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i know this is extra as shit but i wish there was more than one cactus emoji that wasn’t just a saguaro. Saguaros are super regional why can’t they also have like prickly pear emoji so i can mean desert as a whole not just the sonoran desert

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hi! which oil do you think would be the best for preventative aging purposes? i've read that marula oil has the most antioxidants. is there anything besides sunscreen you'd recommend for preventative aging? i'm 19 in case that matters, just have bad genetics so i'm worried lol. thank you for your blog, it's so helpful!!

Prickly pear oil is AMAZING for anti ageing ots much better than marula. And chemically exfoliating and retinols are used for anti ageing as well but dont worry too much with sunscreen and moisturising youll be alright

Prickly Pear Cactus - Nopales

My absolute favorite plant in the desert is the Nopales cactus also known as the Prickly Pear. 

This plant has two major uses. The first being food and the second being medicinal. The pads produce a thick gel substance under the pads that works as a salve for burns, rashes and a healing aid for minor wounds and abrasions. 

Both parts of the cactus are covered in spines however they are fairly easy to remove. On the pads you can just scrape them off with a knife and on the fruit it’s easier to burn them off with a blowtorch. 

The red fruit or the Pear part of it is actually green when it first forms and then slowly turns red as it ripens. You want to make sure you get off all the spines though because they can bury themselves deep in your skin or if you are unlucky enough your tongue. The fruit has a pleasant flavor between strawberry kiwi and strawberry daiquiri with a little herbal taste. It takes well to sugar and I’ve made a ton of Jelly, Syrup and Candy over the years from it. 

The pads can be cleaned of spikes, peeled and grilled or sliced up eaten raw or used as a vegetable in many dishes. It tastes quite unlike the pear and more like a green veggie. 

The Nopales Cactus is by far my favorite plant and the one I have eaten the most from in three decades.

Loving this bralette. I have a photo of someone from Coachella wearing a similar one layered under a black mesh dress. So cute.

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Took a class last semester where I learned all about the geology of Northern Mexico and after the semester ended, we spent two weeks exploring! It was a trip of a lifetime! We learned a lot along the way and it made me realize how different it was rather than sitting in a classroom looking at pictures! Truly interesting and inspiring :)