It’s here! Just a couple days ago, I finally got the last Japanese Grammar dictionary: A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar. I cannot stress enough how helpful it is to have these dictionaries around. Each dictionary has around 200 grammar points for a total of 600. There are detailed explanations, example sentences, and related grammar. You are also able to look up grammar based on its English equivalent, which is nice if you’re stuck on how you want to say a particular thing.

My only issue with these was that different nuances between similar grammar are often not explained. The Kanzen Master grammar book (I’m using N2) does a good job explaining the subtle nuances between similar grammar points, but the dictionary is also good for explaining when to use specific variations of a grammar point, which otherwise is not often covered in the Kanzen Master grammar book. 

Although a little pricey ($40-$50+ US per book), these dictionaries are definitely worth it for anyone wanting to study Japanese and make sense of grammar. They’re also good references for not only when you’re studying but watching or reading media in Japanese.

These are from Amazon, but you can also find these at White Rabbit, eBay, or Amazon Japan (if you live in Japan). I bought most of mine from eBay, since it was a few dollars cheaper.

A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar
A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar
A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar


I didn’t collect a lot of souvenirs when I was in Japan, mostly because I was worried about how to bring them all home later. Now that I am home, I wish I had given myself free rein to pick up things I liked during my travels, and just shipped an extra box back.  

What I did collect are these omamori, small protective charms from shrines and temples. They make great souvenirs since they’re so small, and each design is unique. They can be kind of pricey for their size, so I usually only bought them at places I felt a connection to, or just if the design really caught my eye. But now of course I wish I had collected way more! I went to countless shrines and temples, but I only ended up with 8 omamori (unless some of them are still lost in my suitcase somewhere, which is very likely. I’m pretty sure I got one at Enoshima…) 

Documenting for my own reference, and anyone else who’s interested.

Top row, left to right:

Meiji Jingu, Tokyo, 11.23.2014. For victory.
Kinkakuji, Kyoto, 03.30.2015. For good luck. 
Kobo Daishi Gobyo in Okunoin, Koyasan, 04.01.2015. For protection from bad luck.    
Hokkaido Jingu, Sapporo, 04.29.2015, then replaced 01.12.2016. For good luck.

Bottom row, left to right:

Katsuoji, Osaka, 04.17.2016. For good health. 
Ujigami Jinja, Uji, 04.29.2016. For success in studying. 
Itsukushima Jinja, Hiroshima, 05.02.2016. General good luck/protection I guess, it doesn’t say. Probably meant for children and schoolgirls, but the deer were too cute to pass up.    
Ishiura Jinja, Kanazawa, 08.12.2016. For breaking through challenges. 

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I HAVE 3 TIMES!!! Theyre at unimaginably beautiful irl and they go hARD in concert and everyone in the entire place is equally lit and their hands are really soft ive gotten hitouch twice and I've taken a really bad quality picture with them.

Wait you can actually take pictures with them 🙊🙊🙊 I didn’t knew that 😮😮😮😮 I NEED TO GO NEXT SUMMER. OMFG I NEED TO. KCON YOU BISH BETTER LOWER YOUR PRICEY TICKETS , CAUSE I WANNA GO TOO 😭😭I need to touch the softness of their hands at least once In my life before dying. I want to see jungkook dab too 😂😂😂 tbh , I really want to touch their flawless hair too,but I doubt it’s permitted loll one of my goals is to run my fingers through jungkook’s bangs. The day I get to do that, I’ll feel like I can achieve anything in the world 💪💪👀👀

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all kpop websites say that the cassette edition is already sold out, except yesasia that still have it in stock?? that's kind of weird, i'm worried they say they have it now but then they cancel my order because it's actually out of stock... (i read reviews about something like this happening before) should i still give it a try or its definitely shady?

i said this in my post on preordering, but it may be because the price is a lot higher for it there. they’re asking $22 usd (and that’s not including shipping fees), when it was listed as cheaper on the other sites for the short time before it sold out and it’s being sold for very cheap domestically (or was before it was sold out). i’d say to go for it if you want it because there’s no telling if sm will release another press of it, and copies put up for sale on sites like ebay will be very pricey.

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You have such great taste for colors and sensibility for fashion .. love so much your blog and instagram.. it really inspires me, omg.. Where do you usually buy your stuff and clothes?

hello! i’m so flattered by that wow omg…. thank you so much!

i would recommend these stores for buying:

  • shein (use code “S-PP40″ for 40% off any order $20+!) 
  • mixxmix is always a favourite, although a bit pricey (US store)
  • choies also has cute, cheap clothes
  • storedogdog has really nice items!
  • taobao  is so cute
  • when i went to harajuku last summer i got a lot of clothes from wego 

and these are just a few! there’s so many cute clothes stores out there that sell similar clothes :D i hope you find what you are looking for and i’m so glad you like my blog! 

Religious Right Leaders Vow To Defy Laws On Abortion, 'Sexual Perversion' In 'Declaration Of Dependence Upon God'
A group of Religious Right activists, including prominent advocates of dominionism, have joined together to circulate a “Declaration of Dependence upon God and His Holy Bible” in which signers vow to “refuse any mandate by the government that forces us to fund or support abortion” and to “oppose same-sex marriage, polygamy, bestiality, and all other forms of sexual perversion prohibited by Holy Scripture.

A group of Religious Right activists, including prominent advocates of dominionism, have joined together to circulate a “Declaration of Dependence upon God and His Holy Bible” in which signers vow to “refuse any mandate by the government that forces us to fund or support abortion” and to “oppose same-sex marriage, polygamy, bestiality, and all other forms of sexual perversion prohibited by Holy Scripture.

Colorado Springs pastor Andrew Wommack, who wrote the pledge, says that he will spend $500,000 promoting it online and in newspaper ads. On Sunday, Wommack’s ministry bought a pricey full-page ad in the New York Times that showed the full text of the “declaration” and some of its most prominent signers.

Among those who have signed Wommack’s pledge, according to the ad, is Religious Right activist David Barton, who has been teaching students at a Bible college run by Wommack to retake the “mountain” of government in accordance with the Seven Mountains dominionist belief that conservative Christians must take control of the seven areas, or “mountains,” of society.

Other signers are Jerry Boykin, the executive vice president of the Family Research Council; prominent televangelist Kenneth Copeland; leading Seven Mountains advocate Lance Wallnau; prosperity gospel preacher Creflo Dollar; and Kelly Shackelford, whose First Liberty Institute has been at the forefront of the narrative that conservative Christians are losing their religious liberty in America.

Another notable signer is Oklahoma state Sen. Nathan Dahm, who earlier this year sponsored a bill to make abortion a felony in the state, which was vetoed by Republican Gov. Mary Fallin.

In a video message, Wommack says that he believes he was “divinely inspired” to write the declaration, warning that “Satan is fighting for the heart and soul of this nation.”

Another video promoting the declaration shows Fox News pundit Todd Starnes reacting to the Supreme Court’s marriage equality decision, saying, “The Supreme Court’s decision means gay rights now trump religious liberty. If you think the cultural purging of the southern states has been breathtaking, wait until you see what the activists are about to release on American Christians.” In the video, a young girl turns to her grandfather and asks, “Grandpa, we’re Christians, aren’t we?”

Wommack’s declaration reads like a shorter version of the Manhattan Declaration, a 2009 document that joined conservative Catholic and evangelical leaders in a pledge to commit civil disobedience in the face of the supposed impending government persecution of Christians.

Here’s the full text of the “Declaration of Dependence upon God and His Holy Bible”:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights. Since our Creator gave us these rights, we declare that no government has the right to take them away. Among these rights is the right to exercise our Christian beliefs as put forth in God’s Holy Bible.

We therefore declare that God grants life at conception and no one has the right to take that life unless it is a direct threat to the life of the mother.

Marriage was instituted by God between one man and one woman. The Lord gave only this family unit the responsibility to have children and raise them in the fear of the Lord.

We therefore respectfully reserve the right to refuse any mandate by the government that forces us to fund or support abortion. We also oppose same-sex marriage, polygamy, bestiality, and all other forms of sexual perversion prohibited by Holy Scripture.

We proclaim that Jesus has provided the cure for all sin and therefore reach out to the sinner in love, but do not embrace the sin, knowing its destructive nature.

Therefore, we, the undersigned—not only as Christians but also believing we have the constitutional rights as Americans to follow these time honored Christian beliefs—commit to conducting our churches, ministries, businesses, and personal lives in accordance with our Christian faith and choose to obey God rather than man.

h/t: Miranda Blue at RWW

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Opinion on the menstrual cups? I wanna use them cause the benefits are amazing but they are quite pricey and my mom thinks they are so weird ...

I’ve never used one but I might in the future :)

Less waste, more hygienic and works out cheaper in the long run… it’s a win-win-win! x

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hello! could i request Rin Matsuoka finding out his girlfriend is being bullied at school by two guys and he stands up for her?(thank you!!! ^o^)

*SCREECHES* FREEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Free. So much. I miss my swimmer boys… I need to watch Starting Days…

Rin couldn’t keep the grin off his face as he made his way to your school. He was going to give you a surprise visit and he couldn’t wait to see your reaction, especially when you saw that he’d stopped by your favorite bakery and picked up your favorite treat. It was pricey, so you didn’t let him buy them for you very often, but he wanted to show you how much you meant to him.

As he walked along, he wanted to whistle. It had been a while since he’d had some quality time with you as being the captain of the swim team ate up a lot of his time. But he finally had a day off and was determined to make the best of it.

He finally got to the gate and thought about texting you to see where you were but decided against it. He didn’t want you to suspect anything.

It was getting a little late, so he figured you’d probably be in your club room, finishing up your activities. He headed to where the club room was and stopped on the stairs when he saw two guys. He immediately got the feeling that they were up to no good, and part of him decided to see what was up.

When he got closer, he heard them saying terrible things to whoever they were picking on. Their huge bodies blocked his view, but he didn’t like it.

“You’re so fucking stupid, you bitch,” one of them snarled.

“What are you gonna do? Cry?” the other laughed, leaning back.

As his body moved, Rin immediately recognized your hair, since that was all he could see. His vision went red for a moment and his body moved on its own. He slammed into the guy, making him lose balance and fall on his ass.

Rin clenched his fist, standing above the bully. “You got a problem with my girlfriend, fucktard?” he growled dangerously.

“Who the fuck do you think you are?!” the other sneered.

“Someone who doesn’t pick on girls like you pieces of shit.” His eyes flashed in the light. “Now get out of here before I beat the shit out of you.”

The guys weren’t entirely sure how to react, since Rin was absolutely terrifying at the moment, so they scrambled out of sight, muttering threats under their breath.

As soon as they were gone, Rin knelt down and placed a gentle hand on your cheek. “Hey, baby, are you ok?” he asked quietly.

More tears fell and you wrapped your arms around his neck, burying your face in his chest. He let you sob into his shirt, rubbing your back softly.

“How long has this been going on?” he wondered.

“A while,” you shrugged. “It’s…”

“It’s not ok, if that’s what you were going to say. What are their names? I swear I’m gonna report those douchebags.”

“Rin, I really don’t think –”

“Look, _____,” he stared into your eyes. “I love you, and I’m not gonna tolerate someone treating you like that, and you shouldn’t either. Why didn’t you tell me sooner? Hell, you probably could’ve told Makoto or Gou and they would’ve done something about it!”

“I know, but…” you sighed. “A part of me… thinks I deserve it.”

He quickly grabbed your face in between his palms. “Don’t you ever say that,” he shook his head at you. “Don’t even think that, do you hear me? You are the world to me, and you shouldn’t ever think that you’re less.”

You bit your lip again and nodded. “Ok,” you said.

“That’s my girl.” He pressed a tender kiss to your lips, trying to convey all his love to you.

You weren’t sure if the bullying would stop, but in this moment, all that mattered was how much Rin cared for you.

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Hey! Uhm I'm kinda embarrassed about this but I've never used makeup in my life and I kinda wanna try now and I was wondering if you have any suggestions about brands to use?

umm i like nyx/elf a lot! those both seem good for someone just starting out. im a bit fan of too faced, urban decay and benefit as well but those are all more pricey. and try bh cosmetics if you’re looking for good shadow palettes!


My Kylo wig came today, she is a Bucky by Arda Wigs. A bit pricey but Ardas are a joy to work with! I went with natural black and the color is actually not too far off from my natural hair color. This is my first lace front and I can’t wait to try it on, probably for a makeup test later this week!!

EDIT: I’m thinking of creating a makeup tutorial when I do my costest…is that something that’d be useful or that you’d be interested in?



I’m a huge fan but your merch is waaaayy too expensive! Like I’m trying to pay for college and my student loans. I shouldn’t have to take out another loan to buy some of your merch lol. $50 for a tank top is ridiculous…

Still a fan just can’t afford your merch. Help your fans out and lower the prices some…