“Revenge!  The King under the Mountain is dead and where are his kin that dare seek revenge?  Girion Lord of Dale is dead, and I have eaten his people like a wolf among sheep, and where are his sons’ sons that dare approach me?  I kill where I wish and non dare resist.  I laid low the warriors of old and their like is not in the world today.  Then I was but young and tender.  Now I am old and strong, strong, strong.”

-Smaug, The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

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Shout out to LGBTQ+ people whose siblings are also LGBTQ+ and came out first.

•you are still valid and deserve to live your life the way you want

•you’re not “a copycat” or “wanting to steal attention”

•don’t ever feel like you’re a disappointment because you were “supposed to be the straight/cis one”

•you and your sibling are BOTH awesome and deserve all the love and respect in the world

Long weekends are coming 🎉

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this one
is as a good child

eager, emergent

birthing pride
in a parent

according to nature,

in a manner of thought,

you move 
& see me,
not through me

not fearing
my whimsy

& walk with me
unto infinity…:.

go forth, 
receive your due;

i won’t indulge in a fake humility
i see about, when i say

as your parent, yes
i am proud
of you,




I bet you start loving me
As soon as I start loving someone else
Somebody better than you
I bet you start needing me
As soon as you see me with someone else
Somebody other than you
And I know that it hurts
You know that it hurts your pride
But you thought the grass was greener on the other side…

(pointing the finger at myself)

Will Smith Bitch I Am Feelin Legendary//

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When I started blogging a few years ago, I discovered a gap in our society. There was very little representation of non-binary individuals, particularly in mainstream media. I decided that I could be apart of that representation for our society, and so began my journey as a fashion blogger. Along the way, I came across a few questions…

… Yeah… Just a few questions, hahaha….

The number one question I am asked is “Where do you get your clothes?”

Honestly, I avoid this question because the places I get my clothes are not exactly places anyone would just walk into, unless they had a reason. For example, the outfit above, in the stripped top, this top actually came from the maternity section… You see what I mean?

I didn’t want to keep avoiding this question, but what else to do? Well, with the help of a few friends, we created this…

Everything from cosmetics to clothes in our society seem to have a binary gender associated with them. Why is this? I feel that it is more harmful than it is beneficial. It creates a real internal conflict for someone who is Non-Binary.

That’s what we want to change! We don’t want to change the kind of clothes people like to wear. We don’t want to change the kind of cosmetics someone uses everyday, our goal is to create a shopping experience that encourages self expression to the fullest extent! There are also some other issues that we would like to visit as a brand, such as shoes in a variety of styles & sizes beyond what has been traditionally available.

We have really only just begun, but with the help of my team and lots of hard work, GenderFlux will be more than just a clothing line.

… So that brings me to where I am now.

We ultimately want to create positive change in the world for people like myself, and many others who need a place to shop & be themselves to the fullest extent.

I may have the nerve to shop the maternity section for a slouchy, off the shoulder top, but lets be for real, I can’t recommend that to all of you! I can’t ask so many of you who are just beginning to discover and understand yourself as an individual, to put yourself in a awkward situation like that!

But ultimately, the brands success relies on your willingness to support what myself and my team have spent the last 2 years working on. Everyone involved has volunteered their time, skills and expertise because they believe in the vision for GenderFlux. A total of almost $30,000 has been invested into the brand via services like photo shoots, screen printing, travel expenses and much more, just to get us where we are now…

Now we need your help. Anything you can donate to our crowd funder, even if it is just $1, it will aid us in creating a brand for you that truly goes beyond anything ever traditionally done before.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart…

❤ ❤

-Elliott Alexzander