I’ve seen people with dragons prices at hundreds of gems who say they’re very open to haggling, and TBH I always wonder if it’s rude to come up and offer like… 50-60k treasure? It’s such a big drop that I always feel like it would be rude to even offer so I never end up asking them. But I kind of wonder if mentioning they’re open to haggling is their way of saying that they’d be willing to take a much lower price as long as it was still a good chunk of change? 60k is pricey for a dragon to me, but it’s all so subjective, and 60k could be insulting pocket change to someone who deals in pricier dragons.  

Ultimately, I’m never sure if people who make a point of saying they’re open to haggling mean “I’ll take 20% off the price if you ask” or “I want these dragons to sell and I’m willing to slash the prices.”


Hey guys! To alleviate some of my spending on post-graduation events I’m opening up a few traditional ink commissions! They’ll be mainly monochrome, and touched up with gold ink.

  • $40 for a single character (like Chihiro & Shiro)
  • Additional characters, extra colour hints, complicated designs and working from description with no visual references will incur extra cost
  • Max. 3 characters per drawing. Something like the BNHA piece will be around $80-100.
  • Price includes standard international P&P, but you will need to pay extra if you want insurance/tracking/courier etc
  • Full payment will be requested once I provide you with thumbnail sketches. I’ll complete the drawing once this has been received.
  • If you want a quote, please email me! There’s no obligation to follow through if it’s out of your price range. 
  • If you’d like a plain pencil sketch for cheaper, that’s fine too. Just email me to ask!
  • Fanart and real people are fine. I can’t draw mecha, but feel free to inquire about anthro.

I can draw very fast so turnaround time will be quick.

Email me at if you’re interested or have any other questions. Thank you so much!

things that make neil feel real:

  • dan’s facebook photo albums
  • being spun around until he’s dizzy whenever he sees matt
  • having to clean up cat litter :(
  • the fond hair ruffle wymack gives him when he comes to visit palmetto
  • that one time all of the foxes managed to get together for a reunion (and the repeat cuddle pile that followed)
  • allison’s vague tweets that are very obviously about his friends
  • team game night (also known as neil trying not to nod off in the corner but loving the time spent with his family anyways)
  • articles about how far the foxes have come
  • stadiums filled with thousands of exy fans cheering him and his team on
  • being part of kevin’s acceptance speech as he’s inducted into the hall of fame
  • being able to sign his name on official documents
  • drinking pricey fruit smoothies (and pretending not to notice whenever andrew steals a sip)
  • having a ring full of keys that he actually uses and a ring full of keys that he can’t bring himself to give up
  • waking up in the morning and feeling like he’s home

things that andrew finds himself living for:

  • weekly skype calls with nicky
  • an amazon account that’s used to send impulse buys to the other minyards (including but not limited to: chemistry cat sweatshirts, a kevin day limited edition operation game, a recipe book of various chocolate desserts)
  • letters from renee, written in her barely-legible handwriting and usually covered with animal stickers
  • hot chocolate and phone calls with bee
  • robin slowly upping her stats and the way she’d excitedly call to tell him (as if he’s the one who actually cares)
  • the occasional opportunity to blackmail kevin into letting him skip court practices using embarrassing photos from their college days
  • making the team’s nutritionist cry
  • volunteer charities that work to help kids stuck in the foster care system/abusive households
  • the hilarious expressions of surprise on the foxes’ faces when they see him take care of his nieces at their reunion
  • the tea place a few streets down that trade him pictures of his and neil’s cats doing dumb things with whatever desserts they have left over
  • waking up in the morning and feeling like he’s home