She was the ocean; uncontrollable like the tides, thoughts as endless as the waters, and the heart, the wild heart as soft and rough of the waves coming in. She was freedom, she was loneliness, and she was a breath of fresh air. But most importantly, she was destructive. She was calamity and serenity and then she was catastrophic. She was destructive.
—  Cerulean by Ming D. Liu

muchbetterjulia asked:

Ashlee, the day Louis will be finally able to openly show his support for his community and the day he grabs a rainbow flag and walk around with it, this day will be the day that I'll cry my eyes out from happiness! Fingers crossed it won't take so long <3 For now, Harry's doing it for them both. But in a near future, they both will do it, proud and shameless and with their hearts exploding from joy. I'll be here until then, they deserve all the support ever <3 I can't wait.


A day is coming y’all. When Harry and Louis will waves those stripes side by side. And I’m going to be here for it.