pride & prejudice (1995)

look, if you’re looking for a perfect (or near-perfect) adaptation of “pride and prejudice,” definitely go for the 1995 miniseries. it’s a wonderful miniseries with colin firth, and book purists love it for a reason. but, as a movie, as an experience, as a thing that generally turns me into a squeeing, mushy pile of goo that believes in true love… the 2005 movie OWNS. MY. ASS.

the creators of pride and prejudice 1995 were so thirsty for colin firth they give him a completely unnecessary bath scene a fencing scene where he sweats up that thin cotton shirt to really enhance his angst and then have him dunk himself in a pond in said cotton shirt to really have you salivate during that iconic pemberley meeting what mvps


happy birthday, colin andrew firth!
~ 10th of september, 1960 ~