Nordstrom sold rocks for $85 each, even the company wasn't sure why anyone would buy them
Is this the dumbest product ever sold? Nordstrom sold rocks wrapped in leather for $85 apiece.
By Clint Davis

Nordstrom sold rocks for $85 apiece, according to Huffington Post. OK, so they were rocks inside a small leather pouch, but still.

The item, called simply a Medium Leather Wrapped Stone, is no longer available for purchase online but the page for the product can still be viewed. Reading over the product’s description from Nordstrom shows even the company wasn’t sure why anyone would buy it.

“A paperweight? A conversation piece? A work of art?,” the description read, as the writer grasped at straws. “It’s up to you, but this smooth Los Angeles-area stone … is sure to draw attention wherever it rests.”

Each $85 rock is housed in a leather pouch made “using vintage leatherworking tools and traditional saddle-stitching techniques.”

Nordstrom’s pricey stone isn’t the first instance of standard rocks being sold at a questionable price. In 1975, Pet Rock became a hot gift during the holiday season. Those can still be found online for about $10 each, but are marketed as “gag gifts.”

Nordstrom’s stone appeared to be marketed as a legitimate luxury item.

artsysquiddles  asked:

I have to know, where did you order your Hinata sweater from??

I spent many hours making a collage of Hinata’s faces and uploaded it to LiveHeroes to make it into a sweater.

Gotta say. Not…very good customer service. It was hard for me to find any reviews on the site which wasn’t a good sign haha I ordered this sweater in October and I feel like they only sent it now cuz I messaged them. Who know if I would have the sweater now if I didn’t message them.

I got the idea from an artist who made a Kageyama sweater and in her post she actually said: “if you are planning to do this, you can PM me because i have Things to say about my experience” so I can only assume her experiences had to do with the company lol 

also it’s pretty pricey. about $60 USD for a sweater and if you want “EXPRESS” shipping its an extra $13 (which i now know wasn’t worth paying for)

BUT. if there is one good thing I can say it’s that it’s a good quality sweater yes the printing is great and it’s very soft and comfortable! so…that’s a plus! 

withdraws-coolly  asked:

What would you say is your most expensive cosplay to date?

That I made? First that come to mind are old ones like Snake,(due to real camo,pouches ect) Mistral, or Gray fox. 

Though now it might be Bruno I’m not sure. If I ever make Casca’s ballgown and find a nice brocade fabric for it I’m sure that would take the spot.

anonymous asked:

i hope you don't mode me asking but how do you actually make charms? i want to be able to sell my own but i have no idea how to go about it

This is my first time doing charms so there isn’t much l can tell you I’m afraid. So far what I did was researching on companies like Zap Creatives, Ink It Labs and Acorn Press that does custom charm, reading reviews on their qualities and comparing their prices.

Zap creatives seems like the most common place that artists go to but they are pretty pricey. I ended up going to AcornPress instead since they are US based and their prices are affordable! I just signed up their form and waiting for my order to be review.

Also asking artists who have experiences on making charm or hold a table at cons can give you far more useful information too (Thank you @xfreischutz for the help!)

http://howtobeaconartist.tumblr.com <– This blog might be useful if you need help on setting up your stuff for conventions, charms, prints, etc.

Hope this help you a bit anon! :)

New pastel Stabilo’s


They’re from the new Stabilo pastel collection. In total, they have six colours: green, pink, lila, blue, yellow and orange. I never bought the mildliners, because I thought the shipping was too pricey for me. But now I have these and I’m sooooo happy. As all the other Stabilo markers, these are just perfect, and the quality is amazing! They don’t bleed at all, and the color is subtle, but very nice. Go get ‘em!!

anonymous asked:

hey does anyone know how good Discriminant's (an online gender neutral clothing store) binders are? I'm a little concerned because they're not that expensive and from what I've seen online I should get expensive binders but I haven't been able to find reviews for discriminates stuff

i don’t own anything from them, but it looks like their binders aren’t safe. they’re the clasp type ones, similar to the cheaper binders from ebay. that type of binder tends to cause damage to the ribs and organs because it doesn’t really “give”. i would suggest buying a binder from underworks or gc2b instead. underworks has a line of less expensive binders that are still safe. (note: expensive binders aren’t necessarily better. T kingdom, for example, is fairly pricey, but i’ve heard a lot of people have been hurt by them. gc2b and underworks are the cheapest in the safe binder world, and they’re the highest reviewed.)

the rest of their store looks pretty cool though.

- jay



I’m a huge fan but your merch is waaaayy too expensive! Like I’m trying to pay for college and my student loans. I shouldn’t have to take out another loan to buy some of your merch lol. $50 for a tank top is ridiculous…

Still a fan just can’t afford your merch. Help your fans out and lower the prices some…


Amethyst Creations has the best fuckin stock of crystals I’ve ever seen. It may look a bit messy, but their specimens are actually really great quality, and you’ll definitely find anything you’re looking for. It may seem pricey, but Brian’s really reasonable. If you’re from Vancouver, Canada, or ever come to Vancouver, you should stop by here! <3

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: montreal canadiens goaltender carey price still does not have a stanley cup as of 2015 despite having a career year, even breaking the habs' single season wins record (set, by the way, by legendary keepers jacques plante and ken dryden). he was voted mvp by both players and writers this past year and teammates and opponents alike extol his virtues. many would, in fact, call him the best goalie in the world right now, a statement justified by his play in recent years and backed by his performance in sochi in 2014, where he posted two consecutive shutouts against the u.s. and sweden for the semifinal and final games. all professional accomplishments aside, pricey worked extremely hard to get to where he is today, facing odds that were distinctly not in his favor. for instance, when he was a child, there was no form of competitive organized hockey in his area, so his father would drive him four hours ONE WAY to get him to practices and games!! eventually they just acquired a piper cherokee to make the commute easier. pricey's always faced a tremendous amount of pressure from the montreal fans and media--a real pressure cooker. despite literally being booed by his home crowd on multiple occasions in his sophomore season, price just worked harder and displayed his perseverance and resolve as well as his innate talent, eventually ending up where he is today: well-respected and well-regarded by fans, players, and writers alike. but that's not all! he's also a leader on the ice and in the locker room for his team, and although he's generally pretty quiet, when he speaks everyone in the clubhouse stops to listen!! in addition, he's deeply aware of the disadvantages and prejudices that first nations children face, as his mother is a former chief of the ulkatcho first nation, and is deeply involved in philanthropy in his home, anahim lake. this past nhl awards show, he took the time to specifically encourage first nations children to follow their dreams and to not be "discouraged by the improbable." carey price is good and kind and polite and works so hard and loves his team and is an insanely talented goalie and deSERVES BETTER THAN TO HAVE NO STANLEY CUP WINS IN EIGHT YEARS IN THIS LEAGUE