tbh this shirt, on its own; was way too pricey. if it didn’t secure me a spot to meet alaska, i would never have bought it. but bc i am sentimental af it’s one of my fav articles of clothing ever ever. it’s all wrinkly and the dye is coming out bc it endured over 6 hours in the rain!!!! and lemme tell you, it was no light drizzle either!!! but it was worth every second bc pride was everything and one of my most fondest memories. also it smells vaguely like katya’s sweat smh but guess who’s never washing it anyways?????????

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What gaming headphones would you suggest? I thought you mentioned the brand in one of the older podcasts but I can't recall.

I can’t speak for gaming specific needs, but the two pairs I always rebuy are Bowers and Wilkins P5′s for pricey quality, and Panasonic RP-HTX7-W1 for reliable but less expensive quality.

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You're killing me!!! It's been 5 days are you ever coming back I miss you

Been working on a layout for a site I admin for. Hadn’t realized it’d been so long. Aside from that, I need to sort out my finances for poetry books because I bought two very pricey addons for the same site. I hope to be back on my game soon enough. I have hundreds of drafts anyway. Posted some more Emily O’Neill for you. Thank you. <3

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Hi! I just found your blog and I love it so much (I'm pretty obsessed with it tbh) and I know that this may be kinda weird and hard but: can you give me any ideas for a grown up dinosaur themed bedroom? Thank you so much!

Hi :) Wow thank you! x

Sure no problem at all, try these items for inspiration:

1. Dinosaur planters: (Links: 1, 2, 3)

2. Dinosaur Wall mounts:They’re a bit pricey though!  (Links: 1, 2

3. Dinosaur Pillows and Cushions: (Links: 1, 2, 3)

4. Dinosaur Wall Decals/Picture: (Links: 1, 2, 3,)

Couldn’t find grown up looking bedding or rugs, but I hope that helped! xo 

Read some comments on how some people finds it unfair SWITCH is charging the buyers paypal fees. To be honest, I’m surprised they have not done so previously cause buyers paying the paypal fees is a rather common practice in online shopping, no? Especially if it concerns a large sum. All I am saying is that while I can understand, their dolls are bit pricey as it is, I can also understand why they gotta charge Paypal fees as it can be quite an amount to bear for the seller sometimes.


I understand and acknowledge the problems with “one-size” clothing. I really, really hate that it’s also so difficult to find more options, while still being affordable. I’m working on some original clothing designs, and these will be printed on unisex sizes XS - 3XL. They will be a little pricey, but I just want to have the option there. 

Thank you for all the support you’ve given so far! 😚

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Hello! :) I am planning to get a camera but i dont think which one should i get! what do u think/reccomend? :/ i dont want it ti be too pricey tho :( Something that is probably handy but still is able to take good pictures!(something u can bring for concerts maybe? or whenever i travel) for Dslr type if camera which ine do u reccomend? BTW love ur pictures ohmy they are perfect!? Hugs from singapore!! 🙆🌸❤ P.S sorry for being too chatty or irritating

Thank you! Umm for something you’d be able to take into a concert, I’d recommend a point & shoot camera (with no detachable lens). I had a Canon PowerShot for years before I got my DSLR and it did fine. DSLR-wise, however, I have a Canon EOS Rebel T2i, and it gets the job done. It’s a very good camera. It’s not the most high-end DSLR, but it works quite nicely. Of course, other better DSLRs can get pretty steep in price (thousands just for the body). If you’re just starting out with a DSLR, a Canon Rebel is definitely a great camera to begin with! It comes with a kit lens, which doesn’t do too well in low lighting (such as small-venue concerts). However, there is a f/1.8 50mm lens that does great in low lighting and isn’t too expensive. It’s definitely a lens to look into!

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I need like target or somewhere cheap to start giving 5sos clothes instead of dropdead. I want to be able to have some clothes like theirs, but I am a broke college kid and dropdead is wildly pricey

i know please they wear such expensive clothes but that’s not surprising i guess, i mean they have money why not use to get nice clothes?? that’s what i’d do



I’m a huge fan but your merch is waaaayy too expensive! Like I’m trying to pay for college and my student loans. I shouldn’t have to take out another loan to buy some of your merch lol. $50 for a tank top is ridiculous…

Still a fan just can’t afford your merch. Help your fans out and lower the prices some…


Amethyst Creations has the best fuckin stock of crystals I’ve ever seen. It may look a bit messy, but their specimens are actually really great quality, and you’ll definitely find anything you’re looking for. It may seem pricey, but Brian’s really reasonable. If you’re from Vancouver, Canada, or ever come to Vancouver, you should stop by here! <3

i know we’re all loving on our boy carey cash money price right now, and i just want to add to that. 
i am one quarter mohawk and live a very privileged life; where i pass as white in a white community, so i am not going to claim to understand the struggles of first nations in canada and north america. 
but i have spent a lot of time in first nations communities in ontario and alberta, and it can be heartbreaking. often, FN kids’ ambitions and drive are non-existent, which is largely a result of a lack of resources, support, and encouragement. 
when you ask a young white hockey player what he wants to do when he grows up, he will say “play in the NHL.” like it’s a no brainer, and it is likely that he will have the means to play on competitive teams that could be the path to his dream.
first nations kids don’t answer, “play in the NHL”, because they think it’s completely unachievable. they are often restricted to playing in their communities and reserves, and don’t have the same access to equipment, coaches etc.
but maybe some of those FN kids who have fallen in love with hockey will have had the chance to watch the awards tonight, and see a young dakelh first nations kid, who grew up in a community like theirs, achieve his dream of being the best hockey player in the entire NHL. 
they will see him win awards, proudly speak of his heritage, acknowledge them, and offer them words of encouragement.
and maybe the next time they are asked what they want to do when they grow up, they’ll say “play in the NHL .. like carey price.”
it may not have seemed like a lot to you, but on tumblr we talk a lot about the importance of representation in the media. carey price just gave a shout out to all first nations kids and told them to “not be discouraged from the improbable”. and god damnit that is fucking important.

tl;dr : thank you carey.