Lurk List!!! 1/3

Hi guys, I love you all so much!! You’re so amazing!!! I looove doing lurk lists so here’s my first one in what feels like F O R E V E R!!! P.S I’m doing them in sets of 13 :)

@ifhesaghostthenicanbeaphantom - Valerieee!!

@justatypicaltuesdaynight - Pricsilla

@crystalguns - Nancy AKA the ULTIMATE princess aesthetic

@docswiftie - Sarah

@wildestgiraffe - Ozge

@kickingleaves - Camilla

@killedthedinosaursdarling - Grace

@flashbacksandechoes - Maria

@ts1989fanatic - The one and O N L Y Ancient one… DAD

@noitsdibbles - Mamie

@noitsholly - Holly

@julieswildestdreams -Julie SHE IS AMAZING I CANT EVEN

@yoursmilemyghost13 - Lizeth


Depeche Mode Release single ‘Personal Jesus’ on 29|8|1989, 28 years ago 

Martin Gore was inspired by the book ‘Elvis & me’ by Pricsilla Presley when he wrote the song and ‘Dangerous’ was compared on the B-side of the vinyl single

Highest Chart Position: Italy #3 & #5 in Switzerland & Germany (27 weeks in the charts)

“Personal Jesus” was re-released as a single on 30 May 2011 for the Depeche Mode remix album Remixes 2

Crossbreed Pricsilla to line next for the commish U3U

Now that i think about it i didnt kill kalameet (kicked my ass to much) and her cause it was optional…i mean how could i? did you see how fluffy priscilla was? I journeyed there to caress this fluffy tail not kill it hahaha

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