((You know. I want to personally thank all of my underage followers for not taking advantage of me. You guys could have been heartless prickholes who got me in trouble just because you wanted to RP some god damn porn. This is coming from someone who wants kids one day and someone who doesn’t want to be publicly hated even though the ‘victim’ lied. Thank you.))


Yup. This INFUrIATES me. 

“They live in an apartment in London, but will not disclose their address.” Is that a crime?? Is it a bad thing, to not give away your address to a fucking prickhole? This whole article was worded to sound very offensive, and it seemed to me, very unprofessional. 

First off, the phandom are not mindless, and we are not teenage children. We are not all girls, heck, I have seen a shit ton of amazing boys in the phandom, you guys rock! Dan is so kind that he says  “12 Year olds are intelligent, don’t underestimate them.” Thankyou, Dan. Just because this guy doesn’t get it, doesn’t mean he should write an asshole argument about it. Why? 

The reporter should NOT have asked a question about their sexuality, and it is something that should be respected. Why make it seem rude, that they do not want to talk about their sexuality. That is such a rude comment, and the way this whole article is horribly worded, and nosey, if it even was meant to be nice. Would you ask two strangers what their sexuality is? I thought so.  

He mentions totally pointless videos, like the “Oreo Licking Competition.” What the fuck does that have to do with the main subject of the article? He also makes it seem like the only reason we like those amazing guys is because they are gook looking and British. Yes, they are good looking, and, no shit, they are British, but we love them because of their amazing efforts on their videos, their awesome personality, and their attentiveness and eagerness to interact with us. 

This person obviously doesn’t understand YouTube, and, had this been a professional article, they probably would have done some actual research. Let people who understand YouTube interview these two fluff balls. I would read that article. 

“This book appeals to all sorts.” Says Zach, one of the two boys amidst a sea of girls. Ok, can someone please send me a picture of the tour and see how accurate this is? Maybe attach it to the bottom of this rant? 

Anyway, rant over. Bye my little munchkins! <3 

if it is cyberbullying for young women to collectively crack the fuck down on a piece of shit cishet teen fedora misogybaby prickhole that has literally unabashedly posted reporting that he’s “turned on” when he perceives women to be afraid of him and that he believes women are naturally incapacitated by Magic Hormonal Hysteria then bullying is fucking cool as hell, please cast your vote for me, Queen Bully 2014