prickly rose

Prairie’s Plants: Wild Roses (and Rosehips!)

Sorry this is so late in the day, my garden is swaaaamped with weeds and I spent all day outside! Thanks to @visardistofelphame​ for the suggestion (who I didn’t realize followed me, I’m so flattered!)–but this is my last topic lined up! Please inbox me with more thoughts, or face the utter banality of my own ideas. 

Scientific name: Rosa sp. There are several wild roses that can be found across the the US (palustrisvirginiana, woodsii and blanda are just a few I’m aware of), so poke around online to see what’s in your area. 

Common names: Wild rose, prairie rose, pasture rose, prickly rose, dog rose, swamp rose, briar rose, sweetbriar

Appearance: Forget about your whorled Valentine’s roses: wild roses generally have five petals, and don’t appear blood red–white, pink or magenta, are much more likely, with yellow centers that remind me of anemone. Foliage tends to be dark green, leaves alternating and serrated, stalks red, brown or green with or without thorns (though usually with). Size varies depending on species. After flowering, plants produce red/orange/brown fruits known as rosehips, pictured above. Rosehips may be round or ovulate, and tend to last into the winter even after leaves fall. 

Range: At least one species of wild rose is native or naturalized to every state and province in the US, Canada, and northern Mexico except, I believe, Hawaii. Asia, Europe and Africa have their own families of native roses, but I confess to know nothing about them. 

Historical and medicinal uses: When I was little, I read that Nez Pierce natives placed roses in their houses or clothes to protect the living from ghosts, which I thought was romantic. I haven’t seen great historical receipts for that, but I thought I’d mention it. Aside from that… well, it would be hard to make a list. In my ethnobotany texts, the sections on wild roses are vastly long–a huge number of native groups all over the Americas consumed the petals and hips in various permutations to treat dozens of conditions. 

I don’t mean to generalize in the sense of “all Native Americans did these things and also they are all the same people” because that’s not at all true, but for brevity’s sake I’ll just list some common uses: diarrhea, immune issues, anti-inflammatory, astringent, diuretic, antibiotic, sore throats, eye infections and heart issues. 

So, roses are the real deal, and supported by modern science: they’re chock full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, in all parts of the plant (though more concentrated in the hips). They were common both as an ingredient and a flavor in early American druggist concoctions, and remain a popular supplement with many today. 

Associations and Potential Uses: I like to take inspiration of how a plant can influence the body to help understand how it could effect the spirit, which makes wild roses both a real mutitasker and kind of an enigma–like how I rarely use rosemary, I’m generally a little put off by herbs that claim to be good for anything and everything. Jack of all trades, and all. As a result, I’ve limited their use in my practice to two areas: love, because of their long-standing associations, and hedgework as it’s how the plant presents itself to me. As always, your mileage may vary, and you might find them useful in other arenas. 

As in the body, where wild roses can really shine is matters of the heart–as you’ve probably noticed, rose petals and buds are ingredients in pretty much all love spells. Generally, though, those come from manicured, delicate ornamental species–I find wild roses have a little more kick and a little less direction in these kinds of works. Wild plants generally do. Use care in your wording and other spell ingredients if specificity is important to you. 

Wild rose briars are also a sort of wild hedge, and I find roses lend themselves to hedgework as well. I weave the thorn-stripped stems into bracelets or anklets to wear when I cross if I’m expecting something difficult or going somewhere new, and use the thorns themselves in protective work related to spirits and hedgecrossing.

Triple Chunk Brownie- A Detentionaire Fanfic

Yeah I was re-watching episode 18, Double Date, AKA my favourite episode and I was inspired to write this. Because I actually really like Prickly Rose(It may or may not be my OTP) and I’ve had this idea for so long. And I still need to finish my research paper.

“I need you to make triple chunk brownie that’s due like yesterday.” Brandi said entering the kitchen where her chef was writing down the menu plan for tomorrow.

“Why do you need a triple chunk brownie Miss Silver?” Her chef asked. He was distinguished looking gentleman from the Breton coast of France.

“It’s for my boyfriend. Don’t you remember him? Red and black hair, tattoo? Has the long neck?” Brandi said.

“Ah yes, Mr. Lee Ping.” Her chef replied looking back down to his menu planner.

“It’s Leaping. And he likes triple chunk brownies.”

“Would you like me to prepare some tiramisu as well for you tomorrow?”

Brandi looked at her chef. She did have a diet plan that she needed to stick to but she had for just one brief moment an image of her and Lee eating dessert together after they take down the Human Fridge. The image was so painfully cheesy and too much teen magazine for even a Glamazon like her. Lee wouldn’t casually dip his finger into tiramisu and place it on her nose nor would she take a piece of one of the giant chocolate chunks she knew her chef would insert and throw it at him.

“Make it as low-calorie as you can. My hips are already getting too wide.” And with that Brandi Silver walked away because she wasn’t going to be the type of girl that dwell on things she knew weren’t going to happen.

Not everyone can be a rose. Some may find roses a bit too prickly. Some may find roses a bit too red. Some may find roses a bit too fragile. And many would rather have a dandelion instead.
—  Unknown

“I don’t remember home,” Beleren said quietly, unbidden.


“You talked about growing up in Ravnica. A lot of my memories from my childhood are gone. Chopped up in my head into a few impressions. Most of what I remember begins here, on Ravnica. I’ll never have roots here the way you do, and I admit I’m off to other planes a lot. But I think of myself as Ravnican to the core, too.”

A prickly, dense emotion rose in Ral, and he squeezed his lips together to keep it from spilling over. “Damn it, Jace, it’s not the same,” he said. He turned back to his vigil of the opposite alleyway, but he put a hand on Beleren’s wrist and squeezed.



“That’s the first time you’ve called me anything but ‘Beleren.’”

–Doug Beyer, Project Lightning Bug

Rose, your prickly thorns won’t keep me away from you. I’d still try to hold you even if it can hurt me a lot. I’ll endure the excruciating pain just to hold your hand. I want to feel you and your presence. Just you and I. Because the moment that I saw you, I felt a slice of heaven. You have this distinct feature that made me fall in love and notice you among the familiar crowd. You have the scent that made me forget about the physical world. I love your every detail and I’ll do anything to have you in my life. I’m crazy for you, I’m willing to give my all and sacrifice everything that I have just to be with you. I’ll embrace you forever because I know behind those thorns, there is you that’s worth the pain.