an air of pride that makes it seem like he just did something world-changing, ground-breaking, kick-you-in-the-crotch fantastic, when all he did was turn a key.

“Is there really a need for that?” Amy asks as she settles down on the couch with a noticeably larger bag of homework. “We’ve already agreed on not going inside, it’ll be fine.”

Jake tuts at Amy disapprovingly. “Oh, Amy, Amy, Amy. Don’t you know that if you tempt temptation, temptation will tempt you?

“What-” Amy scoffs, because Jake is the most ridiculous person in the whole wide world. “That makes no sense!”

“Neither do most fancy quotes! Anyway, locking the door to my room is the first precaution we’re taking, case closed, Jake also closed.”

Amy wants to debate the logic behind his words, but chooses to inhale as deeply as she possibly can instead, because arguing with Jake is like bringing a toy knife to a gunfight– something one shouldn’t even begin to consider doing.

“Okay, Jake. Thank you for locking your door. As for me, I brought more home-”

Boooooooooo!” Jake jeers, proceeding to stick his tongue out and point his thumbs down.

She rolls her eyes. “Okay, asshole. How’s locking the door so much better than bringing more homework? Doing homework can help distract us from… whatever happened last time.”

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Turbulence. (NSFW 18+)

A/N: I’m not sure how I feel about this one. I will proof read this again later.

WARNING: Smut, Oral (Male on Female) 

Word Count: 2391

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“Boarding pass please?” The attendant asked me with a smile as she extended her hand expectantly.

I placed my pass into her hand and returned her smile.

“Thank you, miss.” She stood at a protium with a scanner built into the top. She flipped my boarding pass over to the side that has the barcode, scans it, and handed it back to me. “You’re all set. Here ya go and thank you for flying Air Canada.”

I smiled at her and followed the other guests down the large corridor that led to the plane. We were at a standstill as some of the guests weren’t sure where to go. I stood and waited with rest of them, but inside I wanted to scream. I had been away from home for two weeks. Two whole freaking weeks on business. My company was footing the bill for this trip, but nevertheless I was ready to be back in my own bed.

“Oh, Mr. O’Brien.” I heard the stewardess call.

A guy in khakis and a backwards baseball cap sporting the New York Mets emblem was next in line. He steps forward with very dashing smile.

“Just Dylan.” He chuckles handing the woman his pass.

“Yes, Dylan. Looks like you’re in seat F1, business class.” She’s blushing, I can see it even from here. But suddenly something clicks, Dylan O’Brien? As in the Dylan O’Brien. A huge wave excitement washes over me. The Mets hat confirms it, right? Dylan freaking O’Brien is on my plane! I suddenly find myself eternally grateful for being on this business trip.

I was a mess with anxiety when I finally got to the stewardess. I was bouncing from foot to foot wanting just a glimpse of the famous celebrity.

“Alrighty let’s see.” She smiles taking my pass from me and looking it over. “Looks like you’re in F2, a window seat.”

I barely heard her as I boarded the plane. I scanned over the aisles to find my seat, and admittedly Dylan O’Brien too.




F. I see my row and hurry along to not hold up the line any further. I don’t see anyone in the aisle seat only a backpack. I scoot into my assigned place next to the window. I’ve check my other luggage and only brought a oversized bag to hold my other things in. I set on the floor between my legs and pull out my phone, headphones, and laptop. I open up the tray of the seat in front of me and set up my little hub that will save me from of boredom.

Just as I’ve found the perfect playlist of songs to listen to, my companion for the next few hours makes his appearance. He lifts his backpack up and replaces himself in the seat. I look over at him and give a polite smile, when my heart leaps into my mouth. It was him! I couldn’t freaking believe it. He returned my smile with a smile that showed all his teeth, but I do notice him take a quick survey of the rest of me as her does. I was sure I would faint any second.

“Yellowcard? Love them.” He says looking from my phone in my hand to me again.

“What? Oh yeah! They’re one of my favorite bands.” I say, my heart beating so loud I’m sure he’ll hear it.

“Yeah, they’re pretty great.” He replied stroking his chin and looking away with a smile.

I think the conversation is over as he zips opens his backpack and pulls out his own phone. I face forward again, and send a quick text to my mom.

“Have you ever heard of this band?” He asks as he leaning closer to me our arms touching. I look at his screen and read the name, I’d never heard of them. I shake my head at him answering his question.

“Ooh! You’re missing out.” He chuckles and hands me an ear bud. I take it from him, sticking it in my ear. He hits play and the sound of drums, guitars, and bases fill my ears. It’s a upbeat song and I bob my head with the easy beat.

“Good right?” He asks excitedly. I look over at him and he’s already looking at me. Our faces our inches away, and I watch as his eyes flicker from my eyes to lips and back again. I don’t think I was suppose to notice but I do.

“So good!” I say nervously.

“Ladies and Gentleman, can you please shut off or put on airplane mode all devices as we will be taking off shortly.”

Dylan and I separate from each other, me a little more reluctantly,  and settle into our seats. The flight attendant goes over all the safety precautions and flight details then a few minutes we’re moving. I squirm in my chair a little nervous for take off, which in my opinion, is the worst part. It slow at first, just driving around to get in position, then without warning we begin to speed up. I bite my bottom lip, squeeze my eyes shut, and grasp the armrest so hard I’m sure I’ll break it. Just as I feel the plane lift from the ground, a warm hand covers mine and gives it a gentle squeeze. I don’t even open my eyes too look at him, somewhat embarrassed but his touch calms me down a little bit.

“Breathe.” He whispers into my ear, and my body obeys him. Exhaling a breath I didn’t know I was holding. The plane levels out and like that it’s over. I look over at him and smile.

“Sorry.” I say.

“For what?” He asks confusion making a physical apperance on his face.

I shrug because I’m not really sure what it is I’m sorry for.

“You don’t have to be sorry about anything. Flying sucks. I get it.” I could grab his face and kiss him for being so understanding. He removes his hand from mine and I’m a little sad that he does.

“So what you to Vancouver?” He asks as he set his backpack under the seat in front of him.

“Who says I was in Vancouver?” I tease.

He laughs. “Okay, what brings you to Canada?”

“Business.” I reply vaugely. “What about you?”

“Business as well.” He answers.

“Oh really, What is it that you do?” I smirk, although I already know the answer.

I sense that he picks up on this from the smile he gives me.

“Oh, I do contruction.” He winks at me.

I’m almost lost for words at the motion, but try to recover quickly.

“Oh really?” I say with feigned interest. “I hear that a booming buiness now aday.”

“Yeah! Like you wouldn’t beileve.” He laughs raising his eyebrows as he does. “My name’s Dylan, by the way.” he adds.

“Oh, I’m so rude. I’m-”

“Nice to meet you. I’m So Rude.” He smirks cutting me off.

I act hurt, placing my hand on my chest. “Fine, you don’t get to know my name now.”

“Oh come on, I’m So Rude. Don’t live up to your name.” He leans in a little closer to me and bats his lashes.

I slap his chest playfully, pushing him away from me and laugh.

“Fine, Dylan. I’m-”

“Exsuce me, Ma’am and Sir. What would you like to drink?” The attendant asked interupting me.

She blushing as she asks the question, doubtly becuase of Dylan and I roll my eyes.

“What do you got?” He asks.

“We have Coke products, Grape, Apple, and Cranberry juices. As far as alcoholic beverages, we have vodka, red and white wine, tequila, and Jager.” She lists.

Dylan screws up his face like he’s actually going to throw up at the sound of the last two options.

“Ugh, just ginger ale for me.” The sound of disgust still evident in his voice.

“I’ll have a Sprite, please.” I laugh.

She nods as she heads off behind a current at the front of the cabin.

An hour into the flight Dylan and I are properly accquaintened. I know both of his dogs name, all about the Mets, the plot to all of the Star Wars movies, and most importantly that he is single.


“But you’re like hot. There’s no way guys aren’t all over you.” I laugh and cover my face with my hand.

“I am not “hot.” I said pulling my hand from my face to use air quotations. “And I didn’t say guys weren’t all over me, I said I haven’t found the right guy.”

“Who’s the right guy?” he asks finishing off the last of his fourth ginger ale.

“Someone that can make me laugh, and loves to be outside but also enjoy days in…” I go on but Dylan rolls his eyes sarcastically and looks down, shaking his head. He’s only playing with me but I decided to have some fun of my own. “…And someone that can fuck my brains out.”

His smile vanishes from his face as he whips his head back up to look at me. I bust out in uncontrollable laughter. “Too easy, O’Brien.”

He smirks. “You couldn’t handle someone fucking your brains out anyway.”

I stop laughing almost instantly surprised he’s keeping this perticular conversation going. He has a satisfied smile on his face like he thinks that he’s successfully stumped me.

“I could take that and more.” I challenge, cocking an eyebrow at him.

“Doubt it.” He says seeming bored and crossing his arms over his chest.

“Oh whatever, you scream vanilla.” I tell him.

He looks at me and gaps. “Me? Vanilla?” he points to himself with his index finger.

I nodded trying to contain the smile slipping passed my lips.

“Your idea of fucking is probably so missionary, you might as well start knocking on people’s doors.” He retorts.

“Oh, little vanilla Dylan. Your idea of fucking only last two seconds.” And I have succeeded in making him speechless. I smile triumphantly at him, my nose in the air with pride. He rolls his eyes at me in annoyance.

“Have ever even been fingered?” He asks, narrowing his eyes at me.

“Um, yeah.” I say as if it were obvious.

He considers this as rubs chin along his exquisite jawline.

“But did you come?” He asked finally, and my pride is swallowed up then replaced with timidness.

“Uh, well I mean…like technically-”

I’m cut off by his snickering.

“Technically?” He mocks, humor coating his words.

“Oh like you’ve truly ever made a girl actually come.” I say defensively.

“Yeah.” He replies without hesitation and full of arrogance.

“How do you know they were faking it? Most girls fake it.”

“Have you?”

“All of them.”

Dylan’s eyes widen in surprise. “No.”

“Mmhmm.” I nod.

“That’s not possible. You can’t tell me you’ve never come before.” He said in complete disbelief.

“I’ve made myself come, but no one ever been able to.” I shrugged.

“Refill Mr.- I mean Dylan.” The flirty stewardess interrupted. M

He turns to me, a mischievous grin spreading across his face. What is he thinking?

“Yes, Allison. If you don’t mind.” He hands his cup over to her and she basically skips away with glee.

The second she disappears behind the red curtain, he shifts his body so he’s once again facing me. He quickly lifts the armrest that separates our two chairs and gives me devious smile.

“I bet I can make you come before she is back and it’ll be the most mindblowing orgasm you’ve ever had.” He says his eyes alive with excitement.

My mouth drops open, he can’t be serious? He glides his hand to my knee and begins stroking it gently with his thumb. Instantly my panties are soaked. He licks his bottom lip and anxiously looks over his shoulder for the stewardess return.

This is fucking Dylan O’Brien! I would have to completely out of my mind to say no to anything he offered me.

“You’re on.” I say spreading my legs a little wider, giving him better access.

He slides his hand up from my knee beneath my skirt and to my soaked panties. He smirks at me as he rubs slow circles into my clothed sex. He looks so sexy, his eyes dark unlike his usual burning amber and even though I know I should be resisting him it’s not easy. I bite down hard on my bottom lip doing my best to contain a moan. He doesn’t tease me long as he put my lacy fabric to the side and slips one finger into me, and I jolt forward nearly crying out.

“Shhh.” he hushed me but I can feel his eyes watching me intently.

I cover my mouth muffling my whimpers as he long finger pump in and out of me faster and faster right over my sweet spot. He found it so quickly and attacked so smoothly I had to say I was impressed. A fire starts to burn deep inside me, and I’m astonished that he might actually accomplish his goal.

“Fuck.” I whimper as quietly as I can manage.

“That’s right.” He coaxes. “Come for me baby.”

I shake my head, refusing to let him win. But he initiates another attack by snaking his other hand up my skirt and returning his torturing rhythm on my clit, circling faster than before pushing closer to my climax. I see rustling among the red curtains, I know that I only have to last a few more seconds. But just as she emerges, Dylan bites down softly on the spot just beneath my neck, my sweet spot. I can’t hold it any longer, and I come. Hard and intense, it’s taking everything in me not to scream in pure pleasure. Dylan sits right in his seat as she comes over handing him his ginger ale.

“Thanks Allison.” He winks at her, I think she might melt right there.

She looks over at me with an odd expression making me realize the ridiculous grin that plastered on my face. I’m on too much of a high to even pretend to be normal. She walks away to check on the other guest, and I’m sure she’s convinced that I’m crazy.

“Now,” he says taking a sip of his drink. “Tell me, how fake was that?”